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/ / Real Name SGT First Class Leroy Grissom USA (Former)
/ / Known Aliases Cheshire, Black Cat
/ / Gender Male
/ / Species Mutant Human
/ / Ethnicity English-Norwegian
/ / Place of Birth Clearfield, Pennsylvania
/ / Current Location Millennium City, MI
/ / Relatives Living:
  • Jane Wilcox (ex-wife)
  • Jack Grissom (son)

/ / Age 36
/ / Height 5 ft. 11 in./1.8 m
/ / Weight 171 lbs./77 kg.
/ / Eyes Gray
/ / Hair Black
/ / Complexion Medium
/ / Build Athletic
/ / Notable Features Gunshot scars in right thigh; shrapnel scars in left leg

/ / Identity Secret
/ / Citizenship American
/ / Married Divorced
/ / Occupation Law Enforcement Operative
/ / Education High School Diploma (CHS)
/ / Years of Activity 1
/ / Married Divorced
/ / Notoriety Unknown

Nightvision - Superhuman Hearing - Superhuman Tactility - Superhuman Olfaction - Superhuman Orientation - Special Forces Training - Martial Arts Training - Acrobatics Training
Predator Multi-Vision Goggles - HK MK23 - KAC Suppressor - SOG SEAL Team Elite Combat Knife - Hu Chao Combat Gloves - Custom Hearing Protector



Roy Grissom, a.k.a. “Nightprowler”, is a decorated soldier and recon specialist, formerly of the Army Special Forces’ Intelligence Support Activity (ISA), whose primary mandate is to gather actionable intelligence ahead of other special forces units. Mr. Grissom became the ISA's go-to man for high-risk solo missions, in no small part due to his mutations. Although his emphasis as an operator is infiltration and surveillance, his tactical mind is sharp, and his quiet, reserved personality is no barrier to his can-do attitude, even in the face of certain danger and difficult tasks.

It is known that the subject was born and raised in Clearfield, Pennsylvania, bouncing between foster homes in the area. In high school he ran track and field. His grades were above average, though not exemplary. He mostly kept out of trouble, aside from two juvenile violations, and being part of two domestic disturbances with two separate foster homes. He enlisted in the United States Army right after high school, in 2000.

Mr. Grissom served in the United States Army Infantry during Operation Iraqi Freedom. It wasn’t long before he distinguished himself by volunteering for a Long Range Reconnaissance (LRS) unit in the 504th Military Intelligence Brigade. Here, he earned a reputation for being decisive, but cautious and perceptive; a consummate pointman. Even back then, his cat-like qualities earned him the nickname “Cheshire” (and at times other less flattering labels).

Once he took the opportunity to work with the ISA, his training was expanded. Now he was working alongside the United States Navy Special Warfare Development Group (SEAL Team Six), the 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta (Delta Force), the Central Intelligence Agency, and the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (the “Night Stalkers”).

It is the “Night Stalkers” to whom he owes his current alias. One of Mr. Grissom’s pilots was fond of saying “the cat’s on the prowl” after insertion, and took to calling him “Nightprowler” as a play on their own nickname. It has since stuck.

In 2018 Mr. Grissom left the ISA and returned stateside. Records indicate he has a son and ex-wife who live in Pontiac, Michigan. They are his only known surviving relatives. Mr. Grissom currently resides in Grosse Point, Michigan.

After a brief hiatus from fieldwork, he recently took a position with the stateside organization Initiative Black.




/ / Nightvision Mr. Grissom’s eyes have developed a human analog to the reflective tapetum lucidum that exists in the eyes of cats or owls, giving the subject natural nightvision. This is further enhanced by his Predator goggles.

/ / Thermalvision Sometimes known as "Heat Vision", this mode on Mr. Grissom's Predator goggles allows him to see in the infrared range. When there simply isn't enough light, or conditions demand it, Mr. Grissom may switch to thermal imaging to detect objects by the heat they emit, rather than light in the visible spectrum.

/ / Superhuman Hearing The subject’s hearing’s threshold is nearly ten decibels beneath the norm. Given favorable conditions, Mr. Grissom can hear the breathing or whispering of another person meters away, instead of centimeters.

