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"Courage and Integrity"
Leader(s): (Currently Vacant)
Base of Operations: The Garage
Concept: MCPD/MARS Special Unit
Founded: 9/1/2009
Website: Click Here
Members: 29

Meta-S.W.A.T. is a MCPD/MARS branch that serves as a special team composed of meta-natural (heroes), answering calls for help from both the civilian public, and the caped community. They focus on rapid aid response and neutralization of super/meta threats to the city's well being and the populace as a whole.


Meta-S.W.A.T. was established August 7, 2009 as City Hall's counter to the rising threat of Super Villains and other meta-natural enemies that demonstrated a sharp increase in activity in and around Millennium City over the previous year.

The team focuses on diversity, flexibility, and reliability, showing the community as a whole that they always have a group that they can rely on when the chips are down. Their diversity offers them the ability to react quickly and efficiently to rapidly changing situations in the field.

The team itself is a juxtaposition of personalities and talents, each member lending themselves to make the Unit something greater than simply the sum of its parts. It is not unusual to find an inter-dimensional dragon man back-to-back with a cybernetically enhanced human kicking in doors to take down bad guys.



Drawing inspiration from larger government organizations of Super Heroes, Millenium City set to working with thier Police Department and MARS division to come up with a locally owned an operated group that was under direct control of the City's bureaucracy. After formalizing the idea in mid-2009, MCPD tapped retired Army Special Forces Captain John Wheeler to organize the team, and by August, John Wheeler(now dubbed Striker) became a Lieutenant in MCPD and was awarded Unit Director of Meta-S.W.A.T.

Recruitment was slow at first, the Lieutenant finding a handful of team members, many that served only as a test run for what would be the final draft of the group. Of the original team, only the gargoyle Justice, and the Tech Specialist Ethan "Skylance" Halloway, remain. However, the team was about to make a sudden shift into overdrive.

His name was Grond, classified as one of the strongest creatures in the known world, and after a rather destructive rampage through the South-Western Desert, a coalition of super heroes decided to subdue the threat(if only for a time). At first, the coalition found itself ineffectual at seriously harming the massive mutant, and without any solid co-ordination the endeavor was doomed from its onset. Then Zarp Draken, a lone hero stepped up to rally an organizational effort. Striker was the first to lend his aid to the Draconian warrior, offering his military expertise. Together the pair rallied the beleaguered heroes and led them to victory down in Snake Gulch. Shortly there after, Zarp joined the team. It would never be the same.

After Zarp, the roster began to grow more rapidly than expected. Word got out of the units deeds, and reputation for helping a hero in a pinch. Doctor David "Psionistar" Smith, joined the ranks, and became the Executive Officer of Operations, lending his charisma and expertise to the team. Recruitment posters started circulating Millennium City of a shirtless Zarp, and nothing could stop then tide after that.


Meta-S.W.A.T. now coordinates a great deal of local defense for Millenium City while working with many of the larger super groups that call Millennium home. They have recently aided The Statesmen in foiling a VIPER led assassination attempt on Mayor Calvin Biselle, and led a formal banishment on the Dark God Kigatilik in Canada.

With the predicted coming of Takofanes, Meta-SWAT had established a general Emergency frequency to help better coordinate the local heroes. The team has been instrumental in many battles with the dreaded Necromancer, and has saved a great deal of civilian life. The Team is currently working with the Statesmen and F.E.M.A. to help relieve that growing damages upon Millennium city by assisting in the transit of food and medical supplies to vital locations. It is even rumored that a covert Meta-SWAT team has been making strikes at Argent and VIPER hotspots to commandeer their supply caches.

As of November 9th, the team spearheaded a joint assault in attempt to break the dread Lich's stranglehold on Millennium City by a simultaneous breach of the tombs of the Thirteen Heroes. Dubbed Operation: Liberation, the teams struck fast and hard, breaking the Lich's hold on the heroes using force and fetters brought by the Statesmen. The arcane backlash from the attack weakened the Lich allowing a second and third coalition of heroes to strike at Takofanes and drive him from the field of battle.

The team now starts lending its aid to the rebuilding and relief efforts required to bring the city back up to full capacity.



Each Meta-SWAT member is a full sworn officer of the law, and as such carries the authority and responsibilities granted by their agency. As such the Unit is able to apprehend suspects and arrest lawbreakers. The limits to this power however, ends at the borders of Millennium City.

However, any registered hero of Millennium City has been approved to call on support of Meta-SWAT and the team is obligated to aid, regardless of location. The team wields only the official power of a registered Super Hero and though they carry badges to identify themselves they have no real legal power of Millennium City Law Enforcement.

The ACE Suit

Considered Standard Engagement wear the Advanced Combat Enhancement Suit (A.C.E.S.) is the uniform often associated with the Meta-S.W.A.T. team. The suits are retired Military fair that has been taken out of their fifteen year storage to be gifted to Millennium City to outfit their new SWAT team.

Oath of Honor

Upon graduating to full member of the Meta-S.W.A.T. team all members take an Oath of Honor to remind them of their duties as an Agent of S.W.A.T. as well as their role as a Millenium City Police Officer.

On my honor,

I will never betray my badge,
my integrity, my character,
or the public trust.
I will always have the courage
To hold myself and others
accountable for our actions.
I will always uphold the Consitution,
the community,
and the agency I serve.

On my honor I do swear.

Newspaper Clippings

10/30/2009 ADA Rescued from Zombie Apocalypse
11/09/2009 A New Hope for Millennium
11/11/2009 Millennium City Cleans Up
11/12/2009 Meta-SWAT saves Mayor from RENEGADE Attack

2/25/2010 Meta-SWAT saves City Hall, Mayor Thankful


The Statesmen
The Independents
The Protectorate
The Ministry of Order


Superior (@Superior)

Unit Organization

Unit Director

The Unit Director is responsible for all coordination of the Meta-SWAT team in its efforts both immediate and long term. He is the informational hub as well as the filter for information traveling up to the higher powers in MCPD and MARS. He is the face of the team, and is singly accountable to City Hall and the public for the teams actions and conduct.

  • (Position Currently Vacant)
  • (Position Currently Vacant)

Executive Tactical Officer

The ETO is responsible for Tactical Support for the team in any given situation that might arrive, Hostage Situation, Terrorist Attack,ect, as well as being in charge of keep track of Ammo Supplies, Equipment needs, and Training of New Recruits.

  • (Position Currently Vacant)

Executive Officer of Operations

The Operations officer is responsible for the health of the team, both mentally and physically, as well as dealing with an assortment of paperwork required to keep the team running, which varies from reports to superiors, requisitions, accountability/liability reports, and other such logistical nightmares. They aid with recruitment, and help manage the team with the other officers when the Unit Director is absent.

  • Vacant

Executive Officer of Recruitment

(Position Currently Vacant)

Lead Technician Officer

(Position Currently Vacant)
(Position Currently Vacant)


The Tech-Team of the Garage is responsible for the performance of each and every piece of the Unit's equipment. They are the men and women who custom fit every new recruit's ACES and tweaks all the statistics of the suits to accommodate the wearer to the fullest potential. All operations or tasks the team take on, independently or as a group, are submitted to the Lead Technician to ensure that the entire team is utilized to their fullest potential.

  • (Position Currently Vacant)
(Position Currently Vacant)
(Position Currently Vacant)

Members and Recruits


Visual Inspiration

Vexille - Sword Attack