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Infernal Girl Background.png

Infernal Girl is the daughter of a Devil Lord and a Demonic succubus. Her father controls a small hell realm; at least three dimension hops north of anyplace you've ever heard of. Her mother is off doing, you know, succubus stuff. Infernal Girl doesn't see her mother often, and is pretty ok with that.

Instead, Infernal Girl has been raised by her father. He has groomed Fernie throughout her young life to be the new Lord, er Lady, of their realm. Like many teenagers though, Fernie has plans beyond what her father wants. She doesn't want to take over the family business. Infernal Girl wants to travel; to see the worlds. Infernal Girl rebelled the only way a young devil can. She ran away to the prime plane, and became a super hero.

Infernal Girl Personality.png

Bright, bubbly, and an eternal optimist; Infernal Girl looks at the human world with perpetual awe. Before leaving her home realm, she'd only seen the prime in magazines and on the television (you'd be amazed what you can get in the hell dimensions). Everything else she'd heard from condemned souls; and really, you have to take anything they say with a grain of salt.

Though bewildered by the prime, and a bit naive by most standards; Infernal Girl is not an idiot. She was quick to learn the basics of life above. Phones, money, cars, streetlights, rent...she gets it. She is sometimes lost on a few of the intricacies of life; slang and pop culture references often go over her head, and she understands less about the internet than a grandmother, but mostly, she gets it. Infernal Girl isn't so much a fish out of water as she is a small town girl in the big city.

If there's any place in life where Fern's naivety shines through, it's in her view of super heroes. Infernal Girl was enamored by the super hero lifestyle long before she came to the prime plane. She however only knows it from fan magazines, comics, and television. Due to this, her outlook on heroics are very Golden Age. Heroes always win. Heroes don't stoop to the level of their enemies.

Heroes don't kill. Ever.

In her defense; Infernal Girl has grown up in a hell dimension. She's seen plenty of people that have been evil 'with good intentions'. Infernal Girl knows how well this goes for anyone. She's happy to share.

It should be mentioned that Infernal Girl's problems with her father are personal ones. She doesn't see her home hell dimension as 'wrong', and she certainly doesn't see her father as evil. After all, tainted souls are sent to her home. No one went out to look for them. It's a big multiverse out there, and Fernie supposes somewhere there are devils that actually wander about with contracts and golden fiddles, but she's yet to see one. Instead, she sees the family business more like a prison, and her father as the warden. She didn't leave because she objects to what the family business is, Fernie left because running the family business is not for her.

Fernie is a bit embarrassed about her succubi heritage, and avoids mentioning it when she can. Infernal Girl may have gotten her looks from her mother's side of the family, and a few abilities, but she never got the succubi drive. She doesn't care to manipulate people emotionally and considers even the concept of 'The Sex' to be a bit icky. Maybe it comes from being raised by her father. Either way, she is uncomfortable with the physical aspects of romance, and shies away from even conversation about it.

Infernal Girl Powers.png

Infernal Girl's mixed heritage has given her access to several powers from both the devil and demon spectrum.

Devil/Demon physiology:
Infernal Girl is an outworlder. She is stronger than normal humans; able to lift several tons with ease. Her skin is tougher than a humans as well, capable of stopping most small arms or regular blades from severely harming her. She is generally uneffected by regular fire, and immune to natural changes in weather. She has a slightly higher than regular resistance to magic, and due to her succubi half, is highly resistant to mind control or other such manipulations.

Infernal Powers:
Infernal Girl has direct contact with the infernal energies that flow through her home realm. She can travel from the prime to her home instantly, though it is questionable as to whether her father would let her leave again if she did. She can also draw that energy from her home plane to the prime. Infernal Girl is still working on power stunts based on this ability.
-Flight: Infernal Girl can sheathe herself in infernal energy, and use it to propel herself through the air. In short; Infernal Girl can fly. When using her powers like this, she is sheathed in greenish flame like energy. These flames are relatively harmless, and Infernal Girl can still touch people or use items while sheathed.
-Infernal Blasts: Fernie can draw infernal energy directly to her hands, and fire it at opponents. Beyond the primary effect of hurting a whole lot, this dose of otherworldly energy leaves a target weakened and nauseous. Infernal Girl insists that the level of nausea is directly connected to the evil in a person's soul, but hasn't offered up any proof as of yet.
-Crack in Reality: This is a pretty new idea for Infernal Girl, and she's still exploring what she can do with it. Infernal Girl has found that with concentration, she can open small cracks between the prime and her home dimension. She's used it several times to unleash a pillar of pure infernal energy beneath unsuspecting opponents, but Fernie is certain it has so much more potential.
-Infernal Aura: Not so much a power as a side effect; Infernal Girl is surrounded by an aura of infernal energy. Normally, she's able to keep it in check, but in times of stress or anger, this aura spreads from her body. Anyone caught in her infernal aura is sickened and weakened. In theory a person trapped in this aura for an extended period could suffer permanent debilitation, but of course Fernie has never, and would never, test this theory.

Demonic Powers:
As much as Infernal Girl would like to deny it, she is half demon. Specifically, she is half succubus. Though she almost never uses them, Infernal Girl does have access to powers from the 'other' side of the family.
-Enhanced Pheromones: Like all succubi, Infernal Girl can tap into a raw sexuality to get people to do what she'd like them to do. With concentration, Fernie can use pheromones, mixed with subtle suggestion, to control the minds and emotions of weak willed people. She doesn't use this ability very often, and even when she does, it's awkward to watch. Infernal Girl is bad with metaphor, and an absolute failure at innuendo.
-The Kiss: At the end of the day, succubi are psyche vampires. They feed through advanced emotional manipulation; often sealed with a kiss. Infernal Girl can use The Kiss to feed as well, but doesn't. In effect, Fernie can kiss an opponent and drain them of vitality. This will strengthen and heal Infernal Girl in the process. Fernie only ever uses this in absolute dire situations. She considers the power to be 'gross', and one of the most base of powers her mother 'gifted' her with.