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Player: @GynoidBecca
"The soul is reborn and summoned countless times. And beyond myriad rebirths, the demise of the soul awaits. Such is the cycle of causality."
Character Build
Class Focus: Dual Blades / DPS
Power Level: 40 (Legendary)
Research & Development: Arms
Biographical Data
Real Name: Hrist Valkyrie
Known Aliases: Leone
Gender: Female
Species: Aesir
Ethnicity: Divine Family
Place of Birth: Valhalla, Asgard
Base of Operations: Millennium City, Michigan, USA.
Relatives: Lenneth Valkyrie, Silmeria Valkyrie
Age: 25 (Midgard Reckoning)
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Eyes: Purple
Hair: Black w/Purple Highlights
Complexion: fair
Physical Build: Athletic
Physical Features: Glowing Eyes
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Chaotic Neutral

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Known since arrival in this world in 2000
Years Active: 12
Citizenship: Valhalla
Occupation: Valkyrie, Superhero
Education: Divine Knowledge
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
Superhuman Agility, Flight, Resurrection, Healing
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Valkyrie Armor, Scythe of Brynhild
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Hrist, is the human manifestation of the spirit of the Valkyrie known as Hrist. Her name is related to old Norse "hrista", meaning "shake, quake". Her name therefore technically translates to "The Quaking One." While Lenneth was the balanced middle child, and Silmeria was the youngest, Hrist' status as the elder sister made her an embodiment of divine wrath, and was the most feared Valkyrie. Hrist had a formerly steadfast loyalty to Odin which quite often compelled her to act with blatant disregard for the will of mortals. She ruthlessly enforced Odin's will until finally rebelling against him, and was banished along with her sisters to this world. This act separated all 3 souls, and freed them to be manifested in human bodies.


Prior to her arrival in this dimension, Hrist was the active Valkyrie on Midgard. Normally, since all 3 sisters shared similar powers, and therefore a primary body, only one could be active at any given time. Both Silmeria and Lenneth had defied Odin when they were commanded to instigate events that would lead to more deaths among the races of Midgard, and so the Sovereign's Rite was used to transmigrate their souls, sealing them in human bodies. Hrist, being the eldest, obeyed Odin's order, and started instigating chaos, throwing nations into upheaval, and war broke out.

Hrist oversaw the destruction of the Kingdom of Dipan, with the heretic king being put to death at her command. Yet, shortly after, she contemplated whether or not the actions she was taking were acceptable. Was it acceptable to cause such chaos simply to make more Einherjar? These questions gnawed at her soul, and she eventually confronted Odin to convince him otherwise. She had sent an Einherjar to Asgard to serve the Gods in preparation for Ragnarok, whose fate instigated her final rebellion.

Confrontation with Odin and Freya

The first Einherjar she sent to Asgard was a heavy weapons swordsman named Alric. Unfortunately, he remembered the example Hrist had shown him, and refused to blindly follow an order from Odin, due to the fact he would be throwing his life away uselessly. Odin commanded Freya to dispose of the disobedient traitor. Being one of her Einherjar, Hrist felt his death, and was stunned at the realization it was at the hands of Freya. After that, Hrist went to the Palace of the Venerated Dragon and retrived the Dragon Orb, a powerful artifact responsible for stablizing the land of Midgard, thinking she would need its power to confront Odin, the All-Father. Upon arriving at the Halls of Valhalla, she storms into Odin's throne room, confronting both Odin and Freya.

Freya: "Hrist, have you gone mad?! That is the Dragon Orb! You have no need of it!"

Hrist: "I won't stand by while you gods kill MY Einherjar!"

Freya: "Hrist, stop this!!!"

Hrist holds the Dragon Orb in one hand and points her other at Freya, preparing a blast.

Hrist: "Why did you kill Alric?! He was my Einherjar!"

Freya: "He was a human! They are nothing compared to the Aesir! And if he will not obey orders, then they are of no use to us!"

Hrist: "Even when you command them to basically kill themselves?! Then you will pay for his death with your own!"

