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Player: @drgmstr
Biographical Data
Real Name: Kydan Delara
Known Aliases: -
Gender: Male
Species: N'Taiak
Ethnicity: -
Place of Birth: Arkheon V
Base of Operations: Milky Way
Relatives: -
Age: 28 Earth Years
Height: 7' 3"
Weight: 248
Eyes: Chetwode Blue
Hair: Green
Complexion: Curious Blue soft plated skin, grey harden plated skin.
Physical Build: Athletic
Physical Features: -
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Public
Years Active: Unknown
Citizenship: Arkheon
Occupation: Merchant
Education: Arkheon Military Training, Arkheon Economics
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Energy weapons, explosives, energy shields
Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
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The Planet of Arkheon V

Arckheon V is a oceanic trade world located in the Im'ves sector, located on the Cygnus arm of the Milky Way. Arckheon is the name of the star in the system call signed '0' with eight planets surrounding the star. Arkheon V is the only planet that sustains life on its own with the remaining seven planets too extreme to contain life. Being mostly covered with water, very little land is present for land dwellers to live on. Though the wonders of this world lie under its waters. Exotic creatures living within the vasts oceans, trenches and cave systems. One of these creatures would developed into being the dominate species of the world. Known as the N'Taiak would grow to be humanoid like creatures with dog like appearances with shark tails. Excellent swimmers with the use of said tail and the retractable webbed fingers and toes have them travel great distances across the oceans with little effort. Primitive at first living in the undersea caverns, the N'Taiak would grow in brain power creating vast underground cities within these caverns. With the discovery of a mineral called Zaronite, it would be used to bring the N'Taiak into the high tech ages. Usage of this new mineral compressed into metals strong enough to withstand the high pressures of the ocean floors, underwater cities would grow. Over time the vast networks of the cave systems would not be enough to the fast growing population of the N'Taiaks. With the advance technology quickly growing, the N'Taiaks would develop force fields and shields to extend their cities into the depths of the oceans. Arckheon V would become a leading world in shield technology and space ship developments providing their technology as one of their tradable resources.

Economic Crisis

As much as Arckheon V has been successful in its trade routes, the planet would go into a crisis when running out of resources. The N'Taiaks had to use their current means of technology and extend to the other planets to find renewable resources. Each planet in the Arckheon system would become a mining world to the N'Taiak to solve their economic crisis providing additional resources each world has to offer, greatly learning from their mistakes to not overhaul extracting a worlds resources almost destroying their home planet in the process. With these new minerals found, new means of metals have been produced to improve the N'Taiaks technology and ways of life. Able to now go to the deepest points of their oceans and mine farther down into the planets crust to replenish their stocks of resources needed to the ever demanding trade clients of the Milky Way. Many of the citizens of Arckheon V would have a means of knowledge to be traders established through the government to accept trades of goods no matter where they are to gain profit to both have a stable government and income for the citizens of Arckheon V.


Kydan Delara is a common merchant from Arckheon V travelling from star system to star system on his trade ship, the Garcer. A well known negotiator who has made himself known to provide humble exchanges and always please a customer with a sale. Kydan with a sense of exploring new worlds to search for new merchandise to add to his collection travels to Earth hearing of the tales through trade space of the unique sights and technology found there. On his way there, a group of raiders would attack Kydan's ship when passing by Jupiter. The ship would be badly damaged but Kydan managed to fend off the raiders with his skilled piloting and military training. Crippled, the Garcer would send out a distress beacon as the ship drifts through space. Aid would arrive shortly after when Earth received the call for help and taxi his ship to the GATEWAY space station over the planet. Kydan now stranded on the planet until his ship is repaired, he makes the opportunity to make Earth his hub to set up shop while managing his trading business and meeting some of the friendly faces Earth has to offer.


Standing at 7' 3", Kydan averages in male height of the N'Taiak species. The skin of a N'Taiak feels like human skin but more tougher with plated membranes under the skin along with greyed exterior plated skin used as pressure points to feel the changes of current, pressure, and temperature of the water and air. The face represent that of dog like features with green silky hair that represents normal human hair but the textures of it feel more like seaweed when felt, with horns through the skulls provide the traditional look of their primitive pasts and perked ears bent to the sides. Having solid chetwode blue eyes fogged up not able to see the pupils of their eyes and extended jaw lines given to a oblong shaped head with the lower jaw extended slightly to have the bottom frontal fangs be seen. A large shark like fin to show its aquatic nature and if swimming, with webbed hands and feet that retract between when to swim to walking upright or to hold objects.


Kydan is a calm individual. Speaking in a somewhat low voice deep voice with a western accent, friendly to meet but a foe to find in battle. A great listener to always willing to hear tales of others adventures as he shares his travelling across the galaxy. At times he can be a flirt to add to the peaceful tone he brings out. Along those lines, he is always willing to speak to complete strangers, to either make new friends or to conduct business with his trade markets.







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