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The Strange and Unusual,
Mister Katonic
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"The first lesson a Mage learns is to separate truth from illusion, because in the world of Magicks, it's the hardest thing to do."
Player: @BCall
Super Group
The Global Defense Force
Global Defender
· Other Affiliations ·
MCPD, Primus
Real Name
Pickman Derby
Mr. K , Mister Miskatonic
12/08/77 (1877)
Arkham, Mass.
Derby Manor, Arkham Mass.
Derby Manor, Arkham Mass.
Paranormal Investigator
Legal Status
Deceased 2/23/2014 Xellonian Invasion
Marital Status
· Known Relatives ·
None living, and no descendants
Physical Traits
Magically Enhanced
Apparent Age
technically 136, but physically 36 at ToD.
6' 2"
155 pounds
Body Type
· Distinguishing Features ·
Almost always wearing tinted specs and a bowler cap, usually unshaven and scruffy despite dressing formally most of the time.
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
Magical Abilities derived from a connection to The "Miskatonic Plane". Moderately Enhanced Toughness and Strength. Genius Level Intelligence.
· Equipment ·
Assorted Steampunk Style Gear, as well as Magical Tomes, Trinkets and Supplies.
· Other Abilities ·
Martial Arts background, including Kenpo, Judo, and Jujitsu.


Mr Katonic Top.jpg

Mister Pickman Derby, a life-long friend of the great author H.P. Lovecraft used to discuss the occult at great lengths together, for as long as they'd known each other. Then one fateful day, the two began to do more than just theorize and dream of the realms beyond ours, but saught to discover them as well. With the aid of an ancient relic that Derby had come into possession of, they pierced the veil between worlds and awoke something with their ritual, and it pulled poor Pickman Derby in before collapsing into itself and closing. After this encounter, Lovecraft would go on to write what most people consider "Fictional Tales" of these strange places and 'Elder Things', based on his terrifying ordeal, but little do they realize that there is more truth to them than not. He even honored his friend, who he naturally assumed dead (or worse) in his stories by naming a couple characters after him.

What happened to him while lost on the "Miskatonic Plane" he has never said, only that it seemed that no more than a year had passed in his eyes, when actually one hundred had passed here before he found his way home again. Apparently having learned a great deal about Magic in his time away, he has returned to a world he doesn't recognize anymore, so naturally seeks what has become familiar to him... The strange and mysterious.


After reclaiming his Family's Estate and Library he became a recluse for the first several months after his return, remaining unseen by anyone except the handful of local Townsfolk in Arkham. He would be seen in town every other Thursday gathering supplies before returning back up the hill to Derby Manor in an old white van, not to be seen again for two weeks, almost like clockwork. His return both baffled and disturbed the locals, as the Manor on the hill had remained empty for as long as anyone there had lived, and was said to be haunted by evil. Elders of the town began to tell stories their grandparents had told them about the old Derby place, and the strange things that had once taken place there. The town of Arkham had always had a darkness surrounding it, people disappearing or going insane, and that house was believed to be the reason why.

After his lengthy seclusion, Mr. Derby believed he had learned as much about the changes of the past century as he needed and began to travel, exploring places he'd always wanted to visit but was limited by the slow transport of his time. Now able to access the Miskatonic Plane at will and thus Teleport himself wherever he desired, he wandered the world from ancient sites such as the Great Pyramids, Stonehenge, and the Ruins of Babylon to modern metropolises like New York, London, and Millenium City. In his travels he saw first-hand how the world had changed, most notably by the arrival of the 'Super Hero' and humanity's evolution concerning it. In his time people claiming to have the ability to see the future or move things with their mind were most-often locked away for being insane, or at best viewed as a trick or con by grifters and Gypsies... Now it seems they don colorful garb and parade through the streets, and more so, are celebrated for such. The world had changed on Mr. Derby indeed, and he was determined to find his place in it once again, among the other oddities that seem to be prevalent.

