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Lunatic End
Player: @Farahl
"You only think you're better than me because I can't be arsed to prove you're not."
Character Build
Class Focus: Tank/Melee DPS
Power Level: 40
Research & Development: Psychology
Biographical Data
Real Name: *FIRST NAME REDACTED* Viveka Dahlgren
Known Aliases: Luna, Lunatic End, Loonie, Furball
Gender: Female
Species: Werewolf (born, not bitten)
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Place of Birth: Orillia, Ontario
Base of Operations: Millennium City
Relatives: Brianna Ravencrofte aka. Testament (wife)
Nemi Ravencrofte/Mnemovore (step-daughter)
Viveka Dahlgren (mother)
Cid Dahlgren (father)
Hunter Dahlgren (brother)
Sten Dahlgren (brother)
Erik Dahlgren (brother)
Anna Dahlgren (neice, daughter of Erik)
Age: 25
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 190 lbs
Eyes: Golden
Hair: White
Complexion: Light tan, flawless skin.
Physical Build: Extraordinarily fit, above average height.
Physical Features: Glowing eyes, extremely toned physique.
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Chaotic Neutral

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Public
Years Active: 2006-2011, 2013
Citizenship: Canadian
Occupation: University Student
Education: Ongoing
Marital Status: Married
Known Powers and Abilities
Near-Instantaneous Regeneration, Super Strength, Enhanced Senses, Magical Ability
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Tends to wear leather. Lots of leather.
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Luna is the most badass werewolf to ever grace Millennium City with her presence, or so she claims. She's a hero when it's fun and a casual observer when it's not fun due to the incompetence of her fellow do-gooders. She's a wife, a step-mother, a high level extrovert and internet celebrity.


Luna is, above all, two things; pragmatic, and self serving. Lucky for the world and her friends that helping people in the most efficient and practical way possible gives her a warm, fuzzy feeling that makes her nature work in their favor.

The mind of a werewolf doesn't work exactly the way a human's does. In Luna's case, this has lead her to see negative events in life as things that need to be dealt with directly and immediately, leaving no room for them to grow or change into something more difficult to deal with. Life is about survival, and in Luna's mind, a wait and see policy is detrimental to her survival. Strangely, despite all this, Luna is often seen as a daredevil, as reckless, but she simply knows her limits, and they're rather high. She enjoys testing herself and...showing off.

Despite her direct and logical approach to life, Luna is actually quite social and energetic. She thrives on the company of others and will grow quite agitated when left alone for extended periods of time. She's always happy to lend a joke, a snide remark, a perverted comment, add to a conversation, or correct someone more ill-informed than she is (most people). She often needs to aggressively lead a conversation, make sure everyone is involved and will often get frustrated at those she sees as being anti-social.

She will often forget the concept of 'inside voice', and general social decorum, leading to awkward situations and sometimes growing aggression directed at others for not responding 'correctly' to her behavior.

Luna is prone to being loud, aggressive, assertive, authoritative and dominating. Cliched as it might be to state, Luna does have a bit of an alpha-wolf complex.



Luna was born in a hospital in Orillia, Ontario to her mother Viveka, a werewolf (and former hero), and her father Cid, a (supposed) human. After a recovery period so brief the doctors tried to refuse to let Viveka leave, Luna was brought home to the family farm to meet her three brothers.

From as soon as she was smart enough to comprehend it, her mother told Luna what she was, and how to prepare for her first change, which usually came alongside puberty. She saw each of her brothers go through their first changes, so was well prepared for her own. Despite this, it was an excruciating event, though each change grew quicker and less painless over time.

It was difficult for Viveka to allow the boys to play with other boys due to their strength and poor impulse control, and it was especially too dangerous to allow Luna to do the same with girls. The children mostly turned to exploring the wilderness near their home or videogames to keep themselves busy, leading Luna to turn out to be quite the tomboy with little female influence in her life, aside from her mother (who was not exactly a paragon of femininity).

