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"My hands are small, I know, but they're not yours- they are my own- and I am NEVER broken."
Player: @Lady-of-shadows
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Real Name
Legal Status
No Criminal Record
Marital Status
Too Young To Apply
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Physical Traits
Apparent Age
Body Type
Small and Athletic, she runs on all fours.
Pale, with no freckles, and scars covering her feet.
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She has several burn scars.
Powers & Abilities
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None, though Kit can ALWAYS sense where she is.
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She always- always- wears a blanket, tied around her neck like a makeshift cape. A small, talking tabby kitten follows her around constantly, and she wears a necklace, which has a charm of Hearth and Home on it.
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Shredding People?

Her Life So Far

Stolen Away

Lana was seven years old when she and her father went to visit her mother and newborn brother in the hospital. At the time, she was named Elilana, or Lana, for short. When she was told that children under the age of twelve weren't allowed to visit newborns, she wandered off in a sulk. Then, someone knocked her unconscious. When she awoke, she was chained to a wall, and the wizard who had stolen her was speaking to a demon, who had stolen his daughter. The man traded her to the demon, in return for his own daughter back. The demon brought Elilana to Hell, but he didn't manage to hold onto her long. She fled just a couple weeks in, and roamed the hellscape, looking for a way out. For the next two years, her sanity diminished. She forgot her true name, only referring to herself as Lana. When Lana finally escaped hell, her mind was shattered. She saw everything she came across as a threat, and treated them thusly- by shredding them. Yet, when she came across a shiny man, unlike anything she had yet seen, speaking on a phone, something made her pause. When he noticed her, she almost fled, but he managed to gain her trust, introducign himself as Kan'deh'Len. He took her to Sherrerra's, where she met a few of his friends, including Dalvar, who also gained her trust. Not too long later, she aquired an orange tabby kitten that she named Kitten. Kan'deh'Len and Texas Two-Step convinced her to give him a different name, however, and thus, he became Kit. Over the next few months, she gained several friends- as well as a few enemies.

Never A Dull Moment

Lana was in Caprice one day, following Lord Nightmare for unknown reasons. When he noticed her, there was a confrontation, and he ended up taking her outside, where he attempted to convince her that Kan'deh'Len had been killed. A nearby druid named Kairen happened across the scene, and helped to calm Lana down, though he suspected foul play. Once Nightmare had left, the girl druid boy cast a spell to allow Kit to speak, temporarily, and asked Kit for the truth. In return for Kit's help, he offered Kit a boon. Kit took the ability to speak as his boon- a fact that many have come to regret, as he is a ~very~ snarky kitten. Unfortunately, that wasn't Lana's last encounter with Nightmare, and not to long later, he ended up kidnapping her. He kept her for a few days, then tried to get her to send Kan'deh'Len and Dalvar to him. Whe she refused, he injured her, and left her as she was, unconscious. A passerby found her, and brought her to his friend to help her recover. As soon as she could, she left, fleeing to where Kan'deh'Len was. She has had few encounters with Nightmare since this occurred, though she is constantly wary of it happening again, fearing that he would hurt her friends. The next few months were anything but dull for Lana. Twice Kan'de'Len disappeared, once without warning. She fretted quite a bit- and then the androids came in. Lana had, before that point, a habit of wandering alone, and one day, when she happened upon the roof of the hospital, one of the androids was there, waiting. He attempted to kill her by blowing her off the roof with sonic waves- and he would have succeeded, had Felix not noticed the commotion. Felix blew a hole in his suit in his haste to help Lana, knocking the android away. He managed to remain upright long enough to catch Lana, before passing out, leaving Lana to think he had died. Andriod's weren't Lana's only problem during this time, to her dismay. The demon lord showed up at one point, and managed to get the drop on Lana. He kept her for three days before she managed to escape. He didn't give up there, however. Kit convinced Lana to go scouting with him for the demon lord, and they were spotted, and captured. It took Lana several days to escape, and by that time, both she and Kit were badly injured. She carried the unconscious kitten with her to Sherrera's, where they encountered Kat and Felix. While Kat helped Kit, Felix handled healing Lana, who refused to speak about what happened. When Kan'deh'Len finally managed to get the story out of Kit, Lana was ~incredibly~ unhappy about it.

