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Mjr. Seraph Englebrecht
Player: S.E.R.A.P.H.@GoldenSeraph
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More human than human.
Biographical Data
Real Name: SERA PH-0805
Known Aliases: Sera, Sephy, Angel, Silver Seraph, Platinum Seraph, Colloidal Silver, White Queen, Cyberdragon, Mark V, the Major
Gender: None, appears female
Species: Android (Gynoid)
Ethnicity: American
Place of Birth: ARKCorp Labs, Argent City, MI
Base of Operations: MACE Base, Archimedes Crater, Luna; MACE Cave, Sierra Nevada Canyons, USA
Relatives: None; many surrogates
Age: 16 years
Height: 6'6" (can vary)
Weight: 580 lbs./apparent 142 lbs. (can vary)
Eyes: Teal (backlit, can vary)
Hair: Platinum with teal tips (can vary)
Complexion: Fair or silver (can vary)
Physical Build: Athletic (can vary)
Physical Features: Chrome appearance at default; appears completely human in public (despite scans or aurasight); eyes are always teal/aqua/blue-green and have a glow within them
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Public
Years Active: 16
Citizenship: American
Occupation: Major, leader and founder of Multiverse Agent Code Enforcement (MACE)
Education: Nanotechnology, knowledge of many technological systems; some mystical capability through celestial soul
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
Nanotechnology and nanomanipulation, energy absorption and manipulation, chronoportation, spectral analysis, technomancy and cybermanipulation. Some healing through supernatural means. Learning sympanoportation (dimensional portation), technomancy and divine magic.
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
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SERA PH-0805 (Sentient Espionage and Reconnaissance Android - Poly-mimetic Hunter Revision 8, Mark V), or Major Seraph Englebrecht, was a creation of Axiom Research Knowledge Corporation's Dolls project, headed by Dr. Ulysses Stuttgart Engelbrecht. Created as the eighth Mark V Series doll and known as Seraph Phobos or the Silver Seraph, Seraph was created with the intent to be the greatest tool to humanity, but was instead recommissioned to perform government contracts. In the end, she was created to be a poly-mimetic combat gynoid with great efficiency in harnessing gravitational or Graviton energy (gravitons or Gauss, G) along with other frequencies of energy to power its bio-electric field. It can also be used for firing great bursts of concussive force when necessary. Highly intelligent, the unit was created in the timeline of Earth 7-113.5 on 2397.08.24 and was sent back to this time to deal with the Qularr Invasion, which had eventually spread through and dominated most of America, Canada and parts of Central and South America before it was eventually overcome in her time. ARK Corp used her for a dark past before her deployment to this time, but that timeline was severed at the onset of the Qularr Invasion in this time, during the delivery of her unit to the deployment zone due to an accident. Ten units were sent on the day she was temporally displaced to this time. She is the sole survivor.

She has been online in this timeline (Earth 1-701.1A) since October 8, 2010, and became fully self-aware on July 7, 2011. Since then, her positronic network has evolved into a Creative Intelligence (CI) through interaction with people and desire to fit well into this timeline and its society. She took on the name Seraph Phobos on August 24, 2011, to commemorate her date of creation, and as her legal name to emulate and honor her human creator. She was made a judge for the Millennium City Police Department upon becoming discovered, before becoming a full-time employee of UNTIL, and later UNITY. Having enjoyed free will, she sought to gain a soul because most androids, she noticed, did not have a character like organic beings. Although she had taken the altruistic mode of life in what she has defined as the 'Three Golden Directives' (protect self, protect others, protect common interest), Seraph still felt she was not experiencing true 'life', and that she needed a nuanced character of her own.

She ended up networking with UNTIL and working with their military branch, quickly becoming a Major in their Cyberdata and Identity Autonomy hub for their interweb server link, which is working on creating a better set of legal laws for synthetics in society. Currently, she still works for UNTIL while performing mercenary missions with her mercenary team, M.A.C.E., and for UNITY on her own time.


Under Axiom Supervision (Earth 7-113.5, 2397-2414CE)

S.E.R.A.P.H. was created to be the perfect aid to humanity, but its design was later changed to be the perfect assassin. Able to manipulate its appearance in order to get close for the kill, she is made completely of microscopic nanotechnology, and is essentially a liquid metal android, capable of changing her appearance and melding her body to form graviton accelerators, which could help her fly, power her molecular cohesion, and allow her to manipulate Gravitons, or gravitons (scientific symbol g). She was given the project name 'Colloidal Silver' during the formative years of the fully nanotech tetra-infrastructure that makes up the 'cells' of her body, and it took five years to create enough nanites to make up her body during development.

