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Player: @ghosthost#2017
"Two minds are better than one. Same goes with guns."
Biographical Data
Real Name: Fiona MacKenzie
Known Aliases: Incognito
Gender: Female
Species: Meta Human/Symboint
Ethnicity: Irish
Place of Birth: Cork, Ireland (Alternative Universe)
Base of Operations: United States of America
Relatives: All Deceased/Nonexistant
Age: 23 (Earth Years)
Height: 5'11
Weight: 135lbs
Eyes: Green
Hair: Black w/ Red Highlights
Complexion: Pale
Physical Build: Muscular
Physical Features: Various Tattoos on arms, chest and lower back. Characters "4K" on the back of her neck.
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Public
Years Active: 5
Citizenship: United States of America, Republic of Ireland (Alternative Universe)
Occupation: PRIMUS Field Agent
Education: Highschool
Marital Status: Complicated
Known Powers and Abilities
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Zur - Alien Symboint "Zoe"

PRIMUS Standard Body Armor and Uniform

Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
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Incognito (Previously known as Golden Globe) is a Irish Superhero from an Alternative Earth (Earth 7615). She is currently employed by PRIMUS as a Field Agent, combating superhuman crime and paranormal activity within the United States.

Creator's Notes

Incognito was a character that I designed to have my favorite parts from my favorite comic book characters; The Punisher, Red Hood (The Jason Todd Version), Nightcrawler, and Black Widow. The result was Golden Globe, Incognito's Original Incarnation! I had originally planned for her to be an actress, the last to have received a Golden Globe Award before the world went to Hell in her original Universe, but that idea was scrapped, as I felt that she /wouldn't/ be an actress. It just wasn't a trait I pictured for her. Anyways, I decided to keep the name cause I liked it. She was created on Champion's Online, January 29th, 2016. On January 2nd, 2017 she was renamed Incognito and given a new look while keeping most of the original backstory. Hope you enjoy the reading!

Theme Song

Incognito's Theme: Sherlock Holmes Movie Soundtrack - "Discombobulate"


Early Life and the Destruction of Earth 7615

Born in the year 2016 in an Alternative Universe, Fiona's early life was simple and enjoyable. Born to a slightly richer family than most, her life was good. No hardships, she was never wanting for anything, and things were looking up...

Until Revile...

She was just graduating High School when the first attack happened. Seemingly from nowhere, a Villain named Revile began an attack on Millennium City. Even though she was on the far side of the world, the news traveled fast and heroes from all corners of the globe raced to fight this new threat. In an act still not fully understood, Revile laid waste to them all via a massive release of energy that nearly erased the entire city from existence, as well as all the Heroes within the blast Radius. Fiona could only to watch the world go to Hell from that point on.

The seemingly unstoppable Revile, now joined by countless other villains, destroyed the world and its protectors, one superhero at a time. The Champions with the destruction of Millennium City. Starforce at the Battle of Montreal. Fiona, whose powers manifested shortly after the first attack, couldn't standby and watch the world burn. Contacting a French Hero by the name of Tinker-Tailor, she begged for him to allow her to help. Tinker designed the Original Golden Globe outfit for her, using whatever materials he could find. The two developed a close relationship in the year to come.

A year and a half later, Fiona was scouting the landscape, looking for any sign of Revile. She wouldn't be able to take him down herself, but with her ability to teleport, she hoped she would at least have the chance to warn the others of his approach. However, he located her camp first. She arrived back just in time to witness the destruction of London. 4,000 heroes lost their lives that day. By the year 2036, only a dozen pockets of resistance remained. Golden Globe was now a member of Sigma Cell, a band of Superhero Resistance fighters that made their base in The Silverdome, an old football stadium. Life there was decent for a long stretch of time and many were hopeful that the threat to the world had finally ended. Revile had not been seen or heard from for three months, and although they were nervous that he may return, many relaxed at the pause of destruction.

Revile had been busy during those three months, wiping out the villains and traitorous heroes that had joined his rampage at the beginning. Now, he simply walked into Sigma's Camp and began killing them. He did so effortlessly, no matter what the Resistance threw at him. All of Sigma Group perished until only Golden Globe and the magic user Cast Master remained. Cast Master, in the ultimate sacrifice, used the last of his Magic energy to help Fiona escape by sending her back in time to 2014. As she was sent away, she was forced to watch the Last Hero of her world die.

