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Player: @matexis
They think I'm out of control. But I've never had so much control.
Biographical Data
Real Name: Unknown
Known Aliases: root
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Place of Birth: Unknown
Base of Operations: Worldwide
Relatives: Unknown
Age: 20-22
Height: 150-160cm
Weight: 45-50kg
Eyes: Cyan, possibly lenses
Hair: Black, short
Complexion: Pale
Physical Build: Slim
Physical Features: Black goth-like makeup around eyes. Round glasses with slight tint.
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Secret
Years Active: 3
Citizenship: Multiple fake IDs all over the world
Occupation: Hacker, Criminal
Education: Unknown
Marital Status: Unknown
Known Powers and Abilities

  • "Mind block" - immune to mind reading/controlling.
  • "Black hat" - elite hacker.
  • "Escape artist" - easily evades pursuit.

Equipment and Paraphernalia

  • Holo projecting gloves
  • Matter digitizing device(possibly stolen from Dr.Silverback)
  • LTL energy pistol
  • Other unknown devices and gadgets

Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
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All the information on this page should be considered IN CHARACTER and known to PRIMUS. Also consider the fact that some of this information can be false or "misunderstood" from their point of view and can differ from the real facts. Also there is a lot more that is unknown to PRIMUS. You are free to use this in your RP if your character has access to information in IC PDB.

Basic information

Subject is a human, female, age between 18-20. A criminal, a hacker and even considered a terrorist in some countries. She calls herself ‘root’. So far we didn’t find any true ID on her, but 53 fake identities all around the world that can possibly be used by her. Officially a citizen of USA, Norway, Italy, Russia, France, even China. And whole lot of other countries. No connections between those IDs – names, age, place of birth, relatives, etc. Everything is different, detailed, almost perfect and easily mistaken for real ID. While her identity remains a mystery, she is openly using her “nickname” during her crimes. When she hacks for some information she needs, there are two possible endings:

  • She gets what she wants and “leaves”. Everything stays as it was, but with security breach widely open for any hacker out there. Like a tank through a cardboard wall. Or a bank robbery with blowing up the vault door.
  • She gets what she wants and destroys everything. And that can be either a small piece of information erased or… something bigger. Like destruction of the hardware or even whole buildings, etc etc. Also, some injuries to living beings. But as an important fact – never her actions lead to someone’s death. It seems that she has some moral values, at least in that.

Eyewitnesses say she was seen cooperating with/working for criminal groups – such as Viper, Argent and PSI. Others say it’s a lie and she works for nobody, but herself. There are a lot of unconfirmed photos, but none of them prove anything - no face is clearly seen on them, so can't be used against the subject in case she gets caught. Also there are quite a lot of people, who think the opposite about ‘root’. A not-so-famous political critic called her a “Robin hood in a skirt”. He even gave proof of her deeds being positive, even though considered crimes. For example she hacked a bank account of a businessman and sent all the money to orphanages in different countries, leaving only one cent. From one point of view it was a crime. But a day later some anonymous person sent evidence of that businessman running an underground brothel and running a child porn website. After official investigation it was proved to be true and not forged to set up that businessman. He got arrested, of course. [WIP]


We don’t have enough data or photos of this subject. All of them are either blurry or partial. But using little bits of what we have, we managed to create an approximate facial composite.
((As seen on the right. Click for larger preview.))
Subject may look like a teen girl, but analysis state that she is 22-24 years old. However no proof of that exists. She is slim and not very high – somewhere between 150cm and 160cm. We can only assume her weight, judging by height/body built - 45-50kg.
Skin is pale, reasons unknown. And if that wasn’t enough – she uses heavy black makeup around eyes. It is unknown if she is connected to Goth subculture or not.
Hair is black, long. Eyewitnesses say that subject doesn’t seem to care about her hair, so they may even look a bit messy.
Eyes are cyan, but those most likely are contact lenses. With some sort of reflective coating – sometimes they seem to “glow” a little bit.
Wears round glasses with slight black tint.
Subject was seen wearing different jackets, windbreakers and long coats. All the clothes are mostly of dark colors.
Important: Always seen wearing special gloves. Black with glowing yellow circle on both sides – top and palm. They are some sort of digitizing device. Possibly the same technology as Doctor Silverback’s digitizer, but smaller size. May be stolen or developed by herself. No proof of both options so far.


