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Natasha is the "Artificial Daughter" of Natalia "N" Waters [Nee Clone Model: Snookums N226-F] and Raymond "Justice Shield" Waters.

Her creation came about after Ray rescued N from the hands of Kidnappers in Las Vegas Nv., after a visit to a Cirque du Soleil show went terribly wrong. N was left for dead at the Ivanpah Solar Facility just inside the California border. Local Authorities in both Primm and Las Vegas have filed reports on this. Please see the attached records. After resting, a nice meal and a widely publicized high stakes Poker game their hotel room was invaded by first Viper [See attachment], then the original kidnapper, [a local club-owning Demon] and finally by the alien Geneticist Arganov. It is from Arganov's live tests of inserting the clone's nanites into an eviscerated Ray that caused Natasha's creation. The villain left with copious samples from both unwilling donors and they tried to get on with their lives.

N's well meaning clone sisters, convinced that she and Ray were going steady, promptly kidnapped them both to Millennium City's First Church of Elvis chapel, and had them married. While the circumstances of the ceremony could be considered "Under Duress" both participants agreed to try it. Though there was some concern by their friends in the super-heroic community, given their age difference, N being by her nature much younger then Ray. The couple seem quite happy together, saving the Apple and Grape "Ring Pop" rings N's sisters provided. It was not the wedding either could have hoped for, but it was certainly unique. They plan to have a more formal one sometime in the future.

Natasha's discovery came barely a month later when a group of heros and UNTIL agents discovered then raided one of Arganov's bases in Chile. After battling bioweapons, enormous genetically modified Bullet ants and the base's own defenses, it was breached, the villain defeated and his victims treated. Ray and several clone sisters were among the group and they found the young clone who would become Natasha in the laboratory's sub basement. They also discovered seventeen previous attempts who did not survive the villain's "Quality Assurance" procedures. In total thirty six dead child clones were found, and given burial at a local church. Four other surviving children were found, made of stolen super-heroic DNA, and are in UNTIL custody until their families are found, or they are adopted.

Natasha was carefully introduced to her unexpected family, and her Mother's Adoptive Father paid tuition to attend the same school she and her sisters do, one East Briar Institute in downtown Millennium City. There Natalia and Ray have been given a small suite in the Staff housing so they can integrate fully -or as much as possible. Ray's parents have come to help the family adjust to these new circumstances. Ray continues to work with PRIMUS though Natalia has put her heroics aside for now, to focus on family and her schoolwork. They plan to get a pet, possibly a kitten.

Natasha is a serious child, quiet and shy with a growing love of nature, animals and dinosaurs. She will be attending Grade Two and as yet the limits of her powers are unknown. She has evidenced a degree of her Father's speed and her mother's enhanced constitution. She also has the nanites both parents share. Further study is Required.

Powers / Damage
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"Creepy" -Everyone
And yeah, congratulations on gettin' a new sibling...niece. ...person. -Angus, on hearing about "Snookums 2.0"
<Gives the babysitter stare> ... Don't think because you are bigger and stronger than me that I can't put you over my knee if you mis-behave ... <smile> ... besides, I have ice cream for good girls ... -Piffle, Clone Babysitter
"Is it an actual baby? Not just some toy baby?" Her name is Natasha and she is very real Mr. Negging Heartbreaker. *impish* -Nightbringer & Abigail
"Can someone explain to me why what sounds like a child is on here." -Irios, on comms.
"I just imagined you guys going to a cloning center and buying a baby clone, though." -Ephrael
"Bio weapon made from collection of Meta Human DNA, Hello Natasha." -Grandpa
-Hisses- Listen up you son-of-a-bitch, that girl's aunt happens to have a pair of feathered wings and I'll be damned if I let some random ass poison her against her own family simply because they have the mentality of a bored child! -Sarah, on comms.
"Is this some sort of elaborate prank?" -Irios
Oh crap, the kid's back on. Uh... Hi, kiddo. -Punchin' Judy
-Gasps- "You're such a diabolial mastermind!" -Nightbringer
"Is... is that a CHILD on the comms!? She sounds about eight or ten. Say what you will about Hive but at least we don't take prebubescent children into battle!" -Captain Hornet
You best clear out of here, runt. -Grizzly
Unknown Female 2.0 was constructed by Unknown Females and Unit designated Unknown Females/Ray. -CYI
-Smokey chuckle- Leave the little Broodling alone, her parents are good folk, even if one is a monkey. -Ember
"Reproductive cloning is currently illegal in the state of Michigan." "I presume this... vat is elsewhere." --Phalanx
Natasha is cute. --The Master Ginger
"She's a Kid Snooks." "Oh lil' clone? got it!" --Han & 'Grave Eater' Bella
"She is Queen Nash. And Little sister, Heh. Hell of a good hero in training." --Han