Odin: "You would betray me?! Just as your sisters Lenneth and Silmeria?! Then you Valkyries are flawed, and of no more use to me. I will not use the Sovereign's Rite this time. I will create new Valkyries to serve me. You and your sisters of betrayal BEGONE!"

Speaking words under his breath while holding the Spear Gungnir, Odin casted a spell upon Hrist, which reflected upon the other 2 Valkyrie spirits, and their bodies, and banished them from their dimension, forever.

Arrival in Millenium City/Post-invasion Activities

The spell cast upon them thrust them into this dimension. Due to the shift in energies, instead of sharing one body, each manifested in their own form. The forms were gifted with the powers, and longevity of a Goddess, but about equal to the stats of a regular human. The conversion not withstanding, all 3 consider themselves Valkyries still, and each retains a resurrection ability.

The 3 arrived during the Qularr invasion of Millenium City, and discovering their abilities, quickly rose to the challenge of defeat the Qularr swarms.

Hrist helped rebuild the city afterwards, and became renowned across the world for her abilities in fighting, as well as the ability to bring back those who had died in battle, although when resurrecting them, they no longer became Einherjar. She travelled all across the world, fighting the villains and bringing victory. Yet, her powers were lacking, she wasn't as fearsome in battle as she could be. A year after the invasion, once Harmon Industries had worked the bugs out of their teleporter, Hrist went to Harmon Industries, and used it to arrive far in the past, in the times of the old Norse mythologies. Searching during this time, she stumbled upon the Dual Scythes of Brynhild, one of the original Valkyries. She challenged the spirit of Brynhild, and vanquished her, claiming the scythes as her own.

Now in possession of a powerful set of weapons, she found a portal, and travelled back to Millenium City, bursting out of the teleportal, surprising the assembled UNTIL squads. She was recognized as the Valkyrie who was well-known, and allowed to leave.

Eventually, she came to the attention of UNITY, especially after defeating the threat of Luther Black in Demonflame, the revival of the Spirit Serpent in Serpent Lantern, and the Qlipothic invasion of our world in Aftershock. Honored at being invited to join an elite organization devoted to helping the world, and stopping villains the world over, she eagerly accepted.


Her personality is that of a ruthless warrior. She takes no prisoners, and always believes that the ends justify the means. A skilled melee fighter, she delights in battle and destruction, enjoying making her opponents squirm. However, her time in this dimension, fighting alongside the members of Blood Oathed Honor Bound, she had come to soften her stance, becoming slightly more compassionate towards others. An interesting note is that as the eldest sister, Hrist exhibits many traits that are distinctive of first born children - she is highly intelligent, ambitious and strives to please others. She is a perfectionist, and seeks to perform perfectly in all things.

Powers and Abilities

Hrist, being a former Goddess, found many of her powers changed when she and her sisters came to this world. At first shocked and angered, she realized that she had to adapt, as her sisters were already doing. She did discover that she had the ability to wield twin blades better than her sisters, and so chose to fight with those as her weapons.

She retains the ability to revive a fallen ally, although they are no longer transformed into an Einherjar (a fallen soul chosen to fight for the Gods in Asgard at Ragnarok). She also gained the ability to project a beam of light to heal her allies, and damage her foes, although it is far from her strongest attack, and primarily uses it to heal. She has the ability to generate a passive pulse of energy to heal herself, and is able to temporarily extend her physical abilities, letting her hit harder, and dodge better.

The blades she wields are the Scythes of Brynhild, as mentioned above, that give her the extraordinary agility she has, far stronger than her normal abilities.

Allies and Friends

Hrist's Friends

Being slightly arrogant and egotistical, Hrist does not make friends as easily as she makes rivals and enemies. However, outside of her sisters, she has found a group to fight alongside, named Blood Oathed Honor Bound, based off of honor and class system used in feudal Japan. Those she counts among her friends are the always-ready cat-man, Panther, shape-shifter Becca, and several others who contribute to her success in many of the battles they have faced together.

