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The Night-Prowling Detective
"Unusual things are happening to this city. It's my job to find out what."
Player: @Ezekiath
Super Group
· Other Affiliations ·
Millennium City Police Department
Real Name
Blake Johnson
October 25
Hudson City
Millennium City
Underground Bunker, Westside Docks
Vigilante, MCPD Detective
Legal Status
Marital Status
· Known Relatives ·
Ronald Johnson (father, deceased), Marie Johnson (mother, deceased), Daniel Johnson (younger brother)
Physical Traits
Apparent Age
170 lbs
Body Type
Athletic Fit
Tan w/ Yellow Undertone
· Distinguishing Features ·
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
· Equipment ·
Rattan "Eskrima" Sticks, Utility Belt, Advanced Offensive Devices
· Other Abilities ·
Martial Arts, Forensic Investigation, Skilled Marksman


Blake Johnson is a vigilante located in Millennium City. He dresses like the red-tailed hawk with his cape and hood resembling the features of their wings and head. By night he's on the hunt for criminals everywhere, while he works as a MCPD Detective by day. Though he has no superhuman powers, he is one of the most adaptive thinkers and greatest stick fighting practitioners. His acts of valor and cleverness makes him a very dangerous and worthy opponent.


Blake Johnson grew up with a neglectful mother while his younger brother lived with their father. Quite often, Blake went to visit him. It was at the age of sixteen that Blake found his father dead on their living room floor. Blake soon investigated his father's death and concluded that their family owed payment to a sadistic loan shark. Months after the incident, the Johnson's mother was then presumed murdered. MCPD suspected their father's incident was tied to their mother's as well. Both Blake and his younger brother were sentenced to an orphanage where the two were heavily monitored by MCPD Officers.

Tragedy is a Tool for the Living

After the tragic events Blake swore to one day rid the city of loose criminals and apprehend his parents' killer. He spent most of his time reading books, engaging in physical activities and protecting his younger brother during their stay at the orphanage. As soon as Blake became eighteen he began taking martial art lessons with an old friend of his father's and studied Criminal Justice and Investigation. Eventually Blake joined the police force. But after learning about it's regulations and conduct, Johnson deducted that he would not be be able to completely oppose crime while working within the legal system by itself.

The Rise of Redhawk

Johnson had the means and methods of fighting crime yet felt that something was missing to his vigilante scheme. His answer appeared after a browse through MCPD articles on previous costumed-vigilantes; especially a retired hero by the name of Moonfox. A Native-American vigilante who's confidential whereabouts were known to the local authorities. He took his time to visit Moonfox where he resided in a Michigan reservation. During an interview between the two, the old hero retold the Native-American legend of the Redhawk. A silent protector and prowler of the night who mended justice between conflicting tribes. Blake was then inspired to design himself a costume equipped with experimental technology and prepared to fight against crime and corruption.

Rogues Gallery

As Redhawk began committing vigilante acts the criminal underworld rose with individuals showing more dynamic personas. One of the first to show was a crime lord known as Big Benny who enjoyed waging war against Millennium's finest police officers. Another was a self-proclaimed magician named Houdini. An entertainer who turned to a life of crime using complex parlor tricks to entrap innocent people for ransom and occasionally capturing the detective himself. It wasn't until later did Redhawk encounter one of his most dangerous nemesis', Jack the Horseman. A serial killer who's face is permanently embedded on to a jack-o'-lantern mask. An insane lunatic who devises crimes using themes of several fairy tales, folk tales, and classic horror films. Another villain called Gravekeeper posses the innate ability to reanimate the dead and spread terror to the city.

  • WIP "If you wish to be a member of Redhawk's Rogues Gallery, please leave a message in game: @Ezekiath"

Timeline of Events


  • October 25, 00:01 EST: Blake Johnson is born.


  • July 24, 18:30 EST: Daniel Johnson is born.


  • May 29, 10:05 EST: Ronald Johnson received money from a Loan Shark/Crime lord.


  • January 18, 15:45 EST: Blake joins his high school's wrestling team.
  • April 25, 22:26 EST: Doctor Ronald Johnson was found murdered.
  • June 05, 23:49 EST: Marie Johnson was found dead in her apartment.
  • June 06, 08:34 EST: Blake & Daniel Johnson were protected by social workers and sent to an orphanage.


  • June 30, 17:00 EST: Blake Graduates from High School.
  • October 26, 09:14 EST: Johnson leaves the orphanage after his eighteenth birthday.
  • December 21, 17:45 EST: Blake begins practicing various forms of Martial Arts.


