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Player: @Kitrana
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Class Focus: DPS
Power Level: 40
Research & Development: Confidential
Personal Data
Real Name: Katherine Ramona Moreno-Zapata
Known Aliases: Kitrana, Kit
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Hispanic
Age: Born 23 June 1986
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 143 lbs.
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: Naturalized American
Occupation: Property Manager
Place of Birth: Los Angeles, Medellin, Antioquia, Colombia
Base of Operations: Millennium City, MI, USA
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Mother - Deceased
Known Powers
Strong Ki control, primarily used to shrug off minor injuries.
Known Abilities
Exceptionally fit, agile.

Hand to hand combat training.

Excellent marksman.

AN-94 assault rifle

FN 5-7 handgun

Wears a single, battered dogtag around her neck. Can be quite combative if anyone tries to inspect it closely.

Katherine Ramona Moreno-Zapata (Kitrana) was born on 23 June 1986. She is a former military intelligence gatherer and mercenary. She is currently employed by The Hawthorn Consortium and is based out of Millennium City, MI, USA.


Spoiler Warning
The following details are about a player-created storyline, or is information currently unrevealed about a character.
Please do not use this information ICly unless given permission to do so.

Content Warning
The following will have elements that may upset you.

The Early Years, 1986-1998

Kitrana was born in the Antioquia region of Colombia, the daughter of a tourist and a trollop. Her father may have been Scandinavian, given the color of her eyes, but no one knows for sure. Her mother died of a drug overdose while she was very young.

With no one to turn to, an eight year old Kitrana set to the streets on her own. She managed to survive by begging for scraps of food, and some petty theft when that didn't provide enough to keep her going.

Innocence, Lost

One night, four years after taking to the streets, she woke up with a jolt. A car bomb had gone off just three blocks from the alley in which she had been sleeping, and the bomb had leveled an entire block. Flaming shrapnel set fire to the blocks near her, and panic stricken people set into the streets. She fled deeper into the alleyways, trying to avoid being trampled by the crowds, and frantically searched for somewhere to hide.

Unfortunately for her, she was captured by some cartel members and taken to one of their safehouses. They threw her into a cage with many other children, and she was there for many weeks under the supervision of guards who shouted obscenities at them and beat them on a regular basis. Every now and again, they would grab one of the children and take them away, never to be seen again.

One night, using the skills she had learned while surviving on the streets, she picked the lock on the cage and attempted to escape with the rest of the children. Unfortunately, one of the other kids was spotted by the guards. Many of the children were gunned down, but Kitrana dove into a nearby cellar for safety.

The cellar she dove into was actually one of the cartel's torture rooms. She was caught the next day, and as punishment for escaping she was forced to torture their prisoners for them. She ate there, slept there, and had to listen to the surviving prisoner's groans and pleas for mercy throughout the night.

After weeks of listening to the screams of others, she awoke to a hailstorm of gunfire outside the door. A band of mercenaries hired by the government had arrived to take out the drug cartel.

The mercenaries were no kinder to her. She was taken back to their camp and tied to a table in the officer's mess. First the officers, then the soldiers raped her. When she would pass out from exhaustion, they would wake her by pouring ice-cold water on her.

A few days later, the mercenaries decided to find a new use for her. They dragged another captive in front of her, and began interrogating him. After a few denials, they began beating her. She passed out shortly after they started, between the pain and exhaustion.

When she awoke, to a gentle nudge rather than ice water, she found herself looking at a lone soldier, wearing a bandana and clad in a strange leather suit covered in belts and pockets. All around her, the mercs had either been knocked out, strangled, or shot. He then freed her, carried her out of the camp, with the other captive that was being interrogated in tow. Once to a safe distance, he set her down, handed her a pistol and some magazines from one of the fallen mercs, and disappeared into the night.

The Teenage Years, 1999-2005

Photo recovered from soldier's effects.

After this, she spent her time wandering around looking for work, trying to forget the things she'd done. Unfortunately, the only work anyone offered her was working as a prostitute. She refused, and continued to drift from town to town.

Information Age

Two years after being freed, Kitrana was ambushed by group of U.S. special forces soldiers operating in the area. After a bit of miscommunication, they relented and let her go. She asked them if they had any work she could do for them. The soldiers were tasked with taking down the main cartel leader, Alonso Ibanez. They used her as an informant, since she knew the area fairly well and was able to talk her way into anywhere she couldn't sneak into. During this time, they taught her how to speak English, as well as some basics on how to fight unarmed, with a knife, and aim a gun correctly. She also hit it off with one of the guys in the unit, SFC Karl Schmidt.

Data Overload

After three years of careful planning and moving the various chess pieces around on the board, everything finally lined up to checkmate Ibanez. She'd set up a meeting with Ibanez at one of his farms.

She tagged along as the team cut across country on their way to the meeting point. They were making good time despite the thick jungle growth and uneven terrain. Then they reached a small clearing in the jungle, and the team leader gave the signal for everyone to stop. Something wasn't right. For minutes, they waited. Looking, listening, smelling for anything that could answer why they all seemed uneasy. A rustling leaf, a snapping twig... anything. A few more minutes passed, and they decided it was clear. Karl mustered up some bravado and reassured her that everything would be alright, then offered to lead the group out. Five steps later...


