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Player: @Bobsy
Raychl profile 2.jpg
Combat Focus: Melee/Ranged AoE DPS
Power Level: 40
Meta Focus: Mysticism
Personal Data
Real Name: Raychl Maree Evington
Known Aliases: Too many to list
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Caucasian*
Age: 19 (estimate)
Height: 5'7"
Weight: Unknown
Eye Color: Green*
Hair Color: Red*
Biographical Data
Nationality: Unknown (otherworldly)
Occupation: Unknown
Place of Birth: Kingsgate (otherworldly)
Base of Operations: Millennium City (formerly Kingsgate)
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: None
Known Meta Abilities
Aside from minor experience with arcane magic, none.
Known Skills and Training
Highly dexterous and stealthy despite no apparent formal training. Excellent shot with shortbow and capable of wielding two blades simultaneously.
Known Assets
Shortbow, quiver containing bodkin arrows, twin duelling rapiers, explosive smoke powder, enchanted ring of protection, vulcanised rubber pressure suit of unknown origin, high-tensile bow for underwater use, twin curved blades for underwater use.
*Believed to possess a collection of unique minor genetic variations, unlike any other human on earth. Requires further study. Genetic material of subject considered priceless. And yes, Tim; she is very, very aware of this fact.

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Raychl leap.jpg
Raychl pose.jpg

Subject is an approximately 20 year-old female human with no known metahuman powers. Many details about the subject are unknown, or only partially understood, ever since she was removed (or more likely removed herself) from PRIMUS custody. However it is strongly believed that the subject is of extradiminsional origin, having arrived on in Millennium City, Michigan by unknown paranormal means (described by subject as "a magical accident").

Interrogation of subject has revealed that she is native to an alternate universe, and likely a parallel earth where humankind has never developed beyond rudimentary steam power, and instead relies on complicated clockwork machinery with unknown power sources. Subject has been significantly less forthcoming with details of her own life and situation in her old home, however psychological and physical profiling suggests that she has a background in criminal activity, or possibly political subversion. For this reason subject has been marked category 2B for further surveillance.

It should be noted that subject interrogation is currently considered incomplete. Apprehension of subject should be considered a category 2A priority for PRIMUS agents in the field and as well as supporting FBI and Police officers.

History (ver. 3)

Note by Interrogation Officer Charles Elton: It should be noted that the following report was gathered through interrogation with the support of the Champion known as Witchcraft, who sat in on my sessions with the subject. However, Witchcraft refused to use any telepathic intrusion methods to enhance the interrogation, despite my repeated requests for this on behalf of PRIMUS.

Also note: much of the information below contradicts earlier interrogation reports. Please disregard such earlier reports in favour of this version. However, due to the subject failing to turn up any further scheduled debriefings (and having left the facility entirely) the information below should be considered INCOMPLETE.

Raychl grew up an orphan in a city known as Kingsgate, the capital of a cluster of several semi-autonomous city-states in an alternate world similar to our own. This place has apparently not experienced the industrial revolution in a way we would recognise, but instead features remarkable clockwork creations of extremely high complexity, possibly even automated clockwork robots (although this cannot be confirmed). The city was controlled by a magic-user of apparently near-limitless power, who Raychl referred to as the "Regent Lord", and described firmly as a despotic dictator, running the city as a police state. Magic, though common in this world, is absolutely restricted to an elite ruling class.

Raychl was raised on the streets, though we have reason to believe she may have had close affiliations with certain gang-like organisations. The nature of this lifestyle has eluded confirmation, but strongly suggests a criminal existence. She also made concealed references to a benefactor of some sort, although her relationship with this figure suggests a lingering resentment or possible antagonism. Despite living what we believe to have been a pauper's existence, Raychl views her past with a fondness and nostalgia, so it is likely that she was nonetheless extremely happy in her home world. She made many passing references to old friends and acquaintances, suggesting an extensive social network and support system in the city's underclass.

The details of her arrival in our own world appear to be thus:

At some point, likely due to involvement in some criminal activity, Raychl managed to acquire an arcane artefact of some considerable power, a "True Bag of Holding". This is a container (in this case, a cloth bag) which has been enchanted to have infinite storage capacity. In effect, it contains a whole universe within a small outside volume. According to Witchcraft, such objects have long been theorised by arcane researchers on our world, but none have come close to the awesome power of this object.

By possessing this bag, Raychl attracted the attention of the local law enforcement, which gave pursuit in order to retrieve the artefact and place Raychl into custody. Cornered, trapped and panicking, Raychl for some reason turned the bag inside out. What happened next is unclear. When asked on the possibilities of such an event, Witchcraft could only shrug and say "anything could happen".

