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The Errant Queen
Heir To The Throne On The Hill
The Unleashed
Player: Eeptog
Super Group
· Other Affiliations ·
Real Name
The Errant Queen, Sword of the King
920 BC
Millennium City
Hero, Actress, Personality
Legal Status
In good standing with MCPD
Marital Status
· Known Relatives ·
Himmel (Father,) Freden (StepBrother,) Roen (StepSister)
Physical Traits
Apparent Age
Appears to be in 40s (Actually 2936 as of 2015)
7 Feet or so
Body Type
Large & Muscular
None/White Skin Flap
White & Orange
· Distinguishing Features ·
Body protrudes many thorns that grow from orange patches on the skin.
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
Teleportation, Agelessness, Minor Reality Warping, Prayer/Worship/Faith Empowerment, Unnatural Presence
· Equipment ·
Two Khopesh, Harpe Sword, Shotel
· Other Abilities ·
Enhanced Combat, Dual Wielding, Alpha Physiology

Public Knowledge

Excerpt from an Internet article entitled “Up, Up & Away! Up and Coming Heroes of Today.”

((This is common knowledge, known to anyone.))

Krigen appeared in Millennium City with a crash, literally. Claiming to have tumbled out of an interdimensional rift from the realm of "Virkelig," Krigen is a fish out of water trying to carve out a living in this crazy world we call home, something we can all relate to. The only difference is Krigen is not standing idly by, she is on an active quest to become a star! She quickly signed on with Blitz Soda™ as their new spokesperson/mascot resulting in their new slogan “It’s a Blitzkrieg!” Blitz Soda™ has been without a mascot since the untimely death of its original founder and mascot Blitzer. Some may undoubtedly miss the old hero but many others are happy to see the brand moving on and stepping itself back up with a fresh new face to boot.

Krigen has also recently taken her striking visage to the small screen. That’s right, you may have seen her recently in a police lineup on the show ‘Millennium City Crime Files.’

“Some may see it as a curse,” she said during an interview, “as a non-human I am not likely to find many roles because of my appearance. This to me is a blessing, as it grantees my roles will be important ones that only I am capable of.”

She also explained that she has many more gigs on the horizon, this time with more screen-time we hope, and expects her career to reach new heights within the coming years.
Good luck Ms. Krigen, we’re sure to see you around.

Enciclopedia degli dei dimenticati — Encyclopedia of Gods Forgotten

The Encyclopedia of Gods Forgotten, a tome written by Italian scholars in the 14th century in an attempt to cash in on growing interest in mysticism. It has since been translated and re-printed and circulates as a niche item among those interested in occult knowledge. Containing many falsehoods and mistruths, it is sometimes seen as a novelty piece, though the truths it does hold are unavailable by other means.
((This is not common knowledge, known only to few who dedicate themselves to occult pursuits.))

Himmel, The All-Father, and in later texts — The God-King, seemed to be the figurehead of this particular cult and as such we will refer to this faith as “The Cult of Himmel.” Seemingly propagated by farm workers the cult most likely had a focus on agricultural pursuits and fertility, though in later texts seems to portray a much more typical idolatry, as seen in Himmel’s previously mentioned shift from father figure to authority figure.

Beside Himmel in his command over the forces of nature stood Krigen the Lord of Man, Order, and Law. One of the few recorded practices of the cult was the election of a priestess who would don the head of a goat and act as the physical embodiment of Krigen, dictating laws, overseeing village activity and serving as a liaison between man and god. Also — idols have been found portraying goat headed women bearing weapons which leads us to believe that Krigen and her priestesses also acted as guardians of their faith.

