Saevia Von Eersteklas

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Lady Saevia von Eersteklas
Player: @Vadume
Class Focus: Melee DPS, capable of off-tanking if supported.
Power Level: 40
Research & Development: Mysticism
Personal Data
Real Name: Saevia Erika von Eersteklas
Known Aliases: "Wrath Feather-Hand" (Hero Identity)
Species: Homunculus
Ethnicity: A Homunculus created to be a perfect human. Homunculi are a kind of artificaial human created through a combination of magic and alchemical science.
Age: 22
Height: 5.9
Weight: Confidential
Eye Color: Red (Genetic)
Hair Color: White (Genetic)
Biographical Data
Nationality: Swedish (nigh-undetectable accent while talking)
Occupation: Philanthropist, member of UNITY's Diplomatic Relations Division, moonlighting heroine, and a shareholder of UNTIL and PRIMUS.
Place of Birth: Records Sealed.
Base of Operations: Millennium City and Vibora Bay (Present)
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Dalarna zu Eersteklas (Mother - deceased)

Roland von Eersteklas (Father - deceased) (The Eersteklas Family is, for the most part, deceased - decimated after the betrayal of Master Verdoben, a mage of the organization that the Eersteklas were a part of.)

Known Powers
Has some self-taught magic. Possesses the Homunculous trait of "Wrath", one of the seven traits that mark the strongest of Homunculi.
Known Abilities
Thanks to her Philosopher's Stone heart, can recover from almost any injury practically instantly.
Two hand-guns for combat, and a third hidden in an ankle-holster. A large sword.
After awakening to her powers, she gained the ability to move objects with her hands at incredible speeds, thus granting her the name "Wrath Feather-Hand" by the occasional onlooker.

Basic Facts

+ Formerly engaged. Details are private, disclosed only to people she trusts. (Before conclusions are jumped too, no one was at fault for the break up, and Saevia holds no ill feelings towards her former fiance. Quite the opposite, she will always care for her first love, and wishes her all the happiness in the world.)

+ Has nigh-unlimited funds, owns much land, and is the deed owner of several manor estates spread throughout Europe and other places.

+ She is the head of her family, the Eersteklas; Raised as an aristocrat, and has many mannerisms that reflect this, formal speech among them.

+ Is not human; instead, she is a Homunculus, formed from magic and alchemy.

++ Due to the fact she doesn't legally exist, several governments around the world have attempted to have land that is hers by inheritance legally returned to themselves. To date, her lawyers have successfully thwarted each court proceeding.

++ Her hair is white, a result of her unnatural birth.

++ Her heart is a philosopher's stone, and her blood is the Elixir of Life.

+++ Both those things are highly sought after by powerful magic users, not due to the extended life the stone and the Elixir can provide, but the amplification they give towards magic and alchemy.

++++ It is also these two things that keep her looking young, and able to recover from any mortal wound, but only in-so-far as the stone has power or remains intact. Should the stone be removed from her, and the bond between it and her body severed, she will die. Should the stone be broken or shattered, she will die. Should its energy be expended (over-use of alchemy, or just killed too many times), it will become unstable and dissipate, and she will die.

+++ Due to the make-up of her blood, her eyes glow an ominous red, and upon closer inspection, can be said to almost flow past her eyes, as though her eyes were windows to a tank filled with the Elixir.

+++ She is a higher-caste of Homunculus, being the Homunculus to hold the trait of "Wrath" at this given time.

++ Is often mistaken for an albino or a vampire (except by vampires).

++ Celestials may be inclined to dislike her on the basis that she is really an abomination, being a complete challenge to creation.

+ Her hair is long, reaching to just above her waist. Often, she is seen with part of her wealth of hair covering side of her face, rarely resulting in her absently trying to blow it away.

++ On select occasions when she's required to resort to violence, her hair will be tied back in a long ponytail (mostly; for aesthetic effect, some locks of hair are kept loose).

+ Of Swedish decent, her accent is nearly impossible to catch, instead a much stronger accent from some remote part of England is prevalent. That said, she will occasionally lapse into Swedish. She also occasionally sings in her mother-tongue, and does so very well.

+ Apprentice Magician/Alchemist - mostly self-taught.

++ As part of her battle style, she will utilize alchemy to create a large sword or weapon of some description.

++ Her heroine alter-ego is known in Vibora as "Wrath The Feather-Handed", or simply "Wrath Feather-Hand".

+ Carries a notepad, a fine quill, and an old pocket watch that doesn't seem to tell time, as its face lacks hands and numbers, instead covered with glowing, flickering runes, shimmering lines, all the colour purple.

+ Head of the UNITY Diplomatic Relations Division: Vibora Branch (undergoing review on whether to reopen after closing due to Saevia leaving on stress leave).

+ Finds it hard to approach people, and finds large crowds to be even worse, a pity really as she can be (when she makes friends with someone) a loyal, helpful friend, always ready to listen, offer advice, or pull on her wealth of magical knowledge (outdated or useless as it may be). Always happy to just talk, she quickly feels comfortable around people who accept her odd quirks and occasional bouts of non-existence talk.

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