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, PhD
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"Do you know what you need? Nanites."
- Operator
Player: @PoochieHellhound
Super Group
The Prometheus Union
· Other Affiliations ·
Real Name
Montgomery James Harrison
Operator, Op, Ginger Midget
May 26th, 1974
Millenium City
Millenium City
Freelancing engineer, inventor, researcher.
Legal Status
Registered Hero
Marital Status
· Known Relatives ·
Georgia Manson (Fiancee) (Deceased),
parents presumed deceased.
Physical Traits
Apparent Age
94 lbs
Body Type
Skinny, tiny
Very red
Very blue
Very pale
· Distinguishing Features ·
Very small
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
Abnormally advanced intelligence, technological knowledge above normal capacity.
· Equipment ·
Particle beam pistol, an own invention called a "Shield Rifle", various technological hijinks and gadgets.
· Other Abilities ·
Advanced knowledge in computer work and AI, expert in metahuman biology and nanites.


Early Life & Education

Monty Harrison has always lived in Detroit, graduating from the Detroit Engineering University at a young age, and showing remarkable talent for technological tinkering very early on. As early as in middle school, he knew how to remodel a computer into a hovering device. This has been theorized as one of the causes of his destructive behavior once he reached High School. The lack of challenge left him with too much free time, leading him down the lanes of alcohol and narcotics. These problems eventually put him in the hospital, dying. The physicians of Mercy Hospital were sure that there was nothing that could be done, and he was done for.

Monty himself had a different idea, however, designing plans for metal reinforcement as well as nanite infusion that would both cure his alcohol-induced damage, but also make his body stronger once it became healty. As the resident taking care of his file saw no other solution, he approved of the procedure as long as Monty paid for the costs and provided the materials needed. Monty agreed, and the hospital put their best surgeon to take on the challenge of this unusual operation. Sixteen hours later, it was complete, and Monty were in the hospital for another three weeks before he could, indeed, leave it again, and live on as if nothing had happened. The Battle of Detroit

After that whole debacle, Monty turned his life around, leaving drugs behind him. He met a woman named Georgia Manson, to whom he got engaged in September 1991. They never got around to marrying each other before the Battle of Detroit in 1992, which left Georgia fatally injured, and eventually leading to her death mere days thereafter. Monty himself had been saved by an unknown hero designated Power Armor archetype, theoretically inspiring him to the creation of the machine that would mark his place in this world - The BattleBot - only weeks after the death of Georgia Manson. Files have been sent in order to retrieve the plans for the BattleBot to the PRIMUS database, but have been unsuccessful as Monty is reluctant to give them out to anyone.

The emergence of the hero Operator

The creation of the BattleBot has been seen as some as the beginning of the hero known as Operator, starting his career of building gadgets and machinery for heroes and organizations both. Perhaps not fitting the general definition of "super hero", he definitely has done a lot of good in his time, even before he started doing things personally. The White Star Avengers Initiative

One of the events that brough Operator into action more than usual was the introduction to Commander US and the White Star Avengers Initiative. They initially called for his aid because the original Commander US was dead, killed in action while on a mission. What he left behind was a clone, a recent clone made by one of the Initiative's scientists, but the clone lacked an important part of the original - His memory. Operator, using the commander's DNA to create a nanite-infused serum, was able to restore the memory of the commander, but soon they lost contact with Operator, and he disappeared into what is assumed to be his workshop for an unknown amount of time.

The Return and The Prometheus Union

When he reappeared, he did so while joining another group, presumably having left the WSAI by absence. He met with Azunai about joinging the pro-meta organisation The Prometheus Union. When asked, these were Operator's own comments on his reason for joining the Union: "Until now, I haven't had the slightest idea of where my genius goes. The technology that I create, I just sell it online or pass it out to someone popping by. I don't know where this is used, it might be used to create a doomsday weapon for all I know. The only thing that I could conceivable do to amend this problem was affiliate myself, so that is what I did. The Union has done much for the metahuman population, and I have much sympathy for that community, so it seemed like a good choice to me." Experts have reported that Operator has been working almost incessantly in the Prometheus Tower's laboratory, or in his own workshop, since joining the superhero group.


Superhuman Intelligence

Operator has not been reported to have an official power, however his intellect greatly surpasses that of an ordinary man. He has an almost supernatural ability to take in information as well as to see logical connections and the workings of things based on what most others would see as insufficient information.


Overlaps with above section due to lack of official power designation.

Reinforced body

The reinforced bones, muscles and organs of his body places his strength and durability slightly above normal for a man of his body size and structure, although this is not significant enough to place him as even a low-level Brick archetype.


Physical Weakness

Operator is ranked as very physically weak in superhuman standards, and as such should not be kept in range for physical attacks. He employs several methods to avoid physical contact.

Overly curious

Operator has a history of letting his curiosity get the better of him, sometimes putting himself at risk. This is also partially caused by his opinion that the scientific method and purpose goes above any other need.

Notable Facts

  • Has developed and patented several notable inventions, with examples such as programmable nanites, a method for controlling nanites without using a remote control pad, a so-called "Shield-Rifle" and his own programming language!
  • Once built a device used for controlling and closing interdimensional rifts, but it got stolen by villains and then malfunctioned, causing an implosion!
  • Is currently in a patenting feud with the PRIMUS Database regarding the plans for his invention the BattleBot! The Database wants a copy of the plans to store for safety reasons, but Operator refuses to grant them.
  • Specializes in meta-biology! This is an ongoing process, and he encourages any of abnormal meta biological nature to approach him for a check-up and, if available, blood donations for his further research or if he would ever find someone of similar biological nature in need of blood.

Character Opinions

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