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Player: @MrForz
If I've been able to carry that burden for so long, I suppose I can continue for an eternity.
Character Build
Class Focus: Sturdy PvP executioner
Power Level: 40
Research & Development: Science
Biographical Data
Real Name: Noreck Radman
Known Aliases: The Damned, The Survivor
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Unknown for obvious reasons.
Place of Birth: The dimension of Herne, now not existing anymore.
Base of Operations: The Southwest Desert
Relatives: Christine Radman - Wife - Deceased
Age: 29
Height: 179 Centimeters
Weight: 98 Kilograms (Equipment included)
Eyes: Yellow
Hair: Bald
Complexion: Confidential
Physical Build: Athletic
Physical Features: Noreck has strange spikes growing out of his right arm, and has a cybernetic left wrist. The feet are on fire. Huge and strange eyes often altering Noreck's mood.
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Neutral Good

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Identity: Public
Years Active: 3
Citizenship: Confidential
Occupation: Track and neutralize Clow's minions.
Education: Robotics mastery.
Marital Status: Widower
Known Powers and Abilities
Clow's gift filled Noreck with strange energies, enhancing his agility, stamina and his resillience to pain and mind oriented attacks. He fights with a headsman's axe and an endless supply of chains.
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Tech harness linked to the cybernetic shoulder and wrist. Chains.
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The Highway to Hell

As much as I'm not a fan of tragic pasts, I've always wanted to make a character that was victim of his own foolishness, and the price to pay for it being enormously heavy. Noreck's bitter, thinks outside the box, although only a handful of people may ever know it due to the very few things he ever says. Keeper of a 'gift' that even himself hates, it still gives him the power to drastically change things now, but wished he could do such actions years ago. Noreck's never considering himself professionnal, and prefered to call himself "An angry idiot with an axe and barely anything to lose", and expresses eternal sorrow, even if quite polite and cheery.

Chapter 1: Somewhere in Herne, when it still existed.

The gunshot.

I'll remember this shot for the rest of my existence, the body of my beloved wife falling on the ground while I run down the stairs. A operative from the REAPER organization was holding the weapon. Now that I think of it, REAPER, VIPER, quite a nice dimensional coincidence... Well he wasn't quite silent on this job however and I charged into him. While I'm definately no stranger to fighting, nobody gets enroled in a job that involves killing without having the means to defend himself. He broke the gun before engaging the fight, a fight that made one hell of a mess in the living room and the kitchen. He picked the nearby knife to plant it in my left hand before attempting to leave, thinking I'd agonize on such a pain. I pursued him as he approached the window up the stairs for extraction, pulled the knife out of my hand before charging him, ejecting both of us out of the house. We hit the ground, I was intact, however the soldier had a very bad landing with the knife, guess I was lucky. The REAPER helicopter didn't even bother and flew away. Strange. Well, with my hand looking like a rotten tomato I now had a good reason to test the protheses I was producing.

So... I was contemplating how my life just got buried six feet under by some soldier following the orders of some old mean general or whoever gave them to him. I was rather good at staying calm; but I couldn't stop thinking about 'WHY'. I'm not one for vengeance.

The Judge Clow.

When going back to what was left of the house, I had a visitor. Visage was grey and skinless, very good looking, clean, white formal vest under the strange sign of a human skull with a monocle, twice my size, and formality all over his speeches. His name was Clow, the Judge Clow. Head of an organization of superpowered horrors. I've heard of them through the informations, some of them saved lives, others commited atrocities, can be the same ones doing this then that, not sure it's on their own will, or even the Judge's will.

Clow always was one who'd always get what he wants. He witnessed what happened to me, and gave me the opportunity to gain enough power to satisfy my wishes, as long as I joined them for whatever was going to happen in the next years. Counting the fact that I didn't have quite alot of lose, I accepted the proposition. We made a hand shake and a strange black liquid just pasted itself on my hand before disappearing, like if it went in my very metabolism. As for the Judge himself, not even a goodbye, he directly vanished.

Chapter 2: A brand new... idiot.

Noreck just after Clow's gift.

So here I was, full of energy, getting results on anything I set my mind to, my skin looked slightly darker and my feet were strangely warm, I was using home made grey armored tights, on top of this, a tech harness reaching the left shoulder, which is, in turn, connected to the wrist holding my cyber-hand. I also had strange chains that I could use to pull and immobilize targets with. The first thing that ever crossed my mind was the REAPER organization, of course. I needed a weapon, even if I'm sure that I'd get nice results with my bare hands already. Grabbed a pole to run some tests and... how amazingly strange, it felt like I've been training with this object since I was born. I ran back to the house to make a reinforced fighting pole before running to the depths of what I now call my... idiocy.

There were many REAPER bases around the local city. Lots of work to do, was eager to get these answers about my beloved one, something felt wrong though. Been grabbing soldiers, commanders, generals by the neck and politely asked directions aswell as informations about my current problem. Of course alot of the REAPER folks didn't have a clue about that execution, and as I kept interrogating people, my appearance was changing, my skin went much darker, strange spikes grew out of my right arm and my feet were... on fire! Yes, on fire.

The last REAPER folk I menaced, a Major, shown me the base that dealt with the operation concerning my wife. I attacked in there, blindly, destroying nearly all the buildings except the ones where they store their documents. Of course, by this time, I expected that REAPER's attack dog would be there: V-11, the oversized, drugged experiment with the most success concerning body enhancement. Speaking of which, you had a similar one in the VIPER database, no? Something like Ripper or.. whatever. I finally had a chance against him now, it's not everyday that you get to survive tanks being thrown at mad speeds on your face. Once the threat dealth with I looked at those files. And there it was, the contract on Christine Radman, and the bitter truth, the kind of truth that makes you feel idiotic for the rest of your existence: The Master Assassin didn't kill me because they had to make sure that I was alive and... angry, he had to show himself under the REAPER colours so I could set my mind to them. At the end of the paper: The sign of the human skull with the monocle: The Judge Clow.

