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Player: @jhuno
Menagerie, wearing her casual outfit(Outdated).
Biographical Data
Real Name: Candice Rose Alexandra
Known Aliases: Yuki Hayashiro
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Place of Birth: Tallahassee, Florida
Base of Operations: Soti's Island, Atlantic Ocean
Relatives: Father: Deceased, [Name Redacted], Mother: Deceased, [Name Redacted]
Age: 43
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 175
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde
Complexion: Fair
Physical Build: Average
Physical Features: None
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Publicized
Years Active: 3
Citizenship: North America
Occupation: Comic Artist/Writer
Education: K-12
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
Full-Blown Doctor Manhattan-Style Reality Warping
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Military-Grade Kevlar vest, "Kitsune" enchanted polearm with interchangeable heads, Xenovore-Hide Boots
Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
MaekadaBox created by @Maekada

Character Sheet

Character sheet is built using Hero Designer 6: |Here



  • Creation: Her primary ability. Most often manifested in the form of pets. While this would technically qualify her as at least a partial protopath, Menagerie must focus on her creations in order for them to remain in existence. ((OOC Note: She has a number of semi-permanent creations that exist independently of her. A dedicated-enough researcher could become aware of their existence by referencing Menagerie's series and comparing it to the superhero population. Spawned superheroes include: Sammy Erin, The Jaguannybat, Avakaiser, the Dragonsage, and others.))
  • Sensitive Hearing: Thanks to feline ears which developed thanks to an as-yet-unexplained mutation. Her ears are quite sensitive to sounds, and can easily pinpoint the direction she's being approached from.
  • Enhanced Range of Vision: She can also technically see everything within line-of-sight around her. However, this enhanced vision range is rather poor, but sensitive to movement. A part of her mysterious secondary mutation.
  • Telekinetic Barriers: The most common application of her powers, considering that she has this active literally whenever she's out in public. A force-reactive, layered, and angled shield designed to offer protection from everything up to and including anti-vehicle weaponry and even high explosives. She is constantly searching for ways to improve this shield in reaction to it being broken on numerous occasions.
  • Electrokinesis: While she can create almost anything she can imagine, she more often than not resorts to the taser effect, channeling electricity through her weapons, shielding or even her own body.


  • Laser Pistol: Obtained during a case involving an extraterrestrial villain, Menagerie obtained this sidearm from a downed minion and promptly destroyed it by experimenting with electrokinesis. Mostly an anti-personnel weapon, when overcharged, it can pierce several inches of steel. Unfortunately, supercharging this weapon tends to lead to critical component failure.
  • Mining Gauntlet: A laser-based cutting tool designed for moving moderate amounts of debris quickly. Based off of the laser pistol, this tool is mostly used as part of a bluff, or else used for its intended purpose of clearing debris.
  • Replica Exocet "Lotus": A customized replica of an exocet used in the Lemurian Invasion, the Lotus is equipped with a gravitational turbocharger and plasma beam as secondary weapons, in addition to the standard electrical beam. This vehicle rarely sees any use.


  • Heffner's Fiery Friend: A simple cantrip that, when cast, allows one to ignite an object held their hand. While designed specifically for lighting cigars and cigarettes, it has as much versatility as a lighter.
  • Dazzling Lights: A simple cantrip that causes a series of flashing lights to go off in the target's face, momentarily blinding them or triggering light sensitivity.
  • Bigby's Excruciating Punt: A "minor" illusion spell that inflicts the temporary sensation of a groin kick on the target. The cantrip that this spell was derived from was created by a college student with too much time on his hands, but there's no denying its effectiveness.
  • Command Elements: Though Menagerie was only taught the spells to manipulate the four classical elements (Earth, fire, wind, water), she abuses her knowledge in order to control things outside of the typical elemental manifestations, such as being able to command wood via cultural superstitions of wind coming from trees, or metals thanks to Greek mythology assigning Hades governance over everything in the underworld - metals included.


  • Arcane Lore: Menagerie possesses an almost encyclopedic knowledge of summoning magics, rituals, and magical creatures and cryptids. She also possesses an apprentice-level knowledge of magic in general, and a working understanding of the multiverse's layout. However, she remains largely ignorant of things outside of Elysium, the Hells, the Fae, and Babylon.
  • Scientific Knowledge: Far from uneducated when it comes to science, most of her knowledge was picked up through trial and error, or personal experimentation. She's quite adept when in comes to electricity and its interactions with things, understands how light- and plasma-based weapons work, and even understands what happens during complex chemical changes such as digestion and photosynthesis. Her primary field of interest is biology, which she uses to help her creations "evolve".
  • Medical Knowledge: One of her weakest areas. She has basic resuscitation training, and a knowledge of medicine and anatomy that allows her to at least mimic the effects of medicines, even if what she creates can't be metabolized by real beings.

Flaws and Weaknesses

  • Naive and idealistic. She firmly believes that everyone deserves at least a chance to atone for their misdeeds, no matter who or what they are. Her idealistic nature also compels her to approach a villain with diplomacy first and let them have the first offensive. She has even threatened her allies with violence on multiple occasions to prevent them from attacking a reluctant villain.
  • Reacts extremely violently to mind control. The one time she is fully willing to use lethal force up front is after discovering someone engaging in a bit of mental shenanniganry. This more often than not earns the trespasser a place cemented firmly at the top of her aggro list.


Menagerie has done a little bit of everything, and filled nearly any role that one can think of. From victim to savior, slave to deity, recluse to social butterfly. The following information is indeed usable in an IC context, though it's not completely accurate.


