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Player: @Albert_Wanger
Panzer Coverimage3.jpg
"Super heroics is incredibly grandiose, yet remains unsatisfying."
Biographical Data
Real Name: Wagner, Albert
Known Aliases: Panzer
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Place of Birth: Spokane, Washington, United States
Base of Operations: Millennium City, Michigan, United States
Relatives: Gordon Wayne (Godfather/legal guardian); Oskar Wagner (biological father)
Age: 17
Height: 1.6256m/5ft4in (1.7018m/5ft7in in Armour)
Weight: 37.2kg/82lb0.19149oz (97.1kg/214lb1.1020oz in Armour)
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
Complexion: Pale
Physical Build: Frail, Thin
Physical Features: N/A
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Neutral Good

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Public
Years Active: 4
Citizenship: United States
Occupation: N/A
Education: K-12; University Student, 5th year
Marital Status: Chaste
Known Powers and Abilities
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Powered Armour; Giant Robot
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"It’s a long and boring story; not worth telling." – Albert Wagner, AKA Panzer

Genesis (December 12, 1996)

"Mister Wagner," a female voice called out. Oskar Wagner pulled his head up to look at who had called him. It was a nurse, leaning out the crack of an open door. "They're ready for you," She beckoned him with a wave of her hand. Oskar practically jumped up from the bench and ran into the room, presented with a couple other nurses, surrounding a bed. On that bed was his wife, Tara, and their newborn child. "Congratulations," The nurse started, "It's a boy." Oskar couldn't help but smile as he stepped up next to his family. Tara pulled her gaze away from the infant in her arms, and at her husband. "We need to name him," She whispered, "any ideas?"

"Albert," Oskar responded without hesitation, "it was my grandfather's name." Tara brought her gaze back at their son, "Albert. I like it."

First Steps, First Crisis (January 18, 1997)

"I don’t know why my mom did what she did, but I’m willing to accept that it was for a good reason. After all, I’ve got the best dad in the world, now." – Albert Wagner, AKA Panzer

"I'll rip that wretched man apart!" cried Gordon, as he shook his apartment kitchen with a heavy, clawed stomp. Tara jumped in surprise, "N-no, we do this through the law," she retorted, her tone a mix of fear and grief. Oskar, Tara's husband and Gordon's best friend, had been discovered working for the terrorist organization VIPER. Fearing for her infant child's life, she fled from her own home and to the only person she felt she could trust at that moment, the extraterrestrial dragon-like reptile known to them as Gordon Wayne. One of very, very few local superheroes, and with an exemplary record, he was their best hope. Gordon stood where he was, and said nothing. Instead, he stared into the living room, fists clenched with rage. That anger would almost immediately disipate, however, once a shocking sight passed into view; young Albert, whom they had left to play with toys in the living room, was taking short, clumsy steps into view. "Oh my God," Gordon started, as he walked into the living room himself, eyes fixed on the boy. Tara stood up and followed him, only to stop short at the sight of her son walking. She said nothing, but her eyes widened and she smiled. A tragedy followed by a miracle. God help me. Tara disappeared the day after, leaving dozens of signed papers pertaining to legal guardianship.

Academic Struggles (September 16, 2003)

"What? He deserved it!" – Albert Wagner, AKA Panzer

Gordon walked into the principal's office of Spring Falls Academy, the small town's only K-12 school. "Thank you for coming, Mister Wayne," The school's principal greeted him as he sat down, "Getting straight to the point, Albert's behavior has been attracting a lot of unwelcomed attention." Gordon folded his arms, "How so?"

"Well, for starters, he's been in nearly a dozen fights with other students, and now he's stepped up his targets to the teachers." The lizard lowered his arms, resting his palms against his hip, "Really?" His tone didn't hide his displeasure with the news given, "Yes, really. Now, admitting, the confrontation never became physical, but the fact that he's giving threats is bad enough."
"What did he say?" The headmaster leaned back in his chair, "I think he should tell you that himself," The man said as he beckoned to the office door. Albert was swiftly led in by an attendant, who immediately left to boy to stand at the front of the office room, facing the two adults. His face was a deep red, and he glared directly forward, arms folded across his chest. He was very clearly pissed off. "Albert, why don't you explain to your father here what you did wrong." The boy's eyes met the reptile's, "Nothing. It was Charles' mistake, not mine." Gordon lowered his head slightly, "Albert." Young Wagner sighed, breaking eye contact, and his entire expression changed, "...I told him he should be strung up."

"And why was that?"

"Because," Albert looked back at Gordon, "he's an idiot." The principal sighed, standing up, "As much as I hate to say it, Mister Wayne, if your son cannot improve his behavior, I will have no choice but to remove him." Gordon glanced back at the man behind the desk, "I understand. Thank you for bringing this to my attention." Gordon then turned around, walking over to his son, who broke eye contact again, staring at the ground, "You and I are going to have a little talk about this, young man. You're too smart to be acting like this." Gordon grabbed the boy's hand, and led him out.

New Millennium (2005)

Albert and Gordon moved from Spring Falls, Washington to Millennium City, Michigan in mid-summer 2005. Young Albert's education had hit a road block in the small town, despite having completed high school with flying colors just a year prior. The move was Gordon's idea, thinking that a top-grade university in the often-proclaimed "City of The Future" would be exactly what the boy needed. He was right.

