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Player: @AaronKorr
Biographical Data
Real Name: None/Cupcake
Known Aliases: None
Gender: Female
Species: Kalach
Ethnicity: None
Place of Birth: Evian
Base of Operations: Millenium City
Relatives: None living
Age: Unknown (Apparent physical age around 30 human years)
Height: 5' 11" - 7' 4" (Varies based on current appearance)
Weight: 250
Eyes: Glowing pink
Hair: White with aqua highlights
Complexion: Scaled in various colors depending on current emotions.
Physical Build: Athletic
Physical Features: Gills on neck, slightly pointed ears, sharp jagged teeth, slender forked tongue, vaguely humanoid face lacking nose and eyebrows, long reptilian tail, webbing between claws and under arm when in natural form, scales covered in flowing circular script of unknown alien script that may emit a soft glow at times
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Public
Years Active: Unknown
Citizenship: Evian
Occupation: Former matron to Kalach, No occupation related to Earth.
Education: Self taught, no formal education.
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
Telepathic, Enhanced strength and reflexes, Enhanced senses, Regeneration, Various powers from runic markings with a dimensional aspect
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Pair of runed blades
Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
MaekadaBoxSlim created by @Maekada

Background and Origin

The Kalach

The race of the Kalach existed in another plane upon a large water covered planet with a pair of distant stars and 3 moons none of which the Kalach would name. The world itself was dotted by small islands and several chains that would surround shallow areas often used as spawning grounds for the Kalach to give their young time to adjust to life both above and beneath the waves. The Kalach shared the planet with various sea life some similar to those on Earth though a distinct lack of any form of mammal or avian species.

The Kalach themselves being an almost tribal race of naturally telepathic reptilian humanoids, sharing many qualities of various reptiles on Earth though possessing a vaguely humanoid head with most human features though lacking nose and eyebrows. They are an amphibious species living on both land and water having gills along their throat and possessing powerful legs and webbing between their fingers. The species fed primarily on sea life though have have been known to feed on plant life as well, their digestive systems fully capable of adapting to various forms of sustenance. The Kalach also have no male of the species reproducing through parthenogenesis and often laying up to a dozen eggs to a clutch.

The Kalach had an open tribal culture, and due to the shared thoughts among their kind notions such as dishonesty and secrecy being a foreign concept to them as well as the using of naming and spoken languages. They were a low technology society utilizing tools and weapons with which to hunt and defend their young supplemented by a form of ritualized magic in the form of extensive tattooed script upon their bodies. Their technology never advanced much beyond improvements in the fashioning of blades and tools while their magical arts became rather advanced. The markings they used would vary depending on what chosen duty each was set to perform none possessing all the markings though it were entirely possible.

Fall of the Kalach

This is where we start the story of the one who would come to be known as 'Cupcake'. We do not start at her birth or life growing up but rather at the point of the most tragic event to happen to the race as a whole. She was the current Matron of her race guiding all the daughters and bringing new life into their world. She was close to 30 human years when the troubles were first noticed, the thoughts of a few daughters mysteriously being cut off and growing sick followed by madness and eventually death. A plague affecting the minds first by cutting them off from the whole and then slowly killing them and it spread like wildfire first from the youngest and spreading on.

By the end of the first month by Earth standards the population numbering in the millions was cut to just under 10 thousand and no clue as to how it started or how to cure it, even avoiding contact with the affected did not halt the spread. The First Daughters, those first born of the current Matron and seen as advisers, came about a solution based on desperation so that the race would not become extinct. They took it upon themselves to with the Matron's reluctant agreement to insure her survival instilling all the collective knowledge within the Matron through symbols that would mark her scales and store all their memories in perfect clarity.

Over the next few days they worked tirelessly on something never before done, covering the Matron in all the markings of every Kalach granting her an extensive collection of abilities including a marking originally forbidden that all but made her ageless at the cost of several dozen daughters. With the preparations complete and gifting the Matron the finest blades crafted by the people they prepared a ritual of immense scope involving some hundred Kalach to sever ties to all other daughters at the expense of their lives and in essence the lives of all daughters save the Matron in hopes some day she could find a cure on another world or within another plane.

Earth and the present

The Kalach'Tila, or Last Matron of Kalach, was left adrift in her thoughts a feeling of dark despair driving her to flee with the new found gifts folding space to leave not only her home planet but the dimension itself ending up on a barren system much like her home had the waters all dried up. It was here she was first forced to fight not only against hostile creatures but the very land itself. As an aquatic species the lack of water would soon take it's toll on her the only source of water she found was fiercely guarded by a group of creatures appearing much like some genetic cross between spider and man though scaled head to toe with 6 powerful arms carrying wicked blades of a stone much like slate and a hideous face somewhere between the two.

The fight with these creatures took a toll on an already dehydrated Kalach'Tila though thanks to her gifts she managed to prevail she was close to exhaustion when she finally managed to avail herself of the stagnant pool. The waters would likely have killed her without one of the markings gift to seperate and purify them as she soaked in the pool drinking up the water into her dried scales. Once she had recovered enough she decided this system would not yield help and would be too dangerous for her in the end, choosing to shift away to another world in yet another plane.

