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Hero currently inactive for an indefinite amount of time; picture needs updating.

Player: @NeoxRave1
Biographical Data
Real Name: Hrothkel
Known Aliases: Andrew
Gender: Male
Species: Half Jotun(Frost Giant)/Human
Ethnicity: Formerly Caucasian
Place of Birth: USA
Base of Operations: Millenium City
Relatives: Mother, Father
Age: 22
Height: 7'2"
Weight: 294 lbs.
Eyes: Icy Blue (Glowing)
Hair: Black
Complexion: Rigid
Physical Build: Heavy
Physical Features: Smaller than pureblood Jotuns, Claws on feet and hands
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Public
Years Active: 3 (Currently Inactive)
Citizenship: US
Occupation: Club Security
Education: Homeschooled (Up to Highschool level)
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
Jotun Strength and Resilience
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
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Hrothkel as he appeared before his body started to change.

As a child, Andrew led a rather normal human life. He had a caucasian complexion, dark blue eyes, and was a little taller than most kids of his age. The first years of his youth were unremarkable; going to school, completing assignments, and earning an education in general. He wasn't much of a social butterfly during this time, but kids didn't pick on him because of his size compared to theirs, especially after in one incident where Andrew accidentally broke a kid's arm after trying to pull him off of the person he was beating up. Other than this incident, life was kind of normal for him.

However, as time went on and years came and went, Andrew's appearance began to change when he reached his teenage years, as he is half-Jotun (Frost Giant). His skin started to blue, the whites of his eyes began to darken and the irises began to become lighter, and his abnormal physique was becoming more apparent as he was growing well over the average human height. At first, the change wasn't apparent enough for him to leave public education, but it wasn't long after he started to develop claws that his mother pulled him out and began homeschooling.

After he was pulled out of public schools, he was no longer known as "Andrew." Instead, his mother told him of his actual name given to him by his father, Hrothkel, and referred to him as such. While also being taught general skills to make sure he had the equivalent of a High School education, he was also schooled in boxing and other forms of combat via private tutors to help him control his strength, but Hrothkel always preferred a good ole' beatdown when it came to fighting. His mother also told Hrothkel about his father and what they were like, but she never knew his true name because he used a human name to make it look good on paper.

By the end of his education, his body was mostly finished changing; reflecting on his Jotun genetics more than his human since they seemed more dominant. His skin was blue, his irises glowed blue against the blacks of his eyes, and he had claws on both feet and hands. At this point, he had to decide what he wanted to do with his life. Conventional jobs were out of the question; seeing a seven foot tall hulking figure work at a secretary desk is an amusing image, isn't it? Instead, Hrothkel decided to find a position as a bouncer or guard by day, and at night, bang some criminal heads together in the city while looking for information on his father's whereabouts. He still continues this to present day.


Hrothkel is large, blue, well built, and is taller than the average human. He has icy blue eyes that glow, and is more prominent against the blacks of his eyes. His hair is currently naturally black, however only his beard shows since he is wearing a helmet most of the time. He also has claws on both hands and feet, as Jotuns can develop some monstrous appearance traits as well. He prefers attire that resembles that of a Norse hero, however the romanticizing of the image has skewed the resulting outcome. The colors are usually shades of light and dark brown with some white and grey acting has highlights. He also wears a metal helm with horns protruding out and forward from it.


Hrothkel can either be one of your best buds, or he can be a raging nightmare.

As a friend, he's an honorable, friendly, and outgoing, but only if the conversation in question was started; he isn't one to begin a conversation. Just be careful when he's a little too jovial, a light-hearted slap to the back might come down harder than intended. However, be careful of touchy subjects. Statements made in poor taste towards sensitive topics will absolutely tank his mood. It would probably be best to leave him alone if he leaves the room, but pursue at your own risk.

As a raging nightmare, he can be unrelenting, vicious, and sometimes overwhelming. His size helps attribute to this; able to rush through enemies and knock them back, or up, with ease. Despite all of this, he still tries to stick to honorable combat, disliking cheap tricks and japes to gain an upper hand.


Jotun Strength- Hrothkel inherited the strength of a Jotun from his father, enabling him to be able to lift objects or strike with a level of force at an inhuman level. He can also use this to jump very high, which is his preferred method of fast travel.

Jotun Resilience- Also inheriting this from his father, he is able to withstand a more violent beating than normal.

Genetic Hybrid- While some pureblood Frost Giants might have to move to colder locations to maintain a comfortable body temperature, Hrothkel's human genetics counter this disadvantage; allowing him to have the same heat advantages and disadvantages as a human.


Only Half Jotun- While his father's side bestowed great gifts, he is still only Half Jotun. He is unable to control any natural elements like ice or wind with great proficiency or ease, like others can do.

Still Half Human- Hrothkel is also half human. This limits his size, so he can't grow to be as big as his father or possibly most other giants. Also, his healing of wounds is closer to a human's than it is a Jotun's.

Magically Inept- Since he can't control it, he is also susceptible to it. Hrothkel has difficulty fighting magically talented opponents since it is difficult for him to get close without withstanding a maelstrom of spells flung at him.

Equipped "Incompetence" - He's not very good with guns, swords, axes..... well you get the point. Just leave him to his fisticuffs~♪

However, he does use chains to attack or manipulate opponents, and may surprise an opponent by suddenly swinging his trusty axe.