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Jade Defender
Player: User:Jade Defender
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Character Build
Class Focus: Guardian Role ( Heavy Support / AoE Tank)
Power Level: 40
Research & Development: Mysticism / Avatars
Biographical Data
Real Name: Joseph Matthews (Secret)
Known Aliases:
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Caucasion
Place of Birth: Bakersfield, Ca. U.S.
Base of Operations: SIGIL1.jpg Leader, Council member of the Cosmic Council
Relatives: none known
Age: 29 appears (does not age)*(57 actual)
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 195 lbs.
Eyes: Glowing Green
Hair: Black,
Complexion: Light
Physical Build: Athletic
Physical Features: Angular, and Gentle
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Lawful Good

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Secret
Years Active: 29
Citizenship: United States, Cosmic Council
Occupation: Mentor of SIGIL
Education: 2 years of College in a Law Enforcement, and Social Engineering.
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
The Cosmic Light; Hurls Raw Cosmic Energy in a multitude of ways, suiting the situation at hand. Can alter the frequencies and power of Cosmic Energy to weaken his foes will to fight or to aid himself and those in need by boosting their potential, sustaining their bodies and minds, or restoring life to the fallen in battle! Aura of Perfection, he can promote Cosmic Energy to saturate his allies to boost their already amazing abilities to unbelievable levels! Speed of Light Flight, and can transport himself or his comrade's across Space quickly. Timestreaming, has the ability to rend Space and Time and travel backwards or forwards through the fabric of reality, transcending the gauntlet of fate, to step out of sync with the universe long enough to witness or alter events of a devastating nature.
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Wears the Nano-Fiber Polymer Uniform of the SIGIL in his travels. However, unlike the SIGIL members Jade Defender's is manifested from the Cosmic Light, and his natural manifestation is many times more defensive then the mass produced version.
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In the mid 70's, Joseph was an everyday man working the nine to five like so many other people; He was scraping by, and trying to be a morale citizen of Detroit in face of the many tragedies and corruption in the world. Joseph received a shocking revelation with the murder of his father at the hands of a desperate civilian coerced to crime by some of Detroit's local crime bosses in '76. Joseph began a turn in his life and dedicated himself to the principles of his uncle who was a sergeant with the DCPD. Joseph joined the DCPD Academy and began striving to prevent other families from sharing his tragedy.

After a few short years and Joseph was making a real impact on the despot youths of the cities lower West Side, and had become a leading officer in helping these wayward youths rehabilitate from life of gangs to productive citizens. This track record with the cities criminal element is what landed him the opportunity to join the recently built Stronghold Prison facility, tailored to the world's more dangerous criminals. Wildman had asked for Matthews transfer himself, seeking strong and charismatic individuals to help him rehabilitate the metahuman and criminal inmates Stronghold Housed.

Matthews was working as a corrections officer at the Stronghold Facility in the Desert in '82, when a Superbeing of Alien origin assaulted the complex to recover an alien artifact a compatriot of his entrusted to a human prisoner by being held there for UNTIL. Joseph witnessed first hand the sheer destructive power of this otherworldly being and fought valiantly through the aftermath to protect lives and escort innocents and inmates to safety.

Terrified out of his mind, Joseph relied on sheer willpower and courage to press back into the depths of Stronghold after many of the VIP staff had been safely escorted from the facility. The Superbeing was still devastating the grounds and causing untold numbers of casualties and injuries. With a gesture of its Glowing gauntlets the being that levitated through the corridors, hurled reinforced blast doors from their moorings, with the protests of screeching fordite, and vaporized bystanders with a brilliant flash of light.

Joseph discovered the target of the Superbeing's interest and plotted with a fellow trapped technician to lure the attacker to a Pulson testing pad in the lower levels of the facility. This being saw through the ploy and as Joseph attempted to draw him to the trap it suddenly vanished and caught Joseph from behind, clutching his skull in both glowing hands and scattered his crumbling ashes into the air!

Joseph Matthews courage and selflessness did not go unnoticed by anyone. After the SUperbeing claimed what it desired it left the facility and a plaque was placed by Wildman to commemorate the valiant officers and staff that were lost int he tragedy.

More importantly however "The Cosmic Light" witnessed Joseph's acts of valor and bestowed upon him the myriad of wonderous abilities he commands now, and Joseph became its champion for the peoples of Earth! Now that Earth was clearly in need of beings of Cosmic quality to defend its peoples, its cultures and its very right to exist from extraplanetary threats, The Cosmic Light gave it the champion it needed to make a stand!

Joseph was later dubbed the Jade Defender by the peoples of the World when he first used his newfound abilities to help the Greenskin Project against the newly discovered threat Grond when he first assaulted the world in '82.