With a knowledge of most things Supernatural, he began to find himself investigating strange occurrences he learned of in the local papers, mostly to satisfy his own curiosities. After solving five of these cases involving Magics, he came under the notice of the MCPD for his abilities and agreed to assist them in a limited capacity as a Mystical Consultant when a crime containing Magical elements arose. Being called upon several times over the next year, Mr. Derby proved himself to be of great help in connecting the mystical dots as it were, and providing vital information to MCPD Detectives concerning cases of ritual murder, abductions, and conspiracy. Recently his contacts recommended he seek out more notable Heroes to assist in his area of expertise, citing the Global Defense Force as one of particular note, believing they would benefit greatly from Mr. Derby's knowledge and experience.

    • Update 2/23/2014 : At the height of the Xellonian Invasion, Mister Katonic was Killed in Action by King Quantus himself. The merciless Alien Dictator reduced the odd but dedicated Hero to dust with but a gesture, leaving nothing behind but his glasses, in front of over two dozen witnesses from Heroes Inc. Though the battle was later won, Pickman Derby, AKA Mr. Katonic was one of the casualties cited among the ranks of the Global Defense Force during the Xellonian Invasion.


Mr Katonic.jpg

Mild-Mannered would be how most people would describe Mr. Derby's appearance, as he doesn't stand a very imposing figure at all. His pasty white skin, his slender frame, both accentuate his meek appearance, as does the out-dated style in which he dresses. Always seen wearing tinted specs and an old Bowler Hat, he still wears the same suits and clothing as he did at the time of his disappearance back in the early 1900's.

Despite his formal style of dress, he often-times has not shaved or groomed himself in days, and can appear as a bit 'scruffy' or rough around the edges.



"I am occasionaly told I am an expert in the strange and unusual, yet I am more often told that I -am- 'strange' and 'unusual'..."

While he is your typical late Nineteenth Century Gentleman and well-mannered, Mr Derby tends to make people 'uncomfortable' if they spend too much time around him. Whether it's the odd things that often escape his lips or just a general feeling that surrounds him is unclear, but those who've spoken with him for longer than a few moments often say he is very off-putting to be around. That being said, he is very polite and respectful of others, though often times quiet and distant, preferring the company of his books more than other people.

Curiosity is a fatal flaw, and what caused him to be sucked into the Miskatonic Plane in the first place. Whenever something arises he cannot explain, Mr Derby is driven to understand it and will not rest until he does. Thankfully for him, he is quite intelligent and adept at research and problem solving, so few mysteries remain as such for long when he's delving into them.



Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes

1. Magic- Through a connection to the "Miskatonic Plane" Derby is able to wield strange Magics originating from the Plane itself. Having spent a year lost in this twisted dimension, he somehow managed to survive and learned to manipulate the chaotic energies that flow through it, bending them to his will. When he escaped this Plane, he left a part of himself behind and that has maintained his connection to the other-world, and allows him to now come and go as he pleases.

2. Enhanced Strength and Toughness- Another side-effect of his time in the Miskatonic Plane is the physical transformation his body has undergone. The energies that flow through the nightmarish dimension have varying effects on Humans but seem to have tempered Mr. Derby's physical form into one that can withstand their damaging nature, thus making him moderately stronger and tougher than the usual Human.

3. Genius Level Intellect- Even before his encounters with the Elder Things that roam the Miskatonic Plane, Mr. Derby already possessed an extremely high IQ of 184 and is very well schooled. His areas of study ranging from History, Science, Math, and Physics extend to Literature, The Occult, and even Marine Biology for some strange reason.

4. Fearless- Yet another side-effect of his time in the Miskatonic Plane is Derby's apparent immunity to Fear, Confusion, and Stress. Spending a year where these things make up the very fabric of reality has obviously raised the bar as to what instills them in his mind.


1. Occult Knowledge- Obsessed with the Occult growing up, Mr. Derby has studied every bit of lore and mythology he can get his hands on, and has amassed an enormous collection of books and tomes as a result. His personal collection contains countless books of great power, including an original copy of 'The Mad Arab's' Necronomicon and hundreds of others like it. His knowledge of the obscure corners of history and lore are truly remarkable, and continue to grow to this day.

