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Player: @Voiceofreason
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Burn in Nuclear Fire!
Biographical Data
Real Name: Dr. Lars Heinrich
Known Aliases: Fallout
Gender: Male
Species: Male
Ethnicity: German
Place of Birth: Frankfurt
Base of Operations: Unknown
Relatives: Mother *Alive" Father "Alive" Fiancee "Dead"
Age: 31 Years Old
Height: 6 "4"
Weight: 210lbs
Eyes: Fiery Orange
Hair: Blond
Complexion: Tan
Physical Build:
Physical Features: Tall, Muscular, in good shape.
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Secret
Years Active: One year
Citizenship: Germany, America
Occupation: Unknown
Education: PhD in Nuclear Engineering and Physics
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
Super Strength, Invulnerability, Nuclear and Radiation Creation and Control, Energy Absorption, Healing Factor, EMP Pulse.
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Iphone 8, Visa Platinum Card, Money Clip w/ Cash.
Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
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Brief History:

Born in Germany, Lars moved to America with his family when he was Six. He attended private schools for most of his life then went to MIT for his PhD double major in Nuclear Engineering/Physics. Upon graduation he was offered a job at the Enrico Fermi Nuclear Generating Station in Michigan. It was there that he met a fellow engineer named Lisa Conner. The two hit it off quickly and fell in love shortly after.

All of that changed however on the day that VIPER attacked the Nuclear Plant with the intentions of releasing a biological bacteria in the reactors if their demands weren't met. Heroes arrived on the scene and a battle took place. One of the devices was detonated by accident that caused an explosion which took the lives of several of the plant workers including his fiancee Lisa.

The bacteria which was ment to consume the nuclear energy merged with Lars on a cellular level allowing him to absorb the detonation which sent him flying almost a mile away. When he awoke on the shores of Lake Eerie he realized what he had lost, but also that something had changed inside of him. The transformation along with his grief affected his psyche greatly.

The Dark Ages:

During the dark ages, Ophelia was still young and learning about her powers. While still vastly wealthy with access to great amounts of gold from the Roman Banks, she was nowhere near as rich as she is now. Ophelia bought a great fortress and spent large amounts of gold to renovate it. It was around this time that Ophelia met Lucretia who was the current Vampire Prince of Rome. They became fast friends, and she even gave Ophelia leave to take the blood of a Tzmisce who was causing problems within the city. Even though Ophelia and her Gangrel companion attacked the Tzmisce without mercy, the flesh crafter's brought Rome to it's knees and sent Prince Lucretia into exile. Ophelia remained in what was left of Rome to battle her hated enemy, and to move her wealth that was within the bank vaults to a secure location.

After several years of doing battle with the Tzmisce, Ophelia finally came face to face with their leader "Angrthul", who was a 5th Generation Methesulah. With the help of her companions she was able to vanquish her long hated foe, but her victory came at the cost of many lives, leaving Ophelia to deal the death blow via Diablerie "She drained his blood and took his power for herself". Unfortuantly the battle caused the structure around them to weaken and the ceiling fell in upon her. Ophelia was trapped under the heavy stone for Three Hundred Years intill Italians were able to clear the debris and found her amongst the rubble.

Once she was revitalized, Ophelia set off to reclaim her wealth and power which took her all over Europe and even face to face with Lord Vlad the Impaler himself.After a few hundred years her station was once again absolute, and her wealth both immense and vast. With her Roman Fortress restored, she moved to Ceoris which is the Tremere Headquarters to study in depth with her fellow clan members and to take her powers to new heights.From that point on her name has slipped into legend and folklore for her many exploits both great and terrible, and the mere mention of her name amongst her fellow Kindred has mixed results of either fear, respect, or both.

The Modern Nights:

These days Ophelia is the CEO and Majority Shareholder of Valeria Banking Group in Switzerland. After growing bored with Europe and her many palaces and castles there, she decided that she wanted to see the new world and left for America in the year 1876. Upon her arrival, she spent many a nights in New York, Chicago, and New Orleans enjoying the city life and pouring money into helping the cities grow. When the rise of the superheroes started to take center stage and after the fall of Detroit, she decided to move to what was now called "Millenium City" to see what the future held for her.

