Rugby the Gun-toting Rhino

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Rugby the Gun-toting Rhino
RugbyRhino-byEWG 219.jpg
Rhinos Gone Wild!!!!
Player: Benevon.png
Super Group
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Real Name
Eugene Barry
Rugby, Rugs, "That weird guy"
Feb 4, 1980
Millennium City
United States
Millennium City
Penthouse above Barry Industries
Legal Status
Pays his taxes
Marital Status
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Physical Traits
Mom and Dad
Apparent Age
175 lbs
Body Type
Dirty Blonde
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Requires corrective lenses
Powers & Abilities
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LOTS of guns!!
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Engineering genius and marksman


Whoever coined the phrase "there is a fine line between genius and insanity" must have been thinking of Eugene Barry.
Eugene has a brilliant mind for engineering and was left a massive inheritance from his billionaire parents after their tragic death by fugu.
But, to say he is a little off, would be an understatement.

Inspiration Behind the Character

The idea behind Rugby started with simply wanting to build a character that used a gatling gun. But, I didn't want to do another "serious" character (my serious type characters up to Rugby, to me, lacked personality. I've come up with some ones that I really liked since then.) so I decided I wanted to make one that was a bit on the crazy side. After a few days of trying to think of something, Rugby popped into my head. He started off wearing a more armored suit, but while I was playing in the tailor I came up with his current costume and fell in love with it immediately.

Then it was time for the story. And don't ask me how I came up with it, it just kind of happened. And it became this weird homage/parody/mish mash of Tony Stark, Bruce Wayne and Frank Castle with a tad bit insanity thrown into the mix.

And so Rugby The Gun-toting Rhino was born.


Eugene Barry lived a fairly normal life as a child. Ya know, besides the whole 'having billionaire parents' thing and was often described as being an odd child, often seen talking to people who weren't there and seemingly swept up in a fantasy world about wild animals. But it was mostly thought to be something he would grow out of as most children do. As a teenager he took an interest in hunting and target shooting, often winning target and speed shooting competitions, and he enjoyed tinkering with things. It was soon noticeable that Eugene had a brilliant mind for technology. But his biggest passion was baseball. He would spend hours outside playing baseball by himself. He loved it, even though he was terrible at it.

So as Eugene became an adult, he decided to try out for the Millennium City Rhinos, a local minor league baseball team. Although he couldn't play the game very well, he had a certain flair on the field and they decided to offer him the job of the mascot, Rugby the Rhino, which Eugene accepted without hesitation. This did not go over very well with his parents.

Rugby as the mascot for the MC Rhinos

See, the Barrys had high hopes for Eugene taking over the family business, despite his baseball obsession and other "shortcomings". So when he announced that he would not accept the job at Barry Industries in order to make his mascot-ting a full time career, his parents were furious. He left the estate and traveled for two years with the baseball team, loving his life. But as time went on, everyone around him noticed a change. He became more and more dedicated to his costumed persona, never breaking character while in the uniform. While out of his costume, he would refer to Rugby as a separate entity. The players and team staff began to worry. Nobody was sure if he was just a dedicated actor, or off his rocker.

Needless to say, he took the baseball team very seriously. So when a crazed super villain, known as The Scream Fielder, blew up their stadium in Millennium City (which was falling apart anyway, the minor leagues don't pull in a lot of cash these days), he was devastated. The distinction between Eugene and Rugby was beginning to blur. Often referring to himself as Rugby while out of costume, wear his costume while doing mundane things or in ill-fitted social situations and seemingly beginning to believe he was an actual rhino. Two months after the destruction of his beloved baseball field, his parents passed away from eating poorly prepared Fugu at one of their fancy restaurants. The board of directors at Barry Industries were in a panic for a new CEO. So Eugene had an idea to avenge the baseball team and decided to take over his parent's business after all.

With a multi-billion dollar company at his disposal, he went to work on his plan. He built himself a jet pack and a costume, bought a bunch of guns and set out on the city as Rugby the Gun-toting Rhino to take his revenge on the criminal that destroyed his second home...and he didn't care what other kind of scum got in his way.

Life as a Super Hero

Barry Industries Logo

During his career as super hero/vigilante, he has hunted down the villain known as The Scream Fielder to take revenge on the destruction of the baseball field.

After apprehending The Scream Fielder, he set his sights on working to clean up the gangs and violence that plagued the city. During this time, he has helped a few other heroes with their tech and gear, including The Night Skunk, The Mighty Antlion and Masquerade. He has since set up his base of operations in his penthouse above Barry Industries, utilizing a false wall to hide all of his guns (his identity is no secret, so nobody is really sure why he goes through the trouble of hiding his weapons. Maybe it's just 'cool').

Accomplishments in Science

  • The A.R.M. System - The Adaptive Recoilless Munitions System is an advanced weapon system able to switch out fire modes and ammunition types at a simple thought through the integrated neural link system to adapt to any combat situation. Most notably used by Rugby's sidekick, Kid Beagle. Which leads us to...

  • Molecular and Genetic Manipulation - Through the use of genetic splicing and molecular reconstruction, Rugby was able to transform his dog into a super intelligent, super agile teenage humanoid beagle.

  • Rhinex - A super insulating, super cooling, super comfy!, moisture wicking spandex type fabric that is also resistant to edged weapons. This is what Rugby uses for his costumes.



Rugby has no real super powers. But he is an engineering and technological genius. He has invented many gadgets and supplied fellow heroes with equipment. Even though many of his inventions were created while Rugby had no formal degrees, he has since received a Masters in engineering. He is also an exceptional marksman and skilled gun fighter.