Trial by Fire (2008-2009)

"Mysterious New Hero Stops Organized Bank Heist Single-Handed!" – Millennium City newspaper headlines, June 15, 2009

In the early months of living in Millennium City, Albert swiftly developed a fascination with superheroes, particularly those in powered armours; ordinary people wearing advanced personal weapons to take on super powered foes. After suffering dozens of random violent crimes in Westside, he made the decision that enough was enough, and began to plan his own suit of protective armour. Due to a severe lack of funds, Albert had to acquire scrap components from where ever he could. Taking household utilities (toasters, blow dryers, microwave ovens, etc.) and raw materials from numerous junk yards around town, garage sales, and what little he could get Gordon to buy him, he had just enough pieces to begin working by October of 2008.

Initial work on the armour was slow, and physically exhausting for the frail boy. Despite this, he remained dedicated to the project, even occasionally blowing off college to work on it. Albert’s first powered armour was not what most people would have thought of when the term was said. It was little more than separate metal plates and Kevlar strapped to a leather jumpsuit, with some exposed, if slightly protected, wiring going between his electronic parts. The armour had only a few weapons, and no shielding. Nonetheless, Albert considered it ready for battle conditions on June 14, 2009, when he donned the suit, and captured a group of Cobra Lords attempting a bank heist. It was his first taste of superhuman power, and revenge for the countless times he had been at the receiving end of the beatings.

Albert immediately fell in love with the whole gig, and instead of stopping at street gangs, he quickly began targeting higher weight class foes, even striking a few superhuman villains alongside more prominent (and experienced) heroes, including his father, now dubbed Barricade. His early “career” in superheroics, however, came to a head when he started running into VIPER, and doing more solo-runs against organized criminal groups. One fateful early February morning, he heard that VIPER was trying to break into Harmon Labs in downtown on his police scanner. Without hesitation, Albert suited up and flew to the scene of the crime. Expecting the usual squad of ordinary mooks, Albert was massively caught off guard by the presence of the notorious VIPER-X. Albert was unprepared, and was beaten down with little effort by the much more powerful, and experienced, Dragon Branch super soldier, and was very nearly killed if not for the timely arrival of a group of other superheroes.

After the battle, Albert took what little was left of his first suit of powered armour, and returned home. It would be over a year before he would return to the superhuman stage, his ego bruised, and his body physically shaken and battered by the horrifying encounter.

Strike Back (2010-2011)

"Prototypes are built to iron out problems before going to a final product. The Mark II was inevitable." – Albert Wagner, AKA Panzer

Albert worked tirelessly for the rest of 2010 on a new suit of armour. Unlike the first time, though, he didn’t simply settle for a glorified Halloween costume built in a scrap-yard. Taking his free time to design, build, and repair household electronics, he amassed a small fortune, which he put into purchasing high-grade raw materials for his next suit of armour. By late 2010, he had enough raw materials to make at least two full suits from scratch. Satisfied with material requirements being met, Albert once again took the time to design a new suit.

The designing process for Albert’s new armour was far longer than the first. He spent hours at the drawing table, coming up with dozens of different builds, many of which were remarkably advanced, putting most small-time high tech types to shame- only to throw them away, because they weren’t good enough for him. Albert was adamant about building the absolute best he could with what his resources and knowledge allowed, so that a defeat like the one he suffered at the hands of Kevin Armstrong would never happen again. By May of 2011, he had finally developed something he found suitable, and began building. Finishing in December of 2011, Albert announced his return to the superhuman world with flying to a small, local VIPER Nest he had discovered earlier that year, and (figuratively) wiping the facility off the map. It was at this moment that Albert officially declared war on the global terrorist organization, and would remain a significant thorn in their side all the way to the present day.

Albert’s life since then had become increasingly complicated. While his new armour was far more powerful than his first, it likewise had a much higher maintenance cost, and he found that it was draining what little money Albert and Gordon had. To solve this problem, Albert took to, once again, working with household utilities and electronics, this time as a permanent business. He would later work on much more complicated, and profitable, projects, whisking Albert and Gordon out of the poverty line and a rundown rental apartment, to a high-rise (but still relatively cheap) apartment in Downtown Millennium City.

Sorcerous Studies (2012)

"I wish I could say I regret my research into sorcery. I still feel foul for actually using it in my experiments." – Albert Wagner, AKA Panzer

Before February of 2012, if someone were to tell Panzer magic existed, he would have written them off as a delusional fool. However, after a close encounter with Talisman (and being bailed by Witchcraft), Albert became curious to these strange mutants who had a plethora of abilities. He spent months examining mages in action, having sorcerers who were willing (which was painfully difficult, considering their own abrasiveness) to perform spells in controlled environments, and reading some of the tomes they had, Albert came to the irrational, but no less true, discovery: magic was real. These men and women were still baseline humans (mostly), and were calling upon an unknown force, supposedly weaved into the fabric of reality, to perform feats that should be impossible without metahumans powers.

