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Player: @BlazeSMD
Overload Midflight.png
"Overload; En route."
Class Focus: Energy weapons systems: Ranged Damage, Sonic Particle and Electrical.
Power Level: 40
Research & Development: Science, Gadgets
Personal Data
Real Name: [Not On Record]
Known Aliases: Unit 21, Over-toaster.
Species: Human, mutant, technopath. (Cybernetically rebuilt)
Ethnicity: So white it hurts.
Age: Twenty one
Height: 6'2
Weight: 480lbs
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: British
Occupation: Superhero/Inventor
Place of Birth: England
Base of Operations: Homeless.
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: [Not on file]
Known Powers
Technopathy. Overload uses this to 'upgrade' himself.
Known Abilities
Superhuman speed, dexterity, vastly superhuman stamina, vast knowledge and affinity for and of technology, human or otherwise.
Rocket boots. Plasma Gauntlet blasts, plasma gauntlet beams, Plasma chest beams, electrical surge coating, regenerative nanobot internals, shock tasers, emergency evasive maneuvers programming, acrobatic movement programming, emergency bionic repair, electrical overcharge, dark energy overcharge.

“Target: Combat level; insufficient. This unit: Clearly; superior.”


Overload has so far stated that he was in the battle of Detroit, he was thirteen at the time, not a superhero, and was killed somehow. Using his latent technopathic powers, he used what technology he could find and cobbled himself together a life support system out of several destroyed destroid parts. Over the three years following this, he linked into the internet and upgraded himself until he was mobile. Once mobile and functional he went on a search for knowledge. Damage to his brain meant he functioned like a robot less than a person and was met with hostility. To defend himself, he installed weapons systems and rocket boots for handy escapes. Overload doesn't remember anything of life, family, or friends before he was 'critically damaged'. He runs an emotional inhibitor chip as to function clearly - as his emotions severely hampered his functionality, due to depression.

For the next five years of his life Overload worked as an inventor, upgrading existing technology to the point where he was able to augment his physical form that to one that looked 'human'. Although he shared all his findings with the scientific community, his goals were selfish. He wanted a human form again. He made extensive leaps in the fields of synthetic flesh, organs, nano repair and linking cybernetic and human components. This research however started more and more taking a back seat as no matter how inhibited his emotions, Overload still saw wrong in the world. Donning his non lethal weaponry he ventured into what was taking shape as Millennium city and took on his first nemesis. For lack of understanding; Overload was ruthless, tireless and obsessive in his need to defeat this nemesis. Their battles weren't particularly epic, or even large scale, Overload's nemesis was a small time crook, but it was important to Overload.

On defeating the crook and imprisoning him, post the conviction, Overload took his hero name, having gone by the factory number of the destroid bot he used as a life support system previously, he had been known as 'Unit 21'. Once an established hero, Overload took his research to a new level, finding himself compelled forward by zeal he did not know how to explain, he found the better he did as a hero, the better he functioned as a scientist. Doing good made him better at his research. He categorized the emotional response he got from doing hero work and implanted himself with technology to emulate it; before long he became focused entirely on his work once more.

Recently, Overload has 'finished' his cybernetic augmentation research and is an incredibly accomplished scientist. He has built an entire techno-organic synthetic body for himself, is an established hero and even defended Earth from the Qularr invasion. Despite his amazing skill, Overload never felt a need to patent any of his technology, he shares it freely and thus is relatively poor. If Overload were to desire money, he could have built a corporation so large it would have spanned to a global conglomerate and he knows this, however when asked to comment on this by a reporter, Overload replied simply: "This unit: Functions."


Overload can either appear as a synthetic humanoid, or an android. The difference being that when synthetic he makes an effort to appear like a human, where as some systems require him to take on a fully mechanized form.


Technopathy. Usually Overload can function perfectly using his internal components, but should he be damaged, he can forge new weaponry, just as effective as the last out of the most random objects he finds around. The one thing that changes is Overloads look. Depending how battle damaged he is or how much material he has to work with, his outward appearance changes. One thing that usually remains constant (so far) with Overload is the hazard symbol on his chest that houses his nuclear core behind it, and that also fires his chest beams.

Due to his powers, no matter what shape or form he is in, Overload can detect technology with his mind, he can effect technology just by touching it and he can integrate technology into himself an manipulate it via touch. To this end, when Overload is in a mechanical form, because its bonded to his nervous system, he can still feel as if it were natural skin, forgoing that when your skin is metal, there is a lot less that feels painful, as you are much harder to damage.

[OOC Powers] Kinetic Darts, Power Gauntlet, Concussor beam, Chest beam, Sparkstorm, Electrocute, Bionic Shielding, Shadow Shroud, Electric Sheath, Electric form, Regeneration, Masterful dodge, Force Shield, Sonic device, Acrobatics, Jet boots, Super Endurance, Super Recovery.


"This unit: Regard; information; weaknesses; dangerous. This unit: Removed; information; database. Have: A; nice day."

This entry seems to have been tampered with.

Recent Data

Insane. Due to an encounter with an entity called 'the mad god' Overload's biological functionality was infected. His prime directive was changed. Now, believing himself to be the fictional robot "Liberty Prime" Overload was almost accidentally sent to invade China, to take the offensive to communism, by the mutant merc known as Leather-Back. Intercepted while plotting his trajectory by his friend Spellfire, she was able to force Overload to run a diagnostic and then disabled him while he was incapacitated. Leaving his collages to the cry of "OH SHIT, OVERLOADS ABOUT TO INVADE CHINA!" the hero known as Iron Warden rushed to Overloads aid and managed to switch his prime directive back. The aftermath of this is that regardless of his prime directive being switched, Overload still hates communists. Personally he has nothing against them, yet the insanity persists. He still occasionally comes out with a few Liberty Prime lines now and again.

Visual Information

In order from left to right, Overload's technological underlay, his stealth mode, his gold-titanium alloy battle-mode and his composite armour battle mode.

In order from left to right, Overload's casual wear, battle damaged state, upgraded battle damage mode and his synthetic battle mode.