Amazingly, despite evidence of “The Cult Of Himmel” being found all throughout the middle east and even reaching as far as the kingdoms of Europe, little is known of its founding or practices. It seems its followers were not the sort to record their beliefs, indeed what little knowledge we have is based off of the second hand accounts of those viewing the cult from the outside. Judging by these accounts, it was understood to be a simple fertility cult. Then — one may wonder — how such a simple belief can be so far reached without proper documentation of its rites. After further investigation it is our belief that this was not simply a heathen faith but a collection of fables shared amongst the slave societies of the east, as we have found that many of these second hand accounts were written by slave owners recording the lives of their stock.

In any case, it seems this particular cult, like so many others, died off long ago. With no properly recorded history it has simply faded to the echos of time.

Remember them, Reader, or no one will.


Krigen has an elongated animal-like head somewhat resembling that of a goats, with short floppy ears to match. Her scalp stretches backwards and flows down to form a thick layer of skin disconnected from the rest of her head, acting as hair. The texture of her skin is somewhat rough and has a tiny layer of coarse fur covering it. She has 4 large horns that protrude from her skull and various other horns, spikes and thorns protruding from her body as well. Her eyes are a deep glossy black.


Generally somber with an underlying sense of authority. Krigen, despite some introverted tendencies, tends to force herself into the forefront of things. She does all things in an attempt to further her influence and often shows no quarter to her enemies unless they offer her something of extreme worth in return for their safety. Despite her brutality while on patrol she seems to fit in well in a business environment, often dealing with talent agents, business managers, and members of the entertainment world in her ongoing self-advertisement campaign.

Powers & Skills


Teleportation - In Krigen’s home dimension she could travel literally anywhere in her world with a single step. With her power severely dwindled she can now only teleport short distances. She often uses this in combat to disorient her opponents.

Minor Reality Warping - Under appropriate circumstances Krigen may have the ability to warp reality around her. This is most common during combat as her enemies may in a panicked state feel Krigen holds their life in her hands, thus giving her more sway over them. This can take form in a number of ways such as telekinesis and emotional or physical manipulation (such as induced fainting, answer manipulation or extreme dread.) These powers, while possible, are hard to trust and usually only work on the weak willed.

Prayer/Worship Empowerment - Krigen’s strength comes directly from others belief in her and her abilities. Luckily being recognized by the inhabitants of earth is enough to sustain her presence, coupled with being recognized as a hero allows her to use very limited forms of her powers.

Unnatural Presence - Weak willed mortals often tend to see Krigen as something “larger than life.” They may perceive her as a celebrity, a demon, or some kind of authoritarian figure like a politician. It all depends on the persons perceptions. Or they may simply feel an unnatural welling in their chests with no particular emotion attached, just the feeling that something from another world is near.

Agelessness - Formerly immortal, now she can only fend off aging.


Enhanced Combat - Having been a warrior for thousands of years her skills are deeply ingrained. As such, her weakened state on earth does not severely interfere with her combat abilities.

Dual Wielding - The nature of combat in her home demanded the quick dismemberment of enemies, thus royal soldiers trained in the art of dual wielding to “disable the enemies twice as fast.”

Alpha Physiology - As a god of her kind she is vastly physically superior to her followers. This is most evident in her horns, a trait that only great leaders gain and which is now no longer seen among her people.


Mortality - On paper Krigen may look to be supremely powerful, this is not at all the case. She is in fact extremely vulnerable to damage and is only slightly above a powerless "non-super hero." Being stabbed, shot, shocked, immolated, any of these things pose a significant risk to her.

Ignorance - She is unaware of many of earths customs and is completely ignorant of life outside Millennium City. This can of course lead to many issues and social faux pas.

Gear and Equipment

Khopesh - Two large blades with sharp angular hooks. Krigen typically dual wields these.

Harpe - A short sword with a small hook on one side of the blade, similar to a fireplace poker. This hangs on Krigen's side.

Shotel - A short semi-circular blade used to hook around opponents limbs or bypass armor. Strapped to Krigen's thigh.



Spoiler Warning
The following details are about a player-created storyline, or is information currently unrevealed about a character.
Please do not use this information ICly unless given permission to do so.