Albert became increasingly fascinated with the forces mages worked with, and between May and July, he experimented with spell casting. Like almost everything, Albert very quickly learned how to cast magic, from simple cantrips to complex rituals that took several minutes to cast, but had a profound effect; he knew enough to rival veteran mages who had spent decades gathering the knowledge to use magic. However, unlike them, Albert never used spells in anything other than observations. He had little interest in wielding this power in practical purposes; rather, he wanted to know what caused it. In late May, he discovered, at least partially, the source of magic, and was utterly disgusted and horrified.

Magic came to the material plane through the Astral, a place where the Imaginal Realms lied, which in turn were dimensions where the most vile, evil creatures in all of creation that he had ever encountered resided. After questioning mages on this, he discovered they accepted, and even endorsed the presence and influence of these abominations on Earth, as they were a common source of power. Power. It always came down to power, when dealing with magic. Mages never seemed to care about how the world or their sorcery worked, just so long as they can create fireballs from “nothing,” they seemed content. Albert shelved his research on magic, vowing never to use it, and to ensure its influence on the world would remain a minimal one. He would occasionally bring it back up from time to time when new information arose, and would spend long periods of time working on a better way to fight it, but he never picked up a staff, wand, eldritch tome, or material reagent again.

More Coming Soon™!

More Coming Soon™!

Current Events

A Coiled Nightmare

Living under VIPER’s shadow has never sat well with Albert, but ignoring them as best he could helped him get through the day okay. After they captured and transformed his godfather Barricade, however, his attitude has changed. Now more than ever, he wants to destroy the organization for good- and see the madman responsible for Gordon’s predicament in a cramped concrete box deep underground for the rest of his miserable life.

This will not be an easy task, however, and the heroes of Millennium City will face horrors that will push them to their limits in a private war between father and son.


Albert is a very reclusive and secretive individual, preferring privacy in his own home to social interactions in town. When interacting with other people, he is prone to say things at inappropriate times, interrupt people while they’re talking, and being brutally honest with little regard for their feelings. He’s also frequently abrasive, and behaves with signs of extreme narcissism. Despite his often unfriendly demeanor, Albert legitimately cares about other people, and tries (on occasion) to keep his attitude in check. However, this usually does little to curb his ego, which he absolutely will flaunt at the slightest opportunity.

In dire situations, such as super battles, Panzer is ruthless; he’s willing to do pretty much anything to defeat his opponents, short of killing them. His tactical approach to combat makes him an exceedingly difficult opponent, even for enemies of greater power, when compared to most other superheroes of the same weight class. Part of this is because Panzer doesn’t believe in needless displays of raw power; if he can avoid taking a hit, no matter how small, or solve a problem without being grandiose in the process, he’ll typically take the actions necessary to do so. On the other hand, if theatrics are an efficient method of solving a problem, he’ll be willing to use it.

Panzer’s almost incessant obsession with efficiency and his own superiority stem from a low self-esteem. Being a largely mundane person (and even then, physically inferior by those standards) and surrounded by superhumans, Albert constantly feels like he’s lagging behind. His (according to himself) “unmatched” intelligence is literally the only thing he has over other people, and in the superhuman world, that rarely seems to mean much when trying to stand up to a person who can bench press a hundred tons, or conjure lightning storms with little more than a thought. Albert has convinced himself that, because he’s smarter than most everyone else, he should be able to surpass them physically as well. This is the driving force for his constant upgrades, tactical focus, and ironclad determination.


Despite how advanced and powerful Albert’s gadgets are, they aren’t his most useful tools- his mind and knowledge are.

Science and Technology

Easily the most recognized of Wagner’s abilities, his understanding of the physical sciences and advanced technology make him one of the most adept scientists and engineers in the world. Some particular areas of expertise include:

Computers- Wagner can develop advanced artificial intelligences entirely on his own and from scratch with relative ease. His inventions can, and have, pushed first-world computers whole generations.

Electronics- Albert is a master of electronic engineering, and puts entire teams to shame. Some of his best designs rival, if not surpass, much of what Tetsuronin himself uses.

Physics- Albert is a remarkable physicist, especially considering his young age, and single-handedly performs experiments that would normally take an entire team of scientists and months of work to replicate.

Robotics- Aside from the likes of Destroyer or Mechanon, Albert has no immediate superior for designing robots, powered armours, or the like.

Super-Sciences- Albert is well versed on what lesser minds like to call “super-science”, being a world-leading expert on dimensional engineering, psionic-based technology, and even gravitics.

General Knowledge

Ontop of his near-Encyclopedic knowledge of the sciences, Albert possesses relatively decent knowledge on a large number of non-scientific subjects.

Magic- Unlike the vast majority of the world, Albert is well aware of magic and its place in the universe (or multiverse, as the case may be). In fact, his knowledge of magic almost rivals his knowledge of science, and he could easily be a master spellcaster if his bias didn’t get in the way. However, while he doesn’t like it, he takes a considerable effort to understand it whenever possible, and hopefully identify new, safe means of combatting it.

Political Science- Although not an expert, Albert is well-versed in political science and theory.

Video Games- Something of an odd-ball interest (or perhaps not), Albert is your typical teenage boy when it comes to video games; he especially enjoys game such as Total War, Halo, and Half-Life, and is particularly addicted to EVE Online.

