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Player: @Arkeyark
Woe to those that would keep me from my due.
Character Build
Class Focus: Magi-creature
Power Level: Adept
Research & Development: Magical
Biographical Data
Real Name: Kylmayksi
Known Aliases: Cold Monstrocity
Gender: Female
Species: Slavic Dragon
Ethnicity: European
Place of Birth: Norway
Base of Operations: Global
Relatives: None
Age: 5,000 (5,000 in human years. 5,000 in any other year.)
Height: 64ft
Weight: 30 Tons
Eyes: White
Hair: N/A
Complexion: Bright white and blue scales
Physical Build: Immense unless guised.
Physical Features: A set of thick and sharp horns protruding from the back and side of her skull.
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Lawful Evil

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Identity: Public
Years Active: 5,000
Citizenship: None
Occupation: Magic Devourer
Education: Self-educated
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
Adept magical abilities, natural fire-breath.
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Multiple magical weapons and paraphernalia, aswell as armor for either form she assumes.
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Character Information


Kylmayksi has a fittingly cold and callus personality. Having a strong hatred for nearly all other beings and an immense distrust of her own kind (in particular males due to her suffering) , she tends to sometimes be reclusive or even openly hostile to the point of revelling in it. Reguardless of this, she also tends to enjoy the peace and quiet once in a while, making precious use of solitude in order to strengthen her mind. She dislikes the showing of affection , refusing it herself in exchange for showing the rare glimmer of formal respect. Her most innate trait is her draconic pride, her ego almost larger then she is. She has a firm and strong belief that she is not only superior to all beings, but that she does them a favor by treating them like animals. She is cynical in her behavior, and actually enjoys mocking and downsizing other creatures, in particular smaller ones (Reguardless what form she is in).

She is not completely ignorant to the priorities and prospects of honor and respect, but simply places herself above it, chosing to ignore those concepts because they tend to get in the way far too often. Though she does tend to deny it, there are rare occasions when she develops respect for another being. She tends to develop this for magically potent beings or equally cynical and cold creatures.


Her typical form is a gargantuan reptile with one head, which is adorned by a sharp set of long and thick horns upon her skull. Her shoulders are relatively wide and beside her neck on both sides are jagged burn marks and scarred and missing scales. A remenant from the amputation of her other two heads. Her body is massive and thick, re-enforced by a massive layer of fat and muscle, aswell as very thick scales which are resistant to most weapons. That is with the exception of her throat and soft underbelly, which have a layer of softer and more rigid scales, her belly being particularly sensative and rather plump due to her laziness. Her limbs each end in large paws with five digits, each one having relatively sharp black claws, the difference between each digit having a thick looking membrane. Her tail is rather long and thickly spined, measuring almost her own length in length. Her snout is long and rigid,maw filled with dagger-like teeth, enough to bite a man in half.

On the other hand, she does tend to assume a more humanoid form in order to avoid hinderance with doors and chambers, while still retaining a fearsome visage of her true form. Though the appearances can slightly vary, she usually appears as very tall, bipedal version of her, though a little less muscular. Her body retains some mammilian qualities such as the general structure of the body aswell as the arrangement of internal organs. While in this form she cannot make use of her fire gland and produce natural flames, any sort of special draconic breath that emerges in this form is nearly always magic-based. There is a more clear difference between her feet and hands, her feet appearing to be a bit more traditionally foot-like while her hands retain their membrane. Her body tone tends to be sturdy if not slim in her own 'vision' of what beauty is. She tends to wear a combination of armor and robes in this form, though she feels uncomfortable with armor at times due to the physiology she tends to choose.



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