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Red Angel
Player: @Forgemccain
[[Image:Red Angel After.jpg|300px|]]
Angie as she is now.
Biographical Data
Real Name: Angie Niamh Redding
Known Aliases: Red Angel, Red
Gender: Female
Species: Human Bioborg
Ethnicity: Human
Place of Birth: Starke, Florida
Base of Operations: MC
Relatives: Corrin and Mary Redding [Parents], Madeline, Louis, Harold, Peter and Gail [siblings]
Age: 24
Height: 5ft 10in
Weight: 185lbs
Eyes: Green
Hair: Red
Complexion: Pale
Physical Build: Slim, Buxom [36=24-32]
Physical Features: Light Freckles
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Angie
Years Active: 2yrs
Citizenship: US Citizen
Occupation: Employed by the Faraday Foundation
Education: Home Schooled, 10th grade equivalent
Marital Status: Engaged to Joe Danger
Known Powers and Abilities

  • Generates biological healing nanites
  • Superhuman reflexes
  • Flight
  • Regeneration
  • Enhanced senses
  • Can generate super sharp shards
  • Other unknown organ functions

Equipment and Paraphernalia

  • Tech nanite suit of armor
  • Armor has force field generators

Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
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Red Angel RedBlackLogo.png

Angie header background.png


Red Angel is the codename of Angie Redding. Angie is currently a minor league hero in Millennium City. She serves with UNTIL on an ad hoc basis as a combat medic for units headed into high risk scenarios but not usually supervillian confrontations. Outside of missions with UNTIL, she works for a charity called the Faraday Foundation healing sick or injured children for their work.

Angie was the somewhat willing subject of a mad scientist's experimental attempt to create a biological cybernetic copy of a Nephilim. She is not the only such experiment and has ties to a few others like herself.


Angie was born in 1994 in Starke Fl, to Corrin and Mary Redding a few years after the family moved there from Ireland. Angie was born with a medical condition that crippled her significantly. The local physicians were never able to determine what the condition was. She grew up in the small town rarely going to school and taught at home by her mother Mary. She has two older siblings Madeline and Louis who mentored her a little as well. Her younger siblings are the twins Harold and Peter, then the baby of the family Gail.

Angie was often unable to spend a lot of time outside of her home without help and her few friends were outcasts and oddballs. Throughout most of her young life she was bitter sarcastic and profoundly anti-social to anyone outside her personal circle or family. Late in her teens she mellowed a bit as her friends grew up and moved away. In addition her younger sister took to Angie and looked up to her. Advised by her other siblings; she tried to improve to be a better example to Gail.

Angie before the Blender
Angie before the Blender

The Blender

In early 2011 Angie was contacted by agents for a medical research project. Her family was offered a chance to participate in a medical research program to diagnose and possibly cure unusual medical conditions like Angie's. Her parents looked into the matter as best they could but due in part to their limited finances they asked Angie if she wanted to participate. The program was presented as a general research program and at first promised no specific effects but would compensate Angie and her family for her time.

The patients in the program were moved to an out of the way medical facility near Vibora Bay. For a year Angie and hundreds over others were processed into the program and some were tested by the program. Angie met, befriended and eventually fell for an older youth, Peter. The range of conditions being tested in the program was shocking to Angie and Peter. She was there for an obvious physical condition as were most of the others. A few like Peter were seeking a more subtle for of assistance.

The first hint that something might be amiss was only noticed by Angie in hindsight. After a year most of the patients were either dismissed from the program or moved to a lower facility called Intensive Care. Once this happened, visits from outsiders for the patients stopped. Visits occurred where the patient would go to a nearby facility to meet family or call them. Of course for the people dismissed, no visits were necessary. For people in Intensive Care it made less sense. Patients in Intensive Care rarely visited the other patients above either. They seemed drugged but not shockingly so, at least to Angie.

As the number of patients not in the lower facility dwindled Angie wondered if she would be dismissed or sent below. In the end she was chosen and never saw the world the same way again. Even in interviews with UNTIL for application to work with them long afterwards she is very closed mouthed about this period in her life. What she described was a year long set of experiments, tests and eventually more intensive physical alterations.

In short she was dissembled, while live and conscious, only medicated so far as needed to keep her alive. At some point the leader of the medical project, who called herself Dr M, asked what Angie wanted. Angie was unpleasantly flippant and said, "If I'm wishing? I want the grace and beauty of an angel" she more calmly tried to explain that she'd be happy to walk and be healthy in general but the good doctor wasn't listening anymore and was lost in thought. If Dr M had planned to use this idea prior to asking her, she doesn't know. In either case several attempts were made to remake Angie into a mockery of a celestial.

