Saber Strider

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Saber Strider
Player: @KeikoMystere
Character Build
Class Focus: Ranged DPS
Power Level: 40
Research & Development: Science
Biographical Data
Real Name: Saya Reed
Known Aliases: Saber Strider
Gender: Female
Species: Alien race, unknown
Ethnicity: Alien
Place of Birth: Unknown planet
Base of Operations: Millennium City and Canada
Relatives: Kyra Reed (adoptive mother, alive) Zachary Reed (adoptive father, deceased), birthparents (unknown)
Age: 19
Height: 5'8"
Weight: Prefers not to disclose
Eyes: Yellow, catlike
Hair: Short black
Complexion: Blue skin with black leopard-like spots on face.
Physical Build: Athletic with curves
Physical Features: Pointed, catlike ears, antennae
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Neutral Good

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Identity: Secret
Years Active: 2
Citizenship: Canadian citizen
Occupation: College student, volunteer worker
Education: High school diploma earned, in college
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
Super reflexes, remarkable agility, remarkable dexterity, remarkable awareness
Equipment and Paraphernalia

Violet Eagle Suit (durable suit using police/military grade materials to ensure maximum protection)

Eagle's Eyes goggles (vision enhancement in low-light conditions makes it clear as day, night-vision for total darkness, can also see in infrared)


homing boomerangs

SaberJet (contains repair and self-repair equipment as well as bullet payloads, ranging from nonlethal rounds to incendiary rounds)

flashlight (high-power flashlight that can be used to blind opponents, comes with laser pointer that acts as a laser designator for the SaberJet's strafing runs and a UV light for investigation)

pepper spray

smoke grenades

two grappling guns

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Ingame Bio

A humanoid alien from a far-off planet landed in the backyard of a Canadian family who needed a child. Said child might have been blue, had feelers and had creepy eyes, but the baby needed to be taken care of all the same. Saya was raised in a good home with a good family, a mother working hard in Steelhead's research divison and an eccentric inventor for a father. Her father invented one of the first holo-inducers to help his adopted daughter blend in better so she could live a normal life.

Tragedy struck when she was fourteen as her father was killed by Hunter-Patriots after he refused to design a doomsday device for them. Saya and her adoptive mom were devastated, but Saya was filled with anger and desire for revenge. She strived to become a hero, taking up her father's inventing and training every day. At the age of eighteen she tracked down her father's killer, fighting many Hunter-Patriots along the way before she got to the man who murdered her father. After roughing him up, she tied him up and carried him to authorities herself. She officially registered with UNTIL right away so she could join her heroic idols. Using her boomerangs, bolas, smoke grenades and her SaberJet, she won't let a single criminal get away with their wrongdoings!

She adheres to a no-kill policy and works closely with the MCPD when in the city and with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, which her mother joined when her father was killed.


Saber Strider's Rules of Heroics

  1. No killing. Killing as a hero is punching justice in the teeth.
  2. Save civilians and hostages first, pursue villains second.
  3. If you think you might need it, take it.
  4. The safety of others is more important than your own safety.
  5. Never leave anyone behind.
  6. When working with others, mind their boundaries and consider their opinions, but do not let them walk all over you.
  7. Revenge is a dish best left in the freezer and should only be brought out on the most special occasions.
  8. If you have to kill, make sure you're doing it for the right reasons.
  9. Prepare for every situation, because you never know if the thug you're trying to put away is actually an obscenely powerful demon.
  10. Mind the evidence, for evidence paves the way to the truth, and the truth paves the way to justice.


Others' Opinions of Saber Strider

- "All she does is throw boomerangs and call in her jet..." - Anonymous guy in armor

-̪͚͎̟̬̒̀͛͆ͫ̍̎ ͚͇̲̮̇ͦ̌͠"̠̺̥̱̜̬̓͜H̨̱͇͔̾ͥa̰̭͓̥͚ͦ̂̓̀!̦̺̖̅̃̾ͪ̄ͮͪ ̱͍͖̲ͬͦ̓ͫ̚N̴̹̮̼̗̗̟̅i̡̒g̷̼̽ͥ̋̉̾̉h͉̪̬̭̳̰̓͑̾̾t͉̼̘̹̥͕ͥ̓̈́ͤ́h̡͇͉̿͛a̸͍̱̟ͩͪ̒ͧ̽w͔͖̤ͪ̆͆ͩ͢k̘̻̖̣̖̤̭̿͛ͭ̑̐̇̎ ̻̤͍̍͢c̞̳͍͝l̤͉̗̮̠̜̃̊́ȏ̸̫͔̣̞͆n̰̯̳͉̰͕͉̆ͭ̏͌̈́ͥͦḛ̷̖̳̄͛͑ͨ̇!̦͉͔͍̖̤͔̍̎ͥ̾̒ͥ͢"̵̣͔͚͍ͫ͑ͣͩ̄̓̿ ̶̜̳̫̝͉ͬ͐̿͆ - Anonymous faceless man in a suit

- "A no-kill policy in this day and age is foolish." - Anonymous woman with tons of lethal weapons and pouches



Nambwi (@madhargen) - "Nambwi is a very nice fellow who's super-experienced! He's helping me out with my melee training. I'm kinda lacking in the hand to hand department, but I really do need the help..."

Side notes!

- Saber Strider does have a special healing factor, but it is powered by food. Any food consumed will allow her to heal her wounds faster, but she does tend to overeat when wounded, hence why she prefers not to disclose her weight.

Saber Strider's theme songs

'Hey there. I'm Saber Strider. Let's chat a bit.' - Casual Conversation

'I'll get to the bottom of this case...' - Investigation

'You'll talk. I'll make you talk.' - Interrogation

'I've trapped you in a web of logic!' - Conviction

'This one's strong, but I'm not giving up yet!' - Desperate Battle

'I'm done messing around...!' - Gettin' super serious!