Lord Venom

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Player: @ChaosRed

Lord Venom
Player: @ChaosRed
Obey or Die!
Class Focus: Confidential
Power Level: 9
Research & Development: Confidential
Personal Data
Real Name: Sigbert Larsen
Known Aliases: Venom, Sigi
Species: Half Man/Half Dragon
Ethnicity: Confidential
Age: Over 1000 Years
Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 200 lbs
Eye Color: Purple
Hair Color: None
Biographical Data
Nationality: None
Occupation: None
Place of Birth: Denmark, 1010 AD
Base of Operations: Unknown
Marital Status: Confidential
Known Relatives: Confidential
Known Powers
Battle Axe / Fire Breather
Known Abilities


Remnants of an ancient Viking warrior are brought to a lab where the DNA is replicated. The dead soul is then reattached to the body through an occult ceremony. But the specimen used to replicate the warrior had traces of Dragon DNA in it – and the resulting creation from this tainted DNA is a monstrosity now known as Lord Venom.

Lord Venom begins an obsessive quest to find an ancient book – (Librum Blasphemare) – a book that allegedly contains secrets to vast power. He believes he will one day rule the world with the knowledge contained inside that book!


Lord Venom is the nemesis of Osprey. He is also the leader of a group of super-villains who work to defeat Genesis League.


Sigbert Larsen

In ancient times a raging berserker by the name of Sigbert Larsen roamed and terrorized Northern Europe. As time passed, he amassed a small, but loyal crew of bandits – who terrorized towns, raping and pillaging each locale and then moving on.

The Dragon - Geiskivaro

Then one day Sigbert heard of a mighty dragon named Geiskivaro – and that many of the world’s mightiest Vikings were gathering to hunt and defeat the mighty beast. Sigbert had heard the dragon was “blessed” with three great golden statues.

The statues were said to be both powerful and valuable beyond measure.

So, he volunteered to join the hunting party to defeat this dragon. He also had another bold plan – once the dragon was dead his own brand of brigands would attack the hunting party so that they could walk away with all the wealth and possess all three statues for themselves.

The hunting party was successful and the great Geiskivaro fell. Sigbert was particularly central to the dragon’s defeat at one point driving his mighty battle-axe into the creature, a vicious blow that helped lead to Geiskivaro’s defeat.

When the time came to split the bounty, Sigbert seized one of the golden statues and then commanded his brigands to slay the hunting party in the night.

But little did Sigbert know he had been deceived!

Curse of the Golden Statues

The statues were cursed – and in Sigbert’s case the curse fell upon him quickly.

The brigands turned on Sigbert, figuring the death of one man for a single statue was a better ratio of risk-to-wealth than killing an entire hunting party for just two statues. After all, one statue alone would set the brigands for life with wealth and power beyond their dreams!

Sigbert was slain in the night by his own men and the statue was lost to the brigands that killed him. As time went by, the brigands fell to the curse of the statue as well and now the statue is long lost, although it is said that Sigbert cursed soul still craves the statue’s mighty power.

The Discovery

In 2009, a team of archeologists are digging in a newly discovered site in northern Denmark. They discover ancient Viking weapons and apparently the location of an ancient camp. Among the discoveries is a well preserved skeleton of Sigbert Larsen – with the battle axe that cleaved his heart still lingering the remains.

It was heralded as one of the greatest discoveries of a Viking skeleton in history and the piece was brought back to Copenhagen and put on display in the history museum.

Theft & Resurrection

For reasons that are unclear, a terrorist group known as VIPER became keenly interested in the discovery of the Viking archeological site. They raided the site and plundered what they could and killed many of the scientists working there. Apparently unsatisfied with what they found, they also stole Sigbert’s corpse and scurried it away to a remote location in the northern Arctic.

In fact, VIPER was convinced the corpse could reveal clues as to the missing golden statues of Geiskivaro. And so they set about with a bold experiment. They would attempt to “resurrect” Sigbert using a combination of DNA replication and a strange occult ceremony. They hoped a resurrected corpse with its soul reattached could tell VIPER the location of the statues. When seeking the best DNA to use, they found the blood on the axe that had slain him produced the best sample, so they used it.