The Red Mile

In the gaps between the tortuous procedures and rebuilds of her body the test subjects were held in prison deep below the facility. She was one among hundreds of subject. In this level Dr M's minions were heavily converted people who'd been 'gifted' in a less intensive manner than Angie. Little drips of information would slip and the enhanced senses she'd been granted let her know two things. Most of the people here felt grateful or subsumed in the process drawn into a cult like following of the doctor. She was not alone, her friend Peter was here and he was among a smaller group who were not willing to follow the doctor. Tension between the followers, the people being converted and those resisting the cult like atmosphere began to rise as the facility below reach capacity. External events were to set this potential powder keg alight.

The fact that thousands of people had been reported as missing from all over the US in the years that Dr M's facility was recruiting and operating wasn't in and of itself unusual. The fact that a few hundred of them could be traced to a medical facility near Vibora Bay came to the attention of a few heroes in the area. The fact that many of them reported back to their relatives, loved ones and friends in somewhat cryptic methods raised eyebrows. The final straw was an incident in Millennium City where a former patient who looked altogether normal but had cut all ties with family after their treatment went berserk and killed three people. What raised some alarm was how they turned into a regenerating psuedo demon. A few heroes tried to connect the dots and eventually led them to what one patient would be called "The Blender".

For Angie, her friend and other dissidents were unaware of why, but a sudden sense of urgency was palatable in the facility. Dr M had half evacuated the facility when the heroes finally arrived. In the chaos that resulted, the dissidents escaped. In the UNTIL interview Angie described it as fighting through a mile of blood. While she was unwilling to detail the events reports from authorities who investigated later filled in the gaps. The underground prison of the facility had all of the doors opened by sabotage. The bodies of dozens of people whose 'conversions' were clearly unfinished as well as the bodies of some of Dr M's soldiers showed sighs of brutal, bloody and close quarters fighting and in some cases savage postmortem attacks.

Angie and the handful of dissidents who survived escaped into the wilds outside of the facility. Most of them broke into small groups and headed out separately. The heroes who had raided Dr M's den of horrors rescued only two dozen of the people still in the upper level of the facility. The few staff and minions who didn't die to escape with their mistress were processed by the justice system and the superhuman ones were moved to Stronghold. None were able to give details on the people who were still missing or followed of their own free will. Angie and her friend Penny traveled to Vibora Bay and attmepted to fit in.

The Vibora Years

Vibora Bay became home to Angie for the next few years. She communicated with her family by phone and my email often but declined to see them on multiple occasions. Her excuse was dodging the scandal of the "Blender of Dr M" as the news put it. By her own admission she this was where a consistent drinking habit and other questionable behaviors emerged. Her erratic behavior and other personal issues caused the end of her relationship with Penny, who then moved to Millennium city. For the most part Angie kept a low profile in the superhuman world and almost never got involved in the dark and sordid matters in Vibora itself.

In her time in Vibora Bay Angie has worked at the Bayou Queen as a waitress, croupier, bartender.

Millennium City

Angie moved to Millennium City in early 2018 looking for new opportunities. Reconnecting with Penny was difficult and she found her ex-lover's friends more amenable. She spend a lot of time with remnants of the 'good guy' gang The Killjoys. While never joining the gang officially she did help with their efforts in West Side. She did volunteer work at some of the West Side clinics healing people once she'd overcome some of the misgivings of the locals. She also picked up some combat skills and crime fighting training from the Killjoys. Eventually tensions between herself and Penny made it impossible to keep working with the gang.

Due to her work at local clinics and occasional cooperation with rescue workers and other first responders in West Side she gained sponsors in her efforts to be fully recognized as a hero. Through contacts with MCPD she was directed to UNTIL for registration. The testing, analysis and interview process with UNTIL brought to light the issues wit hDr M for the first time. UNTIL's team in return connected some dots for Angie. Dr M was a disciple of Dr Phillipe Moreau. The foul mad scientist's work had produced biological terrors made in the image of magical monsters before and it was clear that Angie was one of them. Armed with the knowledge, Angie registered her heroic identity as Red Angel.

