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Player: User:Jade Defender
Behold my mighty hand!
Character Build
Class Focus: Confidential
Power Level: 40
Research & Development: Confidential
Biographical Data
Real Name: Nikolai Tetrovik
Known Aliases: Confidential
Gender: Confidential
Species: Human (once)
Ethnicity: Confidential
Place of Birth: Brasov, Romania
Base of Operations: Confidential
Age: est; 53
Height: Confidential
Weight: Confidential
Eyes: Blue as a man (Green as the Machine)
Hair: Black as a man (None as the Machine)
Complexion: Confidential
Physical Build: Confidential
Physical Features: Confidential
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Confidential
Years Active: Confidential
Citizenship: Confidential
Occupation: Leader of Nemesis Legion
Education: Confidential
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
Generation and Masterful control of Gravitonic Fields and Magnetism. Multiple frequency Conduction/absorption of radiation and energies. Combat tactician (isolated and large scale), Scholar in Science (Quantum/Astral Physics) (Engineering/Advanced Robotics) and social/political activist, Musician and Artist.
Equipment and Paraphernalia
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Note: (Mature RP)

The Discovery

Nikolai was on the fast track to scientific stardom, when his thesis was picked up by Harvard University, and was offered a complete scholarship to the finest school in North America. With the best resources into Quantum Physic Studies and Astral Sciences. What is now Aragos Island, and the secret research and development center there, and his exclusive stay with the University granted him special permissions, and access to the Corporations interior, where he might continue his research.

Nikolai was heralded as one of the world's greatest minds, when his applications and study, brought about multi-dimensional possiblities. His formulae promised venues into possible time travel, and gateways into never before discovered possible frequencies. His crowning achievement worked closely with the UNTIL's secret new metal alloy Imperian, compounded from the famous material Vibranium.

The Disaster

All good things must come to an end...

Nikolai moment of glory heralded a new age of possibilities for many, if his new gateway, composed of the metal alloy Imperian could withstand the tremendous gravitomic anomolies required to re-write the code of the fabric of reality, then the horizon was a universe of new potential.

All was implaced for his day of demonstration on a lone island off of Aragos. Many great minds, came to see the crowning glory of the promise of new technology. Nikolai could not have been more proud, his research was poised to change the world forever, and usher in a new age of possibilities. With a roaring applause the masses cheered for their doom.

As the demonstration began, impossibly huge generators roared to life, feeding the great gate the tremendous energy necesarry to rearrange matter. The Gravity wells, warped space, generating the potential black hole contained within the warp field of the Fusion Reactor. No one foresaw the potential devastation, and the leaders of tomorrow's greatest achievements, were ready to congratulate the young Scientist's Genius, and welcome him into the fold of scientific Legend. All was according to thereom, but some unknown, some chaos factor was prevelent, as the warp field suddenly failed. Raw energy suddenly arced outwards in bands, vaporizing innocent upon contact, and the tremendous gravitonic pressure buckled the contraption, imploding upon itself. Nikolai stood transfixed, and utterly stunned at the horror that unfolded before him, watched as his crowning Jewel, became his worst nightmare.

The Fusion Reactor's faliure created a chain reaction Atomic event, and unknown energies and pressure from whatever world he had opened combined to create a Hurricane on the island never before witnessed in our world. The blast began as a pulse, a wave of raw pyschomagnetic energy, that instantly fried all forms of electronics, forcing violent explosions, and fusing normally incompatible matter into other matter.

It was later discovered that human DNA was discovered fused into the wasteland left behind the Mailstrom, that the victims of the disaster, were coded into the very environment and annihilated. Nikolai was never found, he was at ground zero of the catastrophe, and was assumed to have been similarly coded.

The Rise of a Giant

Nikolai, was layed to blame after the incident, and many shunned his research as "playing god". It was decided that the young Scientist had reached too high and too far, that such power was not meant for mankind.

Many critics blamed him for the incident, that he was foolhardy, and impudent. Too eager to impress the scientific minds to have really been ready for such discovery. They decreed that he his method was flawed, or false to begin with, and he was just a drummer boy without a tune.

As the young man was considered dead in the disaster, it was easy to lay blame. The moment went down in history as a lesson to mankind, to practice reserve in technological research. To weigh all action with the possible consequences. Nikolai's failure that day, became a badge of warning to those who continued to invent, labeled as "pulling a Tetrovik" when someone was unsure of their thereom, and should return to the 'Ol' drawing board'.

Nikolai was not destroyed in the Catastrophe at Aragos. The Warp Field created a semi-solid defense against the sheer destructive nature of the Hurricane. Temporarilly in between dimensions, at the same time... Tetrovik was bombarded with the raw energy and fused his DNA with the Imperian structure of his gateway. His mind was flayed by psychomagnetic wave after wave, and his body exposed to gravitomic anomolies that turned him inside out and back.

After the disaster, the area was quarantined, as no one could possibly know what energies were released, and the potential threat the disaster could have on the environment or the living. It was during this quarantine that a third party interested solely in the Imperian material used to house the gateway, stole into the disaster site, and discovered the shell of Tetrovik a breath from oblivion's door.

In and out of consciousness, the young scientists mind was severely fragmented, as machines worked to salvage man from material, as Nikolai was fused directly to his Invention. Somewhere during the extraction process he managed to piece enough of himself together, to persuade the soulless machine that was salvaging his invention, to bother salvaging him as well. It saw the potential for an ally in the broken mind of the researcher, who nearly accomplished the unthinkable. The Machine did not have ideations of false grandeur, did not have reservations, as to reaching "too high" or "playing god". It simply was or was not, and the scientist nearly "did". It began rebuilding him, with the very material fused to his DNA.

The process was complicated, as the young scientist seemed to be a sponge for raw energy, constantly, uncouncsiously soaking up all energy, latent, kinetic, or battery related. What marveled the Machine was that his potential consumption seemed infinite. Further complications arose, when the young scientist would cause gravitomic anomolies, around his presence, buckling machine arms, used in manufacturing,or hurling instruments around the room. It was not long before the young Genius realized these things were his doing, or that he could control them.

As the Machine restored his body, he focused his mind, his one true greatest strength into harnessing his new found capabilities to his benefit. He could isolate the gravitomic anomolies, or broaden them exponentially. He could control his influx of energy consumption, and later release that stored energy in tremendously destructive anti-matter.

He seemed to have become the ultimate machine to wreak vengeance on those that labeled him a hack, a fraud, and a failure. His dream may have been spat on, and his memory a laughing stock, but he now had the power to make his memory a monster. He would make them fear the creature that survived the catastrophe.

He would make the world tremble in his turbulence!

The Warmachine

(note: see [1](Blue is a a link!) for full story on the Warmachine)


RP Notes: (For Mystics, Mindreaders, etc...)

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