World History- Bordering on a minor hobby, Wagner enjoys world history, and so knows a fair bit, particularly in relation to Ancient Rome.


Past Armours

Albert began tinkering with powered armour functions and advanced robotics in early 2008, and has been advancing at an increasing rate ever since.

Mark I

The Mark I

Construction completed in June 2009 (he started in October 2008), The Mark I was Albert's first step into the superhuman world.

Offensive Functions
Wrist Plasma Bolter
Palm-mounted Concussion Lasers
Shoulder-mounted Micro Rockets
Shoulder-mounted 9mm Minigun
Defensive Functions
Steel & Kevlar Armour Plating
Jet Pack

Mark II

The Mark II

Construction completed December 4th, 2011, the Mark II was a huge climb in power and prestige from the Mark I, and solidified the boy's place in the superhuman world.

Wrist-mounted Plasma Bolters
Palm- & chest-mounted Plasma Beams
Micro Missiles
Shoulder-mounted Bunker Buster Missile Launcher
Shoulder-mounted 9mm Minigun
Gauntlet Taser
Force Field Module
Steel & Titanium Armour Plating
Internal Nanite Reassembly Unit
Jet Boots

Mark III

The Mark III

The Mark III was a pet project, a means to experiment teleportation technology and a new power source, and was never intended as a permanent fixture. Nevertheless, it performed admirably, and was a welcomed milestone to a new frontier.

Wrist-mounted Plasma Bolters
Palm- & chest-mounted Plasma Beams
Micro Missiles
Shoulder-mounted Bunker Buster Missile Launcher
Shoulder-mounted Pulson Gatling Gun
Electric Discharge Unit
Force Field Module
Wagnerium Alloy Armour Plating
Internal Nanite Reassembly Unit
Jet Boots
Short Range Teleporter

Mark IV

The Mark IV

The Mark IV was Albert's first true masterpiece. Riddled with unique functions and extremely powerful weapons, the Mark IV has become a sight many criminals (mundane and superhuman alike) truly feared.

Palm- & Chest-mounted Tau Particle Beams
EMP Detonator
Electric Discharge Unit
Paralyzer Blasters
Directed Sonic Wave Emitter
Wagnerium Alloy Armour Plating
Internal Nanite Reassembly Unit
Force Field Module
Jet Boots
Tractor Beam

Mark V

The Mark V Series

The Mark V was a total rebuild from the ground up, incorporating far superior versions of the same mechanisms in the Mark IV (namely the Tau Particle Accelerators), applying all-new weapons and devices, and was the first series of armours.

Palm- & Chest-mounted Tau Particle Beams
Shoulder-mounted Micro-Missile Launcher
EMP Detonator
Electric Discharge Unit
Rigamortis Inducer
Directed Sonic Wave Emitter
Directed Electromagnetic Wave Emitter
Dimensional Disruptor
Wagnerium Alloy Armour Plating
Electronics Nanite Repair
Force Field Module
Psionic Suppressor
Armour Jets
Electromagnetic Field Manipulation & Generation Module
Jet Pack Module
Stealth Module

The Mark VI

The Mark VI

The Mark VI is an incredibly powerful and sophisticated machine, granting Albert the strength and durability to go toe-to-toe with Ironclad, deliver devastating punishment with his signature Tau Beams, and incorporats an array of other, more exotic weapons, it is among the most advanced and powerful powered armours in the world.


Palm-mounted Tau Particle Beams: Palm-mounted particle accelerators that utilize Tau particles in a directed beam. These are his primary weapon of choice in combat, as they possess the widest variety of application. With several settings, the beams can produce the kinetic impact and penetrating power of a 9mm pistol loaded with rubber bullets, to the destructive potential of a Gauss Gun.
Tanglecoil Launcher: A malleable, steel coil designed to ensnare opponents.
Electric Discharge Unit: High voltage (maximum of 30 kV) electrical discharge capability. This can discharge at any point on the body, so long as physical contact is achieved.
Sonic Wave Emitter: A device that fires directed sonic waves; it is built into a ring around the Tau Beam emitters.
Phased Particle Beam Array: A small series of specialized particle beams designed to strike targets that are intangible.
Dimensional Disruptor: A very special weapon, Albert invented the Disruptor for the sole purpose of combating powerful sorcerers.


Wagnerium Alloy Armour Plating: A metal alloy Albert invented, it has the strength to potentially rival Kendrium, and has a superior capacity to absorb heat and other "unique" energies. However, it is slightly heavier. On Albert's armour, it is reinforced with redundant layering of force fields. Name and Patent Pending.
Force Field Generator: A powerful force field, projectable onto other targets.
Life Support Systems: Provides protection from hazardous environments. This allows the suit to be piloted in the vacuum of space or in the middle of a Radioactive Wasteland, in almost perfect safety.
Psionic Suppressor: A specialized defense that renders Albert highly resistant to telepathic assault, as well as protect the armour (or what little of it is vulnerable) from technopathic assault.
Sensory Nullifiers: Devices built into the helmet, they protect Albert from extremely bright lights and loud sounds. He could look directly at the sun or stand right next to a discharging firearm without harm.
Hardened Electronics: The circuitry in Albert's armour is hardened, making it less vulnerable to electromagnetic attacks.