2. Martial Arts Training- Has studied the arts of Kenpo, Judo, and Jujitsu and favors the fighting styles of the Orient as well as their meditative techniques such as Tai Chi. He finds the rigid structure of martial arts offsets the chaotic nature of his connection to the Miskatonic and allows him to achieve some semblances of balance in his life and work. Though skilled in the previously mentioned styles, he is far from a 'Master' of any, but can hold his own when needed.

3. Educated- Aside from his knowledge of the Occult, Mr. Derby is well-schooled as a man of his era would be expected to be, and knows a great deal about a great many things. World History, Chemistry, Biology, Advanced Mathematics, Physics, and more are all well-within his wheelhouse, and he has previously worked in Archaeology, Paleontology, and Anthropology. Of course his lessons are a bit out-dated, and over the last hundred years things have changed a great deal in many areas, the basics however remain relatively the same.

4. Etiquette- Despite his apparent 'oddness', Mr Derby is a perfect gentleman and familiar with the etiquette becoming of civilized people. His table manners are perfect, and his social graces raise no question as to his upbringing, his lessons in manners still showing today.



1. Library at Derby Manor - The most important tool in Mr. Derby's bag is his vast Occult and Historic Book Collection, which in the wrong hands could easily become immensely dangerous. Thankfully it remained concealed in a secret wing of the Mansion and undisturbed by anyone else during Pickman's 'time away'. Simply being in the same room with so many dark and powerful tomes can become too much for less experienced Magic users, and visitors are advised to ignore any books that may 'vocally encourage you to read them'. His collection includes over four thousand books and tomes, many of which are first editions, or books of significant power including The Book of Eibon/Livre d’Eibon/Liber Ivonis, Cultes des Goules, De Vermis Mysteriis, The Eltdown Shards, The Necronomicon/Al Azif, The People of the Monolith, The Pnakotic Manuscripts, Seven Cryptical Books of Hsan, Unaussprechlichen Kulten/Black Book of Nameless Cults, as well as many others.


2. His 'Master Tome' - A large old book that appears to be blank rests in the center of the Library, and remains blank until closed and the name of any book in the Library is whispered to it. Upon doing so and opening the book, the text from the selected book will become visible as it is in the actual book, page for page. Primarily used for easier access to the Library, the book is bound to the location and if removed will become useless.

3. His Glasses - What look like an old pair of spectacles are actually a pair once owned by Abraham Lincoln when he was young and used to read anything he could find by candle light. The constant use combined with the twinkling flame of the candles imbued these specific specs with the ability to read at a greatly increased rate. If wearing these (and he almost always is) Mr Derby can flip through a book at more than two pages per second and absorb the bulk of the information to memory for a good while.

4. His Bowler Hat - An old 1800's style Bowler Hat is always seen atop Mr Derby's head, but this too is no mere fashion statement, but rather an artifact he has preserved with purpose and in this case, need. The hat has belonged to Pickman since he was sixteen and was one of the only things to survive along with him while in the 'Miskatonic Realm'. It also keeps him sane, literally. If the hat is removed from his head, he will immediately begin to get anxious (more so than his normal paranoia anyway) and if completely removed from his view he will react with irrational violent fits until it is returned.


5. Silver Key - For much of his life, H.P. Lovecraft suffered from night-terrors in the form of waking dreams, the imagery of which inspired much of the content of his stories. He blamed it all on a key that he once owned, calling it "the Key to the Gate of Dreams". This ancient silver key actually belonged to Derby and was the relic that unlocked the 'Miskatonic Plane' to them both in 1911, resulting in his disappearance. Upon returning to this Plane, Derby found the key again attached to his own tombstone above the empty grave behind Derby Manor, left there no doubt by his old friend. It somehow focuses his lingering connection to the Plane, allowing him greater access and control over the forces it contains.