Since arriving in Millenium City, she has come to know many of the heroes there, and still improves and grows her own considerable vampire powers, becomming more proficent in her known disciplines.Recently, she completed the Tremere ritual "Invulnerable Weakness" after working on it for a year, giving her the ability to walk in the sunlight and to ignore the effects of normal fire for Six Years. Shortly after completing that goal, she came to the attention of the superhero group "O.R.D.E.R." Becomming amused with their antics, she decided to fund and join them in exchange for the blood of a demigod on their team which led to all sorts of crazy adventures since then.

Family History and Wealth:

Before Ophelia's birth, her great, great, great grandfather was a Legatus in the Roman Legion which brought the name "Valeria" to prominence.Much of her family gained their wealth from being hunters and merchants. With their wealth they invested well in lands and politics and moved up the social structure. In time they came to realize that those who controlled the money weilded the most power. It was then that they started a small bank and grew it till their fortune became massive as their banks stretched out to other cities and countries.For well over a Thousand Years Ophelia has invested her money well and kept the family's legacy alive by owning one of the most richest and powerful banks in the known world. Through the ownership of vast relics, artifacts, and massive amounts of gold and jewels, it is believed that her "known" net worth is more then the United States National Debt which is around 21 Trillion Dollars, and this is only the money that is documented by the IRS and other tax services in the world. Much of her true wealth is hidden in tombs and other hidden caches.


Auspex (6) - is a Discipline that grants vampires supernatural senses.

Dominate (5) - is a Discipline that overwhelms another person's mind with the vampire's will, forcing victims to think or act according to the vampire's decree.

Protean (7) - is a Discipline that gives vampires the ability to change form, from growing feral claws to evaporating into a cloud of mist.

Fortitude (8) - is a Discipline that grants Kindred unearthly toughness, even to the point of resisting fire and sunlight.

Celerity (8) - is a Discipline that grants vampires supernatural quickness and reflexes.

Potence (8) - is the Discipline that endows vampires with physical vigor and preternatural strength. Vampires with the Potence Discipline possess physical strength beyond mortal bounds.

Thaumaturgy (8) - is the closely guarded form of blood magic practiced by the vampiric clan Tremere.

- Path of Blood (5) - Usually the first path taught to neonates among the Tremere. The first power listed at each level is the common form in the Modern Nights, while the second is from the video game bloodlines.

- Lure of Flames (5) - This path, known as Rego Ignem in the Dark Ages, creates unnatural flames, which some believe are conjured from Hell. Rather than distinct powers, each level of mastery allows the practitioner to summon larger and more dangerous flames.

- Alchemy (5) - Can change an object's form at lower levels, but at the highest ranks you can change the properties of something at an atomic level thus turning one thing into something else entiely (example: Glass to Diamond.)

- Movement of the Mind (5) - This path grants the practitioner the power of telekinesis, allowing them to move matter at a distance, at first as though they were using their hands, and at higher levels allowing flight and levitation. It was known in the Dark Ages as Rego Motus. Modern versions of the path do not have distinct powers; instead higher levels of mastery simply increase the mass a thaumaturge can affect, though level three is required for flight, and level four for throwing objects. Older versions have the following more strictly defined powers.

- Biothaumaturgy (5) - Can heal using these powers or alter lifeforms vastly either animals or humans or take tissue samples or even reanimate them and give orders.

- Hands of Destruction (5) - Usually practiced by members of the Sabbat, this path is rumoured to have demonic origins. It grants various destructive powers, most of which require physical touch.

- Neptune's Might (5) - Originally called Rego Aquam in the Dark Ages, Neptune's Might grants a practitioner control over bodies of standing water plus some other water-related powers.

- Perdo Magica (5) - This path has no own powers, instead it allows to counter other magic.

- Path of Warding (5) - Allows one to put up protective glyphs, seal off an entire castle for a night, or even creating a glyph or scry, or to send powers to another location.

- Path of the Blood's Curse (5) - Elder vampires have forever flaunted their powers over their lessers, the ancillae and neonates. With the approaching threat of Gehenna, young Kindred actively pursue ways to circumvent the stranglehold these powerful elders possess in the Jyhad. With this desire driving their ambitions, a few rogue Pander and Caitiff thaumaturges gathered together and developed this thaumaturgical path as a means of ousting those above them.

- Path of Transmutation (5) - Thaumaturges practicing the art of Alchemy can manipulate the forms of solids, liquids and gases. Guns and knives melt into pools of metal, wood petrifies and becomes brittle, and common boundaries such as walls and doors transmute to vapor. The laws of chemistry do not bind Warlocks employing the powers of transmutation, as materials shift their state regardless of their temperature. Effects similar to those achieved by true alchemy can be achieved by using the Path of Transmutation. This path is looked upon somewhat unfavorably among the Tremere, as it reflects a "quick and dirty" effect rather than true mastery of alchemical transmutation.