Costumes and Equipment

Rugby 2 R.jpg
  • Costume - Rugby's current costume is made from a fabric of his own design, Rhinex.

  • Jet Pack - His jet pack (also of his design) is ultra fuel efficent, light weight and compact. It can achieve speeds of over 200 mph.

  • Weapons - Rugby mainly sticks to firearms when fighting crime, gold plated of course. These include...
  • The R19 "Justice" - A pair of these unique pistols are always at his side. Utilizing Barry Industries proprietary slideless revolver/magazine fed hybrid design, these pistols have a 15 round capacity magazine with an additional 5 in the cylinder. Should any of the shell extraction or ammo feed mechanisms fail in the field, they will still function as a standard revolver. Chambered in 9mm.
  • The R-565 "Judgement" - When things could get a little crazy, Rugby likes to take this baby along. Based on the M134 Minigun, this new design has added an extra cooling system within the casing surrounding the rotating barrels.

  • Armor Weakening Nanite Rounds - Everyone should always keep a few spare mags of these lying around. This specially tipped ammunition uses high tech nanites that deploy on impact to "eat" through heavy armor.

  • Goggles - His goggles, not only made to his own eyesight prescription, feature a holographic HUD which includes range and wind meters, speedometer, threat assessment feature and a slew of other options.

  • Specialized Equipment - Rugby makes sure to keep a supply of fast acting medpaks on him at all times. He also has many other costumes to suit his current needs, including a compact power armor suit, a heavily armed EXO suit and several "disguises" (if you can call an outfit over his usual crime fighting tights, still complete with Rhino horn, a disguise).

Physical characteristics

Rugby is athletic in build though by no means menacing in stature, standing only 5'10" and weighing 165 lbs. His eyesight is poor and requires corrective lenses. His hair is dirty blonde.


Rugby 1 R.jpg
It is believed that Rugby may suffer from various personality disorders (he does think he is, at least part, rhinoceros and believes every bad guy employs aliens as their minions). Ok, 'suffer' may be a strong word since he doesn't really seem to mind it all that much. Although, there is no proof of any actual diagnoses and is usually just brushed off as eccentricities of having a genius level IQ. He often says things that seem a bit "out there", and could be interpreted as a joke if you didn't know him well enough to know he was serious.

Regardless of his supposed mental instabilities, he is loyal and dedicated to those he has befriended. He is always trying to make his teammates laugh and is quite the ladies man.

Rugby prefers the more direct approach of battle, usually running "horn first" into a fight, guns blazing. This does get him into trouble sometimes, but he always seems to come out on top.

Rugby: Ok, let's rock out with our Glocks out!
Masquerade: I really think we should stop for a second and think about this...
Rugby: I prefer the "shoot first" approach *grins*
Masquerade: And ask questions later?
Rugby: Ask questions about what?
Masquerade: *facepalm*



Kid Beagle

Kid Beagle

Powers/Abilities: Super intelligence, super agility, munitions

Occupation: Sidekick

Likes: Punk rock, doing whatever she wants

Hates: Being told what to do

During one of Rugby's experiments, he was able to transform his beagle, Beretta, into a humanoid dog. Though fiercly loyal to Rugby, she is still plagued by the stubborness of being a teenager as well as a beagle. She likes to do what she wants most of the time which can lead to getting in over her head while fighting crime and Rugby having to come to the rescue. Desperate for her own independence, she now resides in the basement of Rugby's building. Besides her agility and intellect, she also utilizes quite a few pieces of Barry Tech. These include many little gadgets and her A.R.M. System.



Powers/Abilities: Close combat, investigation

Occupation: Vigilante/playwright

Likes: Justice, theater

Hates: Corruption of the justice system

Co-leader of the SSBV and good friend of Rugby's. Masquerade, ex New York detective, came to Millennium City while investigating the disappearance of his former partner. He has since become a well known playwright and now resides in MC bringing justice to the streets.

Super Group

Rugby in his Supergroup Uniform

Rugby is the co leader (along side Masquerade) of the organization known as the Super Serious Brooding Vigilantes who are anything but serious.

Fan Club

There have been several heroes that have expressed an interest in Rugby's antics. Some have even gone so far as dressing up like Rugby. These include Monkeywrench as well as Fleabag and Another Random Ninja Girl (who have dubbed themselves the Rhinettes).
MonkeywrenchRugby and his Rhinettes, The Fleabag and Another Random Ninja Girl


Rugby recently had the opportunity to star in a B-Movie Production titled Six Feet Under Omaha. He used his own EXO suit for his costume in the movie. He attended the movie premiere with his Rhinettes. He has also visited New York to aid in some "paranormal troubles" and has since been approached to be featured in a new action figure line!

Movie Release Poster Postcard from Hawaii Rugby Bustin' some ghosts Rugby is an action figure!

Rogue's Gallery

The Scream Fielder
The Scream Fielder - The Scream Fielder was once a US Army explosives expert who suffers from post traumatic stress disorder. He once played for the MC Rhinos before being kicked off the team because of his refusal to seek treatment for his PTSD. He eventually was the one responsible for destroying the ball field Rugby loved so dearly.
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██
Currently incarcerated.

Safari Sam
Safari Sam - Sam was once an employee at Barry Industries working in the mail room. One day, while delivering mail, he stumbled upon an experiment that went a tad haywire and was knocked into a wall from a small explosion. Unfortunately, the blow to the head knocked a few screws loose and when he woke up would not stop going on about how he was the world's greatest big game hunter. He soon began bursting into crazed fits, accusing the companies CEO, Eugene Barry, of being a rhino and would soon be his greatest trophy. Sam was involuntarily committed to a mental hospital but soon escaped to hunt Rugby down.
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