For the early past of the year Red Angel worked with UNTIL in a limited capacity as she was new and somewhat untested. Eventually they found she was best suited to supporting small to medium groups of normal troopers acting as a combat medic with her healing powers and as fire support with her offensive abilities. Her shy nature, charm and good disposition helped her integrate well with ordinary UNTIL agents. By the end of the year she is assigned almost permanently to a veteran squad of UNTIL troopers.

Outside of UNTIL work, Angie continued to visit West Side clinics to help those who needed help and had no other options. This work got the attention of a national children's crisis charity, the Faraday Foundation. For a short period she worked with the Foundation on an ad hoc basis. She was periodically called on to heal critically ill children for the foundation. This was mostly a test of how well she dealt with patients and the Foundation. The director of the Foundation, Michael Faraday; son of the founder, took a liking to her but was wary of her somewhat rowdy past and heavy drinking. But her healing abilities were so valuable and her personal charm with children and staff was so great that they took her on anyway. However the full extent of her abilities and her identity are a moderately well guarded secret. The foundation lists her as a consultant and she's paid by Mr Faraday personally and not by the Foundation.

As for independent hero work, Red Angel doesn't often operate without either UNTIL support or alongside other heroes. She occasionally works with the MCPD and Primus. Overall she finds the organizational culture of Primus most to her liking but they do not often call on her. The MCPD is probably her least favorire to work with as she views the leadership as feckless and just annoyingly unreliable but the police officers themselves quite likeable.

Powers skills atributes.png


Angie's powers derive from the extensive replacement of her body by bio-engineered parts. The overall intention was to replicate the classic abilities attributed to angelic creatures. In Red Angel's case the primary drive was to test the limits of 'grace' and the healing abilities of such a creature. Secondarily cosmetic features such as wings and beauty actually serve other purposes. A few features are adaptations of side effects of creating the other main features the mad Doctor M was trying to copy.

Angelic Grace - Red Angel's most subtle abilities are her inhuman grace, agility and hand eye coordination. It's difficult do describe without examples but in the UNTIL and PRIMUS superhuman testing sessions she's participated in she has essentially topped out on their scales. With her thrown shards [see below] she never misses a static or slow moving target at any distance they thrown weapons can reach. Moreover she can hit even tiny spots on those targets. With her other abilities she is equally accurate. As for agility she has flawless balance and perfect coordination.

These abilities seem to derive from a complete rewiring of her nervous system and enhancements to her brain. Her neurological response time is faster than anything normally organic. The speed at witch her nervous system is capable of communication is comparable with that of speedsters like Kinetic. While her body is not super-humanly fast, her brain and body have flawless and hyper fast communication. This is part of why her abilities of grace are classified as a superpower and not an inherent attribute.

Healing Spores - Red Angel's most useful power is her internal Bio-nanite factory. While Angie herself describes these as "the biological version of those super science healing nanites" that's not quite accurate. These bio-nanites are very similar to the T type or psuedo-stem cells that most mutants who regenerate use for their own miraculous self healing abilities. Angie's spores carry a universal version of these cells into the air and throughout her own body. Testing has found that these cells are effective on almost anything that could be considered to be alive and has cells to replicate. Many magical creatures also find it effective but the how and why seems to be on a case by case basis.

The process that these healing spores work is not well understood, like most super science it's possible to describe in generally. "The spores are a form of virus who's sole purpose is to carry the regenerative cell aloft and let it attune to the host. The regenerative cells seem to attach to dead and damaged tissue and consume it for fuel and also read the DNA to replicate the missing or damaged flesh around them. Typically half of the incoming cells will clone missing flesh and the other half will replicated themselves until dead material becomes scarce. Once the area is clear of damaged flesh the process stops. It's all very curious really.. " - Doctor Silverback

Several organs in her torso that are adjacent to her lungs produce massive quantities over the cells and spores on demand. This means that her breath naturally expels small amounts of them people have described the spores smelling like freshly washed skin. When she spawns her wings the limbs themselves contain a huge number or small factories and the feathers hold spores at the ready for dispersal. In a support role she will deploy her wings and keep a spread of the healing spores around her allies. Occasionally if a person needs intense and immediate healing she can breathe on the affected area or if massive internal damage is the problem, she will perform a maneuver similar to CPS and breathe into their lungs so that the spores go into their bloodstream and to the affected area as quickly as possible. Her UNTIL squad joking refers to it as the "Red Kiss".

