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The Bright Lady Razorwind
Player: @GLoRToR
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"The whispers of one's mind are the loudest errors in one's form. Quiet your mind, and watch your flurry unfurl. Make the enemy's mind scream, and watch their ruination unfold."
Combat Focus: Espionage, Infiltration
Power Level: Presumably Omega Level
Meta Focus: Confidential
Personal Data
Honourifics: Grandmaster, Grandmistress, Greatmother
First Name: Mianiel
Last Name: Hanodel
On Record As: Mi-Na Han
Known Aliases: The Black Lotus, Honoured Lady Razorwind
Species: Half-Elf
Ethnicity: Look at the picture and guess.
Age: Appears to be early-to-mid thirties. Early records prove at the very least several hundred years.
Height: 5ft9in / 178cm
Weight: 130lbs / 58kg
Eye Color: Aquamarine
Hair Color: Natural blonde, greying.
Biographical Data
Nationality: United Planes Defense Directorate
Occupation: Grandmaster (Lotus Fist), General (United Planes Defense Directorate), Elder Sage
Birth Data: Year of the Tiger(8771,AMD), Month of Aquarius, 21st Day, TERRA-8-020(designate Gaia)
Base of Operations: Lotus Fist Sisterhood HQ, Mayflower blvd. 172/a, 99117 Millennium City
Marital Status: Married
Known Relatives: Newae Has'snaar(The Black Widow, Wife), The Lotus Sisterhood
Known Meta Abilities
Mind's Eye Sutra, Kundalini, Eight Trigrams Chakral Union, Unbreakable Mind, Absolution, Recall, Overwhelming Grace, Beguiling, Triple Halo, Impervious, Repel Unholy, Sacral Bond, Heaven and Earth Sutra, Malevolence, Tiger's Guise, Planar Shift
Known Skills and Training
(Displayed so far but likely not limited to) Theology, Philosophy, Herbalism, Hand-to-hand combat, C-OPS, Medical Expertise, Hostile Environment Training, Stealth and Infiltration.
Known Assets
Lotus Fist Sisterhood (Assistant Grandmaster), UNTIL (Allied Operative)
Little is known about this woman but all surveillance have been disrupted as soon as they gained 1-visual with her when tailed. She explicitly disallows to be followed and is apparently impossible to, being able to somehow hide even from orbital scan.

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SUBJECT: Lotus Fist Sisterhood Grandmaster


When the UPDD said they were going to give us a veteran soldier and the blonde woman stepped forth, we had our doubts. For five minutes. Then she opened her mouth and everybody went quiet.
Quickly earning respect among military ranks by rarely speaking and knowing what she's on about when she does open her mouth, Mina Han is one tough soldier to be around. Several initiatives have been recommended by her and city perimeter seems to have become more manageable.


A strict politeness with samurai ethics is the best way to describe this intimidating woman. She has no interest in dealing with people and she makes that clear, though often she'd be more approachable by just a notch when she feels like it.
Stern to a fault when it comes to handling people, Mina is unforgiving, cold and unassuming as a drill-sergeant where need be. While usually courteous and polite, she is capable of harshness right on the same page.
She gives and commands respect by consistency and firm manners.
A feminine woman all in all, her speech is bland, soft, and without a tone of warmth. A han accent is faintly heard with everything she says and she is often found using expressions that could very well be seen as archaic or dated by contemporary speakers, further raising questions regarding the enigma of her age.
While not one to openly flaunt her beauty, she hides nothing and handles herself with sensuality and pride at the same time, knowing she has what to be confident of and worrying little about prude or jealous comments.





Themes, Quotes

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2uV5sKnAQIs HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD - I don't wanna die : Child of the streets theme.
"...so you're gonna have to."


Character Ownership, Disclaimer and Copyrights

The concept, name, likeness and design of the original Mianiel as an original character is my intellectual property and is submitted to this website and the game Champions Online under fair use disclaimer that the character does not advertise or hold any product or merchandise of which the owner of the character will gain financial or media value. The concept, name, likeness and design of the original Mianiel (The Character) is for entertainment purposes only. Using the character without my permission is prohibited. Please do not butcher my work. Thank you!