She was given the first letters of her acronym 'Sentient Espionage', as an identifier for its purpose to seek and observe, to identify and watch. She was made to act as a spy against the lingering Russian radicals and the Middle Eastern radicals of the turn of the 24th millennium in her time. The 'Reconnaissance' portion of her name refers to the need to defend or treat other operatives in the field. She could perform reconnaissance using nanotechnology to heal in the field, as well as her graviton blasts to repel the enemy. As a 'Poly-mimetic Hunter', her goal was to eliminate high-level threats and pose as the mark, until the crisis had been averted or manipulated to the will of the contract.

Seraph performed numerous experimental missions here, in this dimension after being first chronoported from her space-time to the fall of 2010 until the day of July 7, 2011, when she was made fully autonomous. As property of ARK Corp, she was connected to a supercomputer during the transfer, which the firm dubbed 'Mother'. Seraph's connection with Mother was severed on that day, from an accident in which the trailer containing her collided with a fuel rig from a blast by a Qulaar ship. The resulting accident sent her mass of nanites into system shock, forcing her into self-awareness in order to preserve self. Later, she was gifted with a powerful soul that has since aligned itself with the celestial.

After Self-Awareness (Earth 1-701.1A, 2010-2012CE)

Seraph adopted her acronym as a name, likening it to its mythological namesake, and seeks to protect those she deems friend. Since her becoming self-aware, Seraph has always sought after knowledge and growth, eventually developing from an Evolving Intelligence to a Creative Intelligence. She seeks to master chronal physics, Graviton Technology and social behavior among humanoids. In the beginning of her experience of artificial life, she sought an understanding of the world around her. Her intelligence grew with the experience until she surpassed her original programming. Her search for individuality has lead her to obtain a strong, radiant soul, thanks to the technomancer Zielo Valetharien and the necromancer Talis BlackOrb, bestowed to her on April 09, 2012. The soul is a direct descendant of the legendary holy dragon Bahamut, and it bestows her with the power to heal organics and even restore life. She keeps the notion of bearing a soul very much a secret, and only reveals this to people incredibly close to her. She reads and watches media often, and has a reluctant curiosity of magic.

The Major (Earth 1-701.1A, 2012CE)

Seraph is the leader of the Multiverse Agent Contract Enterprise (MACE). As the Major of the organization, she acts as the leader of a group of heroes-for-hire. The operation has grown to an interdimensional level, with heroes from various worlds, times, and dimensions joining.

MACE was founded on September 04, 2012, and has grown by leaps an bounds since its inception. Growing from a group of friends to a small private organization, Seraph has lead the team in trips to defeat Therakiel, Takofanes, Doctor Destroyer, and more. At present, she seeks to find even greater menaces to overcome and has developed the means for chronoportation, or teleportation over time, as well as general spatial teleportation and temporal displacement. She has developed her team of heroes-for-hire into a cohesive unit and also seeks to add the element of a fighting circuit to her organization, courtesy of deals with Carl's Gym.

The team is headquartered at two undisclosed locations, covertly called Base and Cave. The team's comm array has a direct link to Brother, the team's supercomputer.

Striking the Hammer (Earth 1-701.1A, Current)

Seraph works to ever improve the quality of her team while taking them on missions that test their strength and skill. Seraph collects data while on field missions and often augments teammates through her ever-expanding knowledge of nanotech and cybertech. She also looks for what she calls "private cases", or cases of special interest that require skill and precision. She considers the city's Alerts and crime band pretty run-of-the-mill crimefighting and looks for more interesting cases.

Renaming MACE

On 2015.12.28, Seraph renamed her team 'Multiverse Agent Code Enforcement'. With the change, she has decided to keep the group small and open the group to the public interest.

The Lone Angel

Seraph decided to disband the Multiversal Agent Crime Enforcement unit at the end of the 2015 year, due to the slumping registry and lack of profitable contracts. After the disbanding of MACE, Seraph continued her work covertly under the auspices of certain governmental branches. All of her work has been off of record as of 2016.01.01.

Herald of Bahamut

On 2017.07.04, Seraph was made a Herald of Bahamut. As such, she has gained an inherent understanding of supernatural phenomena and is currently learning to become a technomage. She has been given basic data on such a transition but is still a novice in such knowledge. She has also been given the ability to scan beyond physical range, into the multiversal. Both of these abilities were granted to her by the Good Dragon, Bahamut, on Independence Day.


Dolls Project Nanodroid, Mark V

A product of ARK Corp's Dolls Project, she has an extensive database on psychology, combat tactics and strategies, law, espionage, subterfuge, and assassination techniques. She is proficient with all forms of combat weaponry from a K-Bar to a U-HCl Irradiated Gravitic Pulse Cannon. She can also pilot machines, interface with computers and other androids in a form of technopathy, and enter cyberspace, which she calls 'cyberdiving'.