The next world she found was one of high technology, an apparent machine world devoid of any living creature though otherwise much like Earth. She found quickly the need to fold herself just between planes allowing her to watch those of this world without being seen or felt as the machines took offense to all organic life. Through her exploration of this world she found adequate food stores and water though had to be careful coming out of phase space to not attract attention as the machines seemed to be able to sniff her out. She soon came to a decision the world would likewise be of little help to her leaving once more.

She had finally arrived on the world most of us call home, Earth. Unsure of the varied inhabitants she took her earlier lessons to heart staying out of view and eventually found she could not touch their minds and would have to find other means to communicate. Remaining unseen she spent some time watching the young in many places learning from first words and even classrooms at times to speak the tongue though her physiology meant she would speak with a lisp. She also used this time to mimic their looks a bit and fashion her own clothing as the races here seemed to have a need for such coverings.

Once seeing they were not openly hostile to various races for the most part though also seeing some of the bad she finally revealed herself continuing her quiet observations within many apparent gathering places for them eventually coming forward to question some. From this first attempt she revealed to a pair within one of the clubs of Millenium City her reasons for simply watching. This pair, named Robin and Thayne, seeing she possessed no name as many of the sapient creatures possess gave her one, Cupcake. She saw no faults with the name and gladly accepted it, and even allowed them to give her world a name apparently as Thayne said from a product of bottled water, Evian.

Physical Description

Original Appearance

Naturally the Kalach known as Cupcake stands at around 5'- 11" with a heavy muscular frame and while humanoid to an extent clearly not human. Her head resembling something about halfway between a human and serpent with slightly pointed ears, a good bit longer and shorter than a human head with more obvious serpentine features including several spined fins along the back of her head. Her eyes glow an eery almost pink and have a pair of individual lids both being transparent and she possesses obvious gills along her throat and her hands and feet clearly webbed. Her tail is also very thick and muscular with the inclusion of three long fins stretching to the middle of her back used to help her swim through the waters of her home. She will rarely be seen clothed in this form as it simply is not natural to her.

Humanoid Appearance

The appearance she wears when dealing with most others on earth and elsewhere has Cupcake standing at just over 7' - 0" with a leaner but still muscular build. Her head in this form is much closer to human norm with the exclusion of a nose and eyebrows, she also seems to have reformed the spined fins into a very close approximation of human hair matching it in all but texture and scent still possessing a leathery feel and scent. Her eyes appear serpent like still with the same transparent lids though smaller and more humanoid and the scales along her throat appear smaller though very much still present. Her hands and feet lack the webbing of her natural appearance and her tail is longer though much slimmer and lacking the long fins. The clothing she is most often seen wearing is not in fact as it appears but simply a second layer of thin scales she somehow creates to approximate the articles in question though like her hair retain the leathery feel and scent of the rest of her scales.

Coloration Meanings

The Kalach also seems unique in how she portrays emotion showing no body language as most are familiar with aside the most basic nod or shake of her head.
  • Blue - Calm state, she is usually seen in this color.
  • Green- Interest and curiosity.
  • Purple- Confusion and uncertainty.
  • Red- Passion and anger.
  • Yellow- Surprise or alarm.
  • White/Black- Lighter and darker shades of the above usually denote positive or negative emotions.

Powers, Skills, and Attributes


Power 1 - Innate telepathic ability.

Power 2 - Above human strength, reflexes, and senses.

Power 3 - Can naturally regenerate lost limbs after an extended period of time.

Power 4 - Several powers given from runed carvings covering her body including but not limited to: Teleportation, Dimensional Travel, Ability to store and perfectly recall memories, Dimensional Storage, Zero-range Telekenisis (ability to lift as if possessing super strength), Phase shifting, and proof against sickness and aging.


Skill 1 - Due to the memories given to her is a competent close range fighter, coupled with her ability to shift making her quite dangerous in close combat.

Skill 2 - Despite her apparent difficulty with the language she is in fact quite talented in picking up new languages.

Skill 3 - Has an aptitude for learning most tasks rather quickly.

Gear and Equipment


She currently uses a pair of unique curved blades she usually pulls straight from the markings on each palm. The blades themselves are of a material unique to her home world. A milky white almost glass-like metal That is both very durable and quite light and slightly more accepting of enchantment than some other metals. The blades themselves are oddly enough not apparently even sharpened possessing a rounded edge and covered in strange runic script. The hilt of the blades have two rings of a golden metal with similar inscriptions engraved into them separating a dark leather grip. There is also a sturdy chain on the end of the hilt sinking directly into the marking from which the blades are pulled from.

Equipment and Markings

She is almost always seen wearing a pair of earrings that emit their own enchantment.
She also wears a small band on her upper left arm that is enchanted to allow her to communicate more easily. (Created by Isskora)

She is also covered by runic markings of an alien origin each with it's own purpose relative to the location and form.


  • Varied small markings on her cheeks are apparently used to store memories.
  • In the center of her palms are apparently markings used for the storage of her chosen weapons.
  • Her fingers each have unique markings as well, the only one seen in use thus far seemingly gives her a limited form of telekenesis allowing her to lift as though possessing super strength.
  • Some of the markings on her arm are also apparently used as a form of storage as she has been seen pulling varied items from them.
  • The markings along her legs seem to permit her the ability to seemingly vanish at will to appear in another location.
  • The rest of the markings have not been documented as of yet leaving anyone else to wonder at what else she is capable of.



On friendly terms with several R.E.S. Personnel most notably Robin Heartgrove, Yanda, Ghent, and T'lok.