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Edgar Essec, the Supreme Serpent, turned to welcome his assassin, "You've arrived, just as Nama foretold. apprentice."

"Thats bullshit!", King shot back. "I'm here to kill you, Supreme!"

Essec sneered, "Your first test. Do not disappoint me."

King Snake is an infamous warlord and mercenary leader, hailing from North-Africa. A former super-criminal, he has a great penchant for meddling in the affairs of VIPER, often violently so. After suffering a grievous defeat in which many of his Snake Eater soldiers were captured or killed, Snake fled Africa in order to find purpose.

UNTIL sought out and recruited Snake to act as an enforcer, peacekeeper, and weapon against VIPER. While Moses is certainly happy to have something constructive to do again, he can't help but feel that he could be doing more, especially in his homeland. However, Nassir's "prophecy" still looms in the near future, discouraging the warlord from seeking out the Supreme again.

King Snake
Player: @realsorceror
Cool guys don't look at explosions.
Biographical Data
Real Name: Moses Makmende
Known Aliases: Snake Eater
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Ethnicity: African
Place of Birth: Zambia
Base of Operations: Sudan
Relatives: unknown
Age: estimated late 30's
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 176lbs
Eyes: brown
Hair: black
Complexion: Dark brown
Physical Build: In peak physical condition
Physical Features: Is never seen without a helmet, glasses, or otherwise obscured face
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Super secret, possibly even forgotten
Years Active: Over a decade
Citizenship: None
Occupation: Mercenary, smuggler, folk hero
Education: unknown
Marital Status: unknown
Known Powers and Abilities
None. Despite all his skill and prowess, King is a mundane human. However, he is still a master gunman, wheelman, and demolitions expert. He can pilot most personal and military aircraft and has some nautical skill as well.
Equipment and Paraphernalia
huge array of convential and unusual weaponry, "spy gadgets", hover pad, reprogrammed military droids, stolen Viper armor
Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
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King is a very amicable man noted for his disarming charm and laid back attitude, causing many people to forget just how dangerous he actually is. When the situation warrants it, however, he can be just as mean and violent as his colorful history suggests. Of course, when compared to the slavers and rapists King commonly guns down, some people even forget he was ever a villain himself.

While unquestionably immoral from most perspectives, King is considered somewhat of a folk hero in many parts of Africa. He initially balked at this, but eventually grew into the idea of being the people's champion, a hero of the poor and destitute. More recently he has begun donating to charities to assist the impoverished and preserve the world's ecosystems.


King is a staunch Nationalist, to the point where he can seem callous and uncaring to foreigners. Most often he keeps these feelings hidden when in civilized company to avoid unnecessary confrontations.


King believes in himself, and nothing else. He is not an atheist per se, but he does not put his faith in anything beyond himself and those he trusts. Still, he has seen too much of Nama's servants and the power they wield to completely dismiss the idea of higher powers and unknown beings.


The majority of Snake's gear is stolen viper-tech, with much of it being recolored and re-purposed to suit his needs. The same is true of his men, as most of them use at least some VIPER armor, weapons, and gear. King's two biggest (and often conflicting) loves are tiny spy gadgets and huge guns with unnesscary payloads. He prides himself on his vast collection of such things and usually takes the time to discuss weapons and gismos with other enthusiasts.

Serpent Armor

King's primary powered suit is an older model once used by the Supreme Serpent himself. While somewhat dated, it has been upgraded and modified to meet his standards. Those intimately familiar with VIPER will recognize it, though it has clearly been altered. King was able to pit it against the current model, though he was clearly outmatched.


  • Along with its basic function of protecting Snake's pretty mug, this sophisticated helmet has a built in personal computer that is linked to the armor's various functions. It responds to voice commands, but only in Arabic.
  • Cobra ornament - This ornament hides a satellite antenna and camera which provide video feed and communication to Snake's allies.
  • HUD Visor: - Various statistics are projected on the inside of Snake's visor, such as ammunition and weapon systems, armor integrity and power, and possible capabilities of enemy units. The lens can be switched to nightvision, infrared, and other modes.


  • This heavy neck armor protects King from neck and spinal injury in the case of a crash or impact and, more rarely, from having his head popped off by metahumans. While it barely allows him to turn his head, the gorget contains hidden cameras that provide him 360' degree view of his surroundings, visible from his helmet visor.


  • Mini-rockets - The larger left shoulder pad can shed its casing and fire off a bombardment of a dozen explosive shells. They can also be fired individually if needed.
  • Micro-turret - The right shoulder hides a miniature gatling gun that can fire independently, training itself on designated targets. It is usually loaded with tungsten rounds.


  • Cuirass - Unlike most of the exterior armor, much of King's torso is protected by several layers of more flexible armor. 'Flexible' being a relative term here. The cuirass uses some of the more advanced body armor technology available, thereby protecting him from nearly any piercing weapon, including a surprising range of conventional ordinance.
  • Fauld - Protecting his waist and hips, this metal belt/harness is covered with various compartments and attachment options for ammunition, grenades, and utility items.


  • Mini-rockets - Because you can never have enough explosives. Like the shoulder armaments, these fire a dozen explosive shells each. King usually needs to brace himself in a firing position to avoid loosing his footing.
  • Jump Jets - The sole and back of the boot are equipped with heatless anti-gravity projectors that provide Snake with lift. These won't keep him in the air for long, but will prevent dangerous falls or allow him to reach rooftops.
  • Boot clamps - Located in the sole and knee, these clamps dig into the ground and brace King against sources of significant recoil.