The explosion knocked her clean off her feet, and knocked her out for a minute or two. When she came to, the rest of the unit was looking at her awkwardly, and no one seemed to want to say anything. She looked around for Karl, but aside from a few scraps of charred clothing, the only thing left of him was his dog tags. She had no one to blame, though she blamed herself for it. She knew that some parts of the jungle, off the beaten paths, were littered with landmines from previous wars. Or was this one from Ibanez' paranoia? No one could possibly know.

She dropped out of the informant business after that, and completely lost it.

Russia and Chechnya, 2005-2008

Chechnya, 2006.

Kitrana packed up what few things she had and, using the money she had saved up from the informant job, booked a one-way trip to Moscow. When she arrived, it was the complete opposite end of the world like she had hoped for. However, she was unable to find work here as well. Out of options, she marched herself on over to an Army recruiting station and told them, after they found a translator, that she wanted to fight. They initially laughed at her, until they caught the look in her eyes. They wanted a demonstration of her hand to hand ability. While she was beaten, they saw potential in her. They then took her to a firing range to test her abilities with firearms. She impressed them enough that they signed her up under a one year contract, and shipped her off to Chechnya.


In Chechnya, she saw the other side of what she had seen in Colombia. The other kontraktniki were even more brutal than the mercenaries in Colombia had been, except she had to work with these ones. The few that did try to mess with her ended up on the K.I.A. list. Kitrana re-upped her contract three times.

While on patrol in Grozny she came across a bombed out Russian armored personnel carrier, apparently hit by friendly fire from the artillery units. Inside, she found what appeared to be the remains of a MVD unit. She poked around further, hoping to find something still salvageable. Near the front of the passenger compartment, she found what appeared to be a usable AK rifle. Upon picking it up, though, she noticed that it was different. The magazine was cocked off to the right, and the barrel and action appeared different somehow. She slung it over her shoulder and took it with her back to camp. It wasn't until she stripped it down that she realized what she had found: an AN-94 assault rifle.

By the middle of her fourth year in Chechnya, the Russians informed her that they would not be able to renew her contract next year, as they were readying to withdraw from the conflict and hand the responsibility over to the local police units.

The Road to Millennium City, 2008-2011

At Gestalt's VR training room.

Kitrana filed as a Chechen refugee and moved into the U.K. When not out looking for work, she was likely to be found getting into fights at a bar.

Kitrana applied to the largest private military company on the planet, Gestalt Security, based near London. This particular company was actually an umbrella company comprised of eleven other PMC's. However, she was not assigned to one of the satellite companies. Instead, she was assigned to be a bodyguard for the company's leader, a former U.S. special forces operative, named Robert Maras.

Gestalt trained her far beyond the skills she'd picked up over the years, and even injected her with nanomachines. These nanomachines suppressed emotional reactions and released endorphins for killing enemies, among other useful things. What they didn't tell her was that if she was wounded, the nanomachines would burn her from the inside out.

Her unit followed Maras all over the world. From the Middle East to South America, the former Soviet Bloc countries, Alaska, and even aboard a warship on the open ocean.

It was that last location where she finally woke up to what she'd become. Someone had been sent to assassinate Maras, and after numerous attempts in various places around the world, they had to flee via ship to try and avoid him. Unfortunately, the assassin had infiltrated the ship and began his hunt again. Her unit was deployed to comb the ship and stop him. She was the first to find him, but... she realized who he was. Even though he seemed many, many years older than she remembered... it was unmistakably him. The man who set her free all those years ago. She dropped her weapons and surrendered on the spot. He knocked her out and stuffed her into a locker so no one would know he'd been through.

Please Make a Legal U-turn

When she awoke, she was in the custody of the U.S.M.C. and told that her boss had been planning a coup d'etat. When she asked what happened to the rest of her unit, they told her that what remained of her unit had gone insane shortly after the computer controlling the nanomachines had been destroyed.

They told her they weren't sure if there would be any residual side effects of the nanomachines, and that they weren't equipped to handle it on any boat in the fleet. Someone suggested Dr. Silverback in Millennium City might be able to help. So they shipped her off, under military escort, in case some underlying program in the nanomachines sent her into a murderous rampage.

Unfortunately by the time she reached Millennium City, it was under invasion from the Qu'larr. Desperate times call for questionable allies, and the former soldier was handed some weapons and told to earn her freedom.

Recent Activities

As spotted at Club Caprice.
  • After the cleanup from the Qu'larr invasion was complete, she underwent several operations to remove all of the nanomachines from her body - July 2011
  • Her former boss, Robert Maras, escaped from jail - July 2011
  • Moved into a rental house in Millennium City's west side. - July 2011
  • Found an abandoned motorcycle, begins trying to fix it up. - August 2011
  • Robert Maras recaptured, stuffed into stronghold. - Sept. 2011
  • Due to some "negotiations" made on her behalf, she now owns the rental house in the west side. - Sept 2011
  • Moved into a penthouse suite in the downtown area. - Sept 2011
  • Joined The Hawthorn Consortium - Oct 2011
  • Alonso Ibanez Jr. makes his first appearance, begins sending hit squads after her - Oct 2011
  • Alonso Ibanez Jr. killed - Nov 2011
  • Visited Karl's family - Thanksgiving 2011
  • Attacked in own home (penthouse), put in hospital - February 2012
  • Out of hospital - April 2012

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