Gol-Gorath the Forgotten Old One


Name: Gol-Gorath

Age: Ageless

Height: Varies

Weight: Varies

Occupation: Servant of Dagon

Theme Song: Okkervil River - The Valley

Threat Level:

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Background: An Elder Being from the Miskatonic Plane, who has crossed the threshold into our world in search of something for his Master, Lord Dagon. That something is what Mr. Derby stole from Dagon's Temple back on the Plane, something he needed to find his way home, a shard from of the Great Old One's -many- teeth. The Temple's head protector, Gol-Gorath pledged to find the stolen artifact, and has been tracking Mr. Derby ever since, even now back to this Plane. Mr. Derby is not yet aware of this, only that something has crossed over other than him recently, and continues to investigate what and when.

Known only as Gol-Gorath "The Forgotten Old One", nothing is written of him in any text or tome other than that which his name implies. Like all Old Ones his true form would be more than the human mind could bear, and cause it to snap at a very fundamental level if even gazed upon a moment, but whatever means of piercing the veil onto this Plane it used seems to have limited the power it was able to bring. Despite that this ferocious being is truly an Apex Predator that will kill anyone or anything for fun or food and is truly a terror to behold.

Related Media: The Curse of the Forgotten One







- Mr. Derby doesn't dream, and hasn't since returning to this Plane. He voluntarily left his "dream" behind in the Miskatonic Plane to enable the continued link he has there. The resulting condition means he doesn't need to sleep and only does when physically tired or injured. It also means his brain doesn't achieve REM sleep easily which leads to hallucinations and insanity if left unchecked. (Creates the need for his Bowler hat.)

- Has read the collected works of his friend H.P. Lovecraft since returning home to this realm and found them eerily accurate in some cases to the things he witnessed. He has the books in his Library in the "Non Fiction Section".

- Was born in Arkham Mass but spent much of his youth at a boys school in Providence Rhode Island where he met the young Howard Phillip.

- Was a fan and associate of Aleister Crowley and often corresponded with the 'Wickedest Man in the World' regarding each others forays into the Occult. Mr. Derby was also a founding member of the A∴A∴ before his disappearance.

- Was also a fan and associate of H. G. Wells and corresponded often with the "Father of Science Fiction" on a range of scientific theories and ideas. The two regularly argued on the merits of Magic versus Science in their letters.

- Has legally been "brought back from the dead". Since returning from the Miskatonic Plane, Mr. Derby has reclaimed his family's property including his childhood home of Derby Manor in Massachusetts, after proving his claim of having moved through time abnormally. Being that he left no heir behind a hundred years ago to continue the bloodline, he is the last living member of his family.

- Remembers hearing about the deaths of Jesse James, Charles Darwin, Karl Marx, as well as Jack the Ripper's victims and America's first Serial Killer H. H. Holmes all shortly after each occurred.

((OOC Note: Mister Katonic is inspired by several sources, including DC Comics "The Question", Hellboy, Vertigo's Hellblazer, The SciFi TV Show Warehouse 13, and of course the works of the Great Author, Howard Phillips Lovecraft. Real Life Face Claim would be either Jeffrey Combs (Re-Animator, etc) or Alexis Denisof (Angel, Buffy, etc). ))


The band Rudimentary Peni would provide the best soundtrack to Mister Katonic's life due to their incredibly chaotic sound and style and the experimental insanity and ramblings that so often occur in their songs. The band is also influenced by H.P. Lovecraft as their songs "Twitch" and "Lovecraft Baby" both reference the Author.

Rudimentary Peni - Cacophony (Full Album)

Rudimentary Peni - Death Church (Full Album)

Rudimentary Peni - Pope Adrian 37th Psychristiatric (Full Album)

Mister Derby himself prefers the works of Beethoven, Schubert, and most of all Tchaikovsky as well as other classical composers. He also is a fan of the Opera, having been taken several times as a child.

Some H.P. Lovecraft Audio Books:

Call of Cthulhu

The Thing on the Doorstep

The Horror at Red Hook

Pickman's Model