/ / Superhuman Tactility Mr. Grissom’s sense of touch is developed such that he can consciously sense subtle changes in air temperature, pressure, humidity, and the direction of the wind. This gives him something of a “weathersense”, especially when his skin is uncovered. It also makes him more difficult to sneak up on.

/ / Superhuman Olfaction The subject’s sense of smell is heightened by an estimated 18 million additional olfactory cells, making him four times as sensitive as an average human, and a tenth as effective as the legendary bloodhound.

/ / Superhuman Orientation Mr. Grissom possesses a far more adept sense of balance and proprioception than even experienced gymnasts and acrobats, allowing him to learn new movements quickly, and attempt more daring and difficult maneuvers in the field. The subject also has a statistically higher rate of landing on his feet from freefall.

/ / Paranormal Detection While the subject has no more ability to detect the supernatural than any other human, his superior senses might, on occasion, allow him to detect paranormal activity through secondary means. Changes in local atmosphere, for instance, or normally subliminal stimuli, such as an entity's contact with physical objects, or low-frequency utterances, could all be a means of detecting the (normally) undetectable.


/ / Predator Multi-Vision Goggles A prototype that has been a part of Mr. Grissom's missions for the better part of four years, the Predator Multi-Vision Goggles offer the operative some of the best in light amplification and infrared technology. While wearing the Predator, Mr. Grissom's nightvision is further enhanced, and he can see heat signatures of people and objects in a purple-orange spectrum. For pitch black conditions, the Predators come equipped with their own infrared emitter. The goggles also sport a rangefinder, an attachment for a laser microphone, basic recording capabilities, and a 4x zoom.

/ / Heckler & Koch Mark 23 The H&K MK23 was developed in the nineties specifically for United States Special Forces, not as a sidearm, but as a primary weapon for close-quarters-combat and other situations where a larger weapon simply would not do. While many other exemplary handguns have come into the hands of operators since, Mr. Grissom still prefers the MK23 for its durability, ambidextrous safety and magazine release, and high stopping power, even with subsonic ammunition.

/ / Knights Armament Company Suppressor The KAC Suppressor goes with the MK23 like meat & potatoes. The suppressor, like all of its kind, is an attachment that slows and cools the escaping gas of a firearm, decreasing the resulting sound and muzzle blast. A recon specialist's best friend.

/ / Insight Technology Laser Aiming Module The Insight Technology LAM isn't as big as it used to be on the MK23, but it still serves as a useful aiming aid in dark conditions. This LAM in particular comes with an LED flashlight with multiple settings, and an infrared laser setting. Paired with Mr. Grissom's Predator goggles, this makes for a laser dot that only he can see.

/ / SOG SEAL Team Elite Combat Knife The SOG SEAL Team Elite Survival Knife is durable and multipurpose tool made of AUS-4 stainless steel, with a glass-reinforced nylon handle. Its partially serrated blade, and rasp serrations on the spine make for excellent filing and cutting implements, and the hard pommel is good as a hammer. It's also a terrific weapon.

/ / "Hu Chao" Combat Gloves Nightprowler's unique combat gloves are one of the few pieces of equipment that he actually owns. There is no hint to their manufacturer, but they appear to be custom made. The Hu Chao gloves are made of carbon fiber and Gore-Tex. The fingertips are equipped with stainless steel claws, which Mr. Grissom uses mostly as an offensive weapon, though rarely to lethal effect. They make his Fu Jow Pai fighting style particularly effective - and painful.

/ / Custom Hearing Protector In the field, Mr. Grissom wears a necessary, if strange piece of hearing protection. Its construction allows it to be toggled open or closed, providing both the ability for Nightprowler to take advantage of his superior hearing, as well as to protect it from extremes. The protector unit is also shaped, vaguely, like the long, pointed ears of an animal, perhaps for effect, if not for style.

/ / "Second Wind" Compact Ventilator Mr. Grissom carries this small ventilator into the field to protect himself from smoke, tear gas, or debris, all of which are especially irritating to his hypersense of smell.

/ / Lockpicking Kit A small leather and Kevlar case with picks and instruments for bypassing most standard locks, and a handful of those that are nonstandard. Essential for infiltration.

