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Player: Azure_Fenian
Character Build
Class Focus: Hybrid (Tank/Melee DPS)
Power Level: 40
Research & Development: Alien Metabolism
Biographical Data
Real Name: Gen. Marshall Wallace, ret. / Capt. Jin Hro
Known Aliases: The Marshal
Gender: Male
Species: Human/Thuradi Hybrid
Ethnicity: Scottish (W)
Place of Birth: London, Ontario (W), Tyun'ha (H)
Base of Operations: Millennium City
Relatives: Rachel (wife), Jzi (wife), Kimberly and Sally (daughters), Carl and Pto (sons)
Age: 72 yrs (W) / 42 yrs. approx. (H)
Height: 7' 8"
Weight: 364lbs
Eyes: varies
Hair: varies
Complexion: Pale (W), Blue (H)
Physical Build: varies; average (W), muscular (H)
Physical Features: A large fin growing from the scalp; blue skin
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Lawful Good

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Classified Top Secret by the Canadian government
Years Active: 3
Citizenship: Canadian
Occupation: Military Officer
Education: B. Eng (UWO)(W)
Marital Status: married (both)
Known Powers and Abilities
enhanced strength and durability, energy absorption and emission, flight, superspeed
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Thuradi force shield
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Mithrax is a gestalt of two sentient beings. The histories of the two will be listed separately. Mithrax seems reticent to report on the history of his Thuradi half, Captain Jin Hro. It is entirely possible that this is a matter of secrecy though under psychiatric analysis, it has been reported that Jin Hro has likely suffered extensive memory loss and Mithrax is unable to reconstitute that portion of his past.

Marshall Wallace

Lt.General Marshall Wallace at Force Station Steelhead

Marshall Wallace was born in London, Ontario, Canada in 1938 to Sergeant David and Gwen Wallace. He was educated at Western University, receiving a degree in Engineering though it wasn't his true goal. Once he graduated, Marshall enlisted with the Canadian Armed Forces in 1960. He ran several tours, both military actions and peacekeeping, diligently working his way up the ranks to Lieutenant-General.

For his service, Wallace was promoted to General in 1993 and was poised to replace Admiral John Anderson as Chief of Defense Staff. Unfortunately, Wallace was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. He declined the position and retired to spend more time with his family. In mid 1993, he and his wife moved to Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, where Wallace served part-time with the local police force.

Jin Hro

Capt. Jin Hro with remaining Mit'Hrax armour

Jin Hro was born in Tyun'ha, a large city on his homeworld, the location of which is yet unknown. Due to the nature of Thuradi culture and the size of the city, Jin Hro remained in his birth city for most of his life. He was educated in Astrophysics and Medicine with the intent to become an astronaut. For his efforts, he became one of his world's best.

The chief project that Jin Hro petitioned for was to produce a portable light drive system, capable of propelling a single user to neighbouring solar systems in a matter of hours. The system was large and bulky, equivalent to an Earth spacesuit but contained a lightspeed engine, navigation and communications and a life support system monitored by an expert medical program.

Unfortunately, during a test run, Jin's light drive ripped a dimensional barrier and sent him careening through hyperspace. By the time he was drawn through a similar dimensional tear, his nav-comm system was completely fried. Jin appeared over Earth at .45c and crashed into the atmosphere. The drive system was burnt out in the effort to protect Captain Hro from entry and impact.


Wallace reports that, in 1995, he witnessed the fall of a meteor near his home. He was in no condition for adventure but he went to investigate. What he found was a humanoid being lying in a small crater encased in molten metal. It was obvious the creature was dead or at least minutes away from it. Unfortunately, the fumes also aggravated Wallace's lungs and he fell to the ground coughing blood.

Wallace awoke the next day and told his wife about the strange dream he had. However, the blood and dirt on his pyjamas alerted his wife to a more serious issue. Wallace was taken to the hospital where an inoperable tumor was found in his brain. It was grim news and he was not expected to last the year but surprisingly, his condition improved over the next year. In fact, Wallace seemed to recover completely from his lung cancer and his health continued to improve.