Tainted DNA from the Axe

What they did not realize was the DNA they used was not entirely Sigbert’s blood! Some of the blood on the axe was the blood of dragon Geiskivaro smeared on the weapon.

The fusion of Geiskivaro’s and Sigbert’s blood produced an ugly hybrid – a vicious reptilian killer that immediately slew the scientists and the occultists performing the ceremony. He then went on a murdering rampage throughout the VIPER facility.

After a massive battle, VIPER eventually subdued Sigbert – and through a combination of dangerous drugs and propaganda made Sigbert see that VIPER’s mission and their general intent was to aide and albeit Sigbert in his ambitions.

The DNA used to resurrect Sigbert also contained the DNA of the ancient dragon Geiskivaro. It produced an evil hybrid that murdered the VIPER scientists and occultists that brought him back to life. And so was born the vicious force now known only as Lord Venom!

The Deal

Sigbert struck a deal.

In return for Sigbert’s cooperation with VIPER – the organization would provide him with his own terrorist cell to operate. He was also given full license to recruit his own agents.

Sigbert took the code name Lord Venom and set about to construct a cell. He chose as his location, a northern island in the Canadian Arctic. He is discovering untapped powers within himself bequeathed to him via the dragon DNA that courses throughout his biology.

Librum Blasphemare

He now seeks a book – an ancient book known as Librum Blasphemare – he believes there are details embedded secretly in the book that lead to the location of the lost golden statues. He is obsessed with finding that statue again, convinced the great power within the statue will eventually lead him to dominion over the entire world.

He will use terror, tyranny and vicious assaults of the innocent and weak to grow his power, increase his infamy and help lead to the discovery of the book. He is now actively recruiting other brigands, thieves and villains willing to aid him in his quest.


Lord Venom has now legal rights, as he is not recognized as human. This allowed the sleazy lawyers at SHOCK COMICS to create a comic about him without giving him a royalty. The comics are largely based on real circumstances of Lord Venom's rise to world dominance.

Latest Issue

ISSUE 1 - Rise of Venom!

Issue 1 briefly summarizes Lord Venom's origin, but then immediately leads to Lord Venom's first scheme.

In this issue, the evil lord lures Genesis League into a trap, using a psychic bomb that detonates in Millennium City.

The bomb makes front page news in the Millennium Free Press, and demonstrates that Lord Venom can detonate bombs that brainwash the victims of the blast.

After that, the issue crosses over to Issue 7 of Genesis League, whereby Genesis League investigates the bomb. Meanwhile, Lord Venom seeks a special artifact left behind during the Qu'laar invasion, that he believes will augment the power of his psychic bombs.


Additional Venom Clones

The Skinks are a legion of loyal troops made from the weakened DNA of Lord Venom himself.
After Lord Venom had been created and the awesome power of his hybrid DNA was revealed to VIPER, there was a strong desire to replicate the experiment.

The idea was that if one “Lord Venom” could empower VIPER – then an army of a thousand Lord Venoms could rule the world.

Alas, after the original had been made, all future clones and replications came out weaker and less useful. Worse, each replicant they made, seemed strongly loyal to Lord Venom – obeying his every word like gospel.

Later, occultists theorized that the initial souls of the Dragon and Sigbert had merged and formed a single entity – but thereafter every clone and replicant was essentially soulless – and had a strong desire to obey the creature that held their original soul. In this case, that meant, Lord Venom.

The Skinks

The experiments were put to a halt, but Lord Venom has seized the replicator – and does from time to time create small platoons of minions to serve him – or aid him in his nefarious schemes. He calls this “rabble” the Skinks.

Venom has noticed that some of the Skinks are stronger than others, showing more will power. In time, the most powerful of the Skins will be given individual names and promoted through the ranks. As of yet, no Skink has had this distinction – but Lord Venom is always watching and judging his minions. He believes this creates a healthy competitive spirit amongst them.

The Skinks are fiercely loyal to Lord Venom and fight like vicious animals under rigid control by their evil lord and master. Here, they are seen fighting Lord Venom's most hated enemy the celestial hero known as Osprey.