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Luna Locke
Luna Avatar.png
"All you need is love"
Biographical Data
Real Name
Luna Locke
Caucasian in human form
Millennium City
Home Base
Isis Locke (Mother), Inanis (Father), Aurora Tyler (Half-Sister), Jules (Wife), Vicky Williams (Wife), Jane Alyssa Foster (Wife), Auriel (Wife), Melissa Darkstar (Wife), Dannica Locke (Daughter), Vespira Locke (Daughter), Ayla Locke (Daughter), Alexis Steele-Foster (Step-Daughter), Ciri Chevalier-Foster (Step-Daughter), Mayuka Darkstar (Step-Daughter)
6' 0"
160 lbs
Physical Build
Physical Features
Long pointed ears and horns in demon form, Striking beauty in both forms
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██
Not a Hero/Villain
Years Active
Refugee from Hell
Shop Owner and Film Star
Mid College
Married (Open Relationship)
Marital Status
Known Powers & Abilities
  • Teleportation
  • Telepathy
  • Shapeshifting
  • Pyrokinesis
  • Masterful Knowledge about Demonic, Shadow and Blood magic
Equipment & Paraphernalia
Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes

In-Charcter Information

Origin Story

Luna came into existence over 10,000 years ago in Hell by a blood ritual that was created by her 'mother and father'. Though the spell was successful in creating her she is considered odd due to her kind and caring nature. In her fathers eyes this make her a failure since they were hoping that she would be a ruthless General in army of Hell. Luna's father decides to still try to train her, but after many millennia of being defied by her Luna's father banishes her to Earth for entirety, but not before stripping her of a good portion of her powers. Stranded on Earth she decides to make the best of it. Him taking away a portion of her power and left her abilities weakened or gone. For instance her ability to teleport herself back into hell was gone, but not her ability to teleport anywhere else. She was left in general area of Romania, with her first human encounter on Earth being with a young wizard that decided to take her in to use her power for his own. After 60 years of being used for her powers by an inept wizard, the discovery that he plans to drain her essence to give himself immortal life did not sit well with Luna. She stokes the fears of the villagers, making them believe that this wizard is kidnapping young maidens. When the villagers storm the wizards tower they find Luna who has already to shifted her form to make herself look like a young human maiden. Luna runs off and disappears when the mob begins to maul the wizard.

For about 70 years Luna bounces around Europe before making her way to Germany. After spending a few year getting used to the culture Luna, now going by the name Mistress Sommer decides to start up a parlor house. Soon after she becomes well know across Europe as a place were girls can come work and have a safe to stay and in turn becomes a very popular venue to visit. Her business does very well for around 40 year before the push of Christian morals force Luna to shutdown her business and send the girls that work for her on their way. After that she decides to be on her way before someone realizes she still looks as young as she did when she opened the business. Luna travels for another 40 years before making her way to France. Now going by the name Katherine Bellerose she quickly gets accustomed to the French culture and climbs her way up the social ladder to the point where she ends up getting courted by a French nobleman. Though this does not last long for not even 2 years into this she ends up making some poor choices that angers the nobleman enough to have her thrown in a dungeon, so before they decide what to do with her she teleports away to start her move again. Luna continues to travel for a little over 80 year before making her to Spain just in time for the Golden Age of Piracy. She would start going by the name Sonya and would sign up to join a Spanish pirate ship. Luna quickly develops a friendship with the captain and after a little of ten years of friendship he decides to hand down control of the ship to her. This ends up upsetting the crew and they choose to mutiny cause of it. Since Luna isn't a fighter they are able to take control of the ship with ease and end up leave Luna on a deserted island all by herself. Luna doesn't stay there long and teleports off.

Luna continues to bounce around Europe for a little over 150 years clearly not wanting to stay in one place to long, that is till she makes her way to England. Shortly after arriving and now going by name Amanda she meets an English woman by the name of Luna Locke. Luna falls head over heels for the English woman and end up telling her that she is a demon. Miss Locke becomes one of her best friends as Luna accompanies her parties as Luna helps Miss Locke with her seances with her magical abilities. Though 10 year later Miss Locke ends up falling ill and passes away, she decides to leave her fortune to Luna just before she passes. Luna would not only take some of the money for her travels but she would also assume Miss Locke's identity as a way to remember her before donating the rest of the money and going on her way. After another 40 years pass Luna eventually makes her way to America in the 1940's and continued to bounce around seeing the sight. Around 2013 Luna settled down in Millennium City, getting a career and making life long friends. She eventually married and started a family, which she always dreamed of doing.