Unfortunately, we do not have enough information to form a full personality description. This section is a placeholder.



  • Subject seems to have no super-human powers except possible telepathy/psi-powers. More information in “Abilities” section.
  • Subject has above average IQ. Genius level, estimated somewhere between 190-200 or higher. It was seen on multiple occasions that she uses her intellect to easily manipulate people or consequences of her actions. We have little information of her recent actions and plans.


  • Subject has possible psi-powers. More information in “Important notes” section.


  • Subject falls into category of criminals called “Escape artists”. More information in “Important notes” section.
  • Subject is an extremely gifted hacker, a “Black hat”. More information in “Crime Record” section.
  • Subject seems to be good at using pistols and similar handguns. More information in “Important notes” section.

Crime Record

Most of subject’s criminal record has no solid proof to use against her in court. Crimes are obviously committed by root, but she can't be claimed guilty without anything to support the accusation. And most of the time - there is none.

  • 4123 hacking events are known to us. How many more - unknown. Always leaves her signature. Reasons - unknown.

However crimes listed below have no proof. Most of the time uses other lone criminals and whole organizations to commit criminal activity for her. So none of the crimes on the list can be connected to her and used against her as proof of her guilt.
Crimes against property:

  • 42 - Burglary
  • 78 - Robbery
  • 56 - Blackmail, leading to different consequenses. Including the next:
  • 11 - Extortion
  • 28 - Fraud
  • 17 - Smuggling

Offence against person:

  • 97 - Assault
  • 73 - Kidnapping and False imprisonment. As well as torture.

Additional: Corporate espionage, conspiracies, attempted murder(possibly with intention to intimidate, not murder) and others.
And most likely there are a lot more, unconfirmed crimes. Listed above - confirmed only.

Important Notes

  • All of her crimes are absolutely victimless. Some of them include assault, kidnapping, torturing, etc. But none of the victims of her crimes died or suffered too much even if were tortured.
  • Subject has possible psi-powers. None of our best telepaths could read or enter her mind. They called this “Mind block”. They say that it's like they are trying to enter, but hit an impenetrable wall.

However, there is another version, proposed by Primus doctors. Genius level people always pay the price for their intelect - a well known fact in medicine. Because of her high IQ, root possibly has some mental disorder. Autism, paranoia, fear of being chased. Some of her actions can be explained by such disorder. Including the fact that she has an insane level of telepathic resistance. Or even immunity to telepathic invasion of her mind. All of this is purely speculation and has no proof.

  • Subject falls into category of criminals called “Escape artists”. Always has a backup plan and knows how to evade pursuit. 1752 times our agents successfully tracked her movements and predicted her possible course of action. But each time she got away. Either completely unnoticed or escaping a pursuit.
  • Subject seems to be good at using pistols and similar handguns.

Public opinion

People, who have an opinion about ‘root’ and her actions, are divided into two groups.

  • The majority of officials – governments of different countries, intelligence agencies, etc etc – think of her as a criminal. A person, who can easily use her hacking skills to destabilize the world, throw it into chaos. A person, who knows how to manipulate others. A criminal, a terrorist, a villain. This opinion states that “she is one of the most wanted people in the whole world and must be arrested at all costs, on sight”.
  • Some people – and that includes a lot of simple civilians, hackers, even some heroes – think of her as a good person. Sure, she breaks laws, hides her identity, evades arrest… But to what end? Never her actions led to bad consequences. Nobody died. Ever. Big greedy companies that feed on others, drug syndicates, criminal and terrorist organizations, corrupt politicians and many many more – all of those are the one who’s “suffering” from her actions. Not the people. This opinion states that “even thought she is a vigilante and has her own ways of doing good things… She is making this world a better place”.

OOC/RP Hooks

  • She is a vigilante. It is hard to contact her, almost impossible to catch. She has a lot of fake IDs, but real one... Does not exist at all. Why? Continue reading.
  • It s possible to contact her by trying to catch her attention. In the Internet or Darknet. She’s a very gifted hacker and only few can match her. But if you think you can - just try. And most likely she'll answer your challenge.
  • Her real face is also unknown, so you can't just come up at her, saying "Hey, I know you, you're root!" No. That ain't happening. The photo in PDB(IC) is a made-up picture using information from different sources and is not a 100% match.
  • If you are a time traveler/alternate universe traveler and can detect others like you - she will catch your attention.


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