Propulsion Jets: A pair of jet boosters at the soles of the boots and on the back of the breastplate, these projectors allow for flight up to speeds of ~20000 MPS (meters per second) for up to 168 hours.
Teleporter: A built-in teleportation device, allowing instantaneous movement. Range: 1-40 Meters.


Enhanced Strength: Physical strength enhanced due to armour robotics. Maximum Lifting Capacity: ~400 Metric Tons.
Sensor Array: A vast array of sensory equipment, allowing him to see in several wavelengths of the electromagnetic spectrum, detect countless energy signatures, a very sensitive heart beat sensor, etc.
Magnetic Field Generator: Built into the gauntlets, these gadgets allow the projection and manipulation of magnetic fields, granting him a sort of 'telekinesis'. Lift: 100 Metric Tons.

Other Armours


The Space Armour (left) and Stealth Armour (right).

Specialized versions of Panzer's Mark VI armour include:

  • Mark VI Stealth: a Mark VI chassis with a stealth module, capable of becoming invisible to almost the entire electromagnetic spectrum at any one time, including visible light, ultraviolet, infrared, etc.
  • Mark VI Space: a Mark VI chassis with a jetpack, designed to reach Earth's escape velocity, and travel in space.

Emergency Powered Body Armour

The EPBA (Emergency Powered Body Armour)

The Emergency Powered Body Armour (EPBA) is a small, compact armour built for on-the-go immediate use in a crisis, such as when getting mugged. It has few, yet useful, functions:

Magnetic Lift Field & Compact Folding: The EPBA has a very special function, the ability to fold itself into a backpack, and a magnetic lift to render it light enough to carry on a casual day.
Palm- & Chest-mounted Laser Beams
Point-Blank Electric Discharge Unit

Behemoth Battledroid

The Behemoth Battledroid

A 100 feet/30.48 meters tall dual-nuclear fission reactor powered giant robot designed to combat kaiju, dubbed the ‘Behemoth Battledroid’.


Macro Missile Salvo: An excess of rockets fired from both shoulders, a single salvo containing enough firepower to level a skyscraper.
Eye Laser: Built in conjunction with the ocular sensors, a high powered laser capable of cutting through solid Kendrium at 12 decimeters per second.
Drill Hands: The Battledroid's hands are capable of locking into a point, making it easier to penetrate the thick hide or armour of other colossal foes.


Wagnerium & Kendrium Plate Armour: Very thick armour plating provides intense protection against damage.



Jet Feet: Massive jets built into the soles allow for brief bursts of airborne travel. It can jump.


Ultra Strength: Robotics, hydraulics, and magnetic fields allow the colossal construct to move about and fight. Maximum Lifting Capacity: 3.2 Metric Kilotons



Barricade [Gordon Wayne] (@Albert_Wanger)

Godfather, closest friend, and adoptive father. The extra-terrestrial ‘dragon’ has been around since the boy was born, and is the only person he trusts completely. He’s also the only one who can truly, completely control the boy.

Cannonade [Tarvanas Quartz] (@KalasEruthain)

Tarvanas is Gordon's partner, and therefore is seen as family to Albert as well. However, Tarry lacks much of the parental authority Gordon holds.

Cassandra Armstrong (@Miles_Prower12)

A long-time friend of the family, Armstrong is someone Albert trusts to be reliable on the battlefield, and supporting in times of struggle.



The Venomous Imperial Party of the Eternal Reptile (talk about a mouthful). Albert’s entire life, since birth, has somehow been under the shadow of this global collection of madmen, whether directly or indirectly. Kidnapped and/or attacked without provocation numerous times by the organization, they’re at the top of his “to exterminate” list. He hates them to the utter core, and will do anything – anything – to make things hard for them, or completely destroy their efforts in any field.

Doctor Oskar Wagner

A mid-tier VIPER scientist and highly-skilled geneticist. He is Albert’s ultimate enemy. The boy pursues the monster relentlessly, and he is the defining reason for Albert’s hatred of VIPER in general.


A VIPER super-thug, Cobra is Dr. Wagner’s primary personal enforcer, being an “improved” version of Diamondback. He wields incredible superstrength and durability.


Albert abhors magic. It has been a long-standing source of personal grief for the boy, and is the oldest source of evil on Earth. Albert is whole-heartedly convinced that it is wholly evil, regardless of where it comes from. Thanks to this viewpoint, he sees those who use magic as corrupt, narcissistic villains, or arrogant fools who simply think themselves above the rest of humanity because of the power they wield.

Public Knowledge & Comments/Rumors

Panzer's identity is public knowledge, therefore he is easy to look up and learn about (almost. Looking at you, Wikipedia!). Students at MCU, agents of PRIMUS and UNTIL, and VIPER would all be very well aware of who he is. His abrasive attitude, however, has kept him in the dark among the media. The closest thing he has are occasional news reports of hero groups he was a part of, and a Youtube video or two of him in action.

Comments from other Heroes/Rumors from the Public

"You're a good kid, Al! Jus' need to show a little more restraint." - Cassandra Armstrong

"He's a good kid...just wish he wouldn't annoy the officers around here so much" - PRIMUS Official Rayl Torien. (AKA Proud Patriot)

"Al has a weeeeird homelife, what with the space dragons and the serious VIPER hate and the armor building and all. But I guess that makes sense since he's kind of weird. Might be the other way around though. It's hard to tell these days." - Nightfang

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Tropes, Trivia, RP Hooks


It had to be done.


