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Lucky Shot is the hero call sign for Felicia Harding, provisional member of The Protectors of the World and owner of Millennium City café Lucky's.


Felicia was born and raised in Millennium City. She'd been exceptionally lucky as long as she could remember. When she was sixteen, she saved an elderly blind witch from being run over by a truck which blew a red light and received a magical focus in the form of an ankh necklace (which she always wears).

When she was nineteen, Felicia opened Lucky's, a café and coffee shop, in a City Center storefront she inherited from her great aunt. She moved into the small apartment above the shop.

When she was twenty-two, she joined The Ultimate Guardians and was with the B team for six years until they disbanded.

She joined The Protectors of the World when she was thirty after two years out of the hero scene.


Felicia is incredibly lucky, and her luck can extend to people in close proximity (within 3 meters of her).

Felicia learned that the true designation of her power is dominion over luck.

She has learned to conjure magical weapons thanks to a minor philosopher's stone bestowed upon her by the hero Apollo.


Growing up, Felicia had a beloved dog named Cassidy.

Felicia is an only child.

Quote: "I'm the George Washington of luck!"


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