By late 1996, Marshall Wallace, at age 58, was in better health than men half his age. He also reported the ability to feel and taste energy. His medical records were forwarded on to the Canadian Forces and over the course of several more years, Wallace was tested and scanned intensely. During his psychiatric evaluations, he began to reveal the secret of his youth.

As he and Jin Hro lay dying, Jin commanded the expert medical system to extract the organ that generated his consciousness and implant it within Wallace's brain. This initially appeared as a brain tumor detected by x-ray staff in Prince Albert. Jin Hro's death was imminent but his trip through hyperspace had expanded his consciousness and hyper-evolved his mind. Once implanted within Wallace, the medical system ensured zero chance of organ rejection by hybridizing the DNA of the two men. Jin's consciousness effectively went into a sleep state while Wallace's body incorporated the alien tissue.

After extensive analysis by the DND (Canadian Department of National Defense) and a great deal of hesitation, due to Wallace's advanced age and security clearance, UNTIL was brought in to assist. Marshall Wallace was reinstated and transferred to UNTIL. Wallace has received a voluntary reduction in rank since the rank of General, in the Canadian Forces, is reserved for the Chief of Defense Staff. This is a position Wallace cannot claim, particularly given his value as a superhuman combatant.

Lieutenant-General Wallace reentered active duty in 2009, during the Qularr Invasion of Millennium City. He took on the codename Mithrax, a Thuradi word meaning something which is greater than the sum of its parts. It was also the last word Jin Hro spoke before his body died.


With the hybridization of DNA, the personalities of Wallace and Jin merged and the strange expansion of consciousness experienced by Jin became incorporated into the gestalt personality. Marshall-Jin developed the ability to sense and consume energies of any sort, from household electrical to ambient cosmic radiation, even so far as equating tastes to different types and sustaining himself on those energies.

The gestalt being continued to consume energy over the course of his examinations. This consumption of raw energy manifested as enhanced strength and durability. He also contains an internal storage of energy for expulsion as particle bursts.

Finally, he has demonstrated a limited degree of shapeshifting. His appearance has changed drastically over the years into a high energy rendition of the merged forms and he has demonstrated the ability to appear fully as either Marshall Wallace or Jin Hro. This may be a form of cellular memory since he has not been able to take forms other than variations of his own.


Mithrax carries a few devices, mostly gear issued by UNTIL. However, he did manage to build a Thuradi personal force shield from the wreckage of Captain Hro's crash. It provides a low energy force shield around the body but it also has a focus mode that condenses the field into a much more durable but smaller shield.


A supervillain by the name of Silver Athena has identified herself as Mithrax's nemesis. She is Lt. Sarah Williams who served under Lt-Gen Wallace in Bosnia. According to an ongoing investigation, she managed to acquire Thuradian technology and uses it to manufacture an armoured bodysuit as well as an unending supply of attack droids. Her psychiatric stability is suspect but she claims to be punishing Lt-Gen. Wallace for hording alien technology from the people of Earth. She claims that his identity as the hybrid Mithrax is proof positive of his traitorous conduct though it is unknown how she acquired this classified information.

OOC Footnotes

Quiet Sunday in Renaissance Center

Mithrax is a true gestalt. I created Mithrax for a 4th ed Champions game back in 1989, I think. It was my first time seeing the wonder and splendour of the variable power pool so I made a complete rip-off of the Silver Surfer (Mithrax -> Mithril -> Silver) - No board though. Hey, I was young. A couple years ago, I made The Marshal as a Superman experiment for a post-apocalyptic campaign I was running for Mutants and Masterminds. The experiment was based on the explanation rather than the mechanics for Superman's powers (solar energy absorption). Could I make a feasible character based on absorption that fed Superman-esque powers? It was arguable. Tiny powers, absorption with a huge pool and a slow fade - mostly just really tough until after a few rounds of combat.

Cut to 2009 and CO, I want to make The Marshal but I remembered Mithrax. He was my first Champions character and so should have a place of honour but I won't play a Surfer clone. So, I merged the two. Instead of Marshall getting his powers from alien abduction and experimentation, he got them from human/alien hybridization and instead of taking a name that was a play on his real name (Marshall aka The Marshal), he takes on the name Mithrax.

He's clunky but he works.