Red Shards- Red Angel has two organs built into her forearms that produce chitin shards at are very similar to the much more fragile feather structures of her wings. These 'Red Shards' as Angie calls them, are razor sharp objects about two inches long and three quarters of an inch wide. Usually her forearms have six to ten shards loaded; the grow back in about a minute each. They come out of her body via a on orifice in her palm. This opening is hard to when not in use as it seals with a thin layer of skin that is cut every time she produces one. Like her wings, this is a small discomfort and heals instantly. Each shard contains a small cluster of cells that will disintegrate the shard if it is outside Angie's body for more than a few minutes.

The shards are comparable to Qularr bio-knives or their organic railgun ammunition. They are as sharp as freshly broken obsidian and very hard and resist impact along their plane. As the objects are quite aerodynamic and just dense enough to carry a decent impact Red Angel uses them are thrown weapons. Combined with her superhuman agility and hand eye coordination she can hit precise spots to take advantage of gaps in armor or find other vulnerable parts easily. Additionally the shards are durable enough that she can 'bounce' them to hit from unexpected angles or hit multiple targets.

Since the Red Shards are easily lethal if used improperly Angie will often refrain from using them unless she has a clear shot at a place an enemy cat be cut but not kill them. Weapons and the hands holding them are her favorite. However she doesn't consider herself above killing it's just something she doesn't care for.

Razor Feathers- While her wings and their feathers produce the Healing Spores and provide her with flight any loose feather or one whose spores are all spent will dry out and become very hard due to a core of cells similar to the ones that dispose of the Red Shards. The feathers will also disintegrate after being dried out. However for a brief period they are smaller, more fragile but more numerous version of the shards. Angie can at will fling these shards from her wings in a cloud around her, a cone area in front of her or a shotgun like effect in a somewhat narrow cone.

The Razor Feathers have far less range and penetrating power of her shards and suffer from a higher difficulty in aiming. However Angie's inhuman coordination and agility make them deadly and viable weapons. She has been able to fire a cloud of these and separate friend from foe in targets on many occasions. She usually prefers not to do so however. When working with her UNTIL squad she will use this ability to 'suppress' enemies by simply blanketing a close area with enough flying razor sharp objects that they have to keep their heads down. The lighter and smaller feather regenerate quickly and she can use this ability almost at will.

Winged Flight- Red Angel can deploy great wings from her back at any time. The limbs grow at superhuman speed from her back, tearing their way out. Angie has reported that his is a little painful but it never seems to bother her. Apart from the abilities listed above her wings function as they do for most meta-humans who have similar wings. She is not usually fast either. Due to her superhuman strength she can carry a little bit more than her own weight in flight.

Other modifications-Red Angel's body has several other organs and structures that have been discovered through examination whose purpose is unknown. The most notable are modifications in her legs similar to the organs that produce the Red Shards and a complex set of structures that have replaced her uterus. Other smaller modifications exist that seem to enhancer her durability, strength and senses.


Medical Training - Red Angel is a trained EMT and certified Combat Medic by UNTIL, PRIMUS and the MCPD. While her powers can heal most wounds she does know how to deal without them and work with other emergency and field medical problems they can't solve.

Martial Arts - She has trained in the Modern Army Combatives (MAC) hand-to-hand combat training with Primus. She has not attended any more exotic schools of martial training and as a result lags well behind most superhuman martial artists in skill. her natural armament and superhuman power has made that limited training rather effective.

Arts - Angie has been an artist all her life. Prior to her enhancement she focused on painting. Her physical disability made her concentrate on colors and style over accuracy and form, since she was incapable of it in a way that a regular person could be. After the augmentation she has superhuman accuracy and deftness of hand in painting. She spends a lot of time painting visions from her dreams, weird distorted landscapes and terrifying visions from her nightmares. The later type of landscape she usually hides as she'd rather not answer questions about them but they provide her some therapeutic effect. Her other favorite topic of paining is the female nude. These are normally accurate to the form, and deeply sensual but are only mildly pornographic.

Croupier- One of the jobs Angie had while in Vibora Bay was as a croupier on the Bayou Queen. Her superhuman dextery made the physical part of the job very easy. She also adapted well to the social part of the job with her natural charm and enhanced looks making her popular with the customers. She still retains the skills she learned there and is also very good with card tricks.

Bartender- Aside from being a waitress, Angie also learned to tend bar on the Bayou Queen and other establishments. Once again her superhuman agility and dexterity makes bar tricks to entertain customers easy and she was well known for them at the time. However her personal drinking habits led to a few problems. While she quickly got control over herself the reputation for being a heavy drinker on the jobs was hard to shake. In her personal life she prefers simple drinks with a heavy pour and doesn't often practice bar.

