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Player: @forgemccain
[[Image:Mischeif Profile Picture.jpg|300px|]]
Biographical Data
Real Name: Mischeif
Known Aliases: Mischeif
Gender: Female
Species: Golem
Ethnicity: Construct
Place of Birth: Alundra
Base of Operations: Millenium City
Relatives: None
Age: Unknown
Height: 5ft 6in
Weight: 180lbs
Eyes: Teal
Hair: Teal/White
Complexion: Pale
Physical Build: Slim [32-24-30]
Physical Features: mithril chasing
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Adventurer
Years Active: 4
Citizenship: None
Occupation: Adventurer
Education: Self Educated
Marital Status: None
Known Powers and Abilities

  • Force Constructs
  • Spells
  • Enchantments
  • Superhuman Physique

Equipment and Paraphernalia

  • Assorted Magic Items

Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
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Background and Origin

Created for Companionship

Long long ago in Alundra a master wizard has sequestered himself far away from civilization to study magic and frankly not be bothered by people. He crafted many golem servants of wood and silver who kept his tower clean and were of some company. This situation persisted for decades while the wizard extended his life with magic and built his tower into a massive castle complex deep in the wildness. He crafted many a wonder and created fantastic new magics. Occasional he traveled the multiverse and saw many wonders and met many strange beings. In the end he stayed more and more at home, secluded and alone.

In his youth he'd had companions and romance but in the twilight of his centuries of life he did not want to invite a stranger into his secure and labyrinthine home. His craft in making golems had progressed quite well and he decided to embark on a great crafting. Using grey magics to make a truly alive golem; he made a masterpiece. She was a lovely young woman made of rare metals, enchanted wood and artificial flesh animated with the spirit of a wayward woman. She was crafted to be cheerful, curious and helpful. Her purpose was also to be his physical and emotional companion and took to her role happily. She was named for the trickster goddess of joy; in English is simply translates to Mischief.

Decades passed and as the wizard's magic could no longer hold back the ravages of time, he grew weaker and more concerned about both his and her safety. He re-crafted many parts of Mischief to enhance her ability to endure magic and mundane attacks. Permanent enchantments were added beneath her skin to allow her to conjure and cast powerful force constructs of all kinds. With some difficulty he also found a way for her to learn and cast more common spells. While she would never be a master of the arcane, she was more than a match for all but the more powerful of mages, monsters and adventures who might trouble them. However not long after accomplishing this, his greatest feat, he passed on to a higher plane and the arms of Shyliztrazza: goddess of magic.

Off To Adventure

Now Mischief wanders the Multiverse with some of her master's artifacts looking for adventure and fun..

Powers, Skills, and Attributes


Force Constructs - Mischief can create force constructs of all kinds. Most commonly she makes blades and shields for combat. She can easily make larger constructs such as walls, cages and objects both hard, soft or even lightly animated.

Spells - Mischief is a master spell-caster by the standards of her home world. On the superhuman populated earth she is considered a moderately powerful super-mage. She has almost limitless mana to cast with but can only 'memorize' a few dozen spells at a time. Since she has combat abilities at her fingertips with the force constructs most of the spells she has on hand are utility spells or just fun magical spells.

Magical Abilities - Mischief has several other assorted enchantments woven into her bones and under her skin allowing her to perform magical feats such as flight, regeneration and supernatural senses.


Adventuring Mischief has most of the traveling and adventuring skills typical to a traveler of her world, She knows many survival skills such as hunting, crafting and camp skills. While she doesn't always need these skills she often uses them to benefit her companions or friends when she lived in that world.

Arcana Mischief learned magical theory and practice under one of the most skilled and accomplished wizards of her home plane. She has a near perfect memory and a mind well used to research and experimentation. While she lacks some of the creativity of a true human she makes an excellent researcher and assistant and can understand most magical matters with time and study.

Companion True to her original purpose Mischief is well versed in the skills needed to keep and maintain a household and entertain others. She can cook, clean and perform upkeep at a master level due to the skills she was created to perform. Also as a personal companion she is skilled and joyful in the more private parts of her companionship to her master; as the years have gone on she's learned much to add to all these skills to please wide variety of people in a large variety of ways.

Languages Mischief knows quite a few languages but most of them are from her homeworld. On Earth she has learned English, Latin and Spanish. She's in the process of learning French, German and some dialects of Chinese. The languages she knows from home include Phtougha [A very guttural language], Huashou [a sing-song tongue, heavy on the saliva], Millithu [another sing-song language but very rapid] Htoulauh [A soft spoken tongue that runs husky syllables together] witch her master refered to as "audible skirt remover" and a few other languages from Allundra.


Golem Body - Mischief's body is small but far tougher than a human's. She is also far stronger, faster and more nimble than normal humans.

Magical Senses - All of Mischief's senses are far sharper than a normal humans. In addition she can sense magical auras, see spirits and supernatural effects.

Arcane defenses - In an effort to keep other spell-casters from undoing his work, Mischief's creator warded her with many layers of spells and even made a pact with her namesake god to keep her almost impervious to being totally undone by magical means. She is not immune to magic however; she can be effected by magic and even suppressed or reduced to human levels with enough anti-magic force or very powerful spells or possible killed by an artifact..

Gear and Equipment


Weapons - While she has access to many magical weapons from her master, she rarely uses them. In the vaults left by her creator she could probably equip a small army of fantasy heroes.

Armor - Similar to the weapons, the vaults left by her creator have a vast array of magical armor for almost any purpose but she never uses them.

Gadget - Again, like weapons and armor the vaults she inherited contain many arcane items from minor magical gear to full blown artifacts. The only one she uses with any regularity is a Cubic Gate for travel.



While with her master she loved him above all others. Now, wandering she tends to take on short romances or simply sexual encounters as she finds them. She seems to seek friends more than anything, finding a good "roll in the sheets" a decent way to get to know someone.


Mischief hans't made any long term friends as of yet.

General Perception

Mischief is reasonably well know as a mercenary style hero who will help anyone but is far happier if there is a payday of some kind. She's also known to loot items from villainous strongholds and stores. She's had difficulties with the law on a few occasions regarding what things she should and shoulnd't try to sell from the things she takes.

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