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Pasqual Hernandez
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Personal informations
Name Pasqual Emilio Hernandez
Current alias Pasqual Hernandez
Surname(s) none
Identity status secret
Date of Birth -
Nationality Puerto Rican
Affilitation(s) -
Sidekick(s) -
Enemy(ies) -
Reputation local
Base Field
Operations field Millennium City
Activity 2009 -
Hero/Villain Type -
Alignment neutral
Powers -
Level 1.0
Origine -
Height 5' 7"
Weight 120 lbs
Body type normal
Eyes green
Hair black
physical attributes




















mental attributes
Enrg manip.












Mind Manip.








Creator @Mangle_Paw


Pasqual Hernandez is one of The 54, a group of mutated high school students from Boston, MA (see attached file). To date Hernandez has been neither forthcoming nor cooperative regarding any paranomalities he attained during his exposure. His High School experiences were not of ‘the best of times’ variety, but even before the exposure he was on an exceptional track. Intellectually gifted enough that he skipped 5th Grade, Hernandez was the youngest and most intelligent student of his class.


The best picture of Pasqual that Buzzkill could find for the yearbook
Pasqual Hernandez is a brain. On the normal human scale his IQ is exceptional, and if the paranormal phenomena had not occurred, he would be on the fast track to MIT or another first tier science school. Until his exposure, he was the class omega. That may have been inevitable due to his youth. The isolation of being eighteen months younger than his closest peer combined with a normal social development path can make for some tough times. The worst that was reported to us is that his class nickname, Sherriff Underoo, was caused by the realization that at the age of 13 he was still wearing Sherriff Justice Underwear. Sadly this was discovered after his pants were run up the flag pole. Physically Pasqual is equally behind. Gym classes were the bane to his GPA.

Hernandez has a stable family life. His parents (Estaban and Sonjia) are married and he has an older sister (Victoria) who graduated four years ago. The parents are exceptionally supportive, but the relationship with the sister is strained. After the exposure he dropped out of his class, but immediately obtained his GPA and has applied and been accepted to Windsor College starting in September of 2011 after he turns 18 . Hernandez spends a large amount of his time away from home traveling in his Nissan Rogue, and spending a lot of time in places with large numbers of people. While it cannot be verified, this agent suspects that he his learning to be a person by watching other people,

Current Status

After the exposure and inevitable media circus, he refused to admit he had developed any powers. His silence did not win him any friends in the 4th estate, though it has pretty much assured that regardless of he can and cannot do, he will be forever associated with The 54. His silence has also left him adversarial with PRIMUS over his Mutant Registration. He has provided a registration dossier that duplicates the PRIMUS format in every way, barring it was not created by a government official. Technically it was more complete than what had already been created by PRIMUS with that every field entered barring the powers section. Those fields were all filled with the abbreviation AotC:BoR:V. The beginning of this December the case regarding his own self investigation was brought before U.S. Magistrate Judge Phillip Crest. He was not amused by Hernandez’s decision to defend himself, or his use of the Fifth Amendment.

The proceeding that followed was strange. Hernandez agreed with the states right to collect information, but held that he had the right to not incriminate himself. The state had a responsibility to prove that he possessed powers, regardless of the potential for him to endanger the community, before he could be required to discuss them with the state. Additionally throughout the proceedings Hernandez repeatedly stated factual non sequiters related to life of Galileo. As the process wound down he asked the prosecutor for the name of chief investigator that has been assigned by PRIMUS to The 54. The prosecutor balked, and denied that anyone had been assigned such duties. Hernandez arched eye and asked if that was what the Captain wanted on the permanent record. In the brief second that the Captain hesitated considering, Hernandez reached to briefcase and pulled out a file, and asked Judge Crest if the three could discuss this development in chambers.

I’m not certain as to what happened inside, scuttlebutt is that this kid had the prosecutor by short hairs. I know he came out smiling. Judge Crest didn’t seem to know how he felt. But he waived the defenses offer to be held in contempt of court and ordered that the case be postponed until February third.

(Director's Comments: Hernandez has taken the Meggido-Briars Test are well within documented safe levels. No further action is necessary at this time.)

Class Contacts / RP HOOKS

Classmates: if you want to admit to some juvenile abuse you perpetrated on Pasqual, openly, apologetically, or anonymously, record it here. Other contacts, like tutoring can be entered here as well. I’d be happy to work together with you to build the community. Mangle Paw

Jump Off Point

Pasqual has come to the Millennium City to end the stall with Primus and display the artwork that is the net result of the explorations of perceptive ability with hopes that his vision is marketable. If not then it buys him more time to develop his real powers with hopeful annonimity. But he is also quite aware that his art may not really be marketable, as much of it is derivative, and that which is not is alien to the extreme. Chances are one way or another Pasqual’s perception will see him through, Millennium isn’t only known for its supercentricity, but also for its proximity to Windsor with its blackjack and poker tables. Both games he now excels at.

Current Zune Favorites

OOC Stuff

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OOC In The Judges Chambers

Once inside, the judge demands to know what the hell is going on. Hernandez hands the judge the folder, “Your honor, with all due respect, our good Captain has just baldly lied in your court. The photos there in are, well counter surveillance. You can see a team of three men and one woman, led by fourth male. The plates on all the vehicles used are Department of Defense. I have been under occasional surveillance from the moment The 54 went public, and I have been under constant surveillance for the past seven months when the CNN did their profile on my reluctance to talk. I’d also like to have the entranceway tapes for every method into this venue turned over to me in a timely fashion because the female was in your court today Judge, though I suspect she’s headed to parts unknown right now. As it stands I have every right to ask for a mistrial because information has been collected by the government, and I am currently facing a government attorney, and he, cannot, admittedly possibly through no design of his own, provide all the evidence that has been collected by the state for my review. I asked on three separate occasions for a conference for screening evidence, pursuant to Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 16(a). No meeting was offered. Due Discovery and my Right to Privacy have been left at the side of the road.”

“Judge Crest, I recognize that I have manipulated your court, and I sincerely apologize. So much so that I would willing serve a contempt of court should you require. Unfortunately it is also being manipulated by others who rather run off. I doubt they would offer the same. However your honor, I would like to offer a compromise. I will withhold my evidence of the governments’ infringements of my rights and I will demonstrate my so called power at place and time of my choosing provided you require PRIMUS to accept that my so called power be evaluated and judged for PRIMUS by a peer and not a nameless state minion “. Judge Crest asked, “Who do you consider to be your peer Mr. Hernandez?” “I believe that Doctor Silverback can give a fair accounting".