  • February 16, 07:45 EST: Enrolls into schools studying criminal justice.
  • June 30, 17:00 EST: Blake joins MCPD.
  • November 21, 19:55 EST: Blake is confronted by a business-partner of his father's and discovered a trust fund entitled to the Johnson's.


  • January 15, 10:00 EST: Blake is promoted to Detective.


  • April 26, 00:01 EST: Redhawk begins his crime-fighting career at the age of 21.
  • April 30, 20:13 EST: Arrives at a crime scene located in downtown where he finds a mutilated body beyond recognizable. While examining the body police arrive at the scene believing Redhawk to be the murderer. He takes a sample of the victims' blood and tooth before the authorities could attempt to apprehend him. Redhawk takes off and is now considered a suspect by the MCPD.
  • May 01, 13:15 EST: Blake meets Miranda Ross for a mandatory psychological evaluation issued by the MCPD due to the recent cases.
  • May 01, 22:55 EST: Redhawk encounters the American Arrow.

Powers and Abilities

  • Investigation: Capable of quick observation, forensic investigation, and inductive and deductive reasoning. He has gained a degree in Criminal Science and in Medical Science.
  • Martial Arts: Early in his childhood a friend of Blake's father introduced him to Arnis/Eskrima. It wasn't until his teens did he train under him as a protégé. Blake picked up a few tricks while training in the police academy, most especially with the members of S.W.A.T. & M.A.R.S
  • Boxing
  • Eskrima HONK.png
  • Judo
  • Savate
  • Wing Chun HONK.png



  • The Suit: Redhawk's suit is made of a flexible Kevlar-lined material plastered with Nomex fire-resistant covering. It is also electrically insulated, shock absorbent and light sensitive; the more light the suit is exposed to, the darker the suit becomes.
  • The Cape: The Cape's main functions for Redhawk is to provide stealthier cover when needed, gliding for safer falls, and causing misdirection under crossfire.
  • The Utility Belt: Redhawk's belt carries various hand held devices for his patrols in the city: Smoke Pellets, Tear Gas, Flash Bangs, GPS, UV Flashlight, Throwing Projectiles and Pepperballs.
  • Ultra Low Inductance Capacitor (EMP): These low inductance capacitors are excellent for EMP shock pulse generators, exploding wires, Marx impulse generators, Slapper detonators, plasma focused neutron enriching, gas discharge lasers, thermonuclear research, high magnetic fields, etc.


  • UHMWPE Rattan "Eskrima" Sticks: This unique weapon is not to be mistaken for simple batons. Redhawk's Eskrima Sticks are custom-made rattan sticks insulated with ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene installed with electric rods onto the tips. Both rattan sticks are capable of attaching to each other from the ends of their hilt in order to act as a singular Bō staff. Because Redhawk regularly practices the Filipino martial art Arnis (Eskrima), his weapon is specifically designed for his fighting style.
  • Putties: Commonly known as plastic explosives, these mixtures are a thick, moldable solid material that can be shaped and will retain that shape after forming, much like clay. Most of Redhawk's putties include C4, Semtex and Thermite.


  • Redhawk is inspired by the first three Robins of the DC Universe. Nightwing (Dick Grayson), Red Hood (Jason Todd) & Red Robin (Tim Drake).
  • The color red represents the emotion of anger. Being the secondary color to his costume his emotion towards crime shows.


  • 1. "Unstoppable" HONK.png
  • 2. "Arise" - Main Theme HONK.png
  • 3. "Hunter's Moon" HONK.png
  • 4. "Hero" HONK.png


  • Blake's father left a trust fund for him to own at the age of eighteen. Although it was handled to a close business partner while Blake grew through his adolescence. By the time Blake took back ownership of his father's small funds it had turned into a small fortune. It has been enough for maintaining his Redhawk equipment and purchase of an underground bunker underneath the Westside docks. After purchasing stocks and shares of certain corporations and enterprises, his small fortune began to grow.
  • Blake doesn't use firearms during his patrols as Redhawk unlike his day time job as a detective. Due to firearms causing too much noise and distractions during stake outs.


  • "Feel free to leave any comments or opinions on Redhawk."

"Redhawk is a pretty cool guy. He reminds me of somebody, but I don't really know who. He seems very serious about the whole crime fighting thing, maybe too serious. Also, he tased me with them sticks." - American Arrow

'RedHawk is an interesting person, he's a lot like me, except for the tragic past. (((Hey if you want real escrima sticks go to AH and buy empowered Dragon staff and your escrima sticks should electrify your enemies once you activate the staff. @novarockz)))" - Red Falcon