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Player: @squidheadjax
Morningstar in the uniform her mother made for her, based on her magic school uniform.
Class Focus: Darkness DPS, Telepathy Heal/Buffs
Power Level: 33
Research & Development: Mystic (Avatar)
Personal Data
Real Name: Nadya Markov
Known Aliases:
Species: Human/Demon
Ethnicity: Russian
Age: 22
Height: 5'9"
Weight: ...
Eye Color: Glowing Yellow
Hair Color: Purple
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Naturopathic Healer
Place of Birth: Millenium City suburbs
Base of Operations: Millenium City
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Mother, Natalia
Known Powers
Shadow, Dimensional, and Spirit Manipulation, limited Telepathy
Known Abilities
Fluent in Latin, Greek, Sumerian, and several extraplanar tongues. Uses shadows to hold, crush, and tear enemies. Can assume a winged demon form, but has not practiced enough to fly, instead relying on teleportation. Able to siphon off or provide healing energy to living souls.
nothing remarkable

Nadya Markov is a young half-infernal, the daughter of an unknown Demon of Air and Darkness. Her mother, Natalia, had just finished college and moved into a small house in the Millenium City suburbs when she found out, in particularly awful fashion, that the nice young married couple next door were dark sorcerers and she would be the perfect vessel to seal a dark bargain. Due to a distraction provided by the sorcerers' infant child, she managed to escape after the foul deed, report the awful crime, and recieve assistance in relocating and raising a part-infernal child from the Trismegistus Council. As Nadya grew up and learned how awfully cliche her origin was, she decided to turn her devilish powers to the study of magic to fight against infernal forces. Her training was interrupted when the sorcerers captured her again, but she managed to form a friendship with their daughter Livia, who would become the occasional heroine Blacklight, and escape. Having lived her life dealing with demonic instincts and still chosen to fight on behalf of the innocent, Nadya has no sympathy for evildoers and will not hesitate to steal the very life from those who would harm others. She has trained hard to bend her powers away from pure destruction and possesses potent curative abilities. Since joining the The Ministry of Order, she has become much more social, often hanging out with Gundancer, and has tried to attend all of the Ministry's public events. She remains somewhat shy, especially around Metal Raven, for some reason.