Menagerie does not like to talk about her childhood very much, and with good reason. Born as part of a eugenics experiment run by VIPER in the sixties, she was kept "pure" and isolated from any and all contact with anyone but her handlers, in order to keep her emotionally stunted and docile. On her tenth birthday, once her brain chemistry had somewhat stabilized, it was time to fit her with the technology that would keep her psionic abilities in check. However, something went wrong and the head surgeon - a protopath by the codename of Flux - experienced a grand mal seizure, which disrupted his powers and teleported the young Menagerie to the nearby city of Tallahassee, Florida. While subtle attempts were made to recover the child, nothing ever came of them and Tallahassee Nest was eventually dismantled on June 3rd, 1983 after Flux underwent a second seizure during an assault, which resulted in the death of him and the vast majority of the soldiers within - VIPER and PRIMUS alike.

((OOC note: While eugenics were involved, Flux was intending to create an emotionless, aimless protopathic slave for himself in order to overthrow VIPER's leadership. Naturally, only a select few would know this bit. Menagerie actually rescued herself - or rather, an older version of herself did with the help of a time traveler. Note that this project would be unknown to VIPER, as Flux was very secretive about its stated goals, and the files were never uploaded to the Serpentine network on account of it not even existing at the time.))

Eventually, Menagerie was adopted by [Name Redacted], who named her Candice Rose Alexandra, since he liked it better than Jane Doe. Candice quickly caught her education up to the rest of her agegroup thanks to a short-term version of the Supergenius gene which eventually fizzled out. However, the drastic reduction in learning speed went on to awaken [Name Redacted]'s abusive nature, which started slowly at first - mostly just verbal berating - before become more intense and varied, spurred on by Candice's emotionless demeanor. This abuse would last until [Name Redacted]'s death on New Year's Eve, 1987/88, when Detective Marshall Williams caught him in the act after responding to a noise complaint.

((OOC note: Detective Williams was Menagerie's first tulpa, created in a panic after her adoptive father nearly beat her to death in a drunken rage. Again, esoteric knowledge.))

However, Menagerie's life wasn't all grimdark terror and pain. Between 1984 and that fateful night in 1988, Candice was engaged in a sort of youthful romance with fellow student Ariel Williams who harbored romantic, unrequited feelings for her. While Menagerie is unable to remember the specifics of the relationship, she does credit Ariel with being the reason her life turned out as well as it did.

((OOC note: Ariel and Candice's "relationship" was actually more than just a bit on the skeevy side. Ariel used the pretext of figure drawing as an excuse to tempt her, and eventually stepped up to requesting a more physical "reward", which Candice eventually agreed to. They were once caught in 1986, which caused a minor scandal in Tallahassee that was quickly resolved and forgotten about. Eventually, Ariel and Marshall Williams married and moved to Vibora to raise a child together.))


Following the death of [Name Redacted], piled on top of everything else she had been through, she decided to check herself into an insane asylum. Legacies from her childhood manifested as a phobia to being viewed as physically attractive, an instantly-violent reaction to being touched, and that complete lack of emotion from her creation. These combined and led to a number of altercations with fellow inmates, which invariably ended with bloodshed after Candice somehow got her hands on a sharp object - actually manifestations of her creation power. She was shuffled around the country, eventually being settled in Detroit after the local asylum had anti-psionic fields put in place, which spelled an end to Candice's shanking days. After being forced to confront her neuroses, Candice eventually recovered well enough to be released back into society.

Perhaps as a means of coping, Candice adopted the penname Yuki Hayashiro and started work on the series known as Menajelio no Yuutsu - a manga-styled romance comic that explores the personal lives of metahumans. Eventually, the persona of Candice Rose Alexandra faded away, being replaced by the relatively cheerful, hopelessly Japanophilic Yuki Hayashiro, known for numerous appearances at conventions, always cosplaying a character from her series. It was at these conventions that Menagerie learned her few actual spells: Dazzling Lights, intended to momentarily blind attackers, and Heffner's Fiery Friend, supposedly created by the founder of Playboy Magazine as a means to light cigars.

However, the popularity of her series wasn't enough to pay the bills and eventually Yuki took on the persona of the arcane summoner known as Menagerie - the monster-summoning main character of the series - in order to both publicize Menajelio and collect bounties put out by the police. Over time, she began to enjoy the superhero life and Menajelio became more of a side-job.

((OOC note: While she did appreciate the bounty money, her reasons for taking on the superhero life are numerous. Her primary goal was to eventually take over the world, via a sort of "soft takeover" by building up enough notoriety that nobody would question her intentions. Secondary was discovering precisely what made her powers work and what caused them as until June, 2013, she was a complete amnesiac, only able to remember things by having her tulpa remember them for her - which took the form of literal guidebooks in the main control room of Tallahassee Nest.))

Early Career

The start of Menagerie's career was marked by the disruption of one of VIPER's desert bases while vacationing. Yuki Hayashiro was captured and added to a holding pen awaiting experimentation - at the time thought to be nothing more than an inexperienced mentalist. Due to lack of proper safeguards, Yuki had very little difficulty busting out and strategically using her creation abilities - at the time manifesting as magical summoning - to almost single-handedly clean the place out with minimal casualties. While this caught the eye of VIPER, her disinterest in actually seeking out nests prevented her from being branded a major threat and so she was allowed to persist, deemed a non-threat. Since then, she has become much more active in Millennium City, thwarting numerous villainous plots ranging from simple bank robberies, to space pirates aiming to set up a foothold on earth, all the way up to Briatic entities slumming around Earth.