Weaknesses and Fears

  • Lana has a habit of chewing on her fingertips when nervous, often to the point of them bleeding.
  • Lana is easily frightened by fire, demons, and people coming up behind her.
  • Due to nerve damage, Lana has trouble telling if stuff is hot or cold, and thus, will play with lightbulbs.
  • Lana has issues speaking, and can't stand straight very well.
  • Lana has nightmares rather frequently, though she's learned how to stay incredibly quiet during said nightmares.
  • Lana has a habit of trying to do anything possible to help her friends- including stuff that just might just her killed.
  • For some reason, the burns on Lana's scalp never healed quite right, and are incredibly sensitive to this day. People touching her head causes her slight amounts of pain, rather like someone poking at a bruise.


Lana knows people, many people, and sometimes, even she has trouble keeping them straight!

Medes- Lana's uncertain what to think of the shapeshifter. He's nice, and he helped Felix, but she's just... Not sure yet.

Gina- Lana likes the dragony lady, but, she rarely see's her.

Del- Though the Drow is standoffish, Lana likes him a bit- which just may be due to the fact that he's one of the few people to ever uses Telepathy on her...

Apotropaic- Lana's met the dragon wizard a few times. He amuses her, but she doesn't know him well enough to call him a friend. ...Yet.


Soulburn- Though the woman is indeed a demon, a fire demon, and Lana, by all rights, oughta be terrified of her, Lana considers Soulburn to be a close friend, and in times of stress, someone to cling to.

Katerra- Kat's another person Lana considers to be a friend, someone she can trust. It was Kat who helped Lana to realize that just because she couldn't tell when something was hot, didn't mean that it wasn't.

Jarvan De'Lequintor- Jarvan is, well, Jarvan. Lana adores him, and sometimes clings to him when upset.

Roarrex- Lana was, originally, terrified of Rex, but Fencer managed to convince her he was nice, and she ended up adoring him. When he was killed for a time, and Lana found his remains, she was incredibly upset, and told Jarvan she wanted to 'shred the meany who hurt Rexxy'.

Reenka- The adoptive daughter of Serdurni and Fencer, it's not exactly clear how Reenka and Lana met, but they formed a fast friendship, and now are best friends.

Fencer- Lana considers Fencer a protector, and he's one of the people who's authority she'll generally obey without question- most of the time.

Syracuse- Lana adores Cuse. She just flat out adores him. Kit, however, has 'issues' with his bird...

Texas Two-Step- Lana will defend Tex, no matter what. It's irrational, but Lana absolutely adores her.


Kan Del Len- Lana treats Kel like most children would treat a favored parent. She'll often tag along when he goes out, rather like a lost puppy, and has a habit of clinging to his legs. If the files are checked, they show that legally, Lana is Kan'deh'Len's adoptive daughter.

Dalvar- Dalvar is also considered family by Lana, though she'd be hard pressed to figure out exactly what the relationship IS. It's a little confusing for her.

Thresh- Thresh is Lana's adoptive big brother, and Lana absolutely ADORES him. He gave her her tacklebox full of art supplies, and is someone Lana will hug on sight, because, well, he's Thresh.

Kit- Kit's not exactly a pet. He's more like a familiar, and could be considered a snarky uncle or brother. He wants what's best for Lana, and will go out of his way to make sure she's safe.

Felix Wrath- Lana knew Felix even before he risked his life for her, and secretly considers him a big brother- not that she'll admit it.


Even sweet little Lana has enemies, who she'd ~love~ to shred to death.

Lord Nightmare- Also known as Lord Doo-doo brains by Lana, and Lord Dick-For-Brains by Kit, Lana is terrified of Nightmare due to instances of Kidnapping, Violence, and throwing her 30 feet into the air in an attempt to draw her friends away.

G-40- Though he's dead, this andriod plays a role in Lana's nightmares, given that he tried to kill her.

Kaiser- Lana really, REALLY hates Kaiser. A lot. Felix and Jarvan may have accidentally encouraged this.

There's another Lana considers to be a foe, though she's never met him and doesn't know his name, she has plenty of reason to hate the person who nearly killed Kan'deh'Len.

Through Eyes Not My Own

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