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Player: Pirate Spice
Katakiuchi manifested.
Class Focus: Melee
Power Level: Cape
Research & Development: Arms (Martial Styles)
Personal Data
Real Name: Mei Teshima
Known Aliases: Teshima Mei, Mary Teshima
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Japanese
Age: 27
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 105 lb.
Eye Color: Mei: Brown
Katakiuchi: Red
Hair Color: Mei: Black
Katakiuchi: Red
Biographical Data
Nationality: Japanese American
Occupation: Bartender; Anthropologist (former)
Place of Birth: Kyoto, Japan
Base of Operations: Millennium City, MI
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Yuuma "David" Teshima (father), Aiko "June" Teshima (mother), Takashi "George" Teshima (brother)
Known Powers
Enhanced strength, agility, and constitution; fast healing
Known Abilities
Master-level swordsmanship
Gekijou, a.k.a. "Fury" (mystical katana)



After suffering a horrible atrocity, Mei's soul cried out for vengeance. Perhaps she was drawn to the sword in the museum, or maybe it was coincidence, but when she touched it, she ceased to be a victim. Now imbued with the power of the ancient blade, she seeks vengeance against the servants of evil for the wrongs done to her, and others like her.



Gekijou ("Fury"): This ancient Japanese sword is imbued with the vengeance and fury of all of its previous wielders. Gekijou draws upon the power of its user's blood. Those struck by its vengeful edge suffer the pain they have inflicted on the innocent. The sword is now a part of Mei, appearing as an elaborate tattoo on her back until summoned.


Anthropology: Mei has a Master's Degree in Anthropology, specializing in museum studies. She is very knowledgeable of history and antiquities.

Mixology: Mei has moderate experience as a bartender, and current holds a server position at Club Caprice.

Mei on the job at Club Caprice.