Miko Westworth

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Miko Westworth
Player: @KeikoMystere
For truth and justice!
Character Build
Class Focus: Ranged DPS
Power Level: 40
Research & Development: Arms
Biographical Data
Real Name: Miko Westworth
Known Aliases: MW, Blue
Gender: Female
Species: Rat-human hybrid
Ethnicity: Caucasian/African American
Place of Birth: Millennium City
Base of Operations: Millennium City
Relatives: Adel (Roommate) Mischief (Sidekick) Niko Easton (Multifarian Self)
Age: 22
Height: 5'7"
Weight: Confidential
Eyes: Yellow
Hair: Teal
Complexion: Brownish tan
Physical Build: Athletic
Physical Features: Rat ears and tail
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Chaotic Good

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Identity: Publically Known
Years Active: 2
Citizenship: US Citizen
Occupation: Journalist
Education: Some College
Marital Status: Confidential
Known Powers and Abilities
Mild Regeneration, Superhuman Reflexes
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Assault Rifle, Shotgun, Pistol, Gatling Gun, Smoke Grenades, Sniper Rifle
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Miko Westworth is a worldwide Hero who does her best to protect and serve!

Ingame Bio

A WCOC journalist transformed by mutagen into the rodent-woman you see right here! She has taken up sharpshooting and acrobatics to suit her new form. She still occasioanlly drops by WCOC to drop off some new scoops, but has otherwise quit so she can be a full-time superheroine.

The cause of her mutation occurred while she was trying to interview a big-time supervillain whom had initially agreed to the interview, but had a sudden mood shift and decided to Sparta-kick her into a vat full of glowing green stuff. She emerged from the ooze and forced the madman in, using a nearby machine to put a lid on the vat and trap him within.

Powers include a limited regenerative factor, acute hearing, lightning-fast reflexes and incredible willpower. She can regenerate her tail if its removed with ease. Limbs can be regenerated within the hour. Also, any attempts to get inside her head via mind powers will be met with a mental steel wall. A neat trick she learned from a telepathic friend. She fights with a variety of munitions, issued by UNTIL, designed specifically to combat metahuman threats. She's had them customized to her liking.

She's been mentioned in the papers and in the news, always out doing heroic deeds, fighting crime, donating to charity... by all means, you've probably seen her on TV at least once. Plus, she WRITES newspaper articles, so you've probably read a few written by her!

Miko, Then and Now

Miko is an archetypal unlikely hero, originally just a boring journalist who would often just go on coffee runs for Rob Mahogany when she wasn't being tasked with researching happenings online. Her big break came when she was tasked with interviewing Dr. M, an ex-supervillain who specialized in genetic manipulation not unlike Dr. Moreau, for a big front-page tell-all. The interview hardly went as planned.

Miko was digging deep, too deep. Bringing back unpleasant memories. Or, rather... good memories. The power he had when he was a villain, the influence, the terror... as they neared the previously shut-down mutagen vats he had in his old warehouse, he suddenly shoved Miko into one of them and was about to do the same to the cameraman. However, Miko emerged from the vat, mind clouded by pain, anger and confusion. With a loud, expletive cry she attacked, using newfound strength to beat him savagely, then in her rage, tossed him into the vat herself, and put the lid on it too. The tape was never released to the public, only distributed through branches of UNTIL and PRIMUS in case Miko went rogue.

Fortunately, she didn't. She spent many months stressing over how to deal with her mutation. No treatment had been able to reverse it, no spell could undo it either. She was stuck. She was depressed. She was paranoid. She even purchased her first handgun for self defense purposes, and was frightened on the gun range when she found out she could hit any target at near-perfect accuracy with only basic training.

On her way home from work one day, everything changed. It was a typical mugger harassing a citizen, threatening to kill him if he didn't give up his wallet. Miko acted fast, and even though the civilian and the robber were in close to each other, she shot the thug's knee out and rescued the man with pinpoint accuracy, having the mugger arrested ASAP.

