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Player: imiller
Class Focus:
Power Level:
Research & Development: Mysticism
Personal Data
Real Name: Lucinda de La Croix
Known Aliases: 13th Witch
Species: Human/Witch
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Age: 21
Height: 6' 0"
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Red & Black
Biographical Data
Place of Birth:
Base of Operations:
Marital Status:
Known Relatives: Zafira (Sister), Queen Alexandrina (Mother), King Dremos (Father dec.)
Known Powers
Known Abilities


Lucinda de La Croix was born on the Summer Solstice, the location is however unknown. It is possibly Iceland, though the Pacific region of the Earths' "Ring of Fire" have been mooted.

She is the younger sister of Zafira and second in line to the Realm of Lunaria.

On her "Awakening", Lucinda underwent a physical and psychological transformation, were she became Luciatrix, a half-human/half-dragon witch.

It was fore-told that she would be in battle against a "blue unicorn", the winner would become the Supreme Ruler of the Earth.

Her father (King Dremos) was killed in a mighty battle with a red dragon "Demonix". Her mother is the current ruler of Lunaria.

As a child of 10 years, Lucinda went missing for a number of days. She was eventually found wandering inside the "Desert of Solace". When she was returned, she suffered an ailment akin to the human influenza virus for several days. During this sickness, the royal physicians told her mother (Queen Alexandrina) that they feared for her life, as she had became frail and weak and had a fever so high, Lucindas' body was emitting a reddish glow. As this glow lessened, Lucinda became physically and mentally stronger, even more so than before her sickness. As she recovered she told her mother that she went for a walk in the Majoricum Forest, found herself lost, and eventually led to the foot of Mount Romanus. She entered the cave of the Sacred Flames and tried to touch the "flickering colors", when she heard a loud voice. As she turned to look where the voice was coming from, she said she saw a "big red monster"; after which she found herself in the Desert of Solace.


As a member of the "House of the Red Dawn", Lucinder was gained power over Fire. She had the ability to conjure up Fire Balls, Fire Walls and ignite herself to cause more damage.

In her present dragon form, she also possesses the power of ranged attacks and flight. In both forms she is adept in the dark arts, though this has been intensified, when she became Luciatrix. She has the power over the dead and uses "her pets", as she calls them; the re-animated corpses as both her slaves and army.


Lucinda: As a child Lucinda, thought herself as being in the shadow of her older sister. She was looked upon as the other sister, the sister that would not be on the throne. This culminated in intense anger, leading to jealousy, she was after all the second in line to the throne and she thought that she was entitled to some form of title or standing in the island.

Her anger often resulted in outbursts of rage which became more and more vindictive and cruel, resulting in a highly and dangerous sadistic nature.

She was often prone to manipulation, as in the story of Zafiras' then would be suitor. (Kanus of the "House of the Green Dawn")

Luciatrix: She despises humans and in particular those who claim to be adept at Sorcery and Magic almost to the same degree of malevolence she has for her sister. This is thought to have arisen from her former life as a "Half human/half witch".


Human: Her hair is deep red, with black streaks. Emerald Green Eyes: Possibly led to the term "Green Eyed Monster".

As a follower of the "House of the Red Dawn", she is entitled to wear the colors of that house, to which she readily accepts - Red and Black Leather.

Luciatrix in Human Form - Lucinda de La Croix

Dragon Witch: The most distinctive transformation here, is the presence of horns on her head, spikes around her shoulders and legs, large dragon wings to her back and a tail. She does however, still retain her Green Eyes.