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Player: @RokiBlaze
Character Build
Class Focus: Melee
Power Level: 15
Research & Development: Arms
Biographical Data
Real Name: Roki Uchisama
Known Aliases: None at the moment
Gender: Male
Species: Human/Mutant
Ethnicity: Biracial
Place of Birth: Tokyo, Japan
Base of Operations: Millennium City
Relatives: Akio Uchisama ( Father, Dead ) Lisa Rose ( Mother, Dead )Eito Uchisama ( Brother, Alive)Sora Uchisama ( Brother, Alive )
Age: 18
Height: 6'0
Weight: 195 lbs.
Eyes: Green
Hair: Black
Complexion: Has a little tan
Physical Build: Athletic
Physical Features: None
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Lawful Good

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Identity: Roki Uchisama
Years Active: 2 years
Citizenship: American
Occupation: Student at Titan Institute, Hero,Is now in charge of Running Uchisama Enterprises.
Education: High School honors diploma
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
Superspeed, Telekinesis, Telepathy, Martial Artist, Boxer.
Equipment and Paraphernalia
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This is my first Primus Page so it's still undergoing some work -@RokiBlaze


Dawn was Upon the Uchisama family in Tokyo,and Lisa Rose was close to giving birth to her Third son who she was still trying to figure out a name for. While she was thinking of a name with Akio and Eito outside was the first son Sora who was practicing on his martial arts as he has always done since he was 5. Akio went outside to join Sora as he sat there and watched him he knew that Sora would become a great warrior. He had a few words with him telling him that he would have to protect this family when he couldn't and that he had to protect them with his life since he was the first born. Before he could continue to talk Lisa's water broke and she was ready to give birth. Hours of pain passed by and soon enough the Cry of the third child Echoed through the area.They cleaned him in the nearby river and brought him back to Lisa as fast as they could, Akio kneeled down beside her as she held the child in her arms. She smiled and looked at Akio giving him a kiss, they soon looked back at the child and after a moment Lisa decided she wanted to name him Roki Uchisama. Akio nodded in agreement but wondered why she chose that name in particular, so he asked and Lisa replied by saying There is something special about him...He is going to become Strong and Great...He needs a strong name to help him leave his mark on this world Akio She smiled and looked back at the Baby who was flailing in her arms before calling on Eito and Sora to come look at their new brother. Eito smiled as he held Roki in his arms, Sora came over to look at him and smiled.

5 Years later..

Roki awoke in the morning and let out a cute little yawn before stretching out a bit. He climbed out of his bed and walked out of his room before he heard grunt, curious to know what was going on Roki walked outside following the noise and he saw Sora and Eito practicing on their Martial Arts. They have been doing this every day since they were both 5, Sora was now 15 and Eito was 10...Roki just didn't notice up until now because he was a heavy sleeper and he never bothered to go check.It was the day after his birthday, the day after he hit that big number 5 in the Uchisama family. After looking at them for a while he then headed to the kitchen where he prepared a cup of tea for his mother, as he walked out of her room he returned back to where Sora and Eito were training. Akio finally got a glimpse of Roki and called him over, it was then when he Told Roki about the family tradition where every child has to learn how to defend themselves and their families at the age of 5. Roki loved learning new things no matter what it was and so he was up for it, he walked over to Sora and Eito he did a couple of stretches and was ready to roll. He began practicing with his Brothers and they helped him out whenever they could, Akio smiled as he looked at his Son's training. After hours passed Akio said that training was over and that they could head inside now and wash up, but Roki insisted that he stay out to train longer. Akio saw nothing wrong with it and so he let him continue, 2 hours passed and Lisa Headed outside and smiled at the sight of her Son training. She called him and told him to come in dinner was on the table, Roki nodded and walked over to his mother she gave him a kiss on the forehead and told her little warrior to wash up.

A few months later...

The Uchisama Brothers had been at the Academy where they were able to learn even more various types of fighting styles and even got the chance to spar against other students. Lisa had fallen Ill and Akio was there every minute...Every second to attend to anything she needed. She smiled weakly and thanked Akio, he gave her a kiss on the Forehead and stayed by her side. Meanwhile at the academy Sora knocked out his opponent in an instant and Eito had won his spar...Now it was Roki's turn, it was his first spar against someone other than his brothers and he was feeling a bit nervous at first but he quickly shook it off and was ready to spar. His opponent attacked but Roki countered everything except for probably a kick or two and this was the time when he felt something was a bit odd because he moved faster than usual. He didn't give it much thought...and he defeated his opponent and bowed to show respect. Sora and Eito each looked at each other in amazement and they knew what happened...Roki's Mutant abilities where kicking in. Sora and Eito were both mutants but they had kept it a secret to themselves, they knew that they had to let Roki know what was happening but they figured he should find it out on his own. The three of them soon left the Academy and made their way home, when they got there they saw that there mother was laying in her bed and she looked horrible. Akio looked at his Son's and explained to them that the doctors said she didn't have much longer, he left the room to let them have a word with their mother as he went outside to let all his tears continue to flow. Sora and Eito both went over to Lisa and spoke to her they both shed a lot of tears...and Roki couldn't believe what he was seeing his Mother Dying right before his eyes. A few minutes passed and soon enough Sora and Eito left Roki and Lisa alone, Tears ran down Roki's face as he ran over to her and buried his face in her arms crying. She told him everything would be alright, Roki didn't understand i mean his mother was Dying. He shook his head in disagreement and She told him Roki...It's alright you will grow up to be...a great man that will change the world...I believe in you Roki...I'll always be with you in there She pointed to his heart before losing all her strength slowly and she eventually Died. Roki didn't want to leave his mothers side he would not accept the fact that she was gone...He kept calling her name and told her to wake up but it didn't work...A few days later they attended the funeral and it seemed like Roki had changed...He wasn't the same happy kid anymore instead he became more serious...and he only had one goal...become the Great man his Mother said he would be.

