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Silver medal T.png
Enia Tech C.E.O.
Grease Monkey
Player: @Hellaid
Super Group
The Vanguardians
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Enia Tech
Real Name
Sarah Enia
M.E.C.H.A. Knight, Mechista, Mecha Lady
Exeter, United Kingdom
British and Honorary American
Penthouse Suite in the Shard (UK), Penthouse Apartment in Millennium City
London England
CEO and Head Scientist of Enia Technologies
Legal Status
Marital Status
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Parents who live in the UK
Physical Traits
Altered Human
Sentient Energy
Enia Technologies
White British
Apparent Age
Varies by body
Body Type
Varies By Body
Default: Brunette
Default: Blue
Default: Caucasian
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Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
Energy Manipulation and Generation
· Equipment ·
Various Bodies with configurations for different encounters
· Other Abilities ·
Capable of interfacing directly with various computer systems

Mechista's Background

Mechista was born Sarah Enia to a middle class family in Britain an an only child, she was always a keen academic and worked hard at school, outside of school time, she was fascinated by the various shows that were around that followed or featured people that have been augmented with technology, the idea that one day, flesh and metal could merge together to create something so amazing, it made her realise that she knew what exactly it is she wanted to do with her life, so she devoted herself to studying various aspects of biology and robotics in her free time (the basis on which cybernetics is a combination of) and really focused hard on her science lessons in Secondary School.

When it came to College and University she studied Robotics and biology which were the key subjects she needed to carry on and study cybernetics.

After her first year of University she was doing extremely well and was the best in her classes, her professors noticed this and talked about sending her to Massachusetts Institute of Technology to enable her to push her boundaries, that Summer, Sarah received a letter in the post from MIT inviting her for an interview at the university campus explaining that she had been suggested by her professors, exited about this chance she happily attended the interview at which they were more the happy to take her.

1 Month later she got on a plane to Boston in the USA, there she got a taxi to the flat her new university had set her up with, the flat was somewhat basic but would fit her needs, it had a small kitchen which was joined with the main room of the flat, a nice bathroom and a decent sized bedroom that was furnished with the basics, on the desk in her bedroom there was an envelope with her name on it, inside was a letter printed on MIT stationary explaining when the new term started, what she needed to bring and how to get to the campus.

It was then that she would start studying cybernetics, here she would be pushed to her limits and that was what she wanted.

At the end of the following 2 years she had created a crude but working cybernetic exo skeleton, following tests on willing subjects she found that just by putting a small device on the back of the neck which was designed to gather brain signals that travelled down the spinal column before turning those signals into computer date to transmit to the exoskeleton, she found that it was possible to make the exoskeleton walk and move like a human, she found this would even work on disabled people who had lost control of their limbs.

Creation of the suit

After leaving MIT Sarah started to work on breaking the suit into smaller parts so mover units could be placed over the joints of someone with paralysis to enable them to have some use of those limbs again, she built each mover with a mechanical replica of a muscle so it could bend as it moved, this would be placed inside the unit with a couple millimetres of aluminium on each side, over time after putting these items up for sale mainly to medical professions she was earning a fair amount, she did feel that the technology wasn't just limited to this, but to do what she wanted she needed a bigger lab so she rented one out on the outskirts of Millennium city, this did however mean a train to and from the lab but she didn't mind the commute.

Only some months later the first suit was created, it was somewhat basic as she had just put the movers together with spacers for the users limbs.

She thought she could go further on this but first she needed to link this lab with her small lab at home to increase security and provide a personal safety feature.

Once this set-up was complete she set about creating the new suit, this would be her personal one, she just hoped she would never need to use it.

Sarah decided to have a bit of fun with her new suit, she put a number of gadgets inside it stored within quantum space, powered it by a nuclear fusion reactor which yet again was stored within quantum space and a limited AI that would enable the suit to look out for itself and user.

The Incident

She had just finished fitting everything to the suit which was now mainly a blue colour with a bit of purple and white in various spots, the jet rockets in the back of the suit were operating within 98% efficiency and the quantum retraction system was working fine, and she had also fitted it with a cybernetic replacement system so if any part of the users body was damaged beyond repair or already gone it would replace what was there with cybernetic appendages.

