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Player: @Pyrophoria
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Supersonic is too mainstream..
Biographical Data
Real Name: Richie Davidson
Known Aliases: Confidential
Gender: Male
Species: Mutant
Ethnicity: N/A
Place of Birth: Millenium City
Base of Operations: Confidential
Relatives: Confidential
Age: 19
Height: 5'9
Weight: 172
Eyes: Pale Blue
Hair: Dull Blue
Complexion: Dull Blue
Physical Build: Athletic
Physical Features: VIPER brand on his arm above a serial code; SMX:002
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Public
Years Active: Confidential
Citizenship: American
Occupation: Confidential
Education: Unknown
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
Hypersonic Speeds (Mach 47 - 15,993.63 mps), Impact Resistance, Hyperaccelerated Reflexes, Friction Resistance, Accelerated Cellular Regeneration
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
MaekadaBoxSlim created by @Maekada

Hypersonic's Origin

Richie was born in Downtown, Millenium City, oddly enough it wasn't in some swanky penthouse apartment, but some VIPER mutations lab. His mother was subjected to experiments specializing in passing on specific mutations into the offspring, genetic modification and even so far as gene splicing. Richie was one of the few to survive, along with maybe three others, who all gained different abilities based on the experiments done to them. Superspeed, Super Strength and Telekinesis were the only survivors, code-named: First Strike. The babies couldn't control their abilities, constantly breaking their holding cells, but in Richie's case, vibrating through them, or setting his blankies on fire.
The children were specially trained by VIPER nannies who brainwashed them to believe that they meant to do good in the world, teaching them that government organizations such as PRIMUS and UNTIL were evil and wanted to hurt them for being different. At the age of five, the children were exceeding expectations with their abilities, matching abilities with superheroes four times their age. This went on for many years, until they were given a field assignment to destroy a possible UNTIL research base in Africa.

Upon arrival at the UNTIL base of operations in Africa, Richie being the first one there noticed something that he never thought possible, the agents there were helping the sick and starving wandering tribes, giving them medicine and food. This obviously threw him for a loop, confusing him beyond all reason, but regardless he stuck to the mission, gathering intel before the other two children arrived to take over.

Several hours had passed before the children had arrived, only to find a distraught Richie at the rendezvous area, questioning everything he had been lead to believe by VIPER. Unaware that UNTIL went out of their way to help the tribesman in the area, instead of butchering them as he was told. The other children heard out his story, moving closer to get a better look for themselves, only to be blown away all the same. The telepath child, Garret, rummaged through the minds of the soldiers, learning that VIPER was indeed the evil force they were there to destroy. The logic in the soldier's mind was undeniable, so they called off their mission, reporting to their handler, a VIPER field agent by the name of Ricks.

After telling Agent Ricks their story, he was not pleased; Not pleased at all. He pulled a small device from one of the pouches on his armor, which looked somewhat like a phone, only to press a button, setting off the implanted chip inside the children, causing great pain to them as this was a show of insubordination. The boys shrieked in pain as the chips at the base of their brain stems were activated, manually rewriting their brain makeup to believe what he wanted, that what they saw was nothing more than a psychic trick to fool them into questioning their VIPER masters, to compromise the mission at hand.

After a whole ten minutes of head splitting pain, Agent Ricks shut off the device, leaving the boys huddled on the ground, whimpering like the dogs they were treated as. "On your feet, insects," he said, dragging two of them to their feet, kicking Richie to get him up. "Accomplish your mission or you will be dealt with, harshly." This was no idle threat to them, they have been tortured for months on end after failed missions, being children didn't matter to VIPER, they would do it regardless, as they did to the mothers.

Richie set off once again to check the base, making sure nothing had changed before calling in the attack team. But once again, something struck him, a familiar face among the soldiers, a woman with a scar along her neck; His mother. His mother, an UNTIL agent? How could this be? Somehow, she had escaped after giving birth to him, and somehow she had joined UNTIL. But for what reason? What could she possibly want from something like this? So he decided to have a closer look, bolting behind some supply crates to get a good look at the woman, who was confirmed as his mother, from a picture he had stashed in his room, one that the 'Nannies' hadn't found. She was exactly as she was when he was born, for one exception, the scar on her throat. No doubt from VIPER.

And out of nowhere, he was struck from behind by an UNTIL sniper in a tree fifty meters away from him, he was too distracted by the woman to even predict the shot from behind. He was knocked out, his armor took the force of the hit, but his armor was so light that he still took the concussive force. He was dragged to the center of the open area in the base, surrounded by UNTIL agents, as well as his mother, who didn't notice him. A single agent was sent closer to search the boy, finding a massive amount of energy bars, and a single picture. You guessed it, the picture of his mother. The woman took the picture, looking to the boy questioningly as to why he had a picture of her from almost two decades ago, so she did the obvious thing to do, and asked him. "Who are you, and how did you get this picture?!," she asked, pulling the boy up off the ground by the collar of his armor, not quite awake, still very groggy. So she asked again with a louder tone, accompanied by a backhand to the head. Classy lady. That did it, woke him up good, but he missed the question. "Wh-what is happening? What did you do to me?" he asked, only to be thrown to the ground in front of the woman, who was still looking at the picture, only to kneel down by him, showing him the picture, feeling aggression wasn't helping, talking in a more motherly and soothing tone. "Who are you? What are you doing here, hun?," she asked with a smile, trying to be friendly this time. Richie looked around, being aimed at by a squad of soldiers wasn't helping much, but he managed to explain why he went down to the base, being as reckless as he was.

After a good hour of explaining, and eating (as he had to eat, being a speedster), she understood everything, not quite believing as of yet, but it all made sense to her. Her joining UNTIL was to get the clearance and the means to find her child who was taken from her. She called the soldiers to escort the boy to a cell inside the base, surrounded by an energy field, that was a constant stream of energy, not fast fluctuations, which he could easily escape from. They came prepared for the worst. He sat in his prison for several hours until his mother came back, out of her armor in more of an administrative pantsuit and glasses, carrying a case file on everything they could find on the boy, as well as information on the other children, who gave themselves up willingly after his capture, believing the same as he did, but placed on different ends of the base, for precautionary purposes. His mother, who she said was named Carlita, approached his cell with a calming allure to her, as a mother would appear to her child. Sitting in front of the cell on a small chair, she opened her case file and started to tell him what happened to him all those years ago, and that the mentions of her death by the 'Nannies' wasn't true, but an elaborate rouse to escape and find him again without risk of him losing his life in the process, but the other children were an added bonus. VIPER are the bad guys. UNTIL were the good guys. Simple statements, but mind wrenching to him, nonetheless.

He spent his entire life believing that VIPER was out to save the world, and UNTIL were the evil organization out to stop them. Clearly this wasn't true. She took a chance and lowered the walls of his cell, moving to sit next to him. Finally being reunited with her son, that she had longed to meet for so long. Finally in her grasp, she hugged the boy to her body, not wanting to let go, no matter what.

Richie, as well as the other children, were sent to Millenium City, only given what they had on them, but Richie was sent to his mother's home in the city, the others were placed in UNTIL's youngster program. Richie being the youngest, but most in control of his abilities, was given a hero name, a pair of tights, a basic suit of armor and a task. Protect the citizens of the city, no matter what. He did so, with lightning fast skills. Fighting back against VIPER when he gets the chance, turning their own experiment against them.

His name..

Is Hypersonic..