She felt... great! Better than she ever had! She had saved someone's life, and was suddenly motivated. She designed a costume the next day, her iconic blue trenchcoat and boots, investing in nonlethal rounds for her handgun so she could establish a no-kill policy. As she built up a reputation all over Millennium City, her help was soon requested in Canada, disrupting Hunter Patriot plans and fighting hordes of undead. She went to the Southwest Desert next, dealing with irradiated mutants, haywire cowboy robots and tortured cowboy ghosts. She was even asked to travel to Monster Island, then to help with the rebellion in Lemuria! Finally, she traveled to Vibora Bay, assisting in the efforts to stop the apocalypse.

To this day, she works hard to dish out justice all over the world as an esteemed member of UNITY, alongside the many friends she's made over the course of her career. Plus, she kept her day job as a now freelance journalist, writing articles about current events all over the world.


Adel the Audacious - Miko's roommate and one of her close friends. Adel was originally a wolf forced into Project Awakening, but Miko swooped in to save her from further experimentation. During an outbreak of a mysterious virus that turned people into clowns, Adel was infected and the virus overtook her body and merged with her very DNA, but Miko and her friends managed to help her get back to a sane state. Adel used to command psychic abilities, namely empathic healing, psychic shield bubbles and a psycho-energy storm that rendered foes helpless, but upon infection of the virus all of those transformed and piled together into a genius-level IQ.

The Shield - The Shield's a good friend of Miko's, a friendship forged over a shared dislike of VIPER. The Shield provides Miko with her power armor, and is always a good guy to go to when it comes to forensics and tech-related issues.

Mischief - This shark girl is Miko's official sidekick. She practically begged for the position and really had to prove herself to get said position. Miko's teaching her the best she can!

Niko Easton - It's not everyday you get to be allies with your Multifarian Double. This ex-villain didn't care about the rebellion or the Conqurers in Multifaria, so she just robbed and fought, always eluding capture by skillfully wielding dual pistols and her gold-colored swords. She was originally a villain in the normal world, but was very small-time, and Miko busted her and put forced her into a reformation program. Now Niko is, begrudgingly, Miko's ally.

Miko's Ultimate Nemesis, Dr. Mutagenesis

Some things just come back when you're hardly even expecting them to. Miko was confident Dr. Monroe was dead, and the monster who made her into what she is today wouldn't be able to hurt anyone else.

Well, that was where she was wrong.

Dr. Mutagenesis himself.

The doctor had managed to escape the vat himself, after having been soaked in the mutagenic chemicals for such a long time that he should, by all means, have died within. Commanding great strength and the ability to project mutagenic radiation, he smashed out of the vat and set out on a reign of terror, transforming innocent civilians into members of his superpowered Manimal army. Once the news of his terror went public, Miko took it upon herself to tie up her own loose end, believing it was only right that she do so.

She chased him all over the place, from a Draysha lab to Monster Island to an overtaken PRIMUS bunker in Canada. He would keep adding to his manimal army and Miko would just keep shooting through them, allies often having to trail behind her to arrest the Manimal mutants so they could take them in for questioning and curing.

It all came down to one final encounter where Dr. Mutagenesis was going to create a ray that could mutate and brainwash whole cities in one shot. Miko and allies ran in there and put a wrench in his plans, taking the Doctor straight to Stronghold where he would never hurt anyone ever again...

But there was another loose end. Dr. Mutagenesis had created something special. Something as genius as he was. Someone that could continue his life's work if he could not escape. Someone that he could actually love and care for in his horrid state.

Eve. His daughter. She aged quickly with the use of some chemicals that the Doctor regulated, all the while programming her blank brain, giving her a personality, knowledge, emotions... in a strange show of kindness while playing God, Dr. Mutagenesis focused more on creating a real person rather than a mindless slave or killing machine.

Eve has not been spotted active yet, but her name has turned up underground a few times, namely when there's illegal radioactive chemicals on the market and when she can put a hit out on Miko Westworth. Rumor has it she's also organizing a breakout of several villains from Stronghold, including her father.

The story of Miko's Nemesis is not yet over, but things seem to have trailed off for now. Eve must be laying low.

RP Hooks

Miko's always interested in helping almost anyone out, so don't be afraid to ask her to assist with dangerous/interesting situations in RP. One may recognize her from television and newspaper articles. Someone may also know of her newspaper articles, which are usually just about current events around the world, though sometimes they're about certain supervillains.