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(The Material of this Organization and its dealings is very mature and graphic, and may be offensive to some readers...)

The Bad, the Badder and the Worst...

Millennium's Most Wanted is a communication system through which Villains of all persuasions use their communicators to spread the gossip of Millennium City. Want to know when that next big bank robbery is going on, or if that new Hero in town needs taking down a peg or two? Using each Villain's communicator, whispers and rumors can be spread, and chaos will ensue.

Millennium's Most Wanted is a Light to Heavy (depending on your individual play style) RP Supergroup for Villain characters of all types in Millennium City (CO). Supergroup Chat is "In Character", we have a player created "OOC" (Out of Character) channel named MMW for the purposes of OOC discussions and event planning (( PM any existing officer to get invited and involved! ))

The Groups

Inside Millennium's Most Wanted are several groups, each with different motivations. These are:

'Mercenaries' -They dont really follow an ideology, and dont care where the money comes from, they're just doing a job. They're good mercenaries though, in that they generally stay bought.
'Chaoticians' -Unpredictable, capering madmen who just want to watch it all burn so they can make the world's biggest shadow puppets. To coin a phrase, shock troopers.
'Praetorians' -As in the Praetorian Guard, that had a direct hand in the succession of Roman Emperors for centuries. The power hungry. They look at the world and ask 'why'. As in "why am I not running this place?" Their public face is one of Power and control, they impress themselves upon the city and bask in the privileges such brings them..
'Furies' The marginalized, ignored, and forgotten. Maybe they were picked on just a little too much, and their parents couldnt buy them all the shiny and name label stuff the other kids had. Maybe they were just weird. Regardless, they've been wronged, and they can't let it go. Now, their hate, hurt, and shame has been given an outlet, and the world had better watch out.

Mature RP

We are a Mature themed RP SG (( that doesnt mean we are rated X, as in that we do have moments of Rated "R" material)) Death / Murder, Violence, Drugs and their abuse/addiction, sex and all that grime and rust that comes with the criminal world are all elements here. Regardless of whether or not you personally are offended by certain behavior, we want this to be a comfortable and respectful environment for all members. If you have a personal problem with a certain member, try to resolve it privately with them. If there is a serious conflict, take it to the Supergroup officers.

"Gunfire on the streets, the smell of burning ozone, cries for salvation; above them all, we stand smiling. What sweet music we make!"

We don't need no...

The Maniacs are by far the most sinister and depraved faction within Millennium's Most Wanted, and indeed, Westside. Using deadly, underhanded tactics and methods to defeat and KILL our enemies and rivals. Maniacs take a great deal of pleasure and enjoy a major sense of reward in causing mayhem, mass fear, and destruction wherever they go. Maniacs also try to outdo, and improve upon both their own heists and killings, as well as our fellow maniacs and even the successes of our Faction allies within the Supergroup. Ever moving on to bigger and more grand schemes and murders! Half the thrill is daring the world to stop you!

Maniacs are ruthless, killing machines, driven by no earthly desire to accumulate wealth, power, or any known material objects. Ours is the never ending struggle to burn the world to the ground, because its all a huge waste anyway! Maniacs perceive the world through Delusional eyes, finding nothing of real material or spiritual value in pursuing any kind of "normal" life. The only way we can express our disgust of the world, its rules, and BS obsessions of Hollywood, materiality and sexuality, is by living as free as you can. The Rules are set to keep the world safe, and though our twisted purview began with little things, we have come to believe that breaking ALL the rules is the best way to declare "I AM FREE!"

Maniacs are so disgusted, delusional or simply exhausted with how the world "seems to work" that they embrace a different, more theatric, or gruesome vision of how the world "ought to be" and pursue "creating" that world in everything they do.

The Maniacs of Westside, are Canons... that the rest of the gangs are willing to "point" at their enemies... Maniacs rarely care who gets caught up in their destruction, so long as someone is bleeding and providing the screams they crave! Many of the maniacs (some may argue ALL) claim Zoe loft, or even Rid-Lin as their mentor, the madwoman / madman that introduced them to the world, through criminal underground elements. Most of us still have these ties. Carnivale is the new Prince of Millennium City but rather then see the world through more comical eyes, and wanting to put a smile on everyones face... Carnivale wants to make the world bleed and put on a grand show doing it!

Maniacs have a loose grip on reality, and DO NOT care about repercussions, consequences for their actions, or even fear death! Every Maniac is just waiting for the reaper to take his number, but it doesn't hurt that you keep the good GRIM-boy in business until he draws your card! The maniacs may have the loosest organizational formation of Millennium's Most Wanted, believing more in a keep it bloody, keep it merry attitude. The only real organizational hierarchy may simply consist of knowing who the deadliest maniacs may be, what agitates them, and avoiding their bad sides. Making an enemy of a maniac can possibly be the biggest mistake anyone could make, but may be virtually impossible to avoid!

If you want to see the world burn, or you just need to keep your blades wet. ("you will drip... rubies!") If you have lost your grip on what is right, wrong, up and down, sweet or cruel... This is where the rabbit hole ends... welcome to the Maniacs!


"Alright you clout, remember to wipe yer feet on the way in!"

Voice Plummets to a sinister tone

"It aint easy gettin' this homey atmosphere ya know!?"

Voice becomes cheery and ecstatic once again

"Right then! HEAR YE! HEAR YE!The first annual "Court of Killers" is in session! I am yer host, Carnivale, on this Merry adventure, and welcome to my humble house of horrors."

Voice Plummets to a sinister tone once again

"We got big plans for this town... I look around me and what do I see? I see a bunch of brothers in blood, ITCHIN' for a chance to carve up the meek little rodents that wallow out there in their steel coffins."

Voice builds up gradually growing more excitied as he speaks

"I want to taste this cities fear, want them to taste it more! I want to see them damn towers lit as beacons of chaos in the sky, burning into the night! I want blood in the streets and the cops pushin' daisies! All the while that Defender and his JOKE "friends" look on."

Voice returns back to its familiar dark tone

"Their hearts and ego's deflating when they know there is no beating us! Deflating like their eyes will fade, when we bleed them dry... all while they sing their own goodbyes with screams for mercy!"
"I tell ya boys and gal's... they aint gettin' none from me! I want to bask in that music, and in the coppery smell of their blood... Just before I swallow them whole!"

Voice is booming and flamboyant, much like the ringmaster of a circus


Voice grows dark and low

"And sound like ya got a pair!"


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