  • Panzer’s concept has been retconned several times before reaching what he is today. The current, and arguably final concept, came about with the thought of a heroic, underage Doctor Doom.
  • Albert is aquaphobic and claustrophobic, making adventures into the deep underground, or out to sea, very difficult for him to join in on. Likewise, hydrokinetics and geokinetics utterly terrify him.
  • When out in social areas, Albert will always have a taser or two in his jeans pockets. He will often place his hands in said pockets when he feels threatened.
  • Panzer secretly admires the technological prowess of Dr. Destroyer’s inventions, and frequently makes efforts to examine it whenever he gets the chance.
  • Albert’s wealth is attained by selling non-military inventions to individuals, corporations, and the government.
  • Panzer has, on more than one occasion, supported ARGENT on matters related to scientific discovery and technological advancement.
  • While he would never admit it, and fights to avoid showing it, Albert is terrified of his family and friends, and suffers from a sense of inferiority around superhumans, despite what his armour can do.
  • The alias Panzer also belongs to a power armoured supervillain in Germany named Klaus Sachs. Albert is only mildly aware of this, but remains wary of the man when visiting.
  • Unknown to virtually everyone, Albert suffers from PTSD after an encounter with the Warlord in Harmon Labs in 2012. He has been unable to return to the corporate laboratories since, and so much as hearing of the Warlord will almost certainly trigger a panic attack.
  • Albert's theme music includes: Suck A Sage, by Daisuke Ishiwatari; Art of War and Unbreakable, by Sabaton.

RP Hooks

  • Albert is first and foremost a scientist, and so is very easy to reach among the scientific community.
  • Being, by far, the youngest MCU student to date, Albert really stands out on the campus, as well as being easily recognizable.
  • Panzer frequently uses the Champions Respond & Protect radio channel, and is very easy to get ahold of there.
  • Panzer is somewhat infamous among UNTIL and PRIMUS for being a nuisance.
  • Panzer is a well-known, and actively targeted, enemy of VIPER. The organization as a whole is aware of him and his exploits.
  • As stated above, Panzer is an alias used by a German power armoured supervillain. This can sometimes cause confusion as to who's who when Albert visits Germany, or when German heroes visit America.

Pen & Paper Character Sheets

Panzer (Mark VI)


Val CHAR Cost Roll Notes
3+67 STR 40" 10-/23- Lift 25kg/Lift 400tons; 14d6 [7END]
10+15 DEX 20" 11-/14-
5+25 CON 13" 10-/15-
35 INT 25 16- PER Roll 16-
14+11 EGO 11" 12-/14-
5+25 PRE 13" 10-/15- PRE Atk 1d6/6d6
3+5 OCV 17"
5+3 DCV 20"
3+2 OMCV 4"
3+2 DMCV 4"
3+3 SPD 30" Phases: 4,8,12/2,4,6,8,10,12
2 PD TotalPD: 30 (30rPD)
2 ED TotalED: 30 (30rED)
20 END
5+15 BODY 7"
10+50 STUN 13"
Movement: 4m Running/2m Leaping/20m Flight/40m Teleportation
"OIF: -1/2
-12 Slow Runner: -8m Running, Extra Endurance (x2END; -1/2), 2END
-3 Short Jumper: -2m Leaping, Extra Endurance (x4END; -1 1/2), 4END
-2 Cannot Swim: 0m Swimming
Total Characteristics Cost:200


36 Powered Armour Capacitors: Endurance Reserve (200END+20REC), Only for Fueling Armour Functions (-1/4), OIF (-1/2)
60 Weapon Systems: 90-points Multipower reserve, All OIF (-1/2)

  • Tau Beam (Limited Range, 300m)
    • 4f Standard Mode: Energy Blast 18d6, OIF (-1/2), Beam (-1/4), Limited Range (-1/4), Unified Power (-1/4), 9END
    • 4f Focused Mode: Energy Blast 14d6, Armour Piercing (+1/4), OIF (-1/2), Beam (-1/4), Limited Range (-1/4), Unified Power (-1/4), 9END
    • 4f Light Mode: Energy Blast 12d6, Reduced Endurance (0END; +1/2), OIF (-1/2), Beam (-1/4), Limited Range (-1/4), Unified Power (-1/4)
    • 4f Explosive Mode: Energy Blast 14d6, Area of Effect (4mR; +1/4), OIF (-1/2), Limited Range (-1/4), Unified Power (-1/4), 9END
  • Secondary Weapon Systems
    • 2f Phased Electron Beam: Energy Blast 10d6, Affects Desolidified (+1/2), Reduced Endurance (1/2END; +1/4), Only Affects Desolidified (-1), OIF (-1/2), Beam (-1/4), No Knockback (-1/4), Requires Roll (11-; -1/2), 2END
    • 4f Tanglecoil Launcher: Entangle 9d6, 9PD/ED, Limited Range (40m; -1/4), OIF (-1/2), 12 Charges (-1/4)
    • 4f Magnetic Field Generator: Telekinesis 60STR (Lift 100tons), Only Works On Ferrous Metals (-1/2), OIF (-1/2), 9END
    • 4f Electric Discharge Unit: Blast 8d6, NND (Resistant Protection ED defined as a force field; +1), Damage Shield (+1/4), No Range (-1/2) OIF (-1/2), 9END
    • 4f Sonic Wave Cannon: Blast 6d6, NND (Resistant Hearing Group Flash Defense; +1), Area of Effect (8m 60-degree Cone; +1/4), Affects Desolidified (+1/2), No Range (-1/2), OIF (-1/2), 8END
    • 3f Dimensional Disruptor: Dispel Magic 17d6, Variable Effect (+1/2), Area of Effect (8m 60-degree Cone; +1/4), No Range (-1/2), Requires Roll (9-, Jammed; -1 1/2), 9END