- Geomancy Path (5) - Can raise her resistance to magic, increase her own attributes, or even increase social and talent attributes with this path.

- Gift of Morpheus (5) - This path of Thaumaturgy allows the vampire to put others to sleep and enter their dreams. The path does not allow the vampire to enter a real dream dimension, but rather the mind of the sleeping mortal via some unexplained type of telepathic link. The path has a mental effect, and other mind-influencing Disciplines, such as Auspex, Dominate and Presence, may be used in conjunction with this path.

- Path of Mercury (5) - Allows the uder to teleport anywhere from 10 yards away to 500 miles depending on their proficency.

- Weather Control (5) - Command over the weather has long been a staple power of wizards both mortal and immortal, and this path is said by many to predate the Tremere by millennia. The proliferation of usage of this path outside the clan tends to confirm this theory; Weather Control is quite common outside the Tremere, and even outside the Camarilla. Lower levels of this path allow subtle manipulations, while higher stages of mastery allow a vampire to call up raging storms. The area affected by this power is usually rather small, no more than three or four miles in diameter, and the changes the power wreaks are not always immediate.

- Elemental Mastery (5) - This path allows a thaumaturge limited control over and communion with inanimate objects. Mistakenly believed by many to be related to the four basic elements (earth, air, fire and water), this path is actually closer to an amalgamation of Spirit Thaumaturgy and the Path of Conjuring. Elemental Mastery can only be used to affect the unliving - a vampire could not cause a tree to walk by using Animate the Unmoving, for instance. Thaumaturges who seek mastery over living things generally study Biothaumaturgical Experimentation or The Green Path.

- The Path of Conjuring (5) - Invoking objects "out of thin air" has been a staple of occult and supernatural legend since long before the rise of the Tremere. This Thaumaturgical path enables powerful conjurations limited only by the mind of the practitioner.

- Path of Shadowcrafting (5) - Although the Tremere have long been enemies of the Tzimisce, a chantry of 17th-century Portuguese Tremere once turned their talents to specialized means of combating the treacherous Lasombra of neighboring Spain. In the modern nights, however, Tzimisce-Lasombra ties in the Sabbat mean that the Tremere must sometimes bring their attentions to the depredations of the lords of shadow. Indeed, some Tremere wryly comment that for every sorcerous Tzimisce counselor who advises a Lasombra bishop, a cunning Tremere counsels an insidious Ventrue. With the Camarilla's recent upturn in clashes with the Sabbat, the Tremere have needed a means to blunt the Sabbat's edges. The unearthed Path of Shadowcrafting offers one such opportunity, albeit in a scope that never became widespread due to its limited utility. Students of the Path of Shadowcrafting learn to manipulate shades, but not in the same fashion as the Lasombra. While Shadowcrafting tugs at the absence of light, Tremere who have fought the Lasombra firsthand come away with the distinct impression that Obtenebration manipulates something else – a tangible darkness, a sort of abyssal nothingness coaxed into the material world. What this bodes, even the Tremere do not know, and the few Lasombra antitribu certainly aren't forthcoming. In the meantime, the Tremere hope to refine the path into a means of controlling or duplicating the Lasombra's power, while keeping their failures quietly away from influential Camarilla ears. As is, the path is relatively weak, but those exploring it hope to make breakthroughs any night now....

- Path of Technomancy (5) - The newest path to be accepted by the Tremere hierarchy as part of the clan’s official body of knowledge, the Path of Technomancy is a relatively recent innovation. It was developed in the latter half of the 20th century, and has not yet spread far beyond the North American Pontifices. The path focuses on the control of electronic devices, from wristwatches to computers, and its proponents maintain that it is a prime example of the versatility of Thaumaturgy with regards to a changing world. More conservative Tremere, however, state that mixing Tremere magic with mortal science borders on treason or even blasphemy, and some European Regents have gone so far as to declare knowledge of Technomancy grounds for expulsion from their chantries. The Inner Council did approve the introduction of the path into the clan’s grimoires, but has yet to voice any opinion on the conservative opposition to Technomancy.

- Rego Magica (5) - This path has no own powers, instead it allows to create new paths.