  • AA-12[1] -Perhaps Snake's favorite weapon, this auto assault shotgun uses a drum magazine and doesn't afraid of anything. Snake's is equipped with a flashlight attachment and under-slung grenade launcher. When fighting heavily armed or meta-level opponents, Snake prefers to use Dragon's Breath rounds or FRAG-12 explosive rounds.
  • FN P90 - Snake also favors this weapon for its compact size and stopping power. It is his first fall-back when the AA-12 would be too unwieldy. The P90 is equipped with two laser sights, one of which can only be seen with night-vision. Like most of his weapons, it also carries a grenade launcher situated under the main barrel.
  • 36 Barrel MS[2] - Created by Metal Storm, this highly advanced volley gun looks much like a long metal box. Theoretically it can fire a million rounds per minute, though no model currently has the holding capacity. King's fires all thousand of its shells in a mere seconds. He reserves it for fighting meta-level threats and for massive shows of force.
  • Type 87 GL - Imported from China, this portable automatic grenade launcher can reach 50 rounds per minute and stores its ammunition in a 12 round drum. King prefers to carry several varieties of grenades on his person, including nonlethal types such as smoke and tear gas.
  • ADS Microwave - When heavy nonlethal force is required, such as during prison breaks or riots, Snake breaks out his heat ray. This beam creates extraordinary pain in the target's skin while leaving no lasting harm. Snake also carries more conventional nonlethal weapons such as beanbag rounds, rubber bullets, tasers, tear gas, pepper spray....the list goes on.


Moses employs multiple types of assistant robots. These include non-lethal suppressor drones, medical drones, mobile weapons platforms, and actual combat droids.

Eggbot - An all purpose assistant and companion droid, Eggbot is so named because of its egg-like shape. The droid is a prototype recovered from a VIPER research facility in Kenya and has a strikingly advanced AI, though it does not appear to be truly-sentient. Offensively, Eggbot has only a standard taser to rely on, though its manipulator arms allow it to interface with almost any human technology, making it invaluable as a second set of hands, eyes, and ears.


Only a Man

For all his skill, technology, and resources, King Snake has no extraordinary or metahuman abilities whatsoever. He is not even an Olympic level athlete like many other non-powered heroes. And while he is intelligent and educated, he is not a genius and cannot maintain or build his powered-armor on his own.

Marked by Nama

Although he already had a snake fixation to begin with, King has more recently shown a subconscious proclivity for including some kind of snake symbolism in every outfit he wears, whether it be snake-skin boots or belt, a patch sewn into a jacket, or an emblem on a shirt or hat. Observation by UNTIL handlers suggests that he does this unknowingly.


According to some VIPER mystics, King and several other individuals fit the bill for a supposed prophecy given to them in a vision from Nama. While the average VIPER soldier still regards King Snake as an enemy to be shot on sight, several of VIPER's inner circle have come to regard King as a sort of "secret apprentice" and take subtle steps to bring him into the fold. This unnerves King to no end and has become a primary source of conflict for him.


Pit of Vipers

In late 2010, Snake was lured into a trap by a VIPER sorcerer named Nassir. He had been led to believe that the Supreme Serpent was staying at a vacation compound in southern Egypt. Knowing that the rumor was almost certainly planted for him, King went anyway. His men attacked the compound in the early morning and quickly crushed the light honor guard, only to be ambushed and outmatched by hidden VIPER forces.

While the battle raged, King broke away from the fighting to hunt down the Supreme. By chance, he stumbled upon one of Essec's private collections, including a prototype Nest Leader armor that had been deemed inefficient. King quickly donned the suit, but soon discovered that his target was already well aware of him. The man introduced himself as Edger (King suspects it may have been a look-alike, but admits it ultimately didn't matter) and offered to take Snake as his apprentice.

Enraged, King attacked the man. Real or fake, the Supreme turned out to be superior in nearly every way, even with the stolen armor. After a heated battle, Mosses was left bleeding and winded. He was given two options: Join VIPER and set his men free, or walk away and leave his captured troops to their fate. The choice he made still haunts him.


Few people have had the opportunity to see Mosses without his signature helmet, and thus an exact description of his features is hard to come by. Even when not suited-up, he takes care to hide his face behind large glasses and hats. It is safe to say that he is a middle aged, dark-skinned man in excellent physical condition. Some have even described him as handsome.



Anti-Villain (Type III) - Moses knows he isn't the hero of the story, but still feels he can do a little good in the world. Some sacrifices will have to be made, and he may not be liked for it, but he will loosen VIPER's hold on his homeland.

Friendly Enemy - When he has no real hostility toward his opponent (and sometimes even when he does), Moses likes to inquire about his foe's fighting style, family, or even just chat about the weather.

Gun Porn - Maybe Snake is just a regular gun fanatic. Or maybe he watches the Military Channel in the dark with a box of tissues. We're not sure.

Lock and Load Montage - All the time and constantly. Assume this occurs whenever Snake has a scene change. This inevitably leads to extended disarming scenes.

More Dakka - Neva enouf dakka.

My Country, Right or Wrong - A lot of rules and precautions King would take with his own people don't really apply as much to 'foreigners'.

Superhero Packing Heat - Guns pretty much is his 'superpower' and defining characteristic.

There Is No Kill Like Overkill - When Snake needs to kill someone, be rarely chooses to do so in a quiet, controlled manner. He will almost always choose to use a big shoota.


Makmende - “Go ahead, make my day.”


King Snake is a huge James Bond fan and loves spy movies in general. He hopes to one day have a volcano lair where he can dangle double agents over a pit of venomous sharks.

MGS 3 Soundtrack: Snake Eater - Guild Theme

Garbage: The World is not Enough - Main Theme

James Bond Soundtrack - This is always going through his head. All the time.

Mission Impossible Soundtrack - King Snake making a sandwich.

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