History and Current Events

8000 BC: Luna comes into existence in hell with a blood spell created by her mother and father. Though the spell is success in creating her she is considered odd due to her kind and caring nature.

1416 AD - 1476 AD: Luna is banished to Earth for defying her father. He takes away a portion of her power and her ability to teleport herself back into hell, but not to teleport anywhere else. She is left in general area of Romania, with her first human encounter on Earth being with a young wizard that decided to take her in to use her power for his own. After 60 years of being used for her powers by an inept wizard, the discovery that he plans to drain her essence to give himself immortal life does not sit well with Luna. She stokes the fears of the villagers, making them believe that this wizard is kidnapping young maidens. When the villagers storm the wizards tower they find Luna who has already shifted her form to make herself look like a young human maiden. Luna runs off and disappears when the mob begins to maul the wizard.

1550 AD - 1590 AD: Luna, now going by Mistress Sommer, has made her way to Germany to start brothel of her own. She employed the most beautiful girls from all over Europe, basically having a girl for every taste, making her brothel very popular. But due to the push of Christian morals Luna is force to shutdown her brothel and send the girls that work for her on their way.

1630 AD - 1632 AD: Luna, now going by Katherine Bellerose, makes her way to France and mingles her way into the aristocracy of France, she eventually meets a French nobleman that decides to court her. Though this doesn’t last long, as the nobleman eventually catches Luna having affairs with his mother and sister. She is put in the dungeons to await punishment but manages to escape and leave France.

1716 AD - 1726 AD: Luna, now going by Sonya, joins a Spanish pirate ship as a cabin ‘boy’. After her captain found out she is a woman, he and her formed a mostly sexual relationship in secret. This went on for ten years before the captain gave her control of the ship, in essence making her captain. This didn’t sit well with the crew and they ended up mutinying shortly after she was announced as the new captain, she was then left on a deserted island alone but managed to teleport off it.

1880 AD - 1894 AD: Luna, now going by Amanda makes her way to England and meets an English woman named Luna Locke, who takes her in. Luna falls in love with Miss Locke and reveals to her that she is a demon. Luna chooses to help Miss Locke and her friends perform their seances by using her magical abilities. Miss Locke also brings Luna into her lavish parties where they enjoy Luna’s form. Though in time Miss Locke diagnosed with syphilis and eventually passes away. Miss Locke leaves Luna what’s left her fortune, Luna takes some of the money and also takes on Miss Locke's’ name and looks and then moves on.

1940 AD - Present Day: Luna moves to America and has be living there ever since.


Luna is a tall and curvaceous demoness with thick, luscious black hair in both her human and demon forms. When in her demon form she has red skin, pointed ears, horns and a prehensile tail. In both her human and demon form Luna stands at six foot and is very busty at a 36E. In her demon form she has flaming green eyes that have no pupil and in her human form her eyes glow in the green of her eyes. The length of her hair changes depending on her mood and outfit.


Luna is very bubbly and sweet person. She is very loyal to her friends and family and doesn't take kindly to people trash talking them.


Superhuman Powers

Teleportation - Though Luna is now unable to teleport herself back to Hell she is able to teleport around the world and to some other dimensions with a bit of effort.
Telepathy - Luna is a very powerful telepath and is able to break through most mental defenses but chooses not to as she does not want to hurt anyone doing it.
Shapeshifting - Luna is able to make herself look like most people she see but really only ever uses the looks of her demon form or the human form she acquired from friend she made back in England.
Pyrokinesis - Luna is a powerful pyrokinetic and is able to produce and will a green colored flame. She mostly does it for party trick but will use it for defensive purposes if she in threatened.
Masterful Knowledge of Demonic, Shadow and Blood Magic - Luna learned her magical abilities from her mother who is far more skilled in it then she will ever be. Through her training Luna took a liking to Demonic, Shadow and Blood magic. She tends to use her shadow magic quite often but leave the other two for when she really needs them.


Linguistic Assimilation - Due to her powers of telepathy Luna is able to learn languages through reading minds. It is something she has to willing attempt to learn a new language.


Some forms of Magic (White or Divine magic) - Due to her demonic physiology Luna can be hurt by Divine and White magic as the are polar opposites to the type of magic that created her.
Holy and/or Blessed Items - These types of items can hurt her due to them giving off a form of Divine energy.
Binding Spells - Another weakness due to her demonic physiology.
No Physical Fighting Skills - Luna never took to learning fighting skills and in fact as no want to ever learn them.