67 Wagnerium Armour: Resistant Protection 30PD/30ED, Hardened (+1/4), Impenetrable (+1/4), Overrides Innate Defs (-1/2), OIF (-1/2)
40 Wagnerium Armour: Resistant 50% PDR/EDR, OIF (-1/2)
32 Projectable Force Field: 5mX5mX1/2m Barrier, 10 BODY, Resistant 10PD/ED, Hardened (+1/4), Extra Endurance (x2; -1/2), OIF (-1/2), 13END
4 Light Flash Nullifier: 6-points Sight Group Flash Defense, OIF (-1/2)
4 Sound Dampeners: 6-points Hearing Group Flash Defense, OIF (-1/2)
5 Hardened Electronics: 8-points Power Defense, OIF (-1/2)
9 Nobody's Puppet: 15-points Mental Defense, Hardened (+1/4), Only Works Against Mind Control (-1)
10 Psionic Suppressor: 15-points Mental Defense, OIF (-1/2)
13 Life Support Systems: Self-Contained Breathing, Safe Enviornment (Total), OIF (-1/2)
33 Standard Jets: 50-points Multipower reserve, OIF (-1/2)

  • 2f Standard Flight: Flight 30m, Reduced Endurance (0END; +1/2), No Noncombat Movement (-1/4), OIF (-1/2)
  • 1f Supersonic Flight: Flight 4m, Megascale (1m=10km, +1 1/4), Reduced Endurance (0END; +1/2), OIF (-1/2)

18 Wormhole Jumper: Teleportation +40m, Extra Endurance (x2; -1/2), No Noncombat Movement (-1/4), OIF (-1/2), 8END
4 Trans-Planar Teleporter: Travel to Downtown Apartment Laboratory, OIF (-1/2), Extra Endurance (x5; -2), Extra Time (Full Phase; -1/2), Only From an Alternate Universe (-1), Requires SS:Dimensional Engineering Roll (14-; -1/4), 10END
6 Communications Suite: HRRP, Radio Group, 360-degree perception, Affected as Sight Group and Hearing Group as well as Radio (-1/2), OIF (-1/2), PER Roll 16-
3 Infrared Sensors: Targeting, Sight Group, OIF (-1/2), PER Roll 16-
3 Ultraviolet Senors: Targeting, Sight Group, OIF (-1/2), PER Roll 16-
7 Radar: 360-degree perception, Targeting, Radio Group, OIF (-1/2), PER Roll 16-
8 Heartbeat Sensor: 360-degree perception, Targeting, OIF (-1/2), PER Roll 16-
Total Powers Cost:402


16 +4 w/All Intellect Skills
11 Tactical Computer: +2 OCV/DCV/Damage w/Ranged Combat, OIF (-1/2)
3 Analyze 16-
3 Bugging 16-
3 Computer Programming 16-
15 Cramming (x3)
3 Cryptography 16-
3 Deduction 16-
3 Electronics 16-
3 Inventor 16-
3 Linguist (English Native)
2 German (Completely Fluent)
1 French (Conv. Fluent)
1 Russian (Conv. Fluent)
1 Japanese (Conv. Fluent)
3 Lipreading 16-
3 Mechanics 16-
3 Scholar
2 KS:Magic 16-
1 KS:Political Science 11-
1 KS:Video Games 11-
1 KS:World History 11-
3 Scientist
2 SS:Astronomy 16-
1 SS:Biology 11-
2 SS:Chemistry 16-
2 SS:Computer Science 16-
2 SS:Dimensional Engineering 16-
2 SS:Electronic Engineering 16-
2 SS:Force Field Physics 16-
2 SS:Geology 16-
2 SS:Gravitics 16-
2 SS:Materials Science 16-
2 SS:Mathematics 16-
2 SS:Metallurgy 16-
2 SS:Nanotechnology 16-
2 SS:Nuclear Physics 16-
2 SS:Physics 16-
2 SS:Psionic Engineering 16-
2 SS:Robotics 16-
2 SS:Subatomic Physics 16-
3 Security Systems 16-
3 Tactics 16-
9 Weaponsmith (all categories) 16-
Total Skills Cost:137


3 Contact: Champions 8-
3 Contact: Millennium City University 8-
12 Contact: PRIMUS 12-
4 Wealth: Well Off (400k- per year)