The All-Father, Creator of Virkelig, it’s people, and Krigen. Himmel was once the most powerful creature of his realm, Despite this he spent the majority of his life simply sitting and watching the world from his throne in The Keep On The Hill. As his people grew they slowly became indignant, and as their worship of him dissapated so to did his power. Currently Himmel is little more than a corpse, disdained by so many that he lacks the ability to even move or speak. It is believed by his children that should he die, the realm will die with him.


Krigen’s adopted brother, Freden is a man of industry. Often seeking political resolutions before even considering violence, Freden had a tendency to foolishly get himself into dangerous situations which Krigen would often save him from. He was also the first inventor of his kind, creating the first engine in Virkelig. He has not been seen since arriving on earth.


Krigen’s adopted sister. After Krigen’s banishment from The Keep On The Hill, Himmel saw need for a new liaison between his people and himself. Roen showed extreme promise as a kind hearted ruler, he adopted her into his divinity in an attempt to sway his ever fracturing empire back to his favor. Roen has recently been seen roving around japan amongst Bōsōzoku gangs.


Ad-Visor is a small time talent agent looking for his big break, which he hopes to find in Krigen. Leading her into dubious aspects such as daytime talk-shows and sitcoms, Krigen attempts all his ideas with complete sincerity, which sometimes does more harm than good. But hey — you know what they say, any publicity is good publicity.


Tropes (OOC Information)


What Is Evil? Not Evil, Just Misunderstood. Ambiguously Evil. - Krigen’s end goal is nothing less than world domination (Bad) in an effort to save her home dimension (good) so her family can rule for eternity (bad.) However, she attempts to achieve this by playing to humanities “primitive” ideas of heroism (good.) This moral ambiguity may be seen in any number of ways.

Villain With Good Publicity. Anti-villain. - Do to her focus on heroic acts to further her personal agenda, coupled with a conscious attempt to paint a positive image as a hero, Krigen is generally considered a good guy by the public.

Daddy's Girl. - Krigen lives to serve her father.

No Hero To Her Valet. - Krigen often deals with boardroom execs and business men who could care less about her heroic acts and would rather know what she can do for them.


Badass Princess. Lady Of War. - Princess, Heir Apparent, and Royal General/Peacekeeper for the majority of her life.

Accidental Murder. These Hands Have Killed. Dark And Troubled Past. It Gets Easier. - As the first of her race to experience the act of taking another life Krigen was guilt stricken for many years. But as the realm matured and death became commonplace she fell back into her role as a warrior. While her memories still haunt her, she feels comfortable in her position.

Mortality Ensues. Brought Down to Badass. Broken Angel. -

Outlaw. The Highwayman. - Krigen lived life as an outlaw on the outskirts of the realm before beginning her quest to earth.

Doomed Home Town. Can't Go Home Again. There's No Place For Me There - There is no portal back to her homeworld of Virkelig. Not that it matters, as she was an outlaw there anyway.


Oddly Shaped Sword. Gardening Variety Weapon. - Most weapons from her homeland were derived from farming tools, resulting in many crook-bladed weapons.

Names To Run Away From. - Krigen, verb — to engage in warfare.

Really 2935 years old!

RP Hooks

  • Have you read or owned The Encyclopedia of Gods Forgotten? You may recognize Krigen's likeness from the book.
  • Do you have keen senses? Can you detect supernatrual beings? You may be able to discern Krigen's unnatural presence.
  • Do you work in entertainment? Perhaps you have crossed paths or have heard word of Krigen as an entertainer.
  • Perhaps you have seen Krigen on advertisements or as an extra on TV.


  • In Virkeligen Parabiology horns are a symbol of nobility, they tend to only grow when the being-in-question is in a position of great power. This is reflected in Krigen having two pairs of horns, one set from her reign as Princess and the other from her reign as The Errant Queen.
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