Jules - Jules is the love of Luna's life, they met through Luna's job and ended up falling in love. Not too long ago they got married and had two twin girls.
Vicky Williams - Vicky is a former fan and costumer, through them both spending time at Club Caprice they both fell in love. Vicky not only love Luna but loves her family very much, they are planning on getting married very soon and have a child on the way.
Jane Alyssa Foster - Luna met Jane in Club Caprice around the time she was pregnant with Dannica and Vespira. They become fast friends, Luna started to fall in love with her due her being very protective of Luna during her pregnancy. Jane and Luna merged their two family together through marriage.
Auriel - Auriel is Jane's wife and a very beautiful fairy woman. Auriel has been nothing but loving and friendly ever since she met Luna.
Melissa Darkstar - Mel is one of the first people she every met when she moved to Millennium City. They became the closest of friends almost like family.

Pinkywink - A lovely fairy that Luna met in the club. She can at time be seen on Luna's shoulder whispering into her ear due the her tiny voice being hard to hear.
Ana Nathmin - A gorgeous angel that Luna met in the club.

Misa Hazard -
Voltarra - A beautiful android that she met through Mel.


Isis Locke - Isis is Luna's loving mother who after being able to escape the servitude of another demon in Hell went to Earth to be in both her daughters lives.
Inanis - Inanis is Luna's "father" and has recently come to Earth to try and be in Luna's life.
Aurora Tyler - Aurora is Luna's younger half-sister. For years their mother never told them that they were related for some unknown reason to them. Just recently their mother told them that they were sister, which made them both very happy since they were already best friends and now a sisters on top of that.
Dannica Locke - Dannica is one of Luna's twin daughters from Jules.
Vespira Locke - Vespira is one of Luna's twin daughters from Jules.
Bethany Locke-Williams - Bethany is Luna's daughter from Vicky.
Ayla Locke - Luna's daughter from Auriel.
Alexis Steele-Foster - Luna's step-daughter from Jane.
Ciri Chevalier-Foster - Luna's step-daughter from Jane.
Mayuka Darkstar - Luna's step-daughter from Mel and Auriel.


Character Opinions/Impressions

Jules - "Luna is my other half. She's my basis to this, or any other realm. She's my absolute and my enigma. She gives me the best ideas!~"
Vicky Locke-Williams - "She is amazing and accepts me for who I was and am now. The love of my life."
Jane Alyssa Foster - "One of the loves of my life, sexy as hell, fun to be with. I'm incredibly lucky to have her in my life."
Auriel -
Melissa Darkstar - "I love Luna. In -many- ways."
PinkyWink - "Luna is the best! I love her a whole bunch, and I wanna be with her forever!"
Ana Nathmin -
Misa Hazard - "A woman worth loveing and getting to know."
Voltarra -
Isis Locke - "My dear Luna has been the brightness in my life and has changed me for the better without her ever knowing she has done so. I love my precious daughter so very much.
Inanis -
Aurora Tyler - "She is my dear sister, I love her so much, plus it is so much fun to be her."
Dannica Locke - "Momma Luna is awesome!~ She supports all of us in everything we do, I love seeing her smile!~
Vespira Locke - "Mommy Luna is fun!~ She's always been around to help me when I really need it, and always makes sure I know right from wrong!~"
Bethany Locke-Williams -
Ayla Locke -
Alexis Steele-Foster - "Mom? Cool lady, one of the pillars of our crazy family. Don't get to see her near enough with one thing or another going on though."
Ciri Chevalier-Foster - "Luna is hot. Gorgeous. Sexy. Hot.....did I mention hot? Plus great to be around. Also, hot."
Mayuka Darkstar -

Other Facts and Trivia

  • She is a singular dimensional being (Meaning there is only one of her in any dimension she is in. She is the same character in any game she is in)
  • Works for Rogue Entertainment (CO)
  • She owns a small purple baby dragon as a pet that she calls Spyro, he can sometimes be seen in her arms when she goes places
  • She is now the owner of a small shop called "Afternoon Delight" located in Westside
  • Currently only has set up shop in Millennium City and Paragon City, and has plans to set up in Gotham City also
  • She sounds like Jeanette from VTMB
  • She speak Romanian, German, French, Spanish, English and Draconic

Out-Of-Character Information

  • Though Luna speaks a few different languages, I only speak English. So any time a sentence is written in another language Google Translate is being used.
  • Any knowledge/info from Luna's character sheet that is used for godmodding and or metagaming will be instantly ignored and you will be automatically blocked. It's fine to rp and get Luna to reveal story/info, but don't assume you know info that your character wasn't around for.

Roleplay Hooks

Luna Throughout The Ages

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