High School

High school was a difficult time for Luna. Back in her small elementary school, most knew enough to stay away from the 'weird girl', but in the larger high school for all the teenagers in the region, no one knew that Luna was weird, and many found her attractive as she began to develop. Luna spurned the advances of most of her suitors throughout her four years there, and when she did finally relent and date a rather nice, but nerdy boy for some time, she fractured his pelvis when they finally decided to sleep together.

She did not date again until she graduated.


One summer, while hunting in the woods for something delicious, Luna spotted a deer. She lunged for its neck and took it down swiftly. When the animal ceased to stir, Luna was surprised to spot an arrow sticking out of the deer. From the trees came a young girl with pointed ears and a bow, trying to shoo Luna away from 'her' kill.

Luna changed back to human, and though the pointy eared girl was slightly startled, she quickly recovered and the two began to argue over whose deer it was. This went on for some time before they decided to just split it and make introductions. The girl was Termody, an elf, and recent transfer student, who would quickly become Luna's best friend for many years.

Millennium City

Upon graduating, Luna was restless. She didn't want to continue on to university, though her grades were outstanding. She wanted to find some excitement, some adventure, and Millennium City seemed like a good place to find it. She created a hero identity for herself and dragged Termody with her across the U.S. border to start heroing.

Luna took to it quickly, enjoying the thrills and challenges fighting some of the world's biggest bads presented her. She made a great many allies and friends, became somewhat popular amongst the people and even became an internet sensation after a video leaked online of something extremely embarrassing she inflicted onto Foxbat after knocking him out and before turning him into the authorities.

Left to Right: Brianna, Luna and Viveka.


Luna had spent several years in Millennium, going through many adventures and many romances, both male and female. One night while relaxing in Caprice she spotted a woman who was rather striking, and loud, just about as loud as she was. This was Brianna. The two quickly hit it off and found that their personalities meshed up stupendously. They became close friends, becoming almost inseparable for a time. People began to tease that they were dating, which was always swiftly denied until one night Luna figured 'why not?' and asked Brianna to date her.

Their relationship blossomed, and eventually led to marriage and the acquisition of one step-daughter: Nemi ( Mnemovore ).


Luna enrolled in MCU in 2011, but only managed to spend one semester there, constantly distracted by the hero and villain chaos of Millennium City. She soon after returned to Canada to attend Guelph University so that she would be able to focus more on her studies, as Guelph is one of the most boring places in Canada. She also assumed a completely human form so as to not draw unwanted attention, luckily most normal University students are intimidated by tall, muscular and aggressive women so she did not have to fend off nearly as many advances as she had in MC.

Return to MC

While Luna loved her studies, she found every moment -not- spent learning something was excruciating. She actually MISSED Millennium City, the idiot heroes, the incompetent villains, the drama, the chaos. All of it. So she decided to return for her summer break, and see if the city could convince her to stay again.

Abilities & Powers

Super Strength

Luna possesses an extraordinary amount of strength, even for a werewolf. It is not known where this level of strength arose, as no other werewolves in her family exhibit the same degree of strength. She has been shown to lift military tanks, long-haul trucks and other objects weighing several tonnes.
Luna lifting a military dozer for a publicity photo.

Luna obviously uses this strength to her advantage, often times flinging more durable opponents hundreds of feet into the air to buy herself some time to come up with a new strategy, though more often than not, the impact at terminal velocity on their descent solves Luna's problem.

This immense strength, in tandem with her natural claws and expertise in hand to hand combat render the werewolf an immense threat in melee range. Even when opponents try to stay away from her claws, Luna is able to propel herself at great speed due to the strength of her legs, quickly closing the gap on hapless opponents.


As her muscle weight and bulk is not nearly in proportion to her strength, Luna is able to move at great speeds and perform impressive acrobatic feats. She can outrun most motor vehicles, leap to great heights, and dodge and weave to a degree well beyond human.


With her great strength comes some significant resistance to physical damage. Luna is able to shrug off most blunt force attacks and many forms of projectiles, though muscle density helps her little against bladed weaponry, as well as psionic, energy-based or mystical attacks. Luna's body has little defense against these sorts of attacks.