10 Years Later...

Roki was now 15, Eito 20 and Sora 25...During the last 10 years Both Eito and Sora have moved out of the house and went their own ways, leaving only Akio and Roki remaining home. It was during these years that Roki discovered his Mutant abilities and what he was capable of, he spent most of his time outside training and discovering new things about his abilities. He was amazed that he could move at Super speed, read peoples minds and even lift objects up using telekinesis. One afternoon Akio went outside for a walk and left Roki home alone, where he was training on using his abilities more proficiently...A breeze swept the area and Roki stopped for a second before looking up and spotting his Brother Sora. Sora greeted him and asked him how he has been over the last few years, a few minutes passed until it was silent and Sora asked about Roki's abilities. Roki said he had learned a couple of new things and that he should have the hang of it soon, Sora smiled a bit pleased to hear it...Soon he put on a serious expression and looked at Roki...He let him know that he was working with some other people and that they were helping out around where he lived. Curious Roki asked what he meant by this and Sora simply replied by saying We want to make this world a better place and for that to happen...We are going to have to take control of the planet...Even if it means killing those who stand in our way.. Shocked Roki wondered what could have possibly made Sora want to do this, A smirk ran across Sora's face and Roki asked what about Father? Sora looked at Roki and said that if Akio does stand in his way he will go down with the others as well....Roki's eyes widened and before he could manage to say anything Sora explained that Roki would become a strong Mutant..In fact one to be reckoned with and that he wanted Roki to join him. Roki looked Sora in the eyes and Said No He said it's not right...and that they wouldn't be making mother proud. Sora frowned and nodded saying that it was alright...He explained how he had no choice but to get rid of Roki and Eito...And maybe even Akio. You have been warned.. He said as he vanished...Roki was now left with thoughts of Sora and how he could become so cruel. After a few minutes Akio returned home and saw Roki outside sitting on the grass in deep thought. He walked over to him and placed a hand on his shoulder Roki stood up and Explained to him what happened with Sora. Akio understood and said Power...It can corrupt people he told Roki to pack his things so that they could head over to millennium city where Uchisama Corporations was located. He didn't ask any questions and did as he was told, after a while they were all packed up and walked to the airport where they entered the private Jet and flew to Millennium City...

A few hours passed before they landed, and Roki was amazed at the sight of Millennium city his jaw dropped as he looked around and soon enough he spotted Uchisama Corportations... So this is why you go away for a while He said as he looked over to Akio. His father nodded and led the way...Welcome to our new home.


Roki knew that no school would take him in due to him becoming a mutant and his powers lashing out at random times...So he began a search for a school that had people just like him people that were not taken anywhere else. He soon ran across X-pelled a school for mutants, and he gave it some thought before making his final decision. He wanted to get to know the school better so he headed to the campus and wandered around noticing that nobody was there at the moment. He headed to the rooftop where he sat and waited for someone from the school to stop by, and soon enough someone did and it was Kimberly. Roki's heart stopped for a moment when he saw her, she sat down next to him and soon enough they both began to talk. As the talk went on Roki knew he had a crush for the first time in his life and asked her if she wanted to date him. She said yes and they kissed for a while on the rooftop overlooking the campus. Roki now knew this is where he wanted to be and he sent in an application...soon enough he got accepted and joined X-pelled. During his stay he met what he would probably describe some of the greatest people ever He met Lestar and became very close to him, it was kind of like a Brother Relationship. He met Caroline, Bloodryn, Raven, and many more...He soon met Night Spider and became Extremely close to him Roki would describe him as being like family to him. As time went on Roki gained more control over his powers and realized that he was capable of great things. Fall soon followed up and everyone headed to a thanksgiving event that was interrupted by a Masked man who was dealt with outside but had warned everyone that the ship was Rigged with Bombs...Students helped others evacuate the ship and Roki and Kim were working on diffusing the bomb and sure enough the did it! The masked man was brought to Justice and everybody headed home, after this event Roki started to notice that everyone was slowly leaving X-pelled and soon enough it shut down...Everyone went their own ways, Kim and Roki however stayed together.

The Invitation

At this time around Roki's Father had Died of an accident while testing something in the lab...He had lost his father the person that he stuck with him right next to his Mother and Kimberly. While doctors examined the body they found stab wounds and burnt marks on Akio's Body... Time went on and Roki had Broken up with his Girlfriend Kimberly because things didn't work out as they wanted it too. Roki became to caught up in his work he didn't put his relationship first, heartbroken Roki wandered around the city and Spotted what had looked like Night Spider. Sure enough it was him and Roki was sure glad to see him. The Spoke for a moment and Roki asked him what he had been up to since the closing of X-pelled. Night Spider then explained how Lestar and Jessica ran a school called Titan Institute and that it was pretty good so far. He invited Roki to come join the institute and that it would be great working together again...Roki told Night Spider he had to think about it and he nodded leaving Roki to think about the invitation. After a few days Roki decided he wanted to keep learning he wanted to achieve that level of greatness his Mother Spoke about...So he took Night Spiders Offer and went over to meet Lestar.

Present Day

With Night Spider in a Coma and Ebony currently attacking the Titans, Roki has begun Masquerading as Night Spider until he returns. He is also awaiting the arrival of his Brother Sora who he looks to finish things up with once and for all after he killed their own father.

RP Hooks

  • His Corporation specializes in making different weapons and Armor.
  • He used to be the team captain for both the foot ball team and Basketball team.
  • Wanted dead by his brother Sora.
  • Roki's Reputation has increased over the years and he has become feared by many gang members.