/ / Compact Mission Computer The CMC acts as Mr. Grissom's primary device for monitoring enemy and friendly communications, basic hacking software, and data storage. The device is about the size of a modern smartphone, but far more durable, and worn usually on the inside of Mr. Grissom's forearm. It's capable of radio, telephone, and satellite uplink, and can interface with most computer systems. The CMC comes with a built in degausser safeguard, that will permanetly wipe the computer's drive of what could be sensitive information. This feature can be activated manually via pass code, or be set to trigger if Grissom's biometrics fall below certain norms. For operations that do not fall under the "top secret" umbrella, however, this feature is usually disabled.

/ / Smoke Grenades Mr. Grissom usually carries a handful of M18 Smoke Grenades into the field. These he used to signal aircraft, mark locations, stage diversions, or mask his movements when subterfuge and stealth have failed.

/ / Stun Grenades For emergencies, usually involving situations when Mr. Grissom has been made, he prefers to keep at least one, if not two, M84 Stun Grenades (or "flashbangs") on hand. They are excellent for distraction or disorientation. Though, he is careful not to allow himself to be among those affected.

/ / Individual First Aid Kit The IFAK is standard military issue first aid pouch, complete with a 16 gauge needle (for treating tension pneumothorax), nasopharyngeal airway tube, vacuum sealed gauze, a tourniquet, Israeli dressings, exam gloves, Quik Clot Combat Gauze dressings, and Asherman chest seals. Because of his tendency for migraines, Mr. Grissom also packs extra strength pain killers.

/ / Prescription Lenses Because of Mr. Grissom's below-average visual acuity, he always carries prescription glasses with him, usually for the purposes of reading faraway objects. He prefers not to wear contact lenses, but will if it appears necessary. He carries a compact pair of glasses into the field, and is most often found off-duty wearing a pair of prescription sunglasses, to protect against bright lights.


/ / Grissom's Home 202 Fisher Road, Grosse Point Farms, MI 48230


/ / Speech Avoidance The subject displays a reluctance to speaking out loud, perhaps due to long-standing practice as a stealth operative, or past trauma. Nodding or shaking of the head, hand signals, comm pings, writing, and the use of his goggles’ optics replace much of his everyday speech. His medical reports, psych evals, and mission records - what little can be obtained - are absent any mention of this, save for noting that the subject is a man of few words.

It sounds like rumor or exaggeration, as his assignments discouraged contact with other operatives as much as it did the enemy. There are those within the ISA still don’t know whether “Nightprowler” existed, though Mr. Grissom’s reputation for being the silent type is widespread among his Army contacts. This quirk may have its share of drawbacks, especially in a team environment, but the subject's efficacy as an operative does not seem to be affected.

/ / 20/30 Vision Unaided, Mr. Grissom's visual acuity is below average, owing to the subject's optical mutations. While his eyes have adapted to see better in the dark, they've sacrificed sharpness in normal and bright light conditions. As such, Mr. Grissom wears corrective glasses. In the field, his goggles correct this handicap.

/ / Grayvision The subject is not actually colorblind, but because of the unique structure of his eyes, he sees colors much less vividly and less distinctly than other people.

/ / Sensory Overload Extreme sense stimulation, if the subject is not prepared, takes twice as long, if not more, for him to recover from. Bright lights, high decibel sounds, extreme temperatures, and olfactory irritants can lead to blurred vision, ringing ears, nausea, temporary blindness, and dizziness. Migraines are also common, which, while not debilitating, are less-than-optimal. Much of Mr. Grissom’s time in the Army was spent managing these headaches, to which his service in the ISA came as a relief. To abate this handicap, the subject's gear includes goggles that filter extremes, hearing protection, and a simple breathing filter. He's also taken to sleeping during daytime hours. When not sleeping, he seldom goes without a pair of polarized prescription sunglasses.

/ / Human Limitations As far as we can tell, Mr. Grissom’s extraordinary senses are where the metahuman ends, and the human begins. While in exceptional physical condition, the subject has no other advantages over any other healthy human male. If you cut him, he will bleed.

/ / Past Injuries Incurred in the line of duty, the subject's past injuries include a broken clavicle, dislocated shoulder, two broken toes, three broken fingers, multiple shrapnel wounds in the left leg, two gunshot wounds in the right thigh, four broken ribs, and a broken forearm. This is not an exhaustive list, but medical records state full recovery from all injuries, save for some stiffness in his right shoulder and mild chronic pain in his left leg.






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