2 Armour Computer: Lightning Calculator, OIF (-1/2)
5 Eidetic Memory
5 Speed Reading (x10)
Total Perks & Talents Cost:34
Total Cost:773

Outter Space Armour

33 Standard Jets: 50-points Multipower reserve, OIF (-1/2)

  • 2f Standard Flight: Flight 30m, Reduced Endurance (0END; +1/2), No Noncombat Movement (-1/4), OIF (-1/2)
  • 1f Supersonic Flight: Flight 4m, Megascale (1m=10km; +1 1/4), Reduced Endurance (0END; +1/2), OIF (-1/2)

20 Wormhole Jumper: Teleportation +40m, Extra Endurance (x2, -1/2), OIF (-1/2), 8END
55 Jetpack: Flight +50m, Megascale (1m=10km; +1 1/4), Reduced Endurance (0END, +1/2), OAF (-1), Spacesuit Only (-1/2)
Total Cost:771

Stealth Armour

33 Standard Jets: 50-points Multipower reserve, OIF (-1/2)

  • 2f Standard Flight: Flight 30m, Reduced Endurance (0END; +1/2), No Noncombat Movement (-1/4), OIF (-1/2)
  • 1f Supersonic Flight: Flight 4m, Megascale (1m=10km, +1 1/4), Reduced Endurance (0END; +1/2), OIF (-1/2)

18 Stealth Jets: Flight +10m, x8 Noncombat, Reduced Endurance (0END, +1/2), Imperceivable (Hearing Group, +1/2), OIF (-1/2), Cannot Hover (-1/4), Stealth Armour Only (-1/2)
18 Stealth Field: Invisible to Sight Group, Invisible to Radio Group, Reduced Endurance (0END; +1/2), OIF (-1/2), Must Remain Visible in at least ONE Electromagnetic Detection Class at Any One Time (-1/2), Stealth Armour Only (-1/2)
7 X-Ray Sensors: Targeting, Sight Group, Fully Penetrative, OIF (-1/2), Stealth Armour Only (-1/2), PER Roll 16-
Total Cost:779

Emergency Powered Body Armour


Val CHAR Cost Roll Notes
3+27" STR 13 15- Lift 25kg/Lift 1600kg; 6d6 [3END]
10+5" DEX 7 12-
5 CON 10-
35 INT 25 16- PER Roll 16-
14+6" EGO 8 12-/13-
5+5" PRE 11- PRE Atk 1d6/PRE Atk 2d6
3+5" OCV 17
5+3" DCV 20
3+1" OMCV 2
3+1" DMCV 2
3+2" SPD 13 Phases: 4,8,12/3,5,8,10,12
2 PD TotalPD: 15 (15rPD)
2 ED TotalED: 15 (15rED)
20 END
5 BODY -5
10+15" STUN 2
Movement: 4m Running/2m Leaping
"OIF: -1/2
-12 Slow Runner: -8m Running, Extra Endurance (x2END; -1/2), 2END
-3 Short Jumper: -2m Leaping, Extra Endurance (x4END; -1 1/2), 4END
-2 Cannot Swim: 0m Swimming
Total Characteristics Cost:87


16 Armour Battery: Endurance Reserve (80END+12REC), Only for Fueling Armour Functions (-1/4), OIF (-1/2)
34 Laser Weapon Systems: 60-point Multi-power Reserve, All OIF (-1/2), All Limited Range (100m, -1/4)

  • 3f Laser Beam: Energy Blast 8d6, Constant (+1/2), OIF (-1/2), Beam (-1/4), Limited Range (-1/4), 6END
  • 2f Laser Beam Alt-Fire Mode: Energy Blast 8d6, Armour Piercing (+1/4), OIF (-1/2), Beam (-1/4), Limited Range (-1/4), 5END
  • 3f Laser Blaster: Energy Blast 12d6, OIF (-1/2), Limited Range (-1/4), 6END

45 Electric Discharge Unit: Blast 8d6, NND (Resistant Protection ED defined as a force field; +1), Damage Shield (+1/4), No Range (-1/2) OIF (-1/2), 9END
22 Wagnerium Armour: Resistant Protection 15PD/15ED, Overrides Innate Defs (-1/2), OIF (-1/2)
17 Emergency Force Field: -3DCs PDN/EDN, Costs Endurance (-1/4), OIF (-1/2), 3END
3 Light Flash Nullifier: 4-points Sight Group Flash Defense, OIF (-1/2)
3 Sound Dampeners: 4-points Hearing Group Flash Defense, OIF (-1/2)
5 Hardened Electronics: 8-points Power Defense, OIF (-1/2)
9 Nobody's Puppet: 15-point Mental Defense, Hardened (+1/4), Only Works Against Mind Control (-1)
7 Psionic Suppressor: 10-point Mental Defense, OIF (-1/2)
11 Life Support: Self-Contained Breathing, Safe Enviornment (Heat, Cold, Radiation), OIF (-1/2)
3 Infrared, Targeting, OIF (-1/2), PER Roll 16-
3 Ultraviolet, Targeting, OIF (-1/2), PER Roll 16-
7 Radar, 360-degree perception, Targeting, OIF (-1/2), PER Roll 16-
Total Powers Cost:193

Total Cost:451 (Plus Skills, Perks, Talents)