Whatever happened, the upshot was the arrival into our own world of Raychl, as well as the now-inside-out bag and all her possessions. Her arrival was during the recent Qularr invasion, but was noted by PRIMUS monitoring staff by the unusual spike in arcane energy from within Millennium City, Michigan, where Raychl had materialised.

By the time a PRIMUS agent was able to investigate the event, they discovered Raychl standing over the corpses of three Qularr troops (including a minor Swarmlord), having apparently engaged them in her own self-defence and the defence of a nearby bystander, Mrs Shirley Hall (testimony filed). Raychl was however rather dazed by the experience and allowed herself to be taken into custody, a move she would later regret. Vocally. At me. During interrogations.


Verified image of Raychl Maree Evington, unknown source. Tim, how in the hell did you get this photo?
Note by Doctor Philip Lang: I am still missing my wristwatch, last seen in my evaluation session with the subject. If anyone finds it please return it to me.

Initial psych exams revealed that Raychl is a very optimistic and forward-looking person. She continued to be very friendly throughout our sessions, even when being defiant and avoiding my attempts at deeper questioning. That said, she displayed a strong antagonism towards authority, especially as it was manifested in PRIMUS. I suspect her personal history has much to do with this.

Raychl's attitude towards her apparently lost heritage is complex. She has a strong nostalgic streak, and expressed to me a concern that, as she is the only person in the world that has any memory of her home, such things risk being lost forever. At the same time, she doesn't appear to miss her home world in any great sense - indeed, she seems extremely eager to begin exploring the new sights that our world has to offer. When I showed her a few minor innovations we take for granted - my digital watch, for example - she was utterly taken, and asked me many questions. This all makes me wonder - does she want to return home? I suspect she doesn't know for sure.

I must add my concerns to those of the Chief Operating Officer regarding this case: that Raychl has a criminal background. Specifically, I strongly suspect she may have been a thief in her previous existence. I can offer little concrete evidence for this however, but I shall continue to probe in future sessions.

Combat Abilities

Archive footage of subject using a protective barrier of unknown type

Note by Supervising Field Evaluation Officer Mick Adamson: No combat assessment was made prior to subject's self-removal from PRIMUS custody. I have therefore taken the liberty of adapting the following report from an intercepted VIPER briefing. All information below is subject to verification by PRIMUS field agents.

Subject is armed with a shortbow and a pair of duelling rapiers. All weapons are of unfamiliar design, but conform to standards of weapon classification. She also wears a particular ring on her left middle finger which is believed to be magical in nature.

It should be noted that the subject prefers avoiding direct confrontation where possible, and demonstrates exceptional abilities in stealth and misdirection, all apparently performed with no technological or paranormal assistance. By using these skills in covert movement the subject is able to begin and end combat on her own terms. Unprepared enemies are rarely given the chance to retaliate before being neutralized.

When in open combat, subject is highly skilled at eliminating entire squads at range with her bow and bodkin arrows, using both short-range and bombardment methods for shock assault tactics. Recommend PRIMUS forces only engage from behind cover and with full head and torso protection.

In close combat, subject displays an unorthodox fighting style that conforms to no known techniques, but has proven highly effective at engaging multiple opponents simultaneously.

The significance of the paranormally-empowered ring she wears is unclear, but is believed to be capable of generating a protective barrier which may be able to deflect incoming attacks, and may have further abilities beyond this. Further analysis is required.

Further notes

Eight days after the subject’s apprehension by PRIMUS staff, the order was filed to release her. At present, there is a question over who the order was given by, and some among my peers have suggested that the subject herself had a strong hand in commissioning the release order. Certainly it was not expected by the interrogation staff working this case, whose work remains incomplete.

Because of this, Raychl Maree Evington remains a category 2A priority for re-acquisition by PRIMUS staff – in brief, if a field agent encounters the subject (and if doing so does not compromise other mission objectives) they are to attempt to detain her.

The subject’s genetic material is considered priceless. Initial testing revealed that she is entirely human, despite having originated on an alternate earth. It is unclear at this stage if her genes are compatible with the native genome of our world, since her own genome displays many minor cosmetic variations that are not found in any other native human – her hair and eye color are particular examples. There is also the possibility that she may have brought alien bacteria and microbes through from her world, although the lack of any xenoepidemic alerts in her time here suggests it is unlikely.

Also note: MCPD files on the subject paint a confusing picture. It is clear that there are several MCPD officers with sympathies towards her wellbeing, and a strong indication that there are as many officers who will testify on behalf of Raychl’s character as there are those that will testify against her. While Chief Surhoff remains convinced of her criminal nature, his subordinates remain divided.