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Biographical Information
Name: Christina Flint
Age: 16
Place of Residence: Ravenswood Academy, Orchardville, MI
Occupation: Student
Marital Status: Single
Legal Status: Minor; Vigilante
Identity: Secret
Known Affiliations
Hotshots header.png
Physical Features
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Distinguishing Features
Known Powers
Electrical draining; Increased strength, stamina, and resilience
Special Equipment
Any equipment must be heavily shielded from electrical drain

Originally from Hudson City, New Jersey, Christie Flint was transferred to Ravenswood Academy when she, along with many other teens in the city, began exhibiting nascent superpowers. Despite the change in location, Christie and her peers retained the Hudson City tendency to take the law into their own hands, helping to form the teenage vigilante group which would eventually call itself the Hotshots.


Electrical Drain

Christie draws the electricity out of anything she touches. This effect is involuntary, and prevents her from using any kind of electronic device without strict precautions.


The electrical energy that Christie draws out is stored by her body, and she can use it to push her body to extreme feats of strength and endurance. She can also simply discharge it, but that results in it radiating from her body indiscriminately.


Early Life

Christie comes from the relatively poor Red Hill neighborhood of Hudson City. While it is hardly the worst part of town, several of Hudson City's worst neighborhoods are nearby. As a child, she was simply thought to be unlucky with electronics; wristwatches would die when worn, the television's picture would get fuzzy when she touched it, and so on.


The older Christie got, the worse her electrical drain became. She was no longer allowed to touch the television set, the refrigerator, or the family laptop at home. The machines in her school's meager computer lab would shut off when she tried to use them. When the other kids her age were starting to get their own cell phones, she was left behind.

Christie's problems came to a head when, after accidentally draining the television her class was supposed to watch a film on, she retaliated to another student's teasing with a slap of unforeseen force: the unfortunate victim suffered a concussion and sprained neck. Her unusual disciplinary report joined over a dozen others from superintendents all over the city, pointing to a burgeoning class of supers in Hudson City.

Ravenswood Academy

It didn't take long for the Hudson City Council, who were eager to maintain their city's "super free" reputation, to work out a scholarship with Ravenswood Academy, located in a suburb of Millennium City, Michigan. It was a prestigious school, and a better future than most Hudson City natives could hope for.

However, it was not an easy transition for many of the new students, Christie included. She was used to the dangerous, unkempt streets of Hudson City. Now she was expected to live in a comfortable, affluent suburb where people could walk the streets without fear. Furthermore, the thought of implicitly trusting the municipal government and police was utterly foreign to her.

The Hotshots

Despite the apparent tranquility of her new home, Christie saw problems in Millennium City that were all too familiar: Petty crime still ran rampant, and the police force that was too beleaguered - or too timid - to deal with it all. Collaborating with her displaced comrades in secret, they formed a new group dedicated to solving things the Hudson City way:

To assist the authorities whether they wanted the help or not; to exact justice when the law fell short; to make every criminal tremble with the same fear they themselves inflicted on ordinary citizens. They were a new breed of vigilante who would blaze against the city's darkest shadows. They were Hotshots!