Magic- Angie studied magic briefly at the suggestion of one of her friends. She found that she channeled magic best through paining but her best successes invoked the blood and torture of her past. As a result she has all but abandoned anything but the most basic spell work.


In addition to the powers mentioned above; Angie's body was almost competently replaced by biological enhancements. Very little of her original body remains but a lot of the parts she does have were grown from material based on her own DNA. It is safe to say each part was mutated selectively to make it into something else, and then grafted into her to see what worked. Angie herself believes that she is somewhere from 80% to 90% replaced.

Superhuman Body - In every way the replacement body she now inhabits is stronger, faster, more durable and larger than her natural one.

Superhuman Senses - Red Angel's senses are at peak human efficiency and effectiveness.


Alcoholism - Angie is by her own admission a "high functioning alcoholic". While her superhuman attributes offset her tendency to be inebriated quite well she isn't at peak health or efficiency when she's drinking heavily, which is most of the time in her off hours. When her life is going well it's often an easy to manage issue and she's been scared off of drinking while at work years ago. When she's having trouble or distressed she will drink excessively and typically make her life much much worse by acting rashly.

Nightmares - The traumatic time under the horrific care of Dr M has left emotional scars and suppressed memories. Most of the time these attack her at night when she tries to sleep. She;'ll often use alcholl to attempt a dreamless slumber, but it's not very effective sleep. As a result she's often tired or stressed. Like her alcoholism the better her life is going the less these things bother her but they compound each other when things are not going well.

Angie Gear.png


Glory Armor - Red Angel was given a suit of armor by an old friend. The suit is a very light body hugging armor that provides good protection against small arms and other anti-personnel weaponry. It comes with communications and navigation gear.

Force Field - The armor has a set of force field generators spread around it providing stronger protection to the armor for short periods.

Red Angel Relationships.png


Angie is currently engaged to Joe, also known as Foot High GI. he's been a long standing citizen Millennium City and is popular around the city. The pair seem to get along well and most people comment that Angie is a good match for him. As a result she's always wearing an engagement ring with three diamonds.


Kinzi Lewis and Angie have been friends for a while and even dated briefly.


Angie's only major enemy is Dr M but she does her level best to avoid any confrontation with her malefactor.

Red Angel General Perception.png

General Public

The general public knows little about Red Angel unless they live in West Side. West side residents might know Angie as someone who visits local clinics and hospitals to heal people a few times a week. Those who have heard of her know she's a metahuman but have probably not seen her fight crime until recently.

She has worked with the MCPD lately on some issues with the Red Banner attempting to recruit at West Side High. She was well recived by the students but as her usual methods she didn't strike out on her own but in support of a squad of MCPD officers.

Associates of UNTIL or Primus

Associates of UNTIL with almost certainly know of her and the "angel squadron", the unit she most often works alongside. As a result of her support she and they are often assigned to high risk missions against villainous organizations. She is very well liked at the 'common agent' level of the organization and while she hasn't made waves with the upper echelon she isn't considered a very useful asset outside of her preferred niche. Additional she is know to have actively resisted being reassigned to work with actual supers and flatly refused to work with Unity regularly. This is despite reportely getting along quite well with the members overall.

Associates of Primus will know that she frequently works with the organization on training exercises but almost never any other duties. That said she is spoken of well top and bottom in the organization as a reliable training assistant, primarily as a medic of course.

Millennium City Heroic Community

Outside of the work she does with UNTIL, the MCPD and Primus, Red Angel almost never does solo hero work. She has a reputation of being helpful and sociable on the job. Outside of that she is known as a affable drunk and is almost always at the club socializing when she has free time.

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OOC Notes

Theme Song - Twenty Years by Placebo

Red Angel uses the Gageteer Powers for the base of her abilities
Boomerang Toss, Ricochet Throw and Throwing Blades represent the Red Shard. Shuriken Storm represent the mass of thrown feathers, although Throwing Blades might also represent a focused cone of them.
Masterful Dodge, Acrobatics and her Dexterity superstat represent her inhuman agility.
Medical Nanites and Empathic Healing represent her Regenerative Spores as does Bountiful Chi Resurgence with Gifts of the Storm for self heal and area heals.
'Protection Field and Force Shield represent the field generators on her armor.