Chapter 3: At the edge of the future.

Noreck months after Clow's gift.

Clow was behind this, all of this. By the time I realized that, I changed again, my skin was coal black, but I could still see that my blood was red due to the insane number of wounds I had, my eyes took a strange shape and, the spikes on my right arm grew even bigger and I couldn't distinguish my feet from the fire they were engulfed in, the cape and hat I retrieved a while ago are in a very bad shape and... oh, and my fighting pole changed too, it became an axe, go figure. It was time to ask Clow for some explanations, after all, I'm part of his little group now.

The Judge knew I'd find out one day, but he wouldn't care. He told me he needed a last person to 'infect' to seal the deal and let the Edomites walk this world for its total consumption... consumption? Yes, a big mean end of the world prepared ever since I got all this power. I used to feel idiotic about all this, now I felt literally guilty as the ground started to quake at the huge portal's opening, horrors invaded the area along with five, massive godlike beings which started to destroy everything on sight. Clow didn't tell me what kind of prize he'd get would be worth more than the very world he walks in, only thing left was to confront him. Another error since he was much more powerful that I'd ever be, but I was known to be good enough at improvising. He pulled the chain I sent toward him, grabbed me by the neck before planting me deep in the ground, his last words being: 'This is not finished, Noreck. See you on the other side.'. I tried my best to get back to the surface but the quake was too hard, I could only remain there and hear the explosions, the screams, before I passed out.

Chapter 4: Noreck the Damned, the cursed idiot with an axe and nothing to lose.

Noreck as we know him now.

I woke up. Everything was quiet, I dug to the surface, out of the ground and got hit by a car, good thing that I barely feel pain or injuries anymore. My appearance slightly changed to the abomination I actually am. Many people started to scream, local law enforcement started to ask me questions, I didn't give any answer and wouldn't get close for inspection, so they shot me on sight. I ran on top of the nearest building to understand where I actually was. Definately not Herne. Two of your Ospreys were following me as I jumped from building to building, I took a missile in the face and smashed myself in the middle of an alley where I faced the Major Violette Boudreau. I'll always remember this question: "Who are you? What are you?". I suppose it was high time for me to introduce myself.

And here I am. I triggered the end of my own homeworld, I am guilty. For your proposal, my quest for redemption would tell me "Yes I could join the cause.", even if I seem to have brought more problems than solutions, my priority remains Clow, he IS in here, somewhere, recruiting henchmen again, like he did to me. I don't want to have a second sealed bargain on my back. Best I can do is to give outside help when called.

And while I'm not quite the packaged present sent into your dimension, I could have been another power-hungry villain of any kind so... I got used to this 'gift' and refused Cimetiere's offer to remove it from me. It's part of me and it's staying that way.

You ever want to find me, I'll be in the Southwest Desert. Now take care of yourself, I really mean it.


Noreck's appearance continuously changes, only the Judge Clow knows the final effects of his 'blessing'. His height is 179cm, the head is bald with no skin, no neck and a pair of enormous yellow eyes. The whole body turned coal-black with an incredible amount of wounds. He wears armored tights that got tainted by the gift, a chest harness, connected to his left shoulder, armored with a metallic pad, which is itself connected with his left, cybernetic hand. The right arm is left untouched, although it has spikes growing all the way down from the shoulder to the wrist, his feet are on fire, he wears a crumpled hat and a torn cape. We could assume that what's left of mister Radman is just a walking cadaver, even as cheery and 'alive' as he actually is. His overall appearance can easily be mistaken for a hostile creature which prevents him from showing off.


Noreck's sketch by @Soulstarisborn.

Noreck's personnality is engulfed into cynicism, but he remains cheery when embracing life at the most innocent levels. That is when he ever bothers saying anything, he won't answer any question unless something is at stake, very quiet overall. He lives by the phrase "We are what we do". However, anyone with decent levels of psychology will find sadness and regret in him, as he holds the picture of his wife, in Herne, now gone forever.

Traits and Abilities.

Unbreakable Will: Having a hard time dying even under the worst pain may not be as exciting as anyone may think, he won't back down unless dismembered. Noreck has endured alot of things and during the hardest moments, there's always one way that is foward. The gift's nature, evolution and state of mind rendered him quite resillient to magic attacks and nearly immune to mind attacks.

Agile: Noreck can run fast enough to maintain an equilibrium when running on walls and masters his jumps with a surgical accuracy.

Phasing: The experience of the transition from Herne to Earth left some marks. Noreck can teleport on very short distances very quickly, but repetated uses weaken and disorient him.

Chains: Noreck can make use of a nearly endless supply of chains, he can pull foes, swing, and lock ennemies down.

Executioner: Clow's gift gave Noreck much more advanced, but weird fighting techniques, his signature weapon is a long headsman axe. He uses the handle to deal with human ennemies and other personnalities, and the axe itself to deal with other horrors and abominations.

Former Engineer: Noreck didn't forget any of his past, the home made cyber hand being the proof. Fast robotic scheming gives him the ability to deal with alot of mechanized opponents.

Explosion: Noreck stomps the ground, which sends massive amounts of chains impaling everything that moves, then pulling them down before receiving a devastating shockwave. The move costs alot of energy and unless in top shape, Noreck will often pass out.

Misery loves company, ambient company included.

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