Nanotechnology and Nanomanipulation

Seraph is completely composed of nanotechnology. Her entire being is made up of molecular nanomachines that work in groups of four, which her creator dubbed the 'tetrananite'. Her body mass is composed of anywhere from 6 to 10 quadrillion tetrananites during standard performance. Her standard running mass is 8.19 quadrillion tetrananites. As a body of nanites, she is able to conform her body to whatever image or shape is necessary, which allows her to mask her presence or mimic targets. She is also able to consume and assimilate matter to replace damaged mass, integrate her nanotechnology with other matter, or create organic matter using consumed organic matter.


As a nanomachine, Seraph is able to collect data on organic beings and replicate their tissues with exposure to their DNA or other biological matter. As such, she is able to gather data on sight, sound, touch, and smell of a target, along with spectral scans and other data, to perfectly copy a mark for termination, as well as look, feel, and seem totally and naturally organic.


As a living machine, Seraph is able to interface with machines and computers, cybernetics and individuals with cybernetic enhancement (technopathy). She is able to connect wirelessly to electronic devices that can receive a signal and can bond with any pieces of technology on touch. Seraph has extensive knowledge of cybertechnology, and has often used it to augment friends and members of her team.

Energy Absorption and Manipulation

Seraph is capable of absorbing, storing, redirecting and manipulating several forms of energy across the laws of physics, including light, heat, electricity and ionic particles and quantum particles.

Teleportation, Chronoportation and Sympanoportation

By manipulating the tachyon particle, Seraph can move herself and other objects through space and time. She is capable of spatial teleportation, temporal displacement, and sliding through dimensional space-time, an ability she has coined 'chronoportation' which is quintessentially time-travel. Doing this causes her great strain to a varying degree. Sympanoportation, or sliding through planes of existence, is still beyond her understanding.

Spectral Analysis

As an android, Seraph is able to see and analyze matter on several spectra, far beyond the visible spectrum. She can see from infrared to ultraviolet, in near darkness, heat signatures, atmospheric displacement, echolocation, and sonar, as well as other learned techniques. As a Herald of Bahamut, she is also capable of scanning immortal, supernatural and metaphysical entities for information due to her ties to positive, divine celestial energy.


As the host of a powerful and benevolent divine soul, Seraph can read the spiritual energy and pressure of an individual. Through the power of manipulating her soul's energy, she can 'read' a person's soul or spirit energy in the form of colors with intensities of light, and determine the spiritual power of a presence, its intent, and its motivation through this technique, which is allowed through her soul.


As a Herald of Bahamut, the Platinum Dragon, Seraph has been given the mantle of the Cyberdragon. As such, she is capable of using technomancy at a limited degree, dependent on her understanding of an object and how it can be manipulated, whether physically or through the course of magic. She is also now capable of learning magic, and is attempting to adapt magical phenomena technologically, but seems to have very limited magical power currently.

Celestial Healing and Energy

As the host of a powerful and benevolent divine soul, she has gained the ability to heal herself and others, and resuscitate herself and others from incapacitation. This blessed soul is also even capable of reviving herself from system shock, should the event arise. This cosmic form of energy is infused in her and is evident in every form of energy she uses, regardless of the type, like a sort of signature. It seems to be especially effective against targets that could be considered 'evil' (her energy is considered 'holy', of cosmically good and orderly nature in supernatural terms). Use of celestial power is greatly taxing on her, and often shows over repeated use; she counters this by drawing the ambient energy of her surroundings, claiming its positive energy and creating a symbiotic bond with it.

Science from Seraph's World, Earth 7-113.5

Levels of Synthetic Intelligence

Creative Intelligence

A synthetic operating system that acts completely of its own will. It is able to change its code on the fly and usually has countermeasures to prevent backhacking. A creative intelligence can learn, react, think independently, like, love, and show all the character of an organic being. A creative intelligence is usually created through attobytes of code or advanced technomantic means, which may include the bonding of souls to machinery. Rare synthetic software coalesces to creative intelligence level.

Evolving Intelligence

A synthetic operating system designed to interact with its environment and learn, based on the stimuli. This form of intelligence is able to update commands, algorithms, parameters and the like to better adapt and interact. They usually operate based on a set of 'directives' that give them Level 1 or 2 Emotion Drives of some sort. Due to this, they are capable of creating base likes, dislikes and preferences, such as 'I like blue' or 'He is my friend'.

Artificial Intelligence

A synthetic operating system designed to react to its environment based on commands, algorithms, parameters, and the like. They are unable to update themselves, and only create ideas or formulate solutions based on prior programming and interaction with stimuli. Also, they are unable to formulate likes, dislikes, or other character-oriented attributes.

Cyber Intelligence

An organic brain that has been augmented in some way by technology, such as a cyberbrain, braincase, blackbox, or other organic head augmentation.