Luna possesses impressive regenerative capabilities that have only seemed to grow in strength over the years. Minor damage to Luna's body is quickly repaired and foreign objects are quickly expunged. Massive trauma has not yet been able to overcome her regenerative abilities, though it takes more time for her to recover (minutes instead of seconds). Luna has not yet lost a limb, so it is unknown if her regeneration could replace entire body parts.

This regeneration comes with some vexing caveats. In order to sustain the ability, Luna must eat extraordinary amounts of food, but she is able to offset this by taking advantage of the local wildlife of Michigan. Also, due to her regeneration, Luna is unable to obtain any sort of tattoo, piercing, or body modification she may desire. Her body seems to have a very aggressive stance against foreign invaders and modification.


As a werewolf, Luna has the ability to turn into a wolf. She retains her overall mass, rendering her quite a large wolf when fully transformed and her fur is a stark white, very poor for camouflage outside of winter environments. She will typically only completely transform into a wolf when she intends to hunt for food in the wild, as a large wolf padding down Millennium City streets may cause a minor panic and a call from animal control.

Luna also uses a 'half way' form as many werewolves do, though she abhors the thought of having a muzzle while a biped. She actually feels that any werewolf who does this must have brain damage and lack the ability to fully control their change. It is also difficult to speak English with a full canine head. She prefers to stick to a mostly human shape with fur and claws. This form affords her a psychological edge in two ways. One, she feels more animal-like and will often fight much more aggressively and mercilessly while transformed. Two, generally people will find the image of her slightly more intimidating than her typical human self.

Luna partially shifted.

Selective Shapeshifting

Since her first change at age 12 Luna has, by default, had very bright yellow eyes, elongated canines and pointed ears. These traits do not make it easy for her to 'blend in', so her mother focused on teaching her how to selectively shift parts of her body between human and wolf forms.

Luna's primary use of this ability is to give herself a natural white hair colour. Occasionally she will use it to look completely human, such as when dealing with legal issues and schooling. She will also use it to enhance her nails into claws for combat.

Enhanced Senses

Along with her ability to change into a wolf, Luna retains much of the improved senses as a human. She has very sharp hearing, and even retains some degree of control over her ear direction when in human form. Her sense of smell is also extremely sensitive, though not quite as good as it is when she grows more wolf-life.


Though not strictly a superpower, Luna is highly intelligent...especially for a werewolf who grew up on a farm. She is a voracious reader and tries to stay current on science as much as she can, especially psychology. Her interest in psychology is partly an issue of 'fitting in', she feels that the more she understands normal humans, the more meaningful her relationships with them can be. This has had an unexpected side effect of making her very good at making people very upset when done intentionally.

Her usually simplistic solutions to problems lead people to believe she is not very intelligent, but Luna feels the most effective and intelligent solution to any issue is usually the least complicated. They leave a situation open, flexible, easy for someone with a quick mind to take advantage of and put back on track.


Again, though not strictly a superpower, Luna possesses rather intense charisma. Whether it's simply because many people like her, or simply seek to follow the lead of someone strong, Luna is able to draw people to her, even when she doesn't wish it. Small gatherings quickly blossom into uncomfortably large crowds when Luna becomes involved. People will often simply do what she tells them to do without any real reason to do so, which creates a cascading effect of people seeing her as a leader, as something commanding, and then seek to do the same when looking for advice, guidance or leadership.

Of course this is all completely useless to those few people Luna's personality simply does not sit well with. Usually the 'rebel without a cause' dislike Luna highly, as she represents something abhorrent. Someone who will tell them what to do.


Trained by her best friend Termody, Luna has some minor magical ability. She mostly uses this to teleport short distances and quickly change her clothing. She has stopped attempting to use magic in combat, as he lack of skill with it has led to unintended consequences several times.

Random Luna Facts

- Huge Star Wars nerd.

- Has a bit of a 'thing' for demons.

- Seems to attract lots of kids seeking a parental figure, even though she's still very young.

Thoughts on Luna

"My dearest friend. Fierce, impulsive, positively reckless. But as loyal as they come." - Secretary Camellia

"She'sss neat! Mom number twooooo heeeee." -- Nemi ( Mnemovore )

"The winds look out for ones like her. For she treads on the Earth and feels it quiver under her feet." - Cnidarico