Lady Black Knight

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Lady Black Knight
Player: User: Beautifuldissonance
Vhat, do you zhink I'm zhe bad guy because I hafe ein akzent?
Class Focus: Support/Pets
Power Level: 40
Research & Development:
Personal Data
Real Name: Die Schwartzeritterin
Known Aliases: Lady Black Knight, Black Knight
Species: Human
Ethnicity: German
Age: 1000?
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blonde
Biographical Data
Nationality: German
Occupation: Necromancer, occultist
Place of Birth: Germany
Base of Operations:  ???
Marital Status:
Known Relatives:  ???
Known Powers
Known Abilities

"So what is the difference [between heaven and hell], and why would I want either?" - Lady Black Knight

Lady Black Knight is a German occultist and necromancer who is currently residing in Millennium City for reasons unknown.

Description of a Struggle

It was under some kingship in what would now be called Germany that a young, forgotten woman tried using magic for the first time. There was a plague in the village and she performed a ritual to cure her family. The village celebrated this and wanted their families and friends cured too. She revealed herself and charged a small price for each time she cured someone, enjoying the opportunity for self-sufficiency rarely obtained by a medieval woman. Eventually everyone in the region was cured, but the living had one problem: what about those who already died? She learned more of the arcane until she brought a man back to life. After she did this, the angel of death appeared to her and said "He was supposed to be dead. Many of those you saved were supposed to die, but with this man the deed has already been done. Kill him or I will have you tormented for eternity." She did not kill him, instead she continued to bring people back to life and was enjoying a decent quality of living from her earnings. The angel of death came back and said: "Now I kill you. The powers desperately want you." However, she had already cast a spell on herself to stop her from getting killed; she was no longer dead or alive, but could still experience a state of unconsciousness like death when she was damaged in a way that would normally kill people, and then she would magically regenerate. Now various beings calling themselves gods and devils, angels and demons, were after her, trying to kill her with different magics, but she developed stronger and stronger immortality. She raised the bodies of dead fighters and their souls separately as ghosts to have a large army, and had them protect her from both the divine and infernal, and from any other stray person who wants to bring harm to her. She has lived for centuries and traveled all the lands of the Earth, learning many languages, historical events, and tidbits of information just like a normal modern intellectual, except she has had much longer and has far more memories. She has helped in some major wars from a long time back. She is called the Black Knight not because she is or was a knight at all, but because of her armor, which is now essentially part of her body and is bound with powerful magic to protect her and keep her from dying. Not dying is the only thing she has left, so she might as well go after it, even if her existence is hellish enough to make no difference whether she dies or not.

Discussion with a Deity

Deity: "You should be dead now, Frau Schwartzeritterin. The fact that you still roam the Earth is wrong. I admire your efforts so, that I will take you to the heavens."
Lady Black Knight: "Please describe it to me, and the alternative."
D: "In heaven, you cannot imagine. In heaven, all the illness of the world, and the hunger of the world, and death and suffering are gone. If you know the Platonic picture of the perfect world, of what this one is but a shadow, it is like that. There is no slight pain, no discomfort or uneasiness, nothing ever malfunctions, nothing needs to be changed, and indeed nothing changes." *he pauses* "In hell, nothing ever changes either. I do not interfere there, although I could at any time. There are many souls that have been metamorphosed back into physical bodies, to be disciplined for the rest of eternity for their disobedience, or worse, blind lack of obedience. It is said that the demons themselves are the results of being taken apart and put back together, and although I know, I will not tell you if this is true or not."
L.BK:"So in heaven there are no problems, and nothing to fix, and nothing more to want."
D: "You would be correct." L.BK: "And in hell, many things are wrong, but you cannot fix anything, and there is nothing there you want."
D; "You would also be correct."

L.BK: "So what is the difference, and why would I want either?"

End of discussion.