Prime Earth

Suddenly appearing in the middle of the abandoned modern Silverdome, she was disoriented to say the least. Doing only what she knew to do, she lived in the streets, avoiding everything and everyone that could have been a threat. It was then that she vowed; She would find Revile before his reign of terror began. She would end it before it started. For a whole year, she scoured the globe, watching, waiting. But she could find no sign of Revile. Determined to stop him at his attack on Millennium City, she traveled there and waited... waited for the day that Revile first appeared, almost twenty years before he would lay waste to the world.

She waited but the villain never showed. To her relief and own horror, she came to realize that Revile never attacked because Revile had never existed. From what she could gather, Cast Master had not only sent her back in time, but she had appeared in a completely different timeline. Unsure of what to do next, she traveled to her hometown of Cork, Ireland to find her family. However, in place of her childhood home was a cemetery. Exploring the cemetery, among so many graves, were two names she recognized. Her mother and her father had died two years before Fiona would have been born in a car accident. In this timeline, she had never existed.

Heartbroken and feeling lost, she returned to Millennium City... her future uncertain.

Anonymous and Karu

While drowning her sorrows at Club Caprice, Fiona ran into a young man who went by the name of Anonymous. Anonymous and Fiona hit it off quite well, forming a fast friendship. This was also Fiona's first meeting with a Zur. Bonded to the young man was a Zur Symbiont named Karu. Over the following months, the trio fought crime and stayed together- almost forming a Crime-Fighting Duo.

The Plant Dimension

Fiona's powers of teleportation acted up when she was dealing with DEMON goons and was hit by a spell. The resulting reaction sent her to another dimension, much like Cast Master had done when he sent Fiona to Prime Earth.

Three months later, Fiona reappeared- albeit skinnier, older and more lean. The dimension she had been sent to was one where no meat existed outside humans. All animal were instead living plants. Time also appeared to have moved differently there, as Fiona was a year older- with only three months having passed. She spent the next days eating nothing but junk food and meat.


  • Teleportation: Because of her Meta-Human genetics, Incognito possesses the ability to instantaneously transport herself and any matter she is in contact with the another location. The distance limit appears to be 50 yards; Half the length of a football field.
  • Crack-Shot: Years of fighting and defending herself and others against Revile's forces have honed her gunplay skills considerably. This isn't to say that she will never miss, but her chances of hitting her target are very high, depending on how close she is.
  • Enhanced Abilities: Gifted to her by Anonymous and Karu, she bonded with an alien symboint named Zoe. Zoe is able to increase Incognito's strength and speed, as well as form weapons from her form. She has also been noted to regenerate from wounds, albeit at a much slower rate than Anonymous.


  • PRIMUS Field Agent Body Armor and Uniform: Having joined the ranks of PRIMUS, Incognito was given their standard uniform to wear while on the job. This included a high grade ballistic vest; useful for stopping bullets and knives.
  • Zur Symbiont: An alien lifeform bonded to Incognito's body, the Zur known as Zoe is a shapeless symbiont that makes up Fiona's crime fighting outfit; covering her body in a hardened protective layer of alien flesh that increases her natural abilities and durability.


Silver Dome

Silver Dome.PNG

Powers/Abilities: Power Armor

Occupation: Criminal

Info: Born in the year 1996, Miles Shine grew up with a rough childhood. He was constantly picked on in his youth and his home life wasn't much better with an absent Father and a drunkard of a Mother. At the age of 16, he ran away from home, living in the abandoned Silverdome stadium. He lived there for two years before it was torn down to make room for a Mall. Outraged and driven mad by the destruction of his home, he took the name Silver Dome and became a minor villain until he stole parts of a Power Armor suit from an Unknown Lab. Now empowered, Silver Dome takes out his vengeance on everyone; hero and civilian.

Threat Level:

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


-Before Incognito there was Golden Globe, whose appearance was heavily influenced by The Red Hood. Now she takes after the likes of Venom.

-Incognito likes to cosplay! She's previously dressed up as Tracer and Sombra from Overwatch!


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