With recent events, she realizes that honor is dead among many these days, and therefore is now considered Chaotic Neutral, to display her own feelings and antipathy at the actions of others. While still honorable, she refuses to accept the dishonor of others, and now no longer feels a need to pull her punches (so to speak) when dealing with those people. Nonetheless, she is fairly respected and honored for her abilities. She helps lead the Blood Oathed Honor Bound supergroup as a Shogun, and is fiercely loyal to her fellow group members.

Betrayals and Oaths

Those who fought alongside Hrist in Blood Oathed Honor Bound forsook their honor, and many of them (officers and leaders included) chose to abandon the supergroup for a rival faction. She, along with Lenneth, Silmeria, Becca, and Brahms find such an action void of honor. The 5 swore to stay and rebuild BOHB to its former glory.... and those who had forsaken their honor to be their foes, until such time that they redeemed themselves, and proved that they do have honor after all.


Even though there aren't many, Hrist has developed a rival by the name of Brutum. A horrendously powerful warrior, with an unknown past, and anger to match, they dueled in Millenium City. Hrist had heard of his battle prowess, and his ferocity, and eagerly looked forward to challenging him. A thunderous battle, Brutum was able to take her attacks, but Hrist's enhanced agility served her well, and the battle ended as a draw. Swearing revenge on Hrist, Brutum left the battle, and swore to kill Hrist someday. Someday perhaps, but not today.

Not quite rivals, but those she is displeased with are Kagewoe, Requiem, and a few others. While cordial, she has nothing to say to them until they redeem themselves in some fashion.

Former Existence as a Valkyrie

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Limited information has been given by Hrist to her friends and allies about her prior existence. The reason behind this information is the actual mechanics of her previous shared existence are difficult to grasp. Not to mention that she was formerly a Goddess, a Chooser of the Slain.

Lenneth, Silmeria, and Hrist were known as Odin's Shield-maidens as well as Valkyries, but Hrist was among the most aggressive of Valkyries. When traversing the battlefields, she would find worthy warriors who were near death, but living, and finish them off to recruit their souls. In her time before banishment, she was known to challenge Queen Hel of Niflheim for the soul of a warrior she had taken wrongfully, her most loyal Einherjar, Alric Sovngarde.

As stated, each Valkyrie has her own spirit, and this was the matter that most concerned Odin.

The combined spirits of all 3 Valkyries would have created a powerful being, capable of challenging Odin on his own terms and defeating him. To prevent this, Odin decreed only one Valkyrie could be "awake", or embodied at any given time, and created the Sovereign's Rite to control this. As a result, there is only one body for the Valkyries to use, and each sister inhabited it in turn. The other 2 spirits were put to sleep as "souls" in mortal vessels. Whenever Odin decides that the time has come for another Valkyrie to take the current one's place (in the cases of the 3 sisters, each one rebelling against him), he performs the Sovereign's Rite: the current Valkyrie's soul is removed from its body and placed into a human vessel in a dormant state, while the soul of one of the two others takes its place. This is apparently also accompanied by placing a seal on the newly-awakened Valkyrie's memories of her sojourn within her human host, to prevent it from provoking unwelcome sympathy with humans and thus interfering with her duties.

Lenneth and Silmeria had both been transmigrated to human bodies after rebelling against Odin, but Hrist had not. Therefore, she retains the most accurate and recent knowledge of the situation in her home dimension. The magic worked to cast them here, caused Hrist's time within her human host to return to her memory. While Lenneth and Silmeria are aware of the end result, the rest they are unsure about.

The Sovereign's Rite is a magic thought lost to her original dimension. Being how the Valkyries exist in separate bodies, it may or may not cause them to rejoin into one, or if it would be powerless. As a result, all 3 sisters, but especially Hrist, harbor an intense dislike of sorcerer's, since there may be some way that one of them could learn, or attempt the Sovereign's Rite.

Any sorcerer even attempting the Sovereign's Rite will immediately garner the hatred and anger of any Valkyrie present.