Bright Star

Now Jade Defender uses his powers to help the many people's of Earth, native or otherwise in crisis all across the globe and even across the solar system! Jade Defender has taken a personal stand against all alien attacks, or interests that target the people of Earth or its allies.
He was one of the few superbeings at the SIGILs beginning, helping to make the decision to join together in the face of their many adversaries. He epitomizes Wisdom and Valor to the other members of SIGIL and heroes across the world; promoting understanding and personal integrity to all those willing to hear his words. He has been labeled the "Tutor" and "Benefactor" within SIGIL for his patience and understanding with the young heroes within the organization. Often taking large amounts of time, when not defending the Earth from galactic conquest, to aid those new or inexperienced within the League's. Mentoring the new heroes of the world into understanding themselves, their capabilities and their duty to use their power responsibly for the betterment of the world.

  • Jade Defender has taken a very personal interest and dedication to safeguarding Earth from the Qularr Invaders. He was a pivotal force to thwart their advance during their invasion of Millennium City and will Immediately confront and engage the Dangerous aliens wherever they attack!
  • Jade Defender too has taken a very personal interest in the affairs and trespasses of the Roin'esh unto Earth, and has pursued these shape-shifting aliens across the Earth and our Solar System.

Not Long Ago

Jade Defender had pursued the fleeing Qularr Forces from Earth after the final confrontation at the invasion of Millennium City, in a bid to frighten them into never returning. He harassed their fleets across the solar system and beyond, engaging their trailing forces in extravehicular combat!

Jade Defender pursued them across the stars, and forced them into "a corner", by leaving their fleets so badly damaged, and giving them no time to recuperate, or make repairs, they were forced to face Jade Defender or perish into a unexplored Worm-hole. General Vosh'Kun of the Qularr stood his ground, and with a small force of elite warrior drones he challenged Jade to a confrontation, while his fleets escaped.

Their battle was intense and both beings fought determinedly, and when Jade Defender gained the upper hand, he found he was not prepared to finish the General...Perhaps The Cosmic Light had truly chosen wisely...
Instead, Jade Defender allowed the defeated General to take his weakened troops to follow his fleet, after making him swear on oath to never return.


During his galactic Sojourn, Jade was approached by another Wielder of The Cosmic Light, who warned Joseph of impending doom in the Earth's future, a threat from within that could potentially crumble everything... It was from this mysterious (future self) who dubbed himself Armastros that Joseph began to understand the power of Timestreaming, faster then light travel, and teleportation across space and time! Armastros warned that this being had wrecked the Earth in his own time and would be undefeatable if actions were not taken in the past. Though this brought the two Wielders to a crossroads in the use of their powers in the name of The Cosmic Light, eventually Armastros convinced Jade Defender that the Light would never had permitted him the power to Timestream, if it had been against its wishes. Afterall, it was wiser than they could ever comprehend!

With the Qularr routed Jade Defender turned towards home; merged with the stranger, the two have become one and now imbued with the powers of the strange traveler, Jade Defender is more powerful then ever, and is vigilant against this prophesied threat.

With the mastery of the potential "cosmic light" and the help of Armastros, Jade Defender has become a very talented and veteran Timestreamer. Having ventured far into the distant future and far into the depths of the past to battle newly discovered evils, or to thwart other Timestreaming threats from altering history!

This kind of interference with the natural order has caused irreversible changes, with consequences no one could ever have understood! These battles for our history have lead to the development of countless realities, some mirror images to our own with only the most minute of differences, while others are infinitely different and even alien! Jade Defender has been to many, and has tried to aid the strangers and friends he has encountered there... even having to battle his allies who have succumbed to the lure of Evil!

Alternate Worlds

Jade Defender has come to realize he has a son who is from another dream reality within the Teen League. The young hero Lil Joey was nearly consumed with dark power when agents of the Cultists assaulted him, to later try and control the boy to use as a conduit to powerful Netherworld energies. Joey was unfortunately killed in the tragic confrontation with the Hero Horizon who had come to know Joey as a brother!

Jade Arrived during the end of the confrontation and restored the boy, and named him his son, after learning without a shadow of doubt the youths lineage from a recent dilemma he helped to solve in the future.


OOC Information...

  • Jade Defender is 54 Earth years old, however, he stopped aging in 1982 when he gained his powers, as The Cosmic Light sustains him.
  • Jade Defender was a Lieutenant within the DCPD and the Stronghold Corrections Bureau, where he served as an officer for nearly 6 1/2 years.
  • Jade Defender has been a Hero with the Earth for nearly 29 years; he spent two abroad when he first gained his powers from in 1982, but quickly sought his roots back in Detroit, which soon became Millennium City and lent his aid to support UNTIL.

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