Deciding to call it a day she made her way to the train station to await the train home, sometime through the journey something happened causing the train to derail, in the resulting aftermath Sarah was pinned down by three bars of metal, one at the top of the left leg and one in each shoulder, she was bleeding quite heavily and knew that she was not going to make it out alive, fortunately a number of heroes soon came upon the scene and set about helping everyone, the one that helped Sarah had some sort of fire based power of so she thought as she quickly cut off the limbs that were badly damaged before cauterizing her wounds, A young hero, Sarah thought, after all surely a more experienced one would have cut the bars pinning her down allowing the surgeons to decide what needed to be done to save her. At this point she flew her out of there to the nearby ambulances just as the train section she was in collapsed, she was slightly annoyed at the hero but also very grateful as she knew had she remained there much longer she would probably have been squashed to death or bled out.

She was then rushed to hospital where her wounds were cleaned up and the parts where the hero had cauterized her was bandaged up, she was kept in a few days for observation but was eventually discharged but not before she was given a motorized wheelchair that she could control with her only remaining leg.

Armouring Up

Armoured up, including the helmet ready to go on patrol

When she got home, she started to wondered what changes she would have to make to allow her to continue with her work.

After some time thinking, Sarah concluded it was all over, her work with cybernetics was done for, and the last thing she made was that blasted suit.
"Thats it!" she thought, realising the suit was what she needed, and it was for exactly this that she had made her own personal suit.

Using the freight elevator, she made her way to the lab in her basement and directed her wheelchair to her work console, as she did, she said the activation code that she had programmed to start the suit activation sequence, to ensure it was her, a slot in the console opened up for a saliva sample to confirm her DNA.

After 20 minutes, the blast door in the celling opened and the suit steadily landed on the pad below, the basic A.I the suit had then set to the task of locating Sarah by detecting her DNA, which it noted in the wheelchair she was sat in, as Sarah had programmed all this to happen she swivelled her chair to face the suit as it started to walk towards her. Just a foot from her, it turned around so its back was facing her, this then opened up to reveal where the operator would be.

It then sat down onto Sarah, enveloping her in the armour, a few straps held her back as the suit stood up, picking her up with it, that moment it closed up, all but the head.

Noticing she was missing her arms and one leg, the A.I queried Sarah "Noted loss of 3 limbs, Please Confirm or Deny Cybernetic Prosthesis", "Confirm" Being Sarah's only response, the suit promptly injected anaesthetic into the stumps so it could open the wounds up and graft the required cybernetic linkages to her nerves.

Once this was done the A.I. of the suit spoke up once more "Installation of Cybernetic Prosthesis Complete, Handing Suit Control To Operator" at which Sarah felt the suit come under her complete control as the final control chip was inserted into her neck, this allowing her control of the additional features of the suit.

Knowing what she had built into the it Sarah decided to make use of the various gadgets she decided to become a hero in Millennium city under the name Cyenia, at that point she activated the helmet of the suit which also contained a H.U.D and flew out of her lab to start paroling the city, It wasn't long after when the Qulaar attacked and Cyenia was put to the test.

The Founding of S.E. Technology

A couple of years had passed since the Train accident that caused Sarah to have to activate her personal armour.

By this point it had already gone through a number of changes, the armours connection with quantum space had been severed as the weapons were now made out of reconfigurable nanites, and the fusion reactor was small enough to sit in front of her chest inside the armour.

Though always looking to the future, she was wondering where it would go next, she already had a few assistants to help her on the things her robotic hands were still to clumsy to perform (this was becoming a shorter list as time when on as they perfect the dexterity of the hands movements and how quick they respond).

Money was still coming in well, her main market being the medical/health field, although she had been approached by the military, on numerous occasions wanting a version of her armour, Sarah was very defiant in saying the only version with armaments would belong to her, no mater how much they offered her.

Eventually she realised her main lab was becoming too restrictive in space, considering all the tools and people that were in it. Sarah decided it would be time to take it to the next level, taking out a loan she founded Sarah Enia Technologies, which would later become S.E. Tech.

This allowed her to purchase a bigger building and have various labs, throughout various floors, each dedicated to various tasks, [REDACTED], research, development, [REDACTED], and finally construction.

She also kept herself a separate lab, tooled up to deal only with her own armour, her previous assistants were now promoted to section heads of the various parts of the company, but also were the only staff permitted to assist Sarah on her own armour, no mater what task is to be performed.