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Player: @Kagewoe
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"Like it or not, power is everything. That's why we constantly strive to obtain more."
Biographical Data
Real Name: Kagewoe Erasus
Known Aliases: Mirage, Black Reaper
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Unknown
Place of Birth: Unknown
Base of Operations: Unknown
Relatives: None
Age: 25
Height: 6'0
Weight: Unknown
Eyes: Green
Hair: White
Complexion: Fair
Physical Build: Thin
Physical Features: None.
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Secret
Years Active: Unknown
Citizenship: Unknown
Occupation: Mercenary, Assassin
Education: Unknown
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities

Unknown Magic

Equipment and Paraphernalia
FCAA-V13-M Armor


V-5 Vibroblaster

CRR-V3-M Revolvers

Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
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Old Peal - The mercenary's as cold-blooded as they come when working, showing no mercy to his targets. Cold, calculating, and almost mechanical in his actions, he follows orders exactly, regardless of the consequences.

Iron Will March - Some may pity him for what he has gone through, but Mirage has one word to describe them: fools. It may not have been the best life, but he took what he could from the chaos he was born into and came out stronger because of it.

"The finest tune is the scream of a life as it is ended."

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Mirage never has held a conversation with his targets, his communication limited to acknowledging orders and taunting his opponents. The black reaper doesn't seem interested in doing more than following his mission orders to the letter, and has no hesitation when it comes to executing targets. His voice is heavily modulated by the helmet, making him sound more like machine than man when confronted. Having kept to himself as Mirage and keeping his personal life and professional life seperate, few if any associate the heartless hunter with the actual face behind the mask. Kagewoe goes to great lengths to ensure this deception remains in place.

"Mission confirmed. Targets verified. Commencing hostilities."

Kagewoe Header5.png

Regeneration - One of the abilties he gained from his past experience on the battlefield. During his home's time of need, he volunteered to be the first human test subject for a process in which he had circuits installed into his body. These circuits granted him the ability to regenerate at the cost of eating at his stamina. The more he has to heal, the more he's drained. As a result, he doesn't utilize this ability more than necessary.

Magic - One thing Mirage seems capable of is the utilization of spells. Most of his spells seem based on space manipulation, being utilized to summon the weapons he has instead of letting them add to the bulk of his armor. Certain weapons, however, are carried on his person instead of summoned. He has been witnessed phasing through objects as if he were a ghost and utilizing illusions that appeared solid on first glance, but further information remains unknown at this time, as Mirage rarely resorts to magic. He seems to have a dislike of his own talent, having dismissed it as a 'disgusting power'.

"Abilities augment and enhance. They are not crutches to rely upon."

Kagewoe Header6.png

"Knowing what to use is half the battle. The other half is executing the targets."

FCAA-V13-M Armor- A custom armor produced by the company that had controlled him, this armor was tailored to make the most of his abilities. The armor is composed of a fibrous compound that is equal to Khendrium in durability, but is light and flexible. A small energy projector is equipped to the armor which creats solid forms, letting him briefly form a shield to block incoming attacks. Attached to each gauntlet is a blaster capable of firing energy bolts, which are used in lethal conjunction with his other weapons.

Unnamed Blades - Summoned at will, the swords he brings to the battlefield do not seem to have a name, but are capable of slicing apart most metal foes with little effort.

V-5 Vibroblaster Sniper - Created and improved on from VIPER plans of a similar rifle. This weapon is called upon when long range combat is a must.

CRR-V3-M Revolvers- Dual custom revolvers that have been reinforced with Khendrium to withstand punishment better. Unlike Mirage's blades, they are typically kept hidden in his leg armor and not summoned, though he has shown to be capable of displacing them and recalling the weapons at will.

Kagewoe Header7.png

"There is no such thing as absolute strength.. Only fools believe in that.."

Self-Reliance - The mercenary's biggest flaw is he refuses to lean on others when he needs to, as his distrust of those around him lends him to believing they would deceive him.

Ignorant - Spending his early years fighting gave Mirage plenty of combat experience but also stole his ability to read the emotions of others. He also is unfamiliar with many things others deem normal parts of their lives, due to never using them on the battlefield.

Cold - Mirage's cold tolerance is lower than a normal human's. His armor compensates for it, but leaves him at having only slightly better resistance than a normal human. A cold environment is a sure way to make him miserable and those that can manipulate temperature can easily lock him down or disable him.

Water - The armor's weight prevents him from being able to swim. Mirage generally will refuse any assignment that involves him potentially drowning.

Kagewoe Header3.png

Raised in the battlefield, his earliest memory of his childhood was not that of games or family, but of slitting a man's throat with a shard of glass after knocking him down, and the snow turning red as the blood from the man's neck flowed out. This young boy grew up amidst violence, quickly learning the art of killing from what he saw. He was soon scouted for the local militia, and agreed to their offer in order to feed himself, for the bloodied streets made for poor pickings for an urchin. This group did not keep their promise, instead making him fend for himself as he joined in their campaign, and keeping him at arm's length no matter the situation at hand. Treated like a monster by friend and foe alike, Kagewoe quickly adapted to each environment that he was ordered to go to, and helped slaughtered the enemies his group faced. After the war ended in his country, he vanished without a trace, leaving behind a bloody legacy that both his enemies and allies feared.
Mirage Contained.jpg
Five years later, he surfaced again in Millenium City as a 'hired hero' affiliated with a certain private company, under the alias Mirage and clad in a black armor. Rumors say that the company found the black reaper and gave him an offer he couldn't refuse. In the time period that he had vanished for, his personality became even more warped. The young man, while never the picture of friendliness to begin with in part due to his surroundings, seemed to have been stripped of any emotion, showing little if any, and had ceased speaking entirely. It was later revealed that the rumors were true, and that all the units that had worked for the company had been brainwashed and kept contained like criminals when not earning the company profits, their newest black reaper being no exception to this. However, an incident occurred in which all the units were released and given their freedom back, with the resulting mess ruining the company and ending with imprisonment of the entire board of directors. While nobody knows for sure who it was that toppled the company, Kagewoe, just like all the other victims, owed them his life and future.

At present date, he still has the armor that the company had outfitted him in, but no longer answers to any particular company. Still utilizing the name the company gave him, CH-HT06-MIRAGE, or Mirage, the man now acts as a free agent, doing what he can to scrape money together to survive without having to